Gifting Tips for Buying Fashion Jeans Online for Your Man

by Tori Jones

Searching for a stylish gift idea for your boyfriend or husband? You should definitely consider men’s fashion jeans, especially if he’s the trendsetting type. Although they’re incredibly versatile, buying men’s designer jeans online isn’t always easy, especially if you’re in a new relationship. We’re not talking about the literal how-tos of clicking what you want and typing in your address. (That’s the easy part.) The hard part is finding the perfect fit without needing to exchange or return your gift. What’s the fun in gifting fashion jeans for men if it doesn’t even fit him, right?

If you’re having denim doubts, don’t give up just yet. Just follow our foolproof tips for buying mens fashion jeans to score the perfect fit every time.


Before you begin browsing online stores like Differio that sell fashion jeans for men in cool styles, there are certain jeans that are actually more suitable for particular body shapes. By keeping this in mind, you’ll avoid the headache of choosing trendy mens jeans that might fit him, but may not necessarily look flattering on him.

To start, there are three basic body types: ectomorphs (thin & lean), mesomorphs (strong & athletic), and endomorphs (large & stocky). If his body type runs on the thinner side (ectomorph), consider fitted styles, like men’s skinny jeans and slim-fit jeans, to accentuate his curves. Athletic physiques (mesomorphs) are better off with mens fashion jeans in straight-leg styles to balance their top-heavy shape. Lastly, endomorphs look best in relaxed-fit jeans that allow room for larger thighs, but don’t go too baggy or else it’ll overwhelm his body shape.


Even if you’ve got the right size, some fashion jeans for men might still run small due to fabric composition or brand. But there are ways to avoid this! Check out our online shopping tips below that’ll help steer you in the right direction.

Review the Size Chart

Designer jeans for men can still vary in measurements depending on the brand or manufacturer. For instance, European and Asian brands tend to run smaller, regardless if the item specifies that it’s “small” or “large” on the website. If you’re unsure about a certain brand of stylish mens jeans, always check the measurement chart located on the product page.

Take Note of the Material

Ever found a pair of mens urban jeans that seemed like they’d fit but ended up feeling too tight? Usually fashion jeans for men are crafted in 100% cotton or cotton blends containing elastane or spandex. If you found cool jeans for guys without stretch, consider sizing up for a more forgiving fit, especially if you’re ordering tight jeans.

Read Product Reviews

Most online men’s clothing stores (or any online store for that matter) will include product reviews for their designer jeans for men. You should definitely browse the reviews section in case customers have had experiences with the item running small or big.

Chat with Customer Service

If there are any other concerns you have about the mens designer jeans you’re buying, you can always chat with customer service. Depending on the online store, some companies will provide a direct chat, or you can simply email or call for more help.


Does your man already own a million styles of mens designer jeans? Not to worry. We’ve gathered a few of today’s top trending denim styles that’ll get any guy hyped, regardless of his taste in men’s fashion.

Distressed Jeans

From extremely shredded jeans to lightly ripped jeans, men’s distressed jeans have become a stylish menswear staple. He doesn’t need to dress “edgy” in order to pull these off. Torn jeans are great for any casual occasion from hitting happy hour to running weekend errands. 

Urban Jeans

Heavily inspired by the men’s streetwear scene, today you can find mens urban jeans in most trendy menswear stores. Although they differ in color and design, they’re usually loaded with edgy details, such as moto panels, side stripes, and graphic prints.

Colored Jeans

If your guy is into a more vibrant wardrobe, you should definitely check out mens colored jeans. From two-tone jeans to neon jeans, they’ve got the look of dress pants but crafted with the casual comfort of denim. He’ll definitely be able to wear these for any work-to-weekend function.

Last reviewed and updated on February 15, 2023

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