60 Latest Turquoise Nail Designs To Try In 2023!

by Zoe Scott
Turquoise Nails

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Ready to make a style statement right at your fingertips? Today, we’re diving into the world of turquoise nails—a hue that’s not just eye-catching but also incredibly versatile. Whether stepping out for brunch or prepping for a night out, this color covers you. In this post, we’ll explore various designs, shades, and even the perfect accessories to pair with your turquoise tips.

A quick tip from yours truly: Don’t just settle for a flat color; play with gradients, glitter, or even some nail art to make those turquoise nails pop. Stick around to discover how to elevate your nail game to the next level. Trust me, by the end, you’ll be as obsessed with turquoise as I am. Let’s get started! 

Deep Turquoise Coffin Nails With Gold Glam

Sky Blue Coffin Nails 
@nails.beauty999 via Instagram

Deep turquoise coffin nails are the epitome of aquatic chic, merging the enigmatic depths of ocean hues with a dash of luxe from gold accents. Such a combination makes for a stunning, regal statement that’s perfect for anyone looking to infuse a touch of glamour into their nail art repertoire.

Turquoise Glittery Coffin Nails 

Glittery Nails 
@dipnoticnails via Instagram

Turquoise glittery coffin nails are like your favorite summer seascape transformed into a sparkling manicure. They catch the light with every gesture, bringing a playful yet sophisticated edge to your overall look.

Turquoise Rhinestone Nails – Blingtastic

Turquoise Rhinestone Nails 
@_nail.queen_ via Instagram

Turquoise rhinestone nails are a blingtastic feast for the eyes, marrying the serene beauty of the sea with the unabashed sparkle of gemstones. They’re a perfect choice for when you’re feeling fancy and want your hands to do the talking with every flamboyant flick and wave.

Turquoise Swirls With Gold Accents

Swimming Pool Nails 
@creativenailsii via Instagram

Turquoise swirls with gold accents create an artistic and luxurious twist on your nails, swirling the calmness of the ocean with a touch of opulence. This design is a harmonious blend of elegance and playfulness, perfect for making a sophisticated yet bold statement.

Turquoise With A Touch Of Love 

Turquoise With A Touch Of Love 
@assana__ef via Instagram

Turquoise nails with a heart design on one finger are a sweet and stylish way to wear your heart on your… nails, not just your sleeve! It’s a charming touch that adds a personal and whimsical flair to the vibrant backdrop of turquoise.

Spiral Into Style With Turquoise Magic 

Swirl Magic 
@nailsbysmf via Instagram

Embrace the enchanting allure of the sea with a twist—spiraling into style with turquoise nails brings a magical, whimsical charm to your fingertips.

Super Glam Turquoise Coffin Nails

A Little Sparkle Never Hurt 
@doubledippdpowder via Instagram

Super glam turquoise coffin nails are the ultimate statement of bold, chic elegance, blending the vibrant energy of turquoise with the edgy sophistication of the coffin shape. They’re perfect for turning heads and adding a splash of high-octane glamour to any outfit.

Turquoise Explosion Of Glitter

Twinkle and Gleam Teal Nails
@tessa.lyn.nails via Instagram

Turquoise explosion of glitter on coffin nails is a show-stopper, drenching your fingertips in a shimmering sea of sparkle that’s both eye-catching and audaciously glamorous. This vibrant style is for those who love to make a dynamic impact and live life with a little extra glitter.

Turquoise Swirly Almond Nails

Swirly Teal Nails
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Turquoise swirly almond nails bring a playful yet sophisticated twist to your manicure, with the almond shape providing a canvas for elegant, swirling designs in shades of calming turquoise. It’s a fresh take that combines classic with a touch of artistic flair.

Starry Turquoise Blush Nails

Starry Teal Nails
@sunbeamnails via Instagram

Starry turquoise blush nails capture the dreamy essence of a twilight sky, blending a soft, blushing base with twinkling turquoise accents that resemble distant stars. This celestial design is perfect for anyone looking to adorn their hands with a touch of the night’s romance.

Ombré Turquoise Nails

Ombré Teal Nails
@tonysnail via Instagram

Ombré turquoise nails with gold flakes are a luxurious twist on a trendy style, where the cool, oceanic fade of turquoise melts into your natural nail, speckled with delicate gold flakes for a touch of opulence. It’s a manicure that’s equal parts elegant and eye-catching, perfect for both a day in the office or a night out on the town.

Coffin Turquoise Nails With Rhinestones

Coffin Teal Nails
@@minea.nails via Instagram

Coffin turquoise nails adorned with rhinestones offer a glamorous statement, merging the edgy coffin shape with the luxurious sparkle of carefully placed stones. This combination promises a show-stopping effect that’s sure to capture attention and elevate any outfit with a splash of sophisticated bling.

Classy Almond Turquoise Nails

Classy Almond Teal Nails
@lolo.nailedit via Instagram

Adorn your fingers with the understated luxury of almond-shaped Turquoise nails. Their elongated form accentuates the turquoise, making it the center of attention in any setting.

Ocean-Inspired Turquoise Nails

Ocean-Inspired Teal Nails
@nailpromagazine via Instagram

Submerge yourself in elegance with designs that channel the mysterious allure of the ocean. Whether it’s waves or marine motifs, these turquoise nails bring the sea to your fingertips.

Angular Elegance With Chrome Turquoise Nails

Angular Elegance Teal Nails
@ninisfabnails via Instagram

Break the mold with geometric patterns that redefine the turquoise nail game. Sharp lines and shapes bring an edgy precision to your style narrative.

Deep Turquoise Sparkling Nails

Sparkling Teal Nails
@polished_yogi via Instagram

Step into the spotlight with turquoise nails that glisten like morning dew. Whether tiny gems or micro glitter, these designs know how to shine.

Gold Meets Turquoise In These Extra Long Square Nails

Gold Teal Nails
@nailpromagazine via Instagram

When turquoise meets gold, the result is nothing short of regal. These designs offer a sumptuous aesthetic that turns your nails into miniature works of art.

Rhinestones And Turquoise Glam

Rhinestones Teal Nails
@nailsby_beth_ via Instagram

Add a luxurious touch to your turquoise canvas with strategically p

Turquoise Snakeskin Square Nails  

Teal Temptation 
@nailsbyanalilia via Instagram

There’s something about turquoise on nude nails that screams summer. Add some stones on the thumb, index, and pinky fingers, and you look beach-ready! These are my go-to nails when I’m headed to a beach vacation. Yes, they’re that good.

Sophisticated Turquoise Flower Power 

Flower Power 
@alohasouthdale via Instagram

Think almond gel nails designed with flowers, adorable black freckles, and a touch of white. It’s playful yet sophisticated.

Heavenly Turquoise Stilettos With Added Glam

Heavenly Stilettos 
@malishka702_nails via Instagram

Do you want to feel like a sea goddess? Go for glossy stiletto nails with white sea designs. How much closer to heaven can you get?

A Splash Of Turquoise Ombre Elegance 

A Splash Of Teal And Elegance 
@kara_nails_spa via Instagram

White, turquoise, and turquoise with rhinestones on the ring finger? It’s like having a little jewelry box on your nails!

Pastel Peach Meets Deep Turquoise Balerina Nails  

Peachy Keen 
@camilasilvera_nails via Instagram

Who says you have to stick to one color? Combining turquoise and peach can make your nails pop most delightfully.

White and Turquoise Coffin Nails

The Ultimate Feminine Touch 
@bysofiaanails via Instagram

Let’s mix it up, shall we? Turquoise paired with glitter and a pretty stone has “Instagram-worthy” written all over it.

High Gloss Square Turquoise Corporate Chic 

The Corporate Chic 
@lovefreshpaint via Instagram

If you’re in a corporate setting but still want to look fab, simple square turquoise nails are the way to go. Trust me, they’re as classy as they come.

Gem of an Idea: Turquoise Gold Sophistication 

Gemstone Nails 
@paragonnails via Instagram

Jump onto the turquoise trend with these stunning gem-inspired nails. Trust me; you’ll feel like a treasure.

Ocean Vibes: Milky Turquoise Coffin Nails 

Milky White Coffin Nails 
@hannas.nails.la via Instagram

Imagine milky Turquoise coffin nails but with a whimsical ocean design. Isn’t it dreamy?

Turquoise V Tips Add Sophistication

Sky's The Limit 
@juejuenails via Instagram

Long, sky-blue nails on a nude base? Ah-mazing! The glossy finish is the cherry on top. If you’re a fan of acrylics, this design is a match made in heaven.

Turquoise Almond Elegance

Almond Elegance 
@dazzlenailsbymel via Instagram

Short almond nails can look elegant, too, especially with gold stones on the ring finger.

Turquoise Tropical Vibes 

Tropical Vibes 
@professionalnailss via Instagram

Turquoise nails with an intricate design on the third and fourth fingers? Yes, please! It’s almost ethereal.

Turquoise Luxe Coffin Nails 

Luxe Coffin Nails 
@nailedbybianca via Instagram

There’s something about coffin nails that screams, “I’m here, and I’m fabulous.” Add some rhinestones and a smoky effect on the ring finger, and you have a look that could kill.

Floral Turquoise Almond Nails 

Floral Almond Turquoise 
@miki_belle_nails_beauty via Instagram

Floral designs are timeless, and when they’re on a set of almond-shaped nails painted with mature turquoise, you’re in for a treat. It’s chic, it’s elegant, and it’s got that summer flair.

Bring On the Bling: Turquoise Glitter Nails 

Blue Glitter Nails 
@riareynails via Instagram

I’m all for a glittering moment, but let’s take it up a notch, shall we? Picture glittery blue nails with white acrylic flowers on the ring finger. It’s like a little piece of art! Pair this with a simple black dress, and let your nails do all the talking!

French Tip Round Turquoise Nails

Natural Nail Designs
@lavanda_spa_osorno via Instagram

Think glossy nude polish but with a surprise—turquoise tips! It’s like your nails but better, perfect for those who prefer the understated chic. This pairs super well with a neutral wardrobe. Think beiges, whites, and pieces of denim.

Turquoise Abstract Almond Nails

Teal Abstract 
@tessa.lyn.nails via Instagram

Solid turquoise nails combined with French-inspired designs—oh, it’s so chic! Imagine these nails with a white summer dress and turquoise accessories. Yes, please!

Turquoise Mermaid Tips

Turquoise Tips 
@exoticsalonlepote via Instagram

Add mermaid magic to your French mani by throwing in turquoise glitter tips.

Starry-Eyed Turquoise French Mani

@platinumglambar via Instagram

French nails with a pop of pink star design? Yes, please! It’s a look that’ll catch the eyes and hearts.

Fancy French Turquoise Tips

Fancy French Turquoise Tips
@tammytaylornails via Instagram

Think light pink nails with turquoise French tips. It’s a classic French manicure, but make it fashionable. These look elegant but fun—perfect for weddings or romantic dinners out.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Turquoise Chic 

Keep It Simple, Keep It Chic 
@opi via Instagram

A plain turquoise manicure can also pack a punch. It’s professional but could be more serious.

Milky Way Magic 

Milky Way Magic 
@color.bygeane via Instagram

Short coffin nail designs and a touch of glitter can look absolutely out of this world.

Turquoise Gems Make These French Tips Extra Special 

Stone Cold Stunners 
@aynur_jafaroffa via Instagram

Imagine your turquoise nails glossed to perfection and then—bam!—a gemstone on the ring finger. It’s a little treasure right at your fingertips. I rocked this look at a friend’s cocktail party, and I can’t even count the number of compliments I got!

The Polka Dot Flair: White And Turquoise Summer Nails 

White And Blue Summer Nails
@zima_nail_bar via Instagram

Imagine long nails in two tones with dots and a glossy finish. Summer elegance has a new name!

A Walk On The Wild Side 

A Walk On The Wild Side 
@nails.by.pk via Instagram

Unique stiletto shapes adorned with leafy gold designs can make you feel like Mother Nature herself. It’s not just a manicure; it’s a mood.

Moody Dark Deep Turquoise Nails

Dark Turquoise 
@sayitwithcolornails via Instagram

Think turquoise is too bright for you? Go for a darker shade adorned with a palm tree and some sparkle.

Texture Dipped Turquoise Nails

Texture Dipped Teal Nails
@byjuanalvear via Instagram

Discover the multi-dimensional allure of dipped turquoise nails. The textured effect brings an added layer of intrigue, making these nails far from ordinary.

Floral Turquoise Nails

Floral Teal Nails
@nailartbyjen via Instagram

Combine florals’ tranquility with turquoise’s boldness for a harmonious ensemble. These designs are like having a miniature garden at your fingertips.

Matte Turquoise Nails

Matte Teal Nails
@lovefreshpaint via Instagram

Step away from the shine and into the realm of matte finishes. These turquoise nails offer a unique, muted elegance that’s as captivating as understated.

Acrylic Turquoise Nails

Acrylic Teal Nails
@nailsbydvisy via Instagram

Harness the power of acrylics to bring your turquoise dreams to life. These nails are not just a color statement but a testament to the sculptural possibilities of modern nail art.

French Turquoise Tips

French Teal Nails
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Merge the classic French tip with the vibrant energy of turquoise. It’s a fresh take on an iconic style, breathing new life into your go-to manicure.

Butterfly Turquoise Nails Make A Big Statement

Butterfly Teal Nails
@lalotusnailspa via Instagram

Let your style take flight with turquoise nails adorned with delicate butterfly motifs. These designs capture the fleeting beauty of butterflies, making your nails a canvas for nature’s art.

Sleek and Chic Almond Turquoise Nails

Sleek and Chic Almond Teal Nails
@cre8withcass via Instagram

Opt for almond-shaped turquoise nails to marry elegance with trendiness. The elongated shape works beautifully with turquoise, emphasizing the color’s richness and your hand’s gracefulness.

Oceanic Turquoise Nails

Oceanic Teal Nails
@nailsbyaangell via Instagram

Dive deeper into the color spectrum with oceanic turquoise nails that draw inspiration from the sea’s many shades. These designs are a refreshing take on marine aesthetics, connecting you to the ocean’s endless beauty.

Marble French Turquoise Nails

Marble French Teal Nails
@dcnailsbeauty via Instagram

Combine the swirling allure of marble with the timeless French tip, all in tempting turquoise. This amalgamation of styles results in a multi-dimensional look that will captivate.

Artistic French Swirl Turquoise Nails

Artistic French Swirl Teal Nails
@nailsofjackie via Instagram

Mixing the classic French design with whimsical swirls, these turquoise nails are a masterpiece of contrast and harmony. The subtle intricacies of the swirls against the turquoise make for a uniquely captivating look.

Floral Beauty Turquoise Nails

Floral Beauty Teal Nails
@nailzkatkat via Instagram

Celebrate nature’s bounty with turquoise nails adorned with floral designs. The beautiful flower motifs perfectly contrast the turquoise background, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Sizzling Turquoise Flames

Sizzling Flames Teal Nails
@toplinenails via Instagram

Turn up the heat with turquoise nails featuring fiery flame accents. This scorching design adds a daring twist to traditional turquoise nails, capturing gazes and igniting conversations.

Floral Fantasy: Turquoise Almond Nails

Stiletto Nails With Floral Pattern 
@thenailgal_chi via Instagram

Turquoise almond nails become a dreamy escape when paired with delicate floral accents. It’s like having a miniature garden at your fingertips, where the vibrant turquoise serves as the sky and the intricate flowers bloom in vivid detail.

Dotted Turquoise Nails

Dotted Teal Nails
@redcarpetmanicure via Instagram

Spotlight the playful side of turquoise with nails featuring cute dots. This design offers a visually stimulating contrast that’s charming without being overpowering.

Subtle Turquoise Sheen 

Subtle Sheen 
@poshdowntown via Instagram

Sometimes, you only need a glossy finish to make those turquoise nails shine. It’s the epitome of understated elegance.

Zesty Vibes: Turquoise Nails 

Lemonade Nails 
@lavishnailloungeny via Instagram

Bright blue meets sunshine yellow in this gradient design. And oh, did I mention the adorable lemon and cream accents? This is your go-to for all the summer BBQs and picnics. It’s a conversation starter, for sure!

Desert Dreams: Mojave Color Street Nails 

Desert Dreams: Mojave Color Street Nails 
@happycuticleco via Instagram

This design is a mosaic of blue, peach, and copper-gold. It’s like a desert sunset, but on your nails! This design is so versatile it works for both day events and romantic dinner dates.

Angelic Hues: Natural Nails With Halo Polish 

Natural Nails With Halo Polish 
@perfectlypolishedph via Instagram

These blue and turquoise green nails come alive with a mesmerizing halo polish on the ring finger. This design is a perfect fit for casual weekends and garden parties alike.

Mini Glam: Short Pretty Turquoise Nails 

Short Pretty Nails 
@nailtipbar via Instagram

These short nails pack a punch with loose glitter and turquoise gemstones. So cute, so chic!

Reach For The Stars: Mani With Star-Like Designs 

Mani With Star-Like Designs 
@happyhillarysnails via Instagram

Star-like designs on the ring finger and the pinky nail make this summer mani laid-back yet playful. You can totally pull off this look with a fun summer dress or even your swimsuit.

Channel Your Inner Princess: Delicate Summer Manicure 

Delicate Summer Manicure
@thebrendanailz via Instagram

Okay, imagine your nails sprinkled with a bit of fairy dust. Stones, floral embellishments, and blue glitter create a princess-like feel you can’t help but adore. If you’ve got a garden party or bridal shower on your summer calendar, this one’s for you.

Summer In Full Bloom 

Summer In Full Bloom 
@holly.berry.nails via Instagram

This design is a fiesta of colors—turquoise, pink, green, yellow, white, and purple! It’s like summer but on your nails. If you’re feeling adventurous, this is the look to try. It’s a festival of colors that can turn any gloomy day around.

Turquoise Almond Nails Accentuated With Gold

Long Ombre Nails with Crystals 
@dazzlenailsbymel via Instagram

I’m obsessed with the ombre trend, and these pink gradient nails with loose glitter and gold stones make my heart skip a beat. Match this mani with a flowy summer dress and crystal accessories for ultimate vibes!

Wavey Turquoise Beach Nails 

Lovely Beach Nail Art 
@fmnailss via Instagram

Sea-green polish and ocean blue wavy designs are giving me all the Ariel feels, you guys! These are the nails you want when sipping a piña colada by the ocean.

Understated Glam: Simple Handmade Manicure 

Simple Handmade Manicure 
@_gudluks_ via Instagram

A gradient paired with a pop of gold glitter? It’s like your nails are whispering, “I’m fabulous!” This subtle look works for both weekday grind and weekend fun.

Cloud Nine: Stiletto Turquoise Manicure 

Stiletto Summer Manicure 
@kevin_ho_nails via Instagram

Stiletto nails with cloud art and gold flakes and pearl embellishments make me feel like I’m floating on air. I wore something similar to a summer festival last year, and let me tell you, the compliments were endless!

Go Au Naturel: Beach Nail Art 

Beach Nail Art 
@nails_by_ceca_ via Instagram

This design features leaves painted on nude polish, creating a look that’s both neat and playful. It’s like carrying a piece of the beach wherever you go!

Sun, Sand, And Palm Trees

Green Summer Nails 
@nailsbyzaina via Instagram

Nails with a faint black palm tree design? Yes, please! Perfect for flaunting at the beach and totally work-appropriate too. Get ready to snap that Insta pic with these nails and your favorite bikini. Sun’s out, nails out!

5 Simple Tips to Make Your Turquoise Nails Pop

  1. Gradient All The Way – Gradient or ombre nails are like the smoothie bowls of nail art—colorful, beautiful, and oh-so-satisfying. Start with a lighter shade of turquoise at the base and blend into a deeper shade toward the tips. You can even throw in some turquoise or aqua for a multi-dimensional effect. It’s like having a tiny ocean at your fingertips!
  2. Sparkle with Glitter – Glitter is the instant coffee of the nail world: quick, effective, and sure to wake you up! You can go all out and cover every nail in turquoise glitter polish or use it as an accent on your ring finger. Another option? Create a glitter gradient, fading from solid turquoise at the base to dazzling glitter tips.
  3. Nail Art Extravaganza – If you’re feeling artsy, the sky’s the limit. Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing: Polka Dots: Use a dotting tool to create cute white or gold dots over a turquoise base. Floral Designs: Little white or yellow flowers can make a turquoise background look ultra-feminine. Marble Effect: Use a marbling technique to swirl together turquoise and white or gold. It’s easier than it looks, I promise. Geometric Patterns: Straight lines, triangles, or even a simple chevron pattern can make a bold statement. Animal Print: If you’re feeling wild, how about some turquoise leopard spots or zebra stripes?
  4. Personal Faves and Quick Tips – I’ve always had a soft spot for turquoise and gold, so one of my favorites is doing a turquoise base with gold glitter tips. It’s like party confetti on your nails!
  5. Pro Tip: When you’re playing with glitter and nail art, always remember to seal your design with a good-quality top coat. Not only will it make your art last longer, but it also adds that salon-worthy finish we all love.


So there you have it, the ultimate cheat sheet to nailing (pun absolutely intended!) your summer mani game. From the ethereal princess vibes to that bold, beachy flair, there’s something for everyone in this roundup. My top tip? Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles to find what truly speaks to your soul. And hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, throw in some crystals or swirls for that extra glam factor. At the end of the day, your nails are the ultimate accessory, so have fun with it! Book that nail appointment, grab your fave summer outfit, and flaunt those fabulous fingertips all season long. Until next time, keep shining, you beautiful gems! 

Feature Image Photo By pop_polished on Instagram

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