30 Latest Almond French Tip Nail Designs To Try In 2023!

by Zoe Scott
almound fench tip nails

Today, we’re diving into the world of Almond French Tip Nails—a modern twist on the classic French tip that’s just as chic but twice as trendy. Picture the elegant almond shape, elongating your fingers, and a fresh French tip to make ’em pop. This look is calling your name if you’re the type to stay ahead of the curve.

In this post, you’ll learn all you need to know—from almond-shaped nails and how they differ from other shapes to a simple DIY guide for achieving that perfect almond French tip right home. Trust me, after mastering this look, you’ll want to wave your hands around like you don’t care. My personal advice? Invest in a quality top coat. This will keep your tips looking glossy and protect your nails in the long run. So, let’s get started!

Black French Tip Almond Nails: The Edgy Chic

Black French Tip Almond Nails
@nailzbyliz_ via Instagram

Ever thought of going anti-traditional? Black French tip almond nails are a sleek, stylish deviation from your classic “nude and white” French tips. Picture this: you’re rocking these nails in a work meeting and, later, clinking cocktail glasses on a night out. The black polish does the trick. My tip? Choose a matte top coat to make that black pop even more.

Almond Nails French Ombre: The Gemstone Touch

Almond Nails French Ombre
@flynailcare_nourafathy via Instagram

Love ombre? Me too! And the French ombre on almond nails is a vibe I’m currently loving. It’s like your regular French tip decided to go glam with a mix of soft nudes and whites. And those gems along the nail bed? A sparkly twist I never knew I needed. Keep a gem picker handy; you’ll thank me later!

Minimalist Magic: White French Tip Almonds

White French Tip Almonds
@coatednail via Instagram

Who says white can’t be exciting? These almond nails sport a white tip with a creative streak down the middle. It’s a minimalist dream come true. A thin brush will help you get that artful line just right.

Short Almond French Tips

Short Almond French Tips
@naildramaa via Instagram

Nothing screams “spring” like a fresh set of pink almond French tips. These are the go-to when you want something ultra-feminine but functional. And let’s face it, we’ve all had that “oops, broke a nail” moment, but these shorties are less prone to accidents!

Go Neutral With Brown French Tip Almonds

Go Neutral With Brown French Tip Almonds
@avrnailswatches via Instagram

Stuck in the neutral zone? Why not switch it up with a range of browns—from light cashew to deep mahogany? I’ve tried this look, and it matches just about everything. Plus, you can show off various shades without committing to just one. Double win!

Pink Almond Nails

Pink Almond Nails
@sassnailartistry via Instagram

Ah, Pink Almond Nails is the epitome of feminine charm. There’s something timeless about a solid pink nail, isn’t there? It screams sophistication but with a soft, approachable touch. Whether you go pastel for spring or a deep fuchsia for those hot summer nights, pink nails are like your trusty sidekick—always there to make you look good. Pair them with anything in your wardrobe, and you’re ready.

Red Swirls Glitter Almond French Nails

Red Swirls Glitter Almond French Nails
@disseynails via Instagram

Last, let’s talk about Red Swirls Glitter Almond French Nails. Picture your classic French manicure but with a fiery twist. Red swirls dance across each nail, intertwined with twinkling glitter. It’s the kind of design that screams passion and excitement. I wore these last Valentine’s Day, and let’s say they added an extra layer of spice to the evening. Perfect for date night or whenever you want to channel your inner diva.\

Bare but Bold: Almond French Tip Acrylics

Almond French Tip Acrylics
@nailsbyyesica via Instagram

Less can be more, and these almond French tip acrylics with negative space prove it. If you’ve scrolled through your feed lately, you’ve seen them, and for a good reason. They’re fresh, minimal, and have this airy feel that’s hard to ignore. A swipe of clear gel coat maintains the look while adding a subtle shine.

The Timeless Classic: Red French Tip Almonds

Red French Tip Almonds
@aesthetic.beauty.bar via Instagram

Some things never go out of style—like a bold red French tip. The almond shape modernizes this evergreen look, making it a showstopper in any era. Invest in a high-pigmented red polish; it’ll serve you well for years.

Holiday Glam: Glitter French Tips

Glitter French Tips
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Who else is already in the holiday mood? Sparkle through any season with some holographic glitter on those almond tips. It’s festive yet sophisticated—the perfect balance for year-round dazzle.

White Tip French Manicure Almond Nails

French Manicure Almond Nails
@staticnailsofficial via Instagram

White Tip French Manicure Almond Nails are the epitome of timeless elegance with a modern twist. The almond shape gives a more contemporary and elongating effect to the classic white tips, making it perfect for those who want a look that’s both chic and versatile.

Think Pink: Pink French Tip Almond Nails

Pink French Tip Almond Nails
@heygreatnails via Instagram

This two-tone pink look with pearl accents is nothing short of divine. It’s a statement-maker without being too in-your-face. Go all out and match it with a pink lippy for a monochromatic moment.

Cottagecore Vibes: Green French Tip Almonds

Green French Tip Almonds
@angelicnailsbyash via Instagram

Going full cottagecore? These green-tipped almond nails with daisy accents are all you need. It’s the kind of mani that begs to be Instagrammed alongside a picnic basket. Tip: use a fine brush for those daisies—they’re the cherry on top!

Be The Rainbow: Colorful French Tip Almonds

Colorful French Tip Almonds
@staticnailsofficial via Instagram

Summer called, and it wants its colors back! These vibrant French tips are an eye-catcher. The thick swipes of neon hues scream “fun in the sun,” don’t you think?

Artful Blues: Blue French Tip Almonds

Blue French Tip Almonds
@naileditbyflor via Instagram

These blue French tips with abstract white lines are so fresh they’re practically a summer breeze. The best part? You can replicate those lines with a thin brush and a steady hand.

3D Blue Almond Tips

Light Blue Skies Almond Tips
@nailsbyjoselyna via Instagram

Who else loves an excellent sky-blue nail moment? I’ve been rocking this shade all summer; let me tell you, it’s a total mood booster. If you can’t decide on just one shade, go ombre. This is the perfect way to showcase an array of heavenly blues, and you’ll look like the boss babe you are!

Glam It Up With Gold Tip Nails

Glam It Up With Gold Tips
@tracynailssss via Instagram

Who says French tips have to be white? Add a touch of luxe to your life with gold almond tips. That little touch of glam will have people doing a double-take.

Pastel Purple Almond Tips

Purple Haze Almond Tips
@thegelbottlearabia via Instagram

Ah, purple, the color of royalty and mystery. You’ll feel like a queen with these stunning tips. I love how the color catches the light, adding a hint of drama. It’s a must-try if you want to up your nail game.

Less is More: Thin French Tips

Thin French Tips
@herartistrysyd via Instagram

There’s something so refreshing about going minimal. A thin white tip on an almond nail screams sophistication. Plus, it’s totally versatile. I’ve rocked this look at work meetings and weekend brunches, and it never fails to make me feel chic and put-together.

The Long-Lasting Love: Almond Dip Nails

Almond French Dip Nails
@nugenesisnails via Instagram

Okay, how many of us get annoyed by chipping polish? Raises hand. That’s why I’m all about dip manicures these days. Imagine having a mani that lasts almost five weeks without a touch-up. Yup, it’s real, and it’s fabulous.

Fade into Fabulous: French Fade Almond Tips

French Fade Almond Tips
@cheriebyoui via Instagram

Ombré isn’t just for hair, folks! These French fade almond nails give an illusion that your nails are fading into the horizon. Start with a nude base and finish off with white tips. Trust me; it’s a real conversation starter.

Neon Dreams: Glow it up!

Glow it up!
@blushbabynz via Instagram

Summer is the season of brights, so why not go neon? A vivid yellow-green tip on an almond nail is not for the faint-hearted. Be ready for all eyes on you; these tips are a total showstopper!

A V for Victory: V French Tips

V French Tips
@jadebeautykw via Instagram

Wanna know a trick? Use a little stencil or nail art tape to make a V-tip and instant flair! The unique design instantly adds an edgy twist to a classic look. If you’re in the mood to experiment, this is your go-to.

Pastel Paradise: Softly Tinted Tips

Softly Tinted Tips
@thenailjunction via Instagram

I’m a sucker for pastels. They’re so soft and pretty, like a bouquet of spring flowers. Try a subtle gradient from one nail to the next for a look that’s super fresh and youthful.

Gold Ombre Glitter Almond French Nails

Gold Ombre Glitter Almond French Nails
@atnoelines via Instagram

Ah, the ultimate blend of elegance and glam—Gold Ombre Glitter Almond French Nails are “the showstoppers.” Imagine this: a seamless transition from your natural nail color into a golden ombre, topped off with a layer of glitter that catches the light at every angle. It’s like New Year’s Eve, but on your nails and without the hangover! Perfect for when you want to celebrate life’s little victories or, let’s be honest, want to feel like a million bucks while doing your grocery shopping.

Silver Almond Side-Tip Glitter Nails

Silver Almond Side-Tip Glitter Nails
@nailsartclips via Instagram

Silver Almond Side-Tip Glitter Nails are your jam for those who want to dial it down a notch but still keep it flashy. Instead of the traditional French tip, these nails feature a glittering silver stripe running along the side of each almond-shaped nail. I rocked these at a friend’s engagement party, and let me tell you, they were an instant hit! They’re like that little black dress that works for every occasion—understated but totally memorable.

Silver Glitter Almond Ombre French Tip Nails

Silver Glitter Almond Ombre French Tip Nails
@ongles.organic.nailsspa via Instagram

If you’re a fan of silver but want a bit of ombre action, Silver Glitter Almond Ombre French Tips are for you. They’re like your favorite pair of heels but in nail form: stylish versatile, and they make you feel downright fabulous. The silver tips fade into your natural nail in a way that can only be described as mesmerizing. I found myself staring at my nails way more than I should admit.

Silver Almond Glitter Filigree Nails

Silver Almond Glitter Filigree Nails
@happynails_angelescity via Instagram

Take your almond nails up a notch with Silver Almond Glitter Filigree Nails. Think intricate patterns, like lace or paisley, outlined in gleaming silver glitter. This is the design you’d want to wear to a red carpet-event—or, in my case, to make a Tuesday feel less like a Tuesday. It’s a high-maintenance look worth every minute in the salon chair.

Short and Sweet: Almond Short French Ombre Nails

Almond Short French Ombre Nails
@daintydaggersyyc via Instagram

Long nails aren’t everyone’s cup of tea—sometimes, you must keep it short and practical. Enter almond short French ombre nails. Trust me, going short doesn’t mean you skimp on style. These are adorable, versatile, and oh-so-elegant. Keep a nourishing cuticle oil close by to keep those shorter nails looking pristine.

Go Round with Almond: Almond Round French Nails

Almond Round French Nails
@zumis_nail_maldives via Instagram

Looking for something a little edgy? These rounded almond French tips in deep blue are sublime. Swap in any color you fancy—this look is a versatile one. A bit of tape or stencil can make DIY-ing this at home a breeze.

What Are Almond-Shaped Nails, And How Do They Differ From Other Shapes?

Almond-shaped nails are a classic in nail art, and for a good reason. Imagine the silhouette of an almond: rounded at the base, slightly tapered on the sides, and rounded off at the tip. That’s precisely how almond nails look! They mimic the shape of an almond and are widest at the base, slimming down slightly along the sides and finishing with a rounded peak. The result is a feminine and elegant look that elongates your fingers, making them appear more slender.

Now, how do they stack up against other nail shapes? Let’s break it down:

  1. Square Nails: Square nails have flat tips and straight-across sides. They offer a bolder, more modern look but can make fingers appear shorter.
  2. Oval Nails: These are similar to almonds but are more rounded all over without the slight tapering on the sides. They are also elongating but offer a softer curve.
  3. Coffin/Ballerina Nails: These are long and tapered like almond nails but finish in a squared-off tip, almost resembling the shape of a coffin or a ballerina slipper.
  4. Stiletto Nails: Like the stiletto heel, these nails are about drama. They are long and taper to a sharp, pointed tip, making them less practical for everyday wear but super eye-catching.
  5. Round Nails: These are the low-maintenance sisters of almond nails. Short and rounded, they follow the natural curve of your fingertip.

So, the next time you’re at the salon, consider trying almond-shaped nails if you’re after a look that’s both elegant and versatile. They offer a great middle-ground—sophisticated yet not too out-there! 

3 Tips To Get The Perfect Almond French Tip At Home

Ah, the elusive perfect almond French tip—it’s easier to achieve at home than you might think! You can get salon-worthy nails without leaving the house with patience and the right tools. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

What You’ll Need

  • Nail file or an electric nail drill (if you’re comfortable using one)
  • Base coat
  • Nude or pale pink nail polish for the base color
  • White polish for the tips
  • Topcoat
  • Optional: nail guides or masking tape

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prep Those Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. If you’ve got old polish on, remove it thoroughly.
  2. Shape Em Up: Use a nail file to shape your nails into an almond form. Start by filing the sides at an angle towards the tip, and then round it out at the top. Take your time here; this is the foundation of the look.
  3. Base Coat: Apply a base coat to protect your nails and make your polish last longer. Let it dry thoroughly.
  4. Lay the Base: Paint your nails with your chosen base color—usually, a nude or a pale pink works best for a classic French tip. You’ll probably need two coats for full opacity. Again, let it dry thoroughly.
  5. The French Tip: Here’s where you’ve got options. You can either freehand the white tips or use nail guides or masking tape to help keep the lines crisp. Position the guide where you’d like the tip to start, then paint the tips white. If you’re going for a more modern take, you could switch it up with colors like gold or black.
  6. Seal the Deal: Slap on a topcoat to seal your work and add shine once everything is dry.

Pro Tips

  • Take It Slow: Especially if you’re freehanding those tips. It’s easier to add more than to take away.
  • Precision Is Key: Use a fine brush for more control during tip-painting.
  • Cleanup Crew: If you make any mistakes, dip a thin brush in nail polish remover and carefully erase the errors.

6 Simple Tips For Maintaining Your Almond French Tip Nails

  1. Quick Touch-Ups Are Your Best Friend – If you notice minor chips or wear on the tips, don’t fret. Keep a small bottle of your white (or whatever color you used for the tip) polish handy for quick fixes. Just a dab and a swipe, and it’s almost as good as new.
  2. Invest in a Good Top Coat – Seriously, make sure to take advantage of this! A high-quality top coat will add some killer shine and act as armor for your nails. Some top coats are even UV-reactive, which is strengthened by natural light. Reapply your topcoat every few days to keep that shield strong.
  3. Be Mindful of Your Nails – We use our hands for everything, but you’ll want to be more cautious to maintain the look. So, when reaching into your bag or opening a soda can, be aware of those gorgeous tips.
  4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – Keep those cuticles and hands moisturized. Not only does this keep your skin soft, but it also provides a more ‘finished’ look to your manicure. Opt for a non-greasy hand cream to apply without affecting your polish.
  5. Keep ‘Em Clean, But Be Gentle – When cleaning, opt for softer bristle brushes if you’re scrubbing anything, or better yet, wear gloves. Harsh chemicals in cleaning products can degrade your polish quicker than you’d like.
  6. Don’t Skip the Base Coat During Touch-Ups – Complete the base coat if you must redo a nail or two altogether. It acts as a buffer between your nails and the polish, preventing staining and making your polish last longer.

By putting these tips into action, you’ll not only keep your almond French tips looking salon-fresh, but you’ll also get to stretch out the time between touch-ups or full-on redo. Keep slaying, queen!

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


So there you have it, lovelies—your ultimate guide to leveling up your almond nail game! Whether you’re after the glitz and glam of gold ombre or the subtle sophistication of classic pink, there’s a style for every mood and occasion. Remember, life is too short for dull nails, so don’t be afraid to experiment and let your fingertips do the talking. My fave must be the Gold Ombre Glitter; it’s like having a party at your fingertips! And if you’re a DIY kinda gal, don’t shy away from nail art tape or stencils to get those intricate designs down pat. Happy painting!

Feature Image Photo By @glowbygracee on Instagram

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