Top 20 Best Bubblegum Pink Lipsticks

by Sunna Naseer
Bubblegum Pink Lipstick

Why hide your fun, flirty side when you hit thirty? Wear bubblegum pink come rain or shine to give your look a pop of girly colour. Not sure how to make this sugary hue work for you? We’ve got it covered in this quick guide to the top 20 best bubblegum pink lipsticks.

A pink lipstick is a staple beauty product for any woman’s make up bag. But more often than not it gets forgotten or shied away from in favour of the safer options of classic red or nude.

If you’re not sure about pink lipstick, chances are you’ve picked up the wrong shade. Pink lips can work for anyone – you just need to know how to wear it. Whether you’re dark skinned, light skinned, blonde or brunette, we’ve found the perfect pink to suit you. Read our guide to find a candy pink lipstick that suits your complexion, a deep pink lipstick that will work for you – day or night, as well as our rundown of the best light pink lipstick versus bright pink lipstick. Pucker up.



Our Top 20 Pink Lipsticks


SHOP: Givenchy, Secret Pink / Clarins, Rose / Chanel, L’eclatante

Rose: These rose pink shades from Givenchy and Clarins are perfect for a touch of colour without going too bright. Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm also leaves a deliciously sweet scent.



SHOP: M.A.C, Pink Pigeon / Rimmel, Bright Pink

Hot: Turn up the intensity with a hot pink lip. Both MAC pink lipstick and Rimmel provide a long-lasting finish with great coverage.



SHOP: Christian Louboutin, Rococotte / Urban Decay, Unicorn

Dusty: A sophisticated take on pink, try a subdued dusty pink colour for a classy look. These soft touch, creamy finishes from Christian Louboutin and Urban Decay ooze velvety luxury.



SHOP: Nars, Tasmania / Estée Lauder, Peach Glass / Nyx, Tokyo

Sheer: If you’d prefer a pink lip gloss, these sheer glosses from Nars, Estée Lauder and NYX give a light, pearlescent finish. Perfect for a soft hint of colour.



SHOP: Barry M, Coral / Tarte, Bikini

Coral: Pinks with an orange undertone are really great for tanned to dark skin. The peach pink colour brings out the warmth in your complexion and are more flattering than purple tones.


SHOP: Charlotte Tilbury, Kim K.W / Rimmel, 42 / Tom Ford, Spanish Pink

Nude: For a natural pink, try a nude tone with a soft rosy hue.


SHOP: Bourjois, Pinking of It / YSL, Fuchsia Innocent

Fuchsia: If you have cool undertones or pale skin, this purple-pink shade will suit you better than warmer ones.



SHOP: M.A.C, Candy Yum Yum / Maybelline, Power Peony

Pastel Pink: Pastel lipstick can be just as striking as a bold colour. Instead of going dark to grab attention, it stands out with its contrasting light tone.

Best Light Pink Lipsticks For Your Complexion

For fair skin… Paler skin tones suit crisp, light pinks with rosy hues. If you have dark hair you can get away with a bolder pink, and lighter hair looks great with a soft, baby pink lipstick. The best pinks for redheads are also soft and sheer. For a bolder look, try coral pink.

For olive skin… Medium or tanned skin tones can get away with most pink shades. Experiment with both cool and warm pinks to find the shades that work the best for you personally.

For dark skin… A deep skin tone looks striking with a bold, bright fuchsia pink lipstick. For a more subtle approach, opt for cool pinks with a hint of purple.

Celebs Rocking The Pink Lipstick Look



As you can see above, pale skinned celebrities Amanda Seyfried and Katy Perry suit different shades of pink. Katy can get away with a dark pink lipstick, which is balanced by her black hair, whereas Amanda looks stunning with a rosy sheer pink.

As we move into tanned skin tones, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba can enhance their golden glow using a warm bright pink.



Medium skin tones a la Kim Kardashian and Priyanka Chopra can experiment with both warm and cool pinks. Warm tends to look best but their dark hair balances out cooler pinks too. Try to avoid the most purpley-pinks as the cool tones in these shades will wash out a medium skin tone.

Dark skin tones, as seen on Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson, are also lucky enough to suit nearly all pink shades. A bold pink looks amazing but avoid nude pink as they tend to wash you out.

How To Wear Bubblegum Pink Lipstick

So you’ve found your ultimate bubblegum pink lipstick, but just how to do you pull it off? Here are five of the best ways to rock pink lips:



  1. Pop of Colour: This look works really well with bold and bright pink lipstick. Let your lips do the talking and keep everything else pared back.
  2. Lashes: This doll-like look is super girly, with a nod to the 60s beauty trends. Keep your eyelids clear of liner or shadow and instead build up your lashes with a couple of coats of mascara.
  3. Coloured Liner: Coloured liner is a major beauty trend right now. A pink lip works really well with a hint of blue liner at your eyes.
  4. Smoky: This look works particularly well with nude and sheer pinks where the focus isn’t too centred on your lips.
  5. Rosy: To give yourself a subtle pink glow, add a soft dusting of blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you really want to match, try blending a little lipstick onto your cheeks – but take this slow! Build it up if you need to but don’t load on the colour.


Your Quick Guide To The Best Bubblegum Pink Lipsticks

  • If you have fair skin and light or red hair, the best pink lipsticks for you are soft, sheer and rosy. Try a coral pink for a bolder look.
  • A pale complexion with dark hair looks great with Barbie pink lipstick.
  • Tanned and medium skin tones can experiment with both warm and cool pink tones. For Asian skin, try to avoid pinks veering on the purple side as this shade will wash you out.
  • A dark complexion is the perfect match for bright pink lips. For a subtler look, try a bubblegum pink lip gloss.
  • Wear your pink lipstick on its own for full impact or with emphasis on your lashes, eye shadow or liner. The more dramatic your eye make up, the less intense your pink lip should be.

Final Note

A pink lip is easy to achieve when you think about what colours will work best with your complexion and hair colour. Once you know how to use colour to enhance your natural beauty, you’ll discover a whole array of gorgeous pink lipsticks to wear. So dig deep into your make up bag and find that perfect pink lipstick you’ve been dying to try.

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