How To Develop Your Taste in Music

by Tori Jones
Coachella Music Festival

Often with most songs, you can grow to love them, and then there are those that you hear once and almost instantly fall in love with. Of course, there are some that you will dislike, but this usually comes after listening to the song too many times or being irked by some of the lyrics or even the music video, for example. 

Developing your taste in music is going to require that you step outside of your comfort zone, and experiment with some of the music you download. For helpful suggestions on how best to do this, then continue below: 

Turn On The Radio 

It’s here that you’ll hear all genres of music, not only the kind you like, so switch on the radio instead of listening to a collection of your most cherished songs. Introduce more of the radio into your everyday life by waking up to the sound of the radio instead of using an alarm clock. You can also switch it on as you’re making your way to work, and make a habit of listening to it when you’re cooking, in the bath, eating dinner, and when you’re walking the dog, for example.

Go To Gigs 

There’s a spirit to live music – it’s captivating and lively. Endeavor to attend more gigs, live concerts, and music events this year by getting involved and being willing to go along to see any band. Doing this will also likely broaden your friend list, and from here you’ll learn about other bands and so on. Head to to browse through events close to you, those coming up, and the ones set to soon sell out due to popularity. 

Attend the gigs being held in the pubs and taverns in your street and your neighborhood, as it’s here that you’ll hear some of the freshest music on the scene.  

Ask Others What They’re Listening To 

You’ll find that many people are more than willing to discuss their favorite artists, bands, and musicians with you. So, ask them for recommendations or if you’re feeling sneaky, then go on to their Spotify profile and have a look through their playlists. 

Ask some of your most interesting friends about the songs they have on repeat at the moment, and they’ll almost certainly be able to provide you with a list. If you and a friend have different taste in music but are both equally willing to start developing it, then you can curate playlists for one another

Listen To The Whole Album 

It’s easy enough to do, to listen to the first three or four songs of an album and disregard it as the contents just hasn’t “grabbed you.” If this sounds like you, then you’re going to have to try and wean yourself off this habit. Instead, persevere to listen to the whole album in full at least twice before casting it aside and sticking on a new one. Make sure that you listen to every song on any album you ever play, as there can gold scattered throughout, and it isn’t always just placed at the start. 

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