35 Latest Neon Pedicure Ideas To Try In 2023!

by Zoe Scott
Neon Pedicure

Hey, everyone! Let’s talk about a pedicure trend lighting up the scene: Neon Pedicure. You heard it right—those bright, eye-catching colors aren’t just for your tips; they’re making a splash down to your toes. This post will guide you through the do’s and don’ts, the ideal color combos, and the maintenance hacks to make your Neon pedi pop and last. Trust me, once you go Neon, your feet become instant mood-lifters. I recommend opting for a matte top coat to make those vibrant shades stand out. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Just a Touch of Neon: Lime Edges

Lime Edges
@natalitsa_nails via Instagram

Do you still need to decide whether to commit to full Neon? No worries, I get it. How about flirting with Neon? Try painting a subtle lime edge on each nude nail. It’s like the pedicure version of dipping your toe in the pool before you jump in. I’ve done this myself, and let me tell you, it’s a great conversation starter!

Steal the Spotlight: Abstract Blue

Abstract Blue
@bibullenailart via Instagram

If you’re the type who likes all eyes on you, Abstract Blue is your match. Picture this: a vibrant blue base with lime, yellow, and orange gradient accents. It’s geometric, it’s unique, and, honey, it’s fabulous! Perfect for when you want to make your nails the life of the party.

Star-Studded Toes: Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow
@v.x.nails via Instagram

Star prints are charming and even more delightful when they’re Neon yellow! This look is my go-to for summer beach trips. Picture yourself lounging on the sand with your toes shining as bright as the sun. Yeah, it’s that good.

Vintage Meets Vogue: Neon Old English

Neon Old English

Classic French tips are so last decade. Let’s bring in the Neon! Imagine your classic coffin nails with faux stiletto tips glowing in neon shades. It’s old meets new, and it’s utterly chic.

A Twist on a Classic: Neon Rainbow French

Neon Rainbow
@touchedbyamelia via Instagram

Why settle for plain Jane white tips when you have a neon rainbow? It’s still elegant but adds that dash of quirk we all love. Trust me, your feet will be the star at any gathering.

Standout Simplicity: Highlighter Yellow

Highlighter Yellow
@nails_by_rita_kochi via Instagram

Highlighter yellow with sharp lines and negative space? Yes, please. This minimalist yet bold look had me stopping in my tracks the first time I saw it. Less is more when it’s this striking.

The Candy Crush: Neon Skittles

Neon Skittles
@koba_spb via Instagram

Indecisive? Join the club. Skittle nails are here for you. Each nail is a different neon hue, and it’s as fun as popping open a bag of Skittles. You’ll get all the colors and none of the sugar rush!

Sporty Chic: Tennis Ball Yellow

Tennis Ball Yellow
@876nailz via Instagram

If you love the game or just the color, these tennis ball yellow nails are a win-win. They’re easy to DIY, and they add a pop of youthful fun to your pedicure. Imagine the compliments you’ll get on and off the court!

Fine Lines: Ultra-Thin French

Ultra-Thin French
@touchedbyamelia via Instagram

This isn’t your grandma’s French manicure. These ultra-thin neon yellow tips are modern and easy to do with French manicure stickers. Classy, but make it Neon.

Less is More: Soft Lime

Soft Lime
@soulartnails via Instagram

Pair Neon with negative space, and you have a killer pedicure. It’s a subtle yet impactful look. Pro tip: use striping tape to get those clean lines.

Why Choose?: Matte Neon Moment

Matte Neon
@everythingruthless via Instagram

Need help to settle on one color? Don’t. I’ve done one hand in lime and the other in hot pink, which looked incredible. Top it off with a matte finish and get a next-level stylish look.

For the Gram: Neon Signs

Neon Signs
@maytri_nails_pune via Instagram

These intricate neon-sign nails are a labor of love but so worth it. Heads up: leave this one to the pros. And get ready for those Instagram likes to pour in.

Sophisticated Contrast: Neon + Cocoa

Neon And Cocoa
@nail_art_and_beauty_by_assia via Instagram

Neon yellow and cocoa brown are a dynamic duo. This combination is perfect for those who want to keep it classy while adding a daring touch. And it’s a DIY dream with a bit of patience.

Play it Cool: Moody Manicure

Moody Manicure
@nails.fashion.tlv via Instagram

Moody hues with neon yellow and checkerboard accents? Sign me up. It’s eclectic, it’s moody, and it’s 100% unique.

Stripe it Up: Bright Stripes.

Bright Stripes
@booda.nails via Instagram

Layer electric blue with purple and leopard stripes for a chic look. Use those French manicure stickers as stencils to get those perfect lines.

Nostalgia Meets Neon: 13 Going on 30 Aesthetic

Nostalgia Meets Neon
@haka_slider via Instagram

Remember Jenna Rink’s iconic mini dress in 13 Going on 30? Yeah, these brightly striped nails give us major flashbacks—in the best way. This pedi is perfect for the warmer weather and adds a playful, retro vibe to any outfit.

Get Zesty: Vivid Orange Tips

Vivid Orange Tips
@ksunnynails via Instagram

Summer or not, these tangerine orange and gold glitter tips will instantly lift your mood. I adore the negative space between the two shades; it adds a little extra pop that makes you go, “Ooh, what’s that?”

Keep It Simple: Neon Dots

Neon Dots
@ari_beauty_bahrain via Instagram

Who says neon nails have to be complicated? A couple of neon dots on each nail, and you’ve got a chic, understated look that still catches the eye. I’ve tried this when I’m short on time, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer.

Dreamy Skies: Neon With A Chance of Clouds

Neon With A Chance of Clouds
@joselyn.nail.house via Instagram

These cloudy ombré nails are as dreamy as they come. The hot pink to electric blue blend is perfect for daydreamers and romantics. Imagine these peeking out from some fluffy slippers; it’s like walking on clouds.

Celestial Beauty: Stars And Such

Stars And Such
@bogovin.nails via Instagram

There is no need for full coverage when you can mix and match pink, orange, purple, blue, black, and white for a high-contrast look. Need help with star shapes? No worries—star confetti does the trick just as well.

Be a Showstopper: Eye-Catching Check

Eye-Catching Check
@lotus_nails_art via Instagram

Turquoise and yellow checks against a hot pink backdrop? It’s bold, it’s audacious, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun. This design is a total mood booster, perfect when you feel extra.

Pink Perfection: Barbie Bright

Barbie Bright
@ayka__nails_ via Instagram

Choosing the right neon shade for your skin tone can be magical. Barbie pink against a backdrop of well-accessorized toes? That’s photo-ready brilliance right there, darlings.

Feel-Good Vibes: Emoji-Inspired Mani

Emoji-Inspired Mani
@twentynailstudio via Instagram

This mani is a ’90s kid’s dream—rainbows, hearts, smiley faces. It’s festival-ready and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even if you’re chilling at home.

Flower Power: Bright Florals

Bright Florals
@nailss_go via Instagram

Want to level up your neon game? Throw in some dainty daisies. This look epitomizes playfulness and will get those compliments rolling in.

Sizzle and Shine: Flame Tips

Flame Tips

Neon green flames on bare nails or straightforward acrylic tips? It’s like adding hot sauce to your favorite dish. This set screams “confident” and “sultry” all at once.

Liquid Rainbow: Neon Melt

Neon Melt
@phenomenails_bycoco via Instagram

Who says you can’t have a skittle trend and a rainbow French tip in one look? The melted Neon set offers the best of both worlds and is honestly mesmerizing to look at.

Subtle Drama: Neon Splatter

Neon Splatter
@prettygirlsgalorex via Instagram

If all-over Neon feels too extra for you, a neon splatter over nude nails brings just the right amount of flair. It’s an attention-grabber but in the most low-key way possible.

Vacation Mode: Tropical Vibes

Tropical Vibes
@nailsby_fira via Instagram

Even if you can’t hit the beach, these tropical French tips will make you feel like you’re sipping a Piña Colada in paradise.

Tips to Make You Flip: Neon French Tips

Neon French Tips
@kristina_nail_bar via Instagram

Keep an eye on your Instagram feed because Neon French tips are about to take over. A dainty white line makes these colors pop, adding a modern twist to a classic style.

Lisa Frank Would Be Proud: Neon Paintbrush Design

Neon Paintbrush Design
@iamstarashley via Instagram

This pedicure looks like a Lisa Frank poster that came to life on your toes. The vibrant brushstroke design is a whimsical journey through the neon spectrum.

Go Retro: ’90s Neon Nails

90s Neon Nails
@srirachanails via Instagram

If you’re a fan of ’90s trends or love opposite colors that pop, this is the pedicure for you. Add an iridescent top coat, and you’ve got a retro and futuristic look.

Gradient Gorgeousness: Ombré Neon Nails

Ombré Neon Nails
@thepolishbox268 via Instagram

Master the art of neon ombré by starting with a light-colored base, like a nude or a creamy white. The result? A gradient that’s smooth as butter and twice as sweet.

Camp Chic: Tie-Dye Neon Nails

Tie-Dye Neon Nails
@goldfish_kiss via instagram

Remember the tie-dye shirts from camp? This design brings all that nostalgia to your toes. Just paint white ovals and thick neon lines, then swirl them before they dry. Voila! Tie-dye magic.

Hauntingly Beautiful: Aura Neon Nails

Aura Neon Nails
@srirachanails via Instagram

Aura Nails have been a hit this year, and they’re not going anywhere. These designs evoke the nostalgia of early 2000s airbrush photo booths and bring a supernatural flair to your pedicure game.

Bring the Heat: Neon Flame Nails

Neon Flame
@stilettoinacoffin via Instagram

If you’re up for a nail art challenge, these neon flame nails are calling your name. Patience is vital, and practice makes perfect—or at least Instagram-worthy.

7 Color Combinations For A Neon Pedicure That I Love

Ah, the fun part—picking out the perfect color combos! Neon shades are all about that “wow” factor; certain combinations can make your toes look like a work of art. Here are some pairings I’m totally loving:

  1. Neon Pink and Electric Blue: These colors bring out the best in each other. It’s like Barbie goes to a rave, and who wouldn’t want that?
  2. Lime Green & Bright Yellow: Talk about sunshine on your toes! This combo screams summer and will put you in a good mood.
  3. Tangerine & Fuchsia: A citrusy twist that brings out the tropical vibes. Makes me want to sip on a Mai Tai!
  4. Hot Pink & Neon Purple: These colors are like the power couple of the neon world—bold but so good together.
  5. Electric Blue & Neon Yellow: It makes me think of electric skies and buzzing fireflies. A must-try for night owls!
  6. Fluorescent Coral & Aqua: A beachy vibe like a vacation for your toes.
  7. Highlighter Yellow & Neon White: Yup, neon white is a thing, and it makes highlighter yellow pop like nobody’s business.

Remember, neon shades are super pigmented, so they’ll look amazing against any skin tone. But if you’re unsure, you can always test a combo by painting swatches on paper and holding them up to your skin. Trust your instincts and go with what makes your heart happy!

10 Simple Tips To Make A Neon Pedicure Last Longer

  1. Base Coat is Key: Start off with a good base coat. It helps the neon colors adhere better and prevents staining. And let’s be honest, nobody wants yellow-stained toenails.
  2. Two Coats Minimum: Neons can be a bit streaky. Apply at least two coats for an even, vibrant color.
  3. White Undercoat: Want to make those neons pop even more? Use a white polish as an undercoat. It serves as a neutral canvas that really lets the neon shine.
  4. Seal the Deal: A top coat isn’t just an optional step—it’s a must. It gives you that glossy finish and seals in the color to make it last longer.
  5. Quick-Dry Sprays are Lifesavers: Quick-dry sprays or drops can be a game-changer if you’re as impatient as I am. They help solidify the polish layers quickly, reducing the risk of smears.
  6. Moisturize but Be Cautious: Keep your cuticles and feet moisturized, but avoid getting lotion or oils on the nail, as it can cause the polish to lift.
  7. Minor Touch-Ups: Keep your neon polish handy for quick touch-ups. A small chip with such vibrant colors can stand out like a sore thumb.
  8. Gloves for Chores: If you’re cleaning or tasks requiring your hands to be submerged in water, throw on some gloves. Prolonged water exposure can weaken the polish.
  9. Avoid Hot Water for 12 Hours: Hot water can cause fresh polish to lift, so avoid super hot showers or baths for the first 12 hours after your pedicure.
  10. Swap Top Coat Every Few Days: Reapplying a top coat every few days can extend the life of your pedi. It’s like a refresh button for your toes.

There you have it! With a little TLC, you can keep your neon pedicure looking as fabulous as the day you painted those piggies. Happy pampering!

My Do’s And Don’ts Of A Neon Pedicure?


  1. Do Prime Your Nails: Start with clean, buffed nails, and don’t skip the base coat. This provides a smooth canvas and can prevent staining from those potent neon shades.
  2. Do Choose Quality Polish: Not all neon polishes are created equal. Invest in a good brand to get vibrant, long-lasting color. My go-to brands? Think OPI or Essie.
  3. Do Experiment: Neon is all about fun! Feel free to mix and match colors or play with nail art designs. Life’s too short for dull nails!
  4. Do Double Up: Apply two coats of your neon polish. This ensures you get that full, vibrant effect we all love.
  5. Do Use a Top Coat: Always apply a clear top coat to keep your pedi looking fresh and seal in color.
  6. Do Maintain: Remember to reapply that top coat every few days to keep chips at bay. A little maintenance goes a long way.


  1. Don’t Rush: Neon polishes can be more unforgiving with mistakes. Take your time when painting to get clean, crisp edges.
  2. Don’t Overlook Skin Tone: While Neon is universally cool, some shades may complement your skin tone better. Do a little test if you need clarification.
  3. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen: Neons can fade in the sun. Apply sunscreen to your feet if you’re showing off those toes at the beach.
  4. Don’t Use Old Polish: Neon shades can separate or get clumpy over time. Make sure your polish is in good condition before you start.
  5. Don’t Skip the Cleanup: If you get some polish on your skin, clean it up quickly. Neon shades can stain your skin temporarily.
  6. Don’t Ignore Nail Health: If your nails are brittle or damaged, give them time to recover before applying polish. Healthy nails are the best canvas for any color.

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


That wraps up our neon nail adventure! Whether you’re a minimalist at heart or a full-on color enthusiast, a neon pedicure is just right for you. Don’t stop experimenting; Neon is about making a statement. My personal fave? The 13 Going on 30 aesthetic for that nostalgic touch. And hey, if you’re worried about nailing (pun intended) those complicated designs, remember: nail art stickers and confetti are your best friends. So grab those polishes, and let your toes do the talking this summer. Trust me, once you go Neon, you never go back. Happy painting!

Feature Image Photo By colorsbysassy on Instagram

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