Top 10 Long Blonde Hair Style Ideas

by Freya Wilcox
Close up long blonde hair with braids

The saying ‘blondes have more fun’ couldn’t be more appropriate during these summer months, which is why we’re all heading to the salon and opting for lighter shades, buttery highlights or those sandy tones that were made for beach days.

But how do you style beautiful long blonde locks? Take a look at our top 10 favourite hairstyles for long blonde hair and that all-important celebrity inspiration to get you started.

Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair: Top 10

Beach Waves

The ‘go to’ summer style which is both elegant and easy to maintain has got to be the relaxed beach waves look. Long blonde hair was made for this! Whether you’ve got access to curlers or just straighteners, this is really achievable and looks so pretty on highlighted hair. And who doesn’t love long blonde wavy hair?

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Sleek and Straight

For a more glamorous, effortlessly chic style, letting your straighteners do what they do best is both simple and effective. We think this will be perfect for those sporting long blonde hair with a fringe too.

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Corkscrew Curls

We may be throwing it back to the 80s with this one, but for bouncy, larger than life curls, the corkscrew effect is such a winner! If you’ve got long blonde curly hair, this may be easier to achieve, but if not, don’t despair. All you need is time, patience and a little bit of confidence to pull this off. It looks even better after a night’s sleep, too!

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Casual Up Do

For work days and weekends, a casual up do is perfect when it’s either really warm, or you’re feeling the ‘bad hair day vibes’. This looks great with the texture in long blonde layered hair and we’d recommend adding a slight curl before reaching for the hair ties for a little added volume.

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Plaited to Perfection

Heading to a festival this summer? Then plaits are bound to be your savour. From French to fishtail, they can completely transform a simple hairstyle and are a wedding staple for a reason! The perfect pretty look to tame that long blonde beach hair.

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The Space Bun

So, we’ve covered the 80s but now it’s time to pay homage to the 90s with some on-trend space buns. They’re pretty simple and great if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with different long blonde hair ideas. Another festival winner!

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The Top Knot

Super cute and super easy, the messy top knot is great for adding something different to your traditional half up, half down look. This also works wonders when you’re desperately wanting to get hair away from your face but still feel you’ve made an effort. Celebs are also loving this one right now.

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The Blow Dry

When you think of the perfect hair styles for long blonde hair, the blow dry is sure to be at the top of the list if you’re wanting volume and that feminine touch. You don’t need to head to the hairdressers to get this look, we promise!

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Centre Parting

Think Kardashian glamour with this one. Centre partings look amazing on long blonde hair with a full fringe, as well as more oval face shapes. Whether you prefer your hair straight or curly, this style works every time.

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Side Parting

A deep side parting adds volume, more shape around your face and was made for long blonde layered hair. Flattering and modern, try this out during summer with relaxed curls or more structured waves for Hollywood glam.

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Celebrity Hair Crushes

We are loving the fact that so many blonde looks are favourable with celebs right now. From sleek and elegant to big and messy here are a few of the hottest haircuts for long blonde hair. Which is your favourite?

Khloe Kardashian with high ponytail and orange body con dress

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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It may not be natural, but Khloe Kardashian totally suits lighter shades and has been rocking the blonde for a while now. She is the queen of mixing it up; from textured bobs, to ponytails, to big curls. Definite hair style inspiration, so get Googling!

Perrie Edwards soft curled blonde hair with sweatshirt

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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The naturally blonde Perrie Edwards certainly stands out in Little Mix with her beautifully styled hair. From platinum blonde to more stripped back darker ash tones, she’s done it all. We’re loving her recently-cut long bob – this look is great with tousled waves and a side parting.

Rita Ora with glamorous side parting and black low cut dress

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Rita is our statement blonde and has certainly mixed it up over the years. From tight curls and a beanie, to buzz cuts and now voluminous waves, her edgy style has never been one to stop at her outfits and we love her for it! If you’re feeling brave, her hair lookbook is one to follow.

Zoella with corkscrew curls, glasses and camo jacket

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Internet-sensation Zoella gives us hair envy most days. Starting off with dark brown long ombre hair, she’s slowly been getting blonder and blonder and experimented with so many hairstyles most of which feature in this article. So if you’re looking for another helpful tutorial, head over to her YouTube channel. Her corkscrew curls are particularly incredible!

A Good Hair Day

Blonde long hairstyles are so diverse and the number of fun looks available are almost endless.

  • If you’re in a rush, messy buns are quick and yet still look super stylish.
  • For perfect wedding guest hair, plaits or pretty waves work wonders.
  • Highlighted hair is made for soft curls to showcase the varying tones.
  • If you’re wanting super curly hair, reach for that thin wand. Just make sure you have an hour to spare to recreate it to perfection.
  • Simply changing where your parting sits can transform a down do give it a go!

The summer was made for beautifully highlighted hair, so choose your colour and try out some of our listed products to recreate these style staples. You’re sure to be left feeling confident and armed with so many more ideas. Long blonde hair doesn’t have to be a chore to manage – sometimes you just need that bit of inspiration.

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