Unraveling the Mystery: Why Do My Lips Appear, Fuller, Each Morning

by Tori Jones
My Lips Bigger morning

Today, we’re diving into a lip-related phenomenon you’ve likely observed but might never have questioned — that uncanny morning ‘pout’ that makes your lips appear fuller when fresh out of bed. Yes, we’re discussing why your lips might seem slightly more significant in the morning.

If you’ve noticed this, let me assure you, you’re not the only one! You’ve probably looked in the mirror during your early-morning routine, feeling a bit like Angelina Jolie or Jay Z, without the aid of any fillers or plumpers. Intriguing. This blog post will take you on a journey of understanding, exploring the fascinating world of biology and how your body, specifically your lips, react to different states of rest and activity.

We’ll delve into the role of fluid distribution, the impact of sleep, and even the gravitational forces that play a part. Yes, gravity! Who would have thought? By the end of this post, you will be equipped with a fascinating conversation starter and a better appreciation for your body’s complexities, even in its most straightforward functions. So buckle up, pout enthusiasts, and prepare for an alluring beauty and biology adventure!

Lips Bigger in The Morning
Photo by Cesar La Rosa on Unsplash

In the spirit of embracing our natural beauty, we’ll also share a few tips on taking care of your lips, keeping them plump and healthy all day long, not just in the morning. Now, let’s step into the wondrous world of lips and kiss goodbye to the mystery of the morning magnification!

The AM Pout: An Overnight Transformation

Ah, the joys of waking up to a fuller, luscious pout! It makes you feel like you’ve stepped straight out of a glossy magazine cover, right? But what exactly spins this magic? Why do your lips give you that free lip filler experience in the morning? Let’s put on our Sherlock hats and dive in.

The Magic Potion: Increased Blood Flow

One of the key elements behind this lip transformation is increased blood flow. When we lie down to catch our beauty sleep, our blood flow increases by about 30%, especially if we’re on our backs or sides. (Side note: It’s probably the only time I appreciate gravity!) This increased flow leads to more fluid filling our cells, causing our lips to swell up and greet us with a fuller look in the morning.

Fabric Faux Pas: The Irritation Culprit

Remember that time when I confessed my obsession with silk pillowcases? I swear it’s not just for the ‘bougie’ factor. Our choice of bedding, especially our pillowcases, can seriously affect our skin and lips too! If your sheets and pillowcases aren’t made from breathable fabric materials like silk or bamboo, it can lead to irritation from the accumulation of sweat and saliva around your mouth. (Yes, drooling sleepers, I’m looking at you! No judgment; we’re all guilty.) This can cause your lips to swell too slightly.

Sneaky Intruders: Allergies and Their Role

Allergies and Their Role
Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

My lovely fellow allergy sufferers, I feel your pain. I once woke up at a friend’s place looking like I’d had a botched lip job, only to realize that her adorable furball (a cat named Whiskers) was the culprit behind my swollen lips. So yes, allergic reactions, especially to dust mites or pollen, can irritate and cause your lips to swell during sleep.

Thirsty Lips: The Impact of Dehydration

Let’s raise a glass to hydration, folks – it’s the lifeblood of plump, healthy lips. Dehydration, often caused by not drinking enough water throughout the day, can make your lips puff up in the morning. My water bottle is my best friend, and I aim for 8–10 glasses daily. Trust me, your lips (and skin) will thank you for it.

The Lip Licking Culprit: Inflammation

Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash

Do you remember how your grandma scolded you for licking your lips too much? Well, it turns out she was on to something! Excessive lip licking can lead to inflammation, causing your lips to swell up. So, ensure you’re keeping those lips moisturized with a good lip balm to avoid excessive licking and the potential for overnight swelling.

Prevention: Your Best Bet

While it’s perfectly normal for our lips to look more extensive in the mornings due to increased blood flow, dehydration, or potential allergies, it never hurts to take certain precautions. Drinking plenty of water, ensuring your sleeping environment is free from potential allergy triggers, and showing your lips some TLC can help minimize these morning surprises. So, here’s to a good night’s rest and happy, healthy lips!

Stay gorgeous, and keep smiling with those lovely lips of yours! Until next time, beauties!

Weathering the Size: Temperature and Humidity

If you’ve ever been on a winter vacation and returned home with less voluminous lips than you started, you’re not alone! Our lips can dry out when temperatures drop, making them appear smaller.

And what about those hot summer days? Your lips can increase in size due to heightened circulation from the heat. I can’t count the number of times I’ve ditched my favorite plumping gloss during heat waves because nature did the job for me!

Humidity: The Hydration Game

Low humidity can suck the moisture out of your lips, leaving them looking smaller for longer. Your best friends should be your water bottle and a good lip balm on those dry days. Trust me; your lips will thank you!

The Illusion of Lipstick: Do Lips Change Size?

As a lipstick fan, I’ve had my fair share of ‘my lips look different!’ moments throughout the day. Is it all just an illusion? Well, it’s a mixed bag!

Factors like temperature and hydration can cause the skin on our lips to shrink or expand. On the other hand, the magic of makeup can play fabulous tricks on our eyes. For instance, that bold red or shiny gloss you applied in the morning can make your lips look larger than they are. Shadows and lighting can also affect how our lips look from moment to moment.

So, does your lip size change during the day? Yes and no. While physical factors are at play, some changes are illusions!

Pump Up Your Pout: How To Make Lips Look Bigger

How To Make Lips Look Bigger
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Who said you need to go under the knife for fuller lips? I’m about to share some beauty tricks of the trade that can give you that voluptuous look without surgical intervention.

Exfoliate and Hydrate: The Basic Duo

Start with a clean slate. A gentle exfoliation with a sugar or salt scrub will remove dead skin cells and leave your lips ready to soak in all the goodness of a nourishing lip balm. Remember how I once told you about when I accidentally used a chili-flavored salt scrub? You want to make that right!

The Lip Liner Magic

Next up is my secret weapon – a lip liner. Opt for a shade close to your natural lip color to outline and define your lips. My rule of thumb here is ‘enhance, don’t alter.’ This step makes your lips appear fuller, even before you’ve applied any lipstick!

Morning Lip Soreness: What’s the Deal?

One winter morning, I remember waking up, and my lips felt as parched as the Sahara! Sound familiar? This can often be due to dehydration. When we sleep, we aren’t hydrating like during the day, and drier bedroom environments can leave us waking up with uncomfortable, dry lips.

Remember when I tried to learn French in my sleep with the language-learning tapes? Well, I was practically speaking the whole night! This excessive lip movement while sleeping can also lead to soreness and dryness.

To save ourselves from this lip discomfort, let’s hydrate, hydrate, hydrate all day, and use a humidifier at night to add moisture to the room. Applying a moisturizing lip balm before bed is another simple step to wake up with softer, happier lips.

Puffy Lips: Morning Mystery

Morning Lip Soreness
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

One morning after a sleepover at a friend’s place, I woke up looking like I’d had a lip job! If you’ve had this incredible morning experience, you might be dealing with allergies – possibly to something in your bedding or even a new toothpaste or mouthwash. Food allergies can also appear in the form of swollen morning lips.

Morning Lip Colour Changes: Why?

This may surprise you, but I’m an occasional victim of ‘mysterious morning lip colors.’ It’s all due to our body’s fantastic systems. Increased morning blood flow can make our lips look redder, while dehydration can make them look darker. Remember, certain medications and health conditions can also impact our lip color.

If you’re noticing consistent color changes, let’s chat with your doctor to make sure everything is okay health-wise.

Pump it Up: Natural Lip Plumpers.

Natural Lip
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Now that we’ve looked at why our lips behave the way they do in the morning, let’s get down to the fun stuff. Who needs artificial plumpers when Mother Nature serves ingredients like coconut oil, honey, cinnamon, and peppermint essential oil, all known to enhance lip fullness naturally?

These power-packed ingredients nourish your lips and boost blood circulation, giving you that much-desired plump look. Many also contain skin-loving vitamins like Vitamin E and hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid to give your lips that extra TLC.

Applying a mix of these before bedtime has been my secret to waking up with naturally full, vibrant lips. And who doesn’t want that, right?

9 Tips To Keep Your Lips Plump & Healthy For Longer

Caring for our lips is as essential as taking care of any other part of our body. Here are some expert tips to keep your lips looking plump and healthy all day long:

  1. Stay Hydrated: This is the number one rule for your lips and overall health. Drinking plenty of water keeps your body, skin, and lips hydrated. Dehydration can make your lips dry and chapped, so intake at least eight glasses of water daily.
  2. Regular Exfoliation: Like your skin, your lips need exfoliation too. Use a homemade sugar scrub or a gentle lip scrub product to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation to your lips. I prefer a honey and brown sugar mix for a delicious and effective scrub!
  3. Moisturize: Keeping your lips moisturized is key. Use a lip balm or butter that suits you, preferably one with SPF for daytime use. For nighttime, a thicker lip mask or balm can help repair and rejuvenate your lips while you sleep.
  4. Healthy Diet: Vitamins, minerals from fruits and veggies, and healthy fats from foods like avocado and nuts are great for lip health. I’ve found my lips look their best when I’m eating well.
  5. Avoid Lip Licking and Biting: These habits can cause dryness and cracking. If your lips feel dry, reach for your lip balm instead!
  6. Protect From Weather Conditions: Extreme weather, like cold winters or hot summers, can be harsh on your lips. Protect them with suitable lip products or by wearing a scarf over your mouth in winter.
  7. No Smoking: Besides the severe health risks, smoking can lead to dark, dry, and wrinkled lips. Quitting can significantly improve your lip health and appearance if you’re a smoker.
  8. Exercise Your Lips: Sounds odd, right? But just like the rest of your body, exercises can enhance the shape and volume of your lips. Simple exercises like puckering or smiling can help maintain the plumpness of your lips.
  9. Use Good Quality Lip Products: Your lips deserve the best, so always choose lip care products and cosmetics with good quality, natural ingredients. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage your lips in the long run.

By following these simple yet effective steps, you can ensure your lips stay healthy, plump, and kissable all day long! Remember, your lips are unique and beautiful, just like you. They deserve care and love too.

5 Products You Can Buy Today To Make Your Lips Look More Plump

let’s break down these five lip-enhancing products along with their pros, cons, and approximate prices:

  1. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper
    • Pros: It provides immediate results, and its effects are known to last for a few hours. It’s also vegan-friendly.
    • Cons: It might be a bit too tingly for those with sensitive skin or lips, and the effects are temporary.
    • Approximate Price: $29
  2. Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish
    • Pros: Available in a large variety of shades, this product delivers high shine and a noticeable plumping effect. It also contains vitamins A and E to help moisturize lips.
    • Cons: It has a cooling effect, which may feel uncomfortable for some.
    • Approximate Price: $21
  3. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss
    • Pros: In addition to its plumping effect, this gloss hydrates lips and provides a glossy, non-sticky finish. It also boasts a pleasant vanilla-mint flavor.
    • Cons: It’s one of the more expensive options on the market. Some users might not notice a significant plumping effect.
    • Approximate Price: $34
  4. GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper
    • Pros: This gloss provides both immediate and long-term plumping effects. It’s cruelty-free and comes in both clear and tinted versions.
    • Cons: You need to use it for several weeks before seeing long-term results. Some users have reported a strong tingling sensation.
    • Approximate Price: $27
  5. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm
    • Pros: It’s great for those who prefer a more natural look, as it’s not a traditional plumper. It provides a natural, sheer color while moisturizing the lips.
    • Cons: While it does help lips look fuller by adding color and shine, it doesn’t have the same plumping effects that some of the other products offer.
    • Approximate Price: $18.50


My beauty fans, it’s time to wrap up our lip talk! Remember, morning lip changes are usually nothing to stress about – it’s often just our bodies doing their thing. Hydration is your lips’ best friend, helping avoid swelling and dryness. Keeping your sleeping environment allergy-free can also help reduce those morning lip surprises. However, if you consistently observe abnormal changes, you should check in with a medical professional to be safe.

Now, to the fun part, natural lip plumpers! Swapping out artificial for nature can be a game-changer, offering lip care and enhancement. Our little DIY concoctions with coconut oil, honey, or cinnamon can boost your lips’ look and health. But remember, everyone’s skin responds differently, so always do a patch test first to ensure no allergic reactions.

Armed with all this new knowledge, I believe you can confidently rock your unique, gorgeous smile. Be it bigger, plumper lips, or just the comfort of knowing why they change – you’ve got this! Until next time, keep glowing and, as always, spread beauty wherever you go!

Feature image by Aleksandar Pasaric via Pexels

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