Remembering the Legend: Matthew Perry’s Best Movies and TV Shows

by Charlotte Davies
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October 28 2023 marked as the day the actor of the iconic character ‘Chandler Bing’ in FRIENDS, Matthew Perry, left this World. 

He isn’t here with us but his legacy and his diversified acting are left to be praised. Perry had his first romance with the TV at the age of just 10 when he portrayed Arthur in 240-Robert. 

The role in 240-Robert presented him with more opportunities as an actor and he continued to avail them in his teens. Charles in Charge and Silver Spoons are the two sitcoms he helped in making one of the favorites in the States. 

Having said that, Nickelodeon will be airing Perry’s best movies and shows as a tribute to the great. Explore the Xtream TV Channel List to skip missing one of the most loved roles played by Matthey Perry.

Matthew Perry Excepting Chandler Bing

Perry literally made Chandler Bing the most favorite FRIEND’s character according to Ranker. The quick-wittedness of the character, making a simple scenario funny with one-lined jokes, and the natural acting all complemented the character. It was marvelous. 

His eminence in the role rewarded him with Emmy nominations and victories. The Chandler Bing role is termed as the second-best sarcastic character of all time (Michael Scott from The Office is Number 1) because of Perry’s excellence. 

Although he’s been usually known for his role in the American sitcom, the guy was versatile. Apart from his role as Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry has a versatile portfolio of acting which isn’t that common in people’s knowledge.

Let’s dive into the memory lane and wander through Matthew Perry’s best movies and TV shows beyond the FRIEND’s Chandler Bing.

Beyond the Chandler Bing

Fools Rush In 

A romantic comedy film released in 1997. Perry as Alex co-starred with Salma Hayek’s Isabel in the movie. 

The story revolves around an architect (Alex) who falls in love with a maverick Mexican-American photographer (Isabel). The couple faces challenges for the reason of cultural differences and their unexpected pregnancy. 

Perry’s ability to adapt the character naturally is reflected in the movie. Since it’s a romantic comedy movie, nobody could do better than Perry for the role. He added the charm and sarcasm to the movie and made it a likable one. 

The Whole Nine Yards

The movie showed that Perry can act beyond the boundaries of sitcoms. The Whole Nine Yards was released in 2000 and showcased a story with a fusion of suspense and dark humor. 

Matthew played Nicholas Oseransky aka Oz with his co-star Bruce Willis in the movie. His character is a rookie dentist who gets stuck in the spiral of crimes. 

As always, the precision of his comedy when it comes to timing and the intensity of the role reflected that he is a man of many genres.

Beverly Hills, 90210

The teen television drama brought the first glimpses of Perry’s cheeky and witty acting.  First aired in 1991, Matthew played the character named Roger Azarian in the drama.

Roger is a school-level tennis star and is interviewed by Brandon. Brandon finds out that Roger hides his dark and sad side.

His sarcastic role in Beverly Hills, 90210 established the foundation of Chandler Bing that was yet to come. 

Dance ‘til Dawn

Initially released as a television movie as a part of the ABC Afterschool Series and was intended to reflect the social issues. But later down the road, the theme of the movie was changed to funny and emotional. 

Another teenage comedy-drama film that was released in 1988 helped pave the way for Chandler Bing for Matthew Perry. The story revolves around tangled-up teenage relationships, friendships, and exploration. In the drama, the night is a high-school prom and outlines teenage nostalgia.

Matthew played Roger in the drama alongside his co-star Christina Applegate. 

The Ron Clark Story

Aired in 2006, The Ron Clark Story depicts the challenging life of an enthusiastic teacher named Ron Clark played by Matthew Perry.

The film reflects how Ron has to leave his hometown to educate children at the New York City school. Initially, he faces doubts over his ability to teach in the hyper-active environment of the bustling city of New York but he washes them away.

Ron uses his unconventional teaching methods to make learning more fun for his students and leaves a profound effect on their lives.

Perry received multiple nominations for his role in The Ron Clark Story. Primetime Emmy, the SAG Award, and the Golden Globe admired the role with nominations.  

Summing Up

There are many excellent comedic actors in the industry but nobody can take up Matthew Perry’s place. Whether it is Chandler Bing or Oz, Perry’s finesse at acting is the missing piece of the puzzle for the said shows. We can’t have his presence but we can always admire his work.

Feature image Photo by Bruna Araujo on Unsplash

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