Amazing and all-natural: great anti-ageing alternatives to Botox

by Kathleen Loxton
bees on models face

Botox use is definitely on the rise: a recent American study showed that the number of women using Botox has progressed steadily by a staggering 41% since 2011. These numbers are eloquent but they don’t include the number of men which has also risen, even more incredibly so as the market wasn’t specifically targeting them when it was first released commercially. Still, in spite of its popularity, Botox procedures aren’t the best options for everyone as they can sometimes hide psychological problems, when coupled with an unhealthy addiction to this particular anti-ageing treatment. It especially tend to happen in women who tend to feel a lot more insecure about their looks than men when their first wrinkles appear- even though the tendency is evolving slightly. Another argument for anti-ageing botox alternatives might simply be the need to look out for greener, potentially safer ingredients to put onto one’s skin: Botox contains a toxin that can be harmful in very large doses. Either way, we’ve got you covered with our list of great Botox alternatives.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture facelifts offer many anti-ageing benefits. This ancient art stimulates the production of collagen, relaxes the face’s muscles and improve skin texture by improving blood circulation to get rid of toxins. Acupuncture also famously does wonder against any levels of stress, which can also help you sleep and rejuvenate better: this is all of course great for your skin and taking a few years off your face.

2. Natural chemical peels

For much smoother skin, look no further than your own kitchen cupboard to make your own peeling product. A mixture of pineapple and lemon, packed with natural acids and vitamin C will visibly improve your skin and smooth out small lines and wrinkles if applied daily for a week at a time.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has long been very popular among green beauty products aficionados and this reputation doesn’t go undeserved at all. Applied directly onto the skin, it gets rid of dead skin cells, especially when combined into a homemade facial scrub with sea salt or sugar. But coconut oil’s hydrating properties are a lot to thank for wrinkle-free users worldwide: it protects, heals and acts as a very efficient sunscreen, blocking out more than twenty percent of all most harmful rays.

4. Bee venom

While it may sound a little scary, bee venom is actually an all natural ingredient that’s making waves in Asia right now. It contains ingredients that can temporarily relax the face’s muscles, getting rid of wrinkles in the process. And if you worried about the life of our little winged friends, fear not: the venom is extracted in an ethical manner that keeps the bee alive and well.

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