5 Holiday Fashion Essentials to always include in your suitcase

by Kathleen Loxton

All those tips about rolling your clothes, co-ordinating a capsule collection from only five items and other various ways of cheating your baggage allowance that constantly circulate online may work for some people…

…but when you’re a full-blown fashionista with a wardrobe bigger than your local Topshop, they don’t make packing for your holiday any easier.

Because although you’re jetting off for a week or two of relaxation away from your normal life, you still want to look fabulous whilst you’re doing it.

That’s why we’re sharing our five fashion essentials to put at the top of your packing list. They’ll let you maintain your high standards and winning style, even when you’re living out of just one suitcase.

#1: the perfect pair of sunglasses

Practical tip first, but one that any fashion diva worth their salt never forgets – invest in a good quality pair of statement sunglasses. They’re perfect for hiding tired eyes after long flights and boozy beach parties.

Whether it’s some classic Ray-Bans or a vintage fair find, go for frames and shapes that suit your personal sense of style and also flatter your face shape.

#2: a light and fresh fragrance

Choose a light and fresh fragrance (one you don’t normally wear) to take away with you, and in future, one spritz of it will always bring up happy memories of your holiday.

For sunny breaks, you can’t beat Marc Jacobs perfume, especially the original Daisy which comes in a pretty, summery bottle. It’s fun, youthful and super wearable, whether you’re hitting the beach for some sunbathing or heading out for drinks.

#3: ASOS multi-buy saviours

For mix-and-match basics that’ll go with any statement skirts or trousers you’re packing, check out ASOS’s multi-buy packs – you’re bound to find a t-shirt or vest in the shape and fit you like.

They won’t take up much room but they’ll give you way more options for putting together different outfits whilst you’re away.

#4: laidback footwear

A laidback beach babe vibe will always be stylish, no matter where you’re heading on holiday, so don’t bother packing heels.

The plan is to be relaxed and comfortable, and hobbling around in five-inch stilettos won’t work. This summer, flat mule sandals are the only fashion-forward option to consider (we like these nude beauties from Next).

#5: a wear-with-anything denim shirt

It’s hard to find the perfect cover-up that’ll work for both hot days and clammy nights, that’s why we always stick to a classic denim shirt.

It’s lighter than a jacket but you’ll still be able to wear it with every single outfit you’ve put together for your trip (it even looks good over a bikini when you’re at the beach). For extra style points this year, pick one with some embroidery detailing.

What fashion or beauty essentials do you never go on holiday without? Leave a comment and let us know.

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