Top 20 Best Nude Lipsticks

by Kathleen Loxton
Nude lipsticks

The Nude Lipstick Trend

In 2008 the nude lipstick was seen as a trending makeup look. It was the year it was all over the autumn, winter runway; Bobby Brown even dedicated an entire line to the trend called Shimmering Nude and Nars also brought out a collection of neutral lip colours.

Fast forward eight years and the nude lip has become as classic as the red lip. Why? It’s sexy, still draws attention to your lips but allows you to wear a bold eye or a strong cheek colour at the same time. It goes from day to night perfectly and works with pretty much any hairstyle. It also suits every skin complexion. You just have to find the right shade for you! Here we give you the low down on what types of nude lipsticks are available and what one to buy no matter your budget or skin tone!

 Types of Nude Lipstick

Nude Matte Lipstick 

One of the chicest, subtle yet sexy ways to do the nude lipstick look is with a matte nude lip. It draws attention to the centre of your face, and works so well with a bold eye makeup look! We are loving Tom Ford’s lipstick in Blush Nude  to create a gorgeous, nude matte finish.

Model shot with nude matte lipstick


Nude Lipgloss

If you want to ease yourself into the nude lipstick trend, a great way to do this is with a lipgloss. It doesn’t make a big statement in quite the same way as a matte finish does but still looks uber sexy and glamours! We love Long-Wear Lip Topper by Jouer Cosmetics  It leaves lips beautifully moisturised whilst giving lips a golden-nude glimmer.

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Pink Nude Lipstick

Even more subtle than the other nude lipsticks available, and one that works with your makeup look all year round is a pink nude lipstick. We love Tom Ford’s Spanish Pink. It’s a colour that doesn’t wash you out, even in the winter months but will bring out a tan in summer. It’s appropriate for most occasions, from day to night and is the perfect way to draw attention to your lips, yet subtle enough to wear to the office.

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Brown Nude Lipstick

If you are after a look that is a little more glamorous and stand out, this colour is calling your name! Unlike the nude, or pinky nude hues this one definitely draws the attention to your lips, and makes them a central focal point. It also looks great with a bronzed cheek and gold and brown eyeshadow. Give NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Beauty Mark  a shot for that sexy siren look.

Brown nude lipstick on model


Best Nude Lipsticks for your Complexion

One of the greatest things about the nude lip is that it suits everyone! You just have to pick the colour that works best for your skin tone. Here we give you a rundown of the colours that work for you no matter what completion you have!

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Best Nude Lipstick for Pale Skin

You might be afraid to try out a nude lip as you think it will wash you out, but you’d be wrong! If you have pale or fair skin go for a slightly pink colour. You could also opt for a slightly peachy orange tone. This ensures that you won’t look wiped out, and will make sure the colour will still stand out on your lips! For a great pinky nude go for a Laura Mercier Lip Lip glacé. For a slightly more orange, peach tone try Yves Saint Laurent Rouge pur couture lipstick. Not only is it the most gorgeous colour, it also contains an SPF 15.

pale skin nude lipstick beauty look


Best Nude Lipstick for Olive Skin

There are a couple of options for olive skin. A taupe colour looks beautiful, but if you want to bring out the natural golden colour of your skin, you can opt for a beige nude lipstick with a touch of gold for a chic and polished look. DIOR NUDE Rouge Lipstick is a beautiful colour to create this look.

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Best Nude Lipstick for Dark Skin

One of the most beautiful colours to use on darker skin tone is a dark brown slightly golden / metallic hue that will bring out the shape of your lips. Ensure that the colour isn’t too light or else it might look like foundation or concealer on the lips and not create the desired effect. Try Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color In Totally Toffee to create a beautiful stand out nude tone.

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Best Nude Lipstick for Asian Skin

For an Asian skin tone, a great colour to opt for is a honey tone. Sometimes a peach can wash you out, however a honey colour really adds warmth to the complexion and still gives the nude effect to the lip. We love NARS Satin Lipstick In Honolulu Honey and works for both a fairer completion as well as a golden more olive tone.

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Our Top 20 Favourite Nude Lipsticks


1. Maybelline Color Sensational Blushed Nude Lip Stick – Best for fair skin

2. Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick – Best for medium skin

3. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick – Best for fair to medium skin

4. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color In Totally Toffee – Best for dark skin

5. Long-Wear Lip Topper by Jouer Cosmetics – Best for fair to medium skin

6. Revlon Super Lustrous  Matte Lipstick – Best for fair to medium Skin

7. L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick – Best for fair skin.

8. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Nude Collection in no 45 – Best for medium skin

9. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Nude Collection in no 48 – Best for darker skin

10. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Nude Collection in no 42 – Best for fair skin


11. Tom Ford’s lipstick in Blush Nude – Best for fair to medium skin

12. Tom Ford’s Spanish Pink – Best for fair to medium skin

13. NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Beauty Mark – Best for darker skin

14. Laura Mercier Lip Lip glacé – Best for pale skin

15. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge pur couture lipstick – Best for pale skin

16. DIOR NUDE Rouge Lipstick – Best for medium or olive skin

17. NARS Satin Lipstick In Honolulu Honey – Best for Asian skin.

18. Mac’s lipstick in Velvet Teddy – Best for medium to dark skin.

19. Mac’s lipstick in Stone – Best for dark skin.

20. Christian Dior ‘Diorific’ in Glory – Best for dark skin

Celebs Rocking The Nude Lip Trend

Celebrity grid of nude lipsticks (Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Angelina Jolie)



JLo knows exactly how to rock the nude lip. With her olive skin she often opts for a slightly taupe or beige tone. To create this evening glam look apply a gloss over the top of your chosen nude lipstick colour and accentuate eyes with a brown or black smokey eye.


For a medium to fair skin tone take inspiration from Gigi Hadid who knows just how to rock that nude lip. Opting for a peach tone with a matte finish and matching peach eye, this look is sultry and sexy without giving an over the top made-up look.


Not only is Angelina Jolie synonymous with her gorgeous lips, she is also a fan of the nude lip. With her olive completion she knows that a slightly taupe, glossy look makes her red-carpet read.

Cara Delavigne and Naomi Campbell Nude lipstick trend



A peachy pink lipstick looks wonderful on blonde’s and fairer skin tones and no one knows this better than Cara Delevingne who is a fan of the gorgeous and subtle nude lip.


Matching a gorgeous nude, slightly blush lipstick with a rouge blush is a beautiful way to create a cohesive makeup look whilst still allowing a lip to take centre stage. Try Naomi Campbells knock out look for a beautiful sexy lip.

How To Complete The Nude Lipstick Trend

Lip preparation

PHOTO CREDIT: HealthnBeauty


Get your lips nude lipstick ready with these fail-safe rules to lock in your lipsticks.

  • Exfoliate Lips

Begin by exfoliating lips. There is nothing worse that starting a lip colour with flaky lips as the lipstick won’t go on smoothly. A good product to exfoliate lips is Clinique’s Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm

  • Apply Primer 

To get the truest colour from your lipstick it’s recommended that you apply a primer to lips to give a neutral base. We recommend TOO FACED Lip insurance lip primer. This product will prep your lips with a hydrating, quick-drying formula that will also help lock in your lip colour and even stops the colour transferring when it’s coffee hour.

  • Moisturise 

After prepping lips, it’s a good idea to moisture lips to give a good base for the lipstick. A wonderful product for lips is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Moisturizing Cream. It’s gentle and really soothes lips.

  • Apply Lipstick

After prepping lips apply lipstick. The best way to ensure you create a beautiful line for your lips is to take a lipstick liner in a matching tone to the lipstick of your choice. The key here is to not line the entire mouth as this won’t create a perfect blended look. Instead take the liner and line the cupids bow of your lips and the sides of the mouth. Then take the lipstick and apply over lips.

Things to Remember When Wearing a Nude Lipstick

Pick the best nude lip colour for your skin tone. There is a colour out there to suit all skin types

  • If you are blonde avoid washing your complexion out by using a peach colour
  • If you’re a brunette, opt for a slightly golden hue to bring out the dark tone of your hair
  • Olive skin beauties, use a slightly metallic lipstick to give yourself a golden glow
  • For the perfect nude lip, be sure to prepare lips by using an exfoliator for lips and then primer
  • When using a nude lipgloss be sure to use the right tone for your skin
  • There are plenty of cheap nude lipsticks available including Rimmel, L’oreal and Maybelline
  • The nude lip is a new classic, alternate a strong red for the nude lip and still be party ready!
  • Don’t be afraid to do a strong eye with your nude lip. Both work so well together!

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