How To Dress In Your 30s?

by Kathleen Loxton

Now that you’re entering your 30s you can say goodbye to those experimental style days of your late teens and 20s. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion. It simply means that you no longer need to be a follower but a dictator of your own fashion. You know your style and your shape and now its about picking and choosing what looks best for you.  

Entering Your 30s

Knowing And Being Confident About Your Body Shape

You may find certain fits don’t work as well as they have before. That whole crop top trend? It may scare you, but we’ll show you how to fashion certain trends for women over 30. Our metabolism has started to slow, and for those of you in the midst of motherhood know how pregnancy and birth can change your shape. All these things can feel be stressful, but here’s a couple things to consider:

  • Opt for healthier meals. We know, sometimes our lives are so hectic, but even squeezing in some better snacks can make a world of difference. Especially with our ageing physiology.
  • Motherhood (for your mums!) is beautifully life-changing, even when it does affect your body shape and perhaps your sanity a bit. Don’t stress it, take the time to celebrate your new shape (and boobs!) and remember any weight you put on took 9 months to get there so take time to lose it and don’t pay any attention to those celeb mums – they have a full team behind making them look amazing!
  • Hormonal changes and early menopause may happen, regular exercise becomes more important in this decade.
  • Celebrate your body! Love your legs or proud of your gym honed arms then be confident in yourself and find a style that shows these off.
Dove Real Beauty campaign shot

Photo Credit: Dove – Real Beauty

Celebrity/Influencer Inspiration

Let’s look at some of our Women crushes who just get better as they get older and show that you can look even better in your 30s than you did in your 20s!

Katie Holmes: As a major celebrity often in the lime light, she has tackled motherhood and her 30s with grace. Her makeup has become more natural and her style aims for classic cuts and modest necklines. Keeping to neutral tones that compliment her skin and hair, she sets herself as perfect style icon for women in their 30s.


PHOTO CREDIT: Leather Celebrities

Shop The Look

Outfit grid for Katie Holmes get the look

  1. Skater Skirt in Leather look  £40 from
  2. Button front faux suede skirt £150 from Karen Millen
  3. Leather A-line Midi Skirt £95 from Oasis
  4. Whistle Mohair Striped Knit £140 from
  5. Whistle Olive Leather Trousers £395 from 

Outfit grid Katie Holmes

  1. ASOS Glitter Sequin Sweat T-Shirt £55.00 from
  2. Daisy Street Silver Sequin Shirt £29.99 from
  3. Jonathan Saunders Block Stripe Ripple Knit Jumper £108 from
  4. Textured Stripe Jumper £125 from Reiss
  5. Black Patent T-Bar Sandals £24.50 from

Nicole Scherzinger: As a musician, her style goes from boho-luxe to rocker vibes very quickly. Even her 30s she still shows us that women can pull off edgier trends that you normally might see on younger women. From bright colours to monochrome black and metal details, she doesn’t let age stop her dressing! She shows that you can never go wrong with a great fitting pair of leather trousers, no better way to look “sch-mazing” !


PHOTO CREDIT: Leather Celebrities

Shop the Look

Leather trousers outfit grid

  1. Mango Leather look zip trousers £47.50 from
  2. Paige Denim Edgemont Skinny Leather trousers £900 from 
  3. Saint Laurent Leather Skinny Pants £2,380 from Net-a-Porter

Outfit grid - black flat shoes, black strappy heels and black high heels

  1. Carvela Jamie shoes £69 from 
  2. Nine West Rustic2 £49 from 
  3. Carvela Kaci1 £29 from


  1. Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren American Flag T-Shirt £35 from
  2. Gold Button Jacket £49 from 
  3. Lipsy Faux Fur Gilet £75 from 

Arielle Noa Charnas from One of my favourite bloggers who never seems to put a foot wrong.  She’s a hot momma who makes even pushing the pram look glam!

Outfit inspiration from blogger somethingnavy

Photo Credit: SomethingNavy

Shop the Look

classic jeans look with white shirt and nude heels

  1. Pimkie White Pocket shirt £14.99 from 
  2. Jimmy Choo Patent Leather Nude Heels £395 from
  3. River Island Dark Authentic Jeans £40 from

outfit grid: red block heels, coated jeans and tartan peacoat

  1. ASOS Black Coated Premium Jeans £38 from
  2. Aldo red block heels £65 from
  3. Isabel Marant Houndstooth coat £650 from

Outfit grid cream waterfall cardigan , white jeans and gucci bag. How to Wear white in winter

  1. Limited Edition Cashmere coat £169 from
  2. Moto White Leigh Jeans £38 from
  3. Gucci Cream Soho Hobo large leather shoulder bag £1,210 from

Wardrobe Staples

Here’s 10 items that every woman should own by the time they are 30. They’ll get you through any occasion from daytime to evening.

  1. Classic, neutral pointed heels. No crazy platforms that are 6 inches and higher. By now we’ve had our fair share of blisters!
  2. A solid pair of flat shoes for every day wear. Remember flat doesn’t need to be boring – hello Charlotte Olympia Kitty Embroidered Velvet Slipper.
  3. A clean, minimalist style tote bag for all your work essentials.
  4. A form flattering trench coat. We suggest really try investing in a solid piece (think Burberry) that will last you instead of fast fashion options.
  5. Have one tailored blazer that fits you to perfection. Black and navy will always be an essential fashion in your 30s.
  6. Mid-rise and high-rise jeans are a great buy as these create a sexy silhouette with a clinched in waist. Again the key to dressing in your 30s is knowing how to style you look with shape rather than skin.
  7. An evening clutch. A sleek design that will get you through any cocktail event or date night.
  8. Silk blouses because they have elegance to them that works with your denim or blazer.
  9. A beautiful, high quality black dress. Try to avoid the super short mini dresses.
  10. Finally, a weekender bag. Something that you can fit all your basics in for those few days away from home.


Items You Need To Avoid

When you reach your 30s, it’s definitely time to start putting away certain clothing articles you got away with in your 20s. Length and cuts need to become more sleek and modern.

  • Certain fabrics like fur and leopard can still work, but just don’t think fuzzy all over. You’re aiming for more luxurious looks. Keep animal prints to chic accessories and footwear.
  • Anything polyester or highly flammable! Quality over quantity is definitely key, save the cash and put towards some investment pieces that will instantly transform any look and make you feel a million dollars.
  • Crop tops are the trend that keeps going right now. You can still work certain shorter shirt hems into your wardrobe, but pair them smartly. Go for high-waisted pencil skirts and trousers so minimal skin is really showing. Consider layering them so your outfit has more depth. It’s not that you don’t have the body to show it off but by our 30s we know that being ‘sexy’ comes from our attitude and confidence and not the amount of skin we have on show.

Here’s some imagery to inspire you on working these trends during your 30s.

Outfit grid, crop tops with culottes, leopard print heels and olivia wilde in crop top and leather skirt

Photo Credit: Pinterest and SomethingNavy Instagram

Makeup and Beauty For 30s

If you haven’t already started looking into anti-wrinkle skincare products, you must do it now. It’s true, the earlier you start the better. Most cases, by our 30s acne isn’t a heavy issue, so harsher chemicals found in cleansers aren’t necessary.

We know that the social media is full of beauty blogs and Kardashian style make up routines, but to keep your skin healthiest, take a cue from French women—natural makeup styles and confidence. Skip the heavy liners, overly smokey eyeshadows and false lashes. There will be occasions you need to go glamorous, but for every day less can be more.



The Top 5 Lust After Accessories

Even for fashion in your 30s, when it comes to budget the price tag on seasonal must-haves can get high. Though if you look at certain investment pieces you’ll find their value continues to increase as they age to vintage status. While you may be used to fast fashion options, having to replace items often can add up quickly to the same amount of a luxury piece.

Here’s our top 5 picks lust after accessories:

  1. Chanel, need we say more? They do run limited edition styles, but we feel the classic flap bag is the way to go. The price tag is a bit hefty, but this bag will continue to gain value over time. The design house knows the style has solid longevity and classifies the piece as part of their “Iconic” collection.
  2. Hermès silks with their colorful prints and patterns are well known. Mixed into their current collections you’ll find some styles that are more simple such as the Encadré scarf, if your tastes run along the minimalist side.
  3. Christian Louboutin’s classic So Kate pumps will get you through everything. The red sole makes them unmistakable. You can try them in every color, various leathers, but definitely keep one black pair on hand always.
  4. Looking over timepieces can be a frustrating game. With so many brands to choose from, we narrowed it down to the Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 9 with its sleek black face and polished steel band. A bit menswear-inspired, this is a watch you can easily style.
  5. Fashion Week favorite Erickson Beamon creates stunning, statement jewelry that strikes conversation quickly. The River Song gold-plated crystal ring caught our attention immediately, as unique jewelry should.


How to Dress In Your 30s

We covered quite a bit of information for you, but here’s a break down of some key points for women’s fashion and beauty at 30:

  • Confidence is everything. Knowing your body shape and celebrating it.
  • Think key investment pieces – classic trench, tailored blazer, classic white shirt and great fitting jeans.
  • Less is more – think accent colours and prints.
  • It’s not too early to start an anti-ageing skin care routine. At this decade keeping makeup more natural and less heavy will be better for your skin.

PHOTO CREDIT: River Island – Fashion GPS

On A Final Note

Don’t let this next decade of your life be a scary thought, but rather a new era of style and beauty that will keep you looking fabulous. Your 30s should be spent with joy!

As you continue to update your wardrobe, be sure to check out more fashion and beauty and makeup styling advice from

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