Wedding Dress Trends For 2018

by Kathleen Loxton
Kate moss wedding dress with veil flowing in the wind

Last year we saw a lot of audacious wedding gowns. Clearly, brides were pushing the glass ceiling and trying to find a new way to create an unforgettable wedding.

We saw a rise in cathedral weddings. Wedding gowns were daring. Sheer gowns made of lace that left little to the imagination were showing up around the world. Bridesmaids were decked out in gowns that were full of detail and accessories. Even the flowers the bride and her party carried were huge, with large open blooms.

2018 promises a completely different look.

Capes are moving aside for trains

While wedding capes are whimsical and with the brides that chose the next to nothing lace gowns, they added some modesty and warmth. But this year you will notice the return of the train.

Bridal trains come in a variety of lengths. The train a bride chooses is based on the venue she is using. A church wedding or a wedding in a chic indoor venue is a good place to have a long train. But we are seeing more destination weddings, olive garden or vineyard weddings, and a shorter train is needed. Here are the choices:

  • Sweep Train
    • This train barely sweeps the floor, extending 10”-12” behind the gown..
  • Court Train
    • The court train begins about three feet past the waist. It is a little longer than the sweep train but still, requires no assistance.
  • The Chapel Train
    • The chapel train normally begins at the waist, and it trails about 5 feet from the hem of the wedding gown. This sometimes requires the assistance of a bridesmaid to arrange the train as the bride begins her march.
  • The Cathedral Train
    • This is the longer train that you often see in church weddings. The train begins at the waist, and it trails about seven feet from the gown. A bridesmaid will be needed to keep the train straight and keep it from getting snagged on something as the bride makes her way down the aisle.

Wedding dress veil trends 2018

Bridal Veil

2017 saw a lot of brides wearing oversized flower halos to match their oversized flowers. This year, expect to see the return of the bridal veil. There is a twist though. Look for the veil that fits to the crown of the head and flows behind the bride, with a half-face front cover. The groom can easily fold it back for the first kiss. This is a sexy look, showing just enough of the eyes to want to see more and maximizing the lips, for a dramatic effect.  


Brides want understated bouquets. They do not want to carry a bouquet that will end up as a centrepiece at a reception table. She does not want to try to throw this large floral bush over her shoulder and chance knocking out the bridesmaids.

Instead, she is opting for a more traditional arrangement. A few roses nestled in babies breath and ribbons is more to her liking. This also simplified the flowers the bridesmaids will carry.

Bridesmaids dresses

The look of the bridesmaids is another point of the chic and understated wedding trend of the day. Brides are not expecting them to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress. As a matter of fact, there are actually bridesmaids dresses under $100. Affordable bridesmaid dresses are available at your better bridal shops.

2018 will go down in bridal history as the year brides stepped back into reality.


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