5 CBD Skin-Care Products You Need Try Right Now!

by Tori Jones

When it comes to the skin, it is essential to choose the correct product carefully. So when we heard all the buzz around CBD as an ingredient that could have some incredible benefits we thought we investigate the best products to buy in 2019 for you. If you have not heard of CBD, it is an active element used in the form of supplements, but now it’s evolved into skin care products. One of the main benefits is s to moisturize the skin and in certain instance has even been used to treat acne.  Unfortunately a lot of the research is in its infancy due to the illegal nature of cannabis but things are changing fast. Listed below are 5 brands we think you should try.

Herbivore Botanicals Emerald CBD:

This is a fantastic product, which gives the best hydration feel to the skin by restoring the rich moisture. The key ingredient here is emerald CBD oil provide a soothing and calming effect. Apply 3 to 4 drop of this magic oil to your skin and let it absorb.  

Cannuka Nourishing Body Cream:

What about nourishing your body, your face is not the only place that needs attention but you already knew that right? Cannuka have an amazing nourishing body cream that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and manuka honey which leave your skin rejuvenated and baby soft to the touch. Throw the additional benefits of the anti-inflammatory effects of the CBD and you could be on to a winner :O).

Cannuka CBD Cleansing Body Bar:

Soaps or body bars are a must have for a lot of people, and replacing harsh chemicals soaps with Cannuka CBD cleansing body bar could be a real win. A perfect blend of grapefruit, coconut, and sunflower oils, they not only smell great but make your bath more soothing and enjoyable. This CBD body bar is gentle on the body, restoring the bodies moisture which eliminates the harsh dryness that some soaps give. To find out more head over to a store that stocks a large selection of CBD cosmetics

Lord Jones Body Lotion with CBD formula:

Has been crafted from the finest ingredients including organic avocado, jojoba and safflower oils to deliver a soothing, deeply penetrating body oil that will leave your skin looking radiant and aglow. Not only that the active CBD ingredient can help relive muscles pain and remove stiffness. 

CBD Eye Serum:

With growing age, puffiness and wrinkle around the eyes can be unsightly and very distressing. The market is flooded with eye serums but could CBD be the active ingredient your body needs to fight back the ageing process? The lovely cream contains hyaluronic acid with Sativa seed oil helps to nourish the skin and pump the blood to reduce tiredness. Buy eye serum to treat eye puffiness from CBD cosmetics

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