Beauty addicts on a budget: the best 2-in-1 grooming products

by Kathleen Loxton

When you’re a blog addict who spends all their free time reading the latest beauty reviews and hair how-to guides, you end up with a constantly growing wish list of recommended products and tools, most of which are far outside of your budget.

Whilst compiling a shopping basket filled with £100 face creams and miracle mascaras is a fun way to waste an afternoon or two, realistically you’re never actually going to get to splurge on them all.

You might, on a naughty pay day, treat yourself to one or two – but with rent and bills to take care of, you resign yourself to never getting the flawless skin or fizz-free locks promised by the world’s most luxurious beauty brands.

That’s why 2-in-1 grooming products are our favourite option for guilt-free shopping!

These multi-tasking saviours tick off several boxes at once and offer the same beautifying effects as other more expensive options, at a fraction of the price (plus, you’ll free up some space on your overcrowded dressing table).

Here’s our pick of three of the best – take a look.

#1: NARS Matte Multiple

The NARS Matte Multiple (Siam is our favourite shade) is a cult colour stick, specifically designed for your lips, cheeks and eyes – great for when you need to streamline your makeup bag for a trip away.

It’s a multifunctional saviour you’ll have a tonne of fun playing around with. Use it dry for a strong, powerful punch of colour or, for a more daytime-friendly look, apply directly to damp skin and you’ll end up with a translucent hint of blush.

#2: Mark Hill pick and mix curling wand

Curls – they come in all kinds of gorgeous shapes and sizes, and you want to experiment with each and every one of them. That used to mean buying lots of curlers in varying sizes.

Now all your hair styling prayers have been answered with the launch of the Mark Hill Pick and Mix curling wand. It comes with interchangeable barrel heads (including a quirky corkscrew curler and a wicked waver) and they all deliver a different final finish to let you change up your look in an instant.

#3: Coconut Oil

An odd choice maybe, but hear us out. Yes, coconut oil is a delicious, healthy way of cooking pancakes, chicken and basically any other food you can think of, but it also has some amazing beauty benefits.

For example, swap those super-expensive anti-ageing moisturisers for coconut oil straight out of the jar. It’s packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and nourishing hydration. You can use it on your hair, face and body – it’s even a natural makeup remover.

Grab some from your nearest supermarket and give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Got any other recommendations for killer 2-in-1 grooming and beauty must-haves you think we need? You can always leave a comment and let us know. To read more about the latest beauty reviews click the link.

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