27 Latest Spring Pedicure Ideas To Try 2023!

by Zoe Scott
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As spring unfolds its vibrant petals, it’s high time we bring that fresh burst of life right down to our toes. Dive into this fun and vivid guide, where I’ll be your friendly guide to transforming your feet into stunning canvases brimming with the spirit of spring. Get ready to explore a wonderland where traditions meet modern artistry, all geared towards pampering those very feet that carry us through life’s adventures. Not only will this be a feast for your eyes, but you’ll also pick up some nifty tips to jazz up your pedicure game, becoming the go-to trendsetter in your group. So, let’s saunter into the blossoming beauty of spring together, adding a splash of color and creativity to our steps, one fabulous pedicure at a time!

The Neon & Glitter Adventure

The Neon & Glitter Adventure
@cleerebeauty via Instagram

I love adding a burst of neon colors to celebrate the sunny days! But before you dive in, let me share a little tip from my experience. Always start with a base coat to avoid staining your nails, and if you ever find yourself with some stubborn stains, a dash of lemon juice works wonders as a natural bleaching agent. And, when it comes to glitter, a good base coat is your best friend to avoid that tedious removal process later!

Blossoming with Floral Pedis

Blossoming with Floral Pedis
@nailz.by.nancy via Instagram

Spring and florals – a match made in heaven, right? As the flowers bloom anew, I reach for floral patterns to grace my toes every year. It’s a charming way to pay homage to the blooming wonders around us. So, why not let your toes blossom with some delightful floral designs?

Effortless Elegance with Purple Ombre

Effortless Elegance with Purple Ombre
@toering_feet_lover via Instagram

Now, if you love simplicity with a touch of sophistication, you’ll adore this trend. I recently experimented with a purple ombre design using different shades ranging from pastel to bold, and the outcome was just mesmerizing. It’s the perfect way to bring a touch of elegance without needing many tools.

The Golden Touch

The Golden Touch
@youngnailsinc via Instagram

There’s nothing like a hint of gold to bring a chic flair to your pedicure. Using gold glitter tape to create subtle patterns (I personally adore the chevron design!) gives your toes a sparkle that’s both sophisticated and easy to achieve. Trust me, it’s a sight to behold!

Pastel Paradise: Matte Meets Gloss

Matte Meets Gloss
@fumicjewelrynail via Instagram

A pastel palette is fresh air, and this matte and glossy combo is a must-try this season. Highlighting the big toenail with a textured, matte finish, contrasted with a shiny effect on the others, brings a refreshing spring punch to your pedicure.

Monochrome Magic

Monochrome Magic
@sgestudio_ via Instagram

Who said spring can’t be celebrated in black and white? Drawing inspiration from the ’60s, these monochrome designs bring a classic yet bold statement to your toes. Adding a few gemstones can give it a modern twist; remember to tread carefully to avoid mishaps with your dazzling additions!

Dazzle with Rhinestone Accents

Dazzle with Rhinestone Accents
@naildesign.beauty via Instagram

Embrace the sunny days ahead with a sparkly pedi adorned with rhinestones. I recently tried a peach backdrop with glitter and rhinestones fading upwards, and let me tell you, it’s the perfect accessory for your beach sandals!

The Charm of Blush Pink

The Charm of Blush Pink
@2eyenail_ via Instagram

Rose gold and blush pink tones are here to stay, adding a touch of sparkle in the right places and making your pedicure an eye-catching delight. It’s a trend I’ve fallen head over heels with!

Fruity Fiesta: Fun with Colors

Fun with Colors
@nail_envy808 via Instagram

It’s time to have fun with fruity designs as the temperature rises! Imagine sipping a cocktail with nails that are just as vibrant and fruity. It’s a fun little celebration of the warmer days on your toes!

Mermaid Dreams in Green

Mermaid Dreams in Green
@faithshairandholistics via Instagram

Dive into the mermaid trend with a green glitter pedicure. Pair this with a sandy beach and have the perfect Instagram moment!

Cute and Quirky Ladybug Designs

Cute and Quirky Ladybug Designs
@head2toehair_nails via Instagram

Spring is also about cute little critters coming out to play. If you’re up for something adorable and straightforward, ladybug designs could be your go-to choice. It’s a playful and quirky way to usher in the season.

Starry Nights: A Celestial Twist

A Celestial Twist
@lj__nails via Instagram

For those who prefer a darker palette, a starry design with blue and silver hues can be a stellar choice. It’s like having a little bit of the night sky at your fingertips, erm, toe tips!

Classic and Understated Beauty

Classic and Understated Beauty
@skinfruit_om via Instagram

If bold isn’t your style, fear not. I’ve also been experimenting with muted and classy designs that still catch the eye, bringing a touch of grace to your spring pedicure.

Celebrating Spring with Pink Blossoms

Celebrating Spring with Pink Blossoms
@kristina.nails.plymouth via Instagram

To celebrate the arrival of spring in true style, adorn your toes with pastel floral designs that exude femininity and charm. Matching them with a floral handbag is a combo I can’t resist!

A Daring Twist with Matte Pink

A Daring Twist with Matte Pink
@kate.v.nails via Instagram

For a pedi design that stands out, try this exciting combo of matte pink, glitter, and a hint of black. It’s bold, different, and absolutely captivating.

A Butterfly Kiss: The Perfect Spring Pedi

A Butterfly Kiss: The Perfect Spring Pedi
@sassymermaidnails via Instagram

Ah, spring – when the butterflies are just as eager as we are to showcase their vibrant wings. I always find their transformation inspiring, don’t you? It’s a gentle reminder to flaunt our own vibrant colors.

The butterfly design can come to life beautifully against a white backdrop with a sprinkle of glitter and sparkle on your big toenail. Trust me, it’ll look like a butterfly gently landed on your toe – a picturesque moment for your spring pedicure, wouldn’t you agree?

Colorful Toes

Colorful Toes
@getnailedbynellie via Instagram

Have you ever seen a piece of Tiffany jewelry and felt that sudden burst of joy? That’s the exact feeling I aim to capture with a Tiffany-blue-inspired pedicure. Just imagine how splendid those toes would look, adorned with black and silver glitter against that iconic blue. I remember pairing this with a flowy skirt last spring, and oh, the compliments just kept flowing!

The Graceful Transition: Simple & Elegant

Simple & Elegant
@catzclawzz via Instagram

Switching things up can be exciting and refreshing, especially when it involves adding a dash of elegance to our pedicure routine. This simple yet classic design, which involves a nude nail base with black tips, always makes me feel like a sophisticated art curator. And a little golden embellishment? It’s like adding a piece of jewelry to your beautiful toes!

A Splash of Sky and Sea: Blue and Pink Ombre Design

Blue and Pink Ombre Design
@lvnailsstudi via Instagram

Now, I have to share this extraordinary design with you all! This unique ombre transition from a lilac hue to a serene blue across a single nail speaks volumes about the sky meeting the sea. It’s an artistic representation of tranquil moments by the beach.

Matte Navy Blue

 Matte Navy Blue
@julietta.beauty.tanger via Instagram

Ever wanted to wear the night sky on your nails? This matte navy blue base with sparkling rhinestones brings the mesmerizing night sky to your toes. And here’s a little secret: A matte top coat can transform any glossy polish into a sophisticated matte finish, saving you from hoarding bottles of polish. Quite the victory.

A Walk Down the Aisle: Glitter + Rhinestones

Glitter + Rhinestones
@__thenailplace__ via Instagram

As we transition to lighter hues, this next design embodies the essence of a spring wedding. A gentle backdrop of an almost white shade sprinkled with glitter and rhinestones, it screams elegance and grace. If you have a spring wedding to attend, this might be your go-to pedi look!

A Blooming Garden: Colorful Flowers

Colorful Flowers
@sevieri_beauty via Instagram

Whenever I use this design, it feels like walking in a blooming garden. These colorful watercolor flowers add a pop of color and give a refreshing vibe to the feet. And remember, a little nail TLC goes a long way in keeping those flowers fresh and vibrant!

Desert Bloom: Cool Cactus Design

 Cool Cactus Design
@lizzytelles via Instagam

Spring and cactus? It’s an odd combination but a striking one nonetheless! There’s something so quirky and fun about having a little cactus adorning your nails. Paired with a white base, it brings a playful yet stylish vibe to your spring pedicure collection.

Sophisticated Style: Easy yet Eye-Catching

Easy yet Eye-Catching
@beauty_by_justyna_ballinrobe via Instagram

Let’s talk about sophistication with a sprinkle of pizzazz. This khaki nail design with gold embellishments presents a grown-up yet intriguing look that will garner attention wherever you go. Pair this with your favorite spring outfit, and you’re ready!

The Classic Twist: French Tips

French Tips
@nodar_official via Instagram

Oh, the nostalgia of the early 2000s! Bringing back the classic French tip with a modern, rounded twist feels like revisiting an old favorite book with a fresh perspective. What a classy way to stroll down memory lane!

Nature’s Whisper: Fresh Olive

Fresh Olive
@nail_sunny via Instagram

For a more understated yet equally captivating design, the fresh olive tone offers a serene and sophisticated approach. It feels like a gentle whisper of nature gracing your toes, promising that vibrant days are just around the corner.

Joy at Your Fingertips: Smiley Face Nails

Smiley Face Nails
@ladyglittertn via Instagram

Lastly, let’s talk about spreading joy with your nails. Taking a cue from Dua Lipa and Harry Styles, painting smiley faces on your nails could be the sprinkle of happiness we all need this spring. It’s like carrying little tokens of joy on your toes!

10 Cute Design Ideas For Spring Pedicures

  1. Floral Delights: You can never go wrong with floral patterns for a spring-inspired pedicure. From delicate cherry blossoms to bold sunflowers, pick your favorite flowers and paint them on for a genuinely blossoming pedicure.
  2. Butterfly Bliss: Adorn your toenails with graceful butterfly designs. You can experiment with different colors and shapes to bring the beauty of these winged beauties onto your nails.
  3. Pastel Paradise: Embrace the season with open arms by donning pastel shades on your nails. Play with colors like soft lavender, mint green, and baby pink to embody the fresh hues of spring.
  4. Glittering Garden: Combine your favorite floral designs with a touch of glitter for a shimmering garden right on your toes. It’s a perfect blend of sparkle and the vibrant colors of spring flowers.
  5. Ombre Sky: Mimic the beautiful transition of colors in the spring sky with an ombre design. You can go for a sunrise effect with shades of pink and orange or a clear blue sky transitioning into soft white clouds.
  6. Fresh Fruits: Celebrate the bounty of spring with designs inspired by fresh fruits. Think strawberries, citrus slices, or tiny blueberries to bring a zesty touch to your pedicure.
  7. Beachy Waves: Though slightly leaning towards summer, incorporating wave patterns in blue and turquoise hues can be a refreshing choice, giving a nod to the approaching warmer months.
  8. Geometric Blossoms: Give a modern twist to traditional floral designs by experimenting with geometric shapes. Combine circles, squares, and triangles with floral motifs for a contemporary yet springy pedicure.
  9. Ladybug Luck: For a bit of fun, why not try a cute ladybug design? It’s a simple yet eye-catching choice that brings a bit of whimsy to your pedicure.
  10. Garden Path: Create a delicate garden path across your toenails with tiny flowers, leaves, and a fluttering butterfly. It’s like a small garden story unfolding on your toes.

Remember, spring is all about renewal and freshness, so feel free to mix and match and create a pedicure that sings spring melodies!

9 Simple Tips To Help Recreate These Designs At Home

  1. Gathering Your Supplies: Before diving in, ensure you have the right tools and supplies. You’ll need a variety of nail polishes, a set of fine brushes for detailed work, dotting tools for tiny patterns, and possibly some nail stickers or decals for intricate designs. Remember a good base coat to protect your nails and a top coat to seal in your design.
  2. Prep Your Nails: Start by removing any old polish, cleaning your nails, and giving them a sound file. A clean canvas is critical!
  3. Apply Base Coat: Apply a base coat to protect your nails and create a smooth surface for your designs.
  4. Choose Your Design: Select a design from the abovementioned ones and gather the specific colors and tools you’ll need.
  5. Start with the Background: For most designs, you’ll start by painting your nails with the background color. Let it dry completely before moving on to the details.
  6. Adding Details: Use your fine brushes and dotting tools to carefully add the detailed parts of your design. Take your time, and remember, it’s okay to make mistakes!
  7. Glitter and Embellishments: If your design includes glitter or rhinestones, now is the time to add them. Use a bit of clear polish to adhere any embellishments to your nails.
  8. Top Coat Sealing: Once you’re happy with your design and everything is dry, seal it with a clear top coat to protect your artwork and give it a beautiful finish.
  9. Cleanup: Use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any polish that may have gotten onto your skin during the painting process.

Tips for Success

  • Patience is a Virtue: Don’t rush; take your time to avoid smudges and mistakes.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: If you’re new to nail art, exercise on paper first to get a feel for the tools and techniques.
  • Creativity is Key: Be bold and experiment with color combinations and patterns.
  • Maintenance: To make your pedicure last longer, avoid using harsh chemicals on your feet and wear protective footwear.

12 Pro Tips For Maintaining And Removing Neon And Glitter Nail Polish

  1. Top Coat is Your Friend To maintain the vibrancy of neon colors and the sparkle of glitter polish, regularly apply a clear top coat. It prevents chipping and adds a layer of protection to your nail art.
  2. Protect Your Hands: Wear gloves to protect your manicure while engaging in activities that might cause your polish to chip or wear out, such as cleaning or gardening.
  3. Hydration is Key: Keep your hands and cuticles moisturized. Healthy nails hold polish better, and it helps to prevent chipping.
  4. Avoid Harmful Chemicals: Avoid using hand sanitizers or other products containing alcohol or acetone, as they can make the polish dull and prone to chipping.
  5. Removing Neon and Glitter Nail Polish: Given their vibrant pigments and textures, removing glitter and neon nail polish can sometimes be tricky. Here’s a guide to make the removal process smoother:
  6. Gentle Nail Polish Remover: Use an acetone-free nail polish remover. It’s gentler on your nails and doesn’t dry them out as much.
  7. Soak, Don’t Scrub: It’s better to soak your nails in nail polish remover rather than scrubbing them for a glitter polish. Place a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover on each nail and wrap it with foil for 5-10 minutes. This will help to lift the glitter particles easily.
  8. Buffing: Sometimes, a layer of glitter polish may remain even after soaking. In this case, gently buff the surface of your nails to remove the residual polish.
  9. Nourish Your Nails: After removing the polish, wash your hands and apply a nourishing nail and cuticle oil to replenish moisture.
  10. Taking Breaks: Give your nails a break between manicures to prevent staining, especially with neon polishes with vibrant pigments that can sometimes stain the nails.
  11. Gentle Scraping: Use a wooden orange stick to gently scrape off the glitter in case of stubborn glitter particles, but be very careful to avoid damaging the nail bed.
  12. Additional Tip: You can mix a little sugar or salt with your nail polish remover for an at-home solution. The granules will help to remove the glitter polish more effectively.


In conclusion, venturing into the vibrant world of spring pedicures is akin to embracing the blossoming beauty of the season right on your toes! While indulging in these eye-catching designs, it’s essential to remember that the health of your nails should always come first. Ensure to nourish your nails with regular oil treatments and give them breathing time between paint applications to prevent any potential damage. Moreover, embracing quality products and tools can be your best bet to avoid infections or allergies. As you step into this colorful journey, let your creativity bloom, and don’t hesitate to experiment with the hues and designs that resonate with you. After all, a splash of color and a sparkle can be a mood lifter, encouraging you to enter the season with renewed zest and joy. Happy pedicuring!

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