Our Ultimate Guide on How to Dress Boho Style

by Kathleen Loxton
Woman dressed in boho style clothes watches the sunset

Boho is a tough look to conquer. It has a rich history and so many ways you can get it just right; but, by association, so many ways it can go wrong! Fashion is about self-expression and freedom, and this trend will always stay in style. With the boho look firmly cemented in fashion DNA, it represents a great opportunity to open the doors of your wardrobe to a whole new world.

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What is Boho Style?

The term ‘bohemian’ originated in Bohemia and referred to Roma gypsies. Though the early connotations weren’t all positive, plays, poetry and art quickly popularised the free-spirited ideals and reputation, making them more appealing. Though boho has changed a bit over the years – as fashion does – so many items, including maxi skirts and dresses, can be accredited to this past, and we often see this style on display at festivals, catwalks, and breezing through the streets.

From fashion designers like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, to supermodels like Kate Moss, fashion’s mega-stars have continued to embrace boho. Bohemian style exudes the vibe of a creative and free spirit, someone who embraces adventure – reminiscent of those travellers all that time ago. To fully appreciate and understand the boho look, remembering this – and getting the basics right – is important. Luckily, our ultimate guide on how to dress boho style will show you the way.

Boho Outfit Inspiration


Vanessa Hudgens boho inspiration street style - orange pantsGigi Hadid boho inspiration festival style fringe jacket
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Blake Livley boho inspiration maxi skirt

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Boho summer outfits are the best way of capturing this look, with light flowing materials in all the colours of the rainbow. Pants akin to Vanessa Hudgens’ are smart enough for work and fall under that rare category of clothing suitable for the heat and the office. For everyday wear, maxi skirts with singlets and vests are a quick and effortless way to dip your toe in the bohemian trend. It doesn’t take too much investment and you can see how you feel wearing this look. Finally, festivals are the perfect occasions for lots of fringe, lace and embellishment; they are the epitome of the boho vibe.


Emma Roberts boho inspiration yellow boho shirt and jeansSelena Gomez boho inspiration maxi dress and sweater
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Emma Watson boho inspiration brown suede skirt and black top

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Boho clothes aren’t just for spring and summer; they are perfect for autumn and winter too! For days off, a shirt with bell sleeves or floral print paired with jeans is a go-to modern boho staple, and is understated in its approach. Another option is a maxi dress or skirt with an oversized sweater; it is both a stylish and easy-going ensemble. For the office, suede, natural fabrics and texture can communicate that bohemian style whilst keeping you warm. Skirts are a great way of incorporating boho style and can go with plenty of basic shirts to make appropriate workwear. Even in a formal setting, you can still enjoy bohemian clothes by layering and choosing fabrics wisely.


Selena Gomez black boho dress photo shootLilly Collins boho style white lace dress with sleeves
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Mischa Barton beige dress at event boho style

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For special occasions, there isn’t anything quite like boho style dresses for making an impact. The stunning flowing fabrics and romantic vibes really lend themselves to dressy events, and are so enjoyable to wear. A black floaty dress strikes a balance between formal wear and a little bit of bohemian fun. Lace and light hues are also ways to incorporate bohemian dressing for evenings out and events. Look for relaxed silhouettes and layering; you can add dangly earrings and chunky jewellery to complete your look.

How to Get the Boho Look


How to dress boho style: purple eye shadow and natural makeupHow to dress boho stye makeup: festival makeup style
Photo Credit: Pinterest
How to dress boho makeup: eyeliner and boho hat, worn with wavy hair

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Soft blending of eyeshadow and hypnotising winged eyeliner are the makeup looks to practice here. When it comes to the face, your makeup should be light and breathable – work with those freckles and natural skin tones. These makeup looks can work for all seasons, and can be adjusted to be used at the office and for days off. Of course, when it comes to festival season, remember to use a bit of embellishment, too!


How to dress boho style - boho hair with pigtail braidHow to dress boho style - boho hair with braid
Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Boho hair is all about those flowing locks, and having fun with texturising braids. Whether your hair is short or long you can help it form those perfect loose waves by using products like sea salt spray and a touch of hairspray to keep them intact – just remember not to use too much product and go for light hold. If you have shorter hair, accessories will become your best friend in helping create this look.


How to dress boho style - sunglasses, with boho necklace and hatHow to dress boho style - layered boho necklace with exotic pendants
Photo Credit: Pinterest
How to dress boho style - layered chunky boho necklace with dangle earrings

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Accessories are an integral part of any boho ensemble and can be used to create boho outfits from something plain. Chunky necklaces with a pop of colour, heavy metals or fringe detailing are perfect for outfits that need larger pieces. Otherwise, thinner chains that can be layered with exotic pendants have the same bohemian style impact. Floppy hats and hippie-style sunglasses are also fabulous extra additions, and can work for both festivals and city locations.

Our Ultimate Guide on How to Dress Boho Style: Final Note

  • The term ‘bohemian’ original referred to Roma gypsies and originated in Bohemia; though connotations weren’t always positive, this style can today be seen donned by designers, models, and the best of street-style influencers alike.
  • Natural makeup with a focus on the eyes, plus loose waves, braids and exotic jewellery (layered or chunky) are the integral basics to this look.
  • Maxi dresses and skirts, flowing trousers and fringy festival gear are the ultimate summer boho looks.
  • Boho style isn’t just for summer: natural materials and textures can be used to encompass the boho look, even during the colder months.
  • Boho style lends itself beautifully to special occasions; think soft romantic hues, lace and layering to continue your boho look, no matter the event.
  • Still stuck for bohemian inspiration or not convinced? Watch the video below for more on how to dress boho chic.

Boho style is all about having fun and expressing your creative and free-spirited side, so be brave and give it a go. Peace out.

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