Dining out with Baby: Feather Moon Kitchen at Platform 1

by Kathleen Loxton

We’ve all either been there or seen that, parents attempting to get some normality back in their lives and taking their babies out for dinner and it ending up being pretty chaotic.  Dining out is meant to take the stress out of what to eat decisions and enable you to relax whilst someone else prepares, cooks and most importantly cleans up afterwards. But then comes along baby and I don’t think any meal time can be described as ‘relaxing’ anymore! My 9 month old has discovered food and LOVES it, ‘great’ they say but whereas yes I am lucky that she’s taken to food so well it also means that ANYTHING I have, she wants to and she is a little lady that knows what she wants!! This now means secret eating my ‘mummy treats’ so I don’t have to share or cutting up all my food so she can taste some but then often then getting upset as she wants the specific piece I am then eating!

Anyway after thinking that a nice eating out experience was in the past and way into the future, we heard about the launch of Feather Moon Kitchen taking over at Platform 1 restaurant in East Dulwich.  The owner Chloe Gounder-Forbes has created a concept and menu that focuses on healthy and organic food and she has also created a menu for children aged six months and above so whilst mummy and daddy can enjoy their food, baby can be distracted with their very own meal!

The children’s menu is plant-based and organic without unnecessary added ingredients and preservatives so it is perfect for parents who would like to give healthy, unprocessed food to their children but in a restaurant setting. Now we all know that even with the best intentions baby’s food ends up smeared all round themselves, the highchair and the floor which is why the price point of the baby’s meals is really reasonable and you won’t be crying about all the mess. Plus the food is so tasty that any leftovers then I’m sure you won’t mind hoovering them up yourself….I may have done this…

We opted for the Courgetti Spaghetti with chicken (£8.50) and the ultimate cheese toasty (£5). Both totally hit the spot and even inspired me to finally purchase a spiralizer that I’ve been thinking about for ages. For baby I chose the red puree (£2.50) and then some sweet potatoe bites (£2.50). Her little face when it was brought up to her was priceless. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on it all, a very happy customer.

We were lucky that when we visited the FMK it was a great sunny day so could make the most of their outside terrace. We visited towards the end of the day so it was fairly quiet but still a constant stream of happy customers and we were told that it’s actually become the local mums secret meeting place. They love it so much they don’t want the word to get out incase it gets too busy!

A really great find where you don’t feel bad for bringing your children and can trust that the items on the menu are nutritionally rich and balanced. It would be amazing if more restaurants could think like this and offer some healthy options for baby’s and allow mum and dad the opportunity to dine out once again.

Check out their instagram for more pictures of their awesome food!

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 12pm – 5pm


Platform 1, 71 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London, SE22 8EP


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