9 Best Purse Organizers for Designer Bags

by Ony Anukem
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM with red purse organizer insert

Do you struggle to find things in your handbag? Is your bag always cluttered? A purse organizer might be the solution to all your problems.

What is a Purse Organizer?

Large handbags are the blessing and curse of the modern woman. You can carry absolutely everything you need, the trouble is finding what you want again! We’ve all been there: dancing on the doorstep, desperate for the toilet, looking for house keys – or literally tipping out the contents of our bag just to find a lipstick. It can be frustrating, time wasting and embarrassing.

Khloe Kardashian and Minka Kelly carry oversized bags

Photo Credit: purseblog.com

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However, what if we told you that we could solve this dilemma with one small thing – the purse organizer. For those who don’t know, a purse organizer (also known as a tote bag organizer) is a simple insert that helps you organise your bag. Inserted into the main pocket, it often has a number of sections that can be used to sort all your belongings into separate groups –  for example, electronics, make-up, and food and drinks pockets – thus making it easier to find your things.

Moreover, after shelling out hundreds (if not thousands) on a new designer bag, the last thing you want is to mark the lining with red pen or lipstick. So, whilst a purse organizer might not scream ultra-fashion, not only will it save you time, but also money in terms of cleaning your bag.

Top 9 Purse Organizers

You can find a purse organizer insert in all shapes and sizes, for all bags and all requirements. From a large purse organizer to a small purse organizer, a tote bag organizer to a diaper bag organizer, we’ve picked nine of the best purse organizers to suit all tastes (and all bags).

Storksak Mini Purse Organiser
Storksak Mini Organizer £19.95
Tintamar VIP Two Large Handbag Organiser
Tintamar VIP Two Large Handbag Organizer £39.95
Periea Black With Pink Hearts Handbag Organizer
Periea Black With Pink Hearts Handbag Organizer £5.99
Leopard Print Handbag Organiser
Leopard Print Handbag organizer £39.95
Tesco Hot Pink Handbag Organiser
Tesco Hot Pink Handbag Organizer £21.95
Periea Handbag Organiser
Periea Handbag Organizer - Claire £9.95
RedDog Canvas BagPod Organiser
RedDog Canvas BagPod Organizer £24.95
Orange Purse Organiser
Orange Bag Organizer £9.95
small beige purse organiser
Small Beige Purse Organizer £10.95

The Yummy Mummy

All of the bag insert organizers above will transform your life completely, and will have you wondering how you ever managed without one. The top left blue Storksak purse organizer was made for yummy mummies as it’s the perfect diaper bag insert for your purse. Though diaper bags are definitely becoming a lot sleeker and a lot less bogus, sometimes you just want to use your favourite handbag as your change bag, and this purse organizer allows you to do just that.

The Pattern Queen

The top centre Tintmar purse organizer is very large. It would work wonders as a Longchamp organizer, making sure your beloved bag never feels like a dungeon again. Patterns may not always be in vogue with clothing, but it is fun to pop some colour inside your bag with a patterned tote bag organizer insert – the black and pink heart Periea and the leopard print purse organizer do just this.

Small But Mighty

Whilst purse organizers are typically associated with larger bags, you can get a purse organizer for small bags too. This makes sure that you are being efficient with your space so you can fit a lot more in – the beige small purse organizer at the bottom right is just screaming to be challenged.

Sophisticated Simplicity

For those who prefer something plain and simple, the second row centre and right, and the third row left and centre, are just what you need. They are unassuming in colour and style and will sit in your bag and do the job without causing eyes to wander in.

Best Purse Organizer Bags

Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Charlotte Casiraghi carry large designer tote bags

Photo Credit : Pinterest

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So now that you’ve found a purse organizer to suit your needs, it’s time to find a bag. Celebrities (like most women) are huge fan of tote bags; you can fill them up with so much stuff, they look effortlessly stylish, and they are often quite reasonable in price considering their size. We’ve picked six top designer bags that you can pop your purse organizer in.

DKNY Saffiano Chain Tote Bag
DKNY Saffiano Chain Tote Bag £190
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag £880
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shopper
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shopper £75
Vivienne Westwood Leicester Shopper
Vivienne Westwood Leicester Shopper £185
Gucci GG Supreme Tote
Gucci GG Supreme Tote £795
Saint Laurent Large Leather Shopper Tote
Saint Laurent Large Leather Shopper Tote £645

Why Do You Need a Purse Organizer for Your Designer Bag?

  • They stop you from losing things in your oversized bag.
  • No more re-buying things that you already have, as you will be able to see where everything is.
  • With a tote organizer, your bag won’t get as stained or damaged.
  • It is much easier to change from one bag to another.
  • Other people will be able to find things in your bag.

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