Review: The Baby Detective by Sarah Norris

by Kathleen Loxton
Baby detective by sarah norris book review

I recently received the book The Baby Detective by Sarah Norris to read and review and I have to say I was really upset….really upset that I did not get this book before my little girl was born. A definite must read for any first time mums and those suffering a crisis of confidence.

Honestly I’ve ready pretty much all the books out there (normally around 2/3am when I’m wide awake googling what am I doing wrong) and I never found one that ‘spoke to me’. Don’t get me wrong there was some great advice which I definitely used but they all felt like you had to sign up to their parenting methods/styles and as a first time mum I was still finding my feet and working out what kind of parent I wanted and needed to be for my baby. Within each book there were elements where I just didn’t think resonated with me or my situation. Whereas for me I found that the way Sarah talked about each topic and used her case studies it wasn’t about signing up to ‘her method’ but instead empowering us as parents to really remove ourselves from the stress and emotional guilt of the situation and instead really look at what is happening and what is impacting everything. If we can identify all the different changes and things going on then we should be able to easily ‘fix’ any problem. I really felt that if I had this book when my daughter was first born I would’ve had more confidence in my own ability and own parenting style. No one baby is the same and therefore no parents are the same – we need to feel supported in our decisions and also I think that as a mum I want to feel like I’m making the best decisions for MY baby and not just following some checklist.

Now my ‘baby’ has actually just turned one and feels more like a little lady than my squishy newborn anymore so some of the advice in the book is definitely much better suited to mums with younger babies. However the core concept of the books is really for any baby age. After finishing the first few chapters I actually had tears in my eyes. Reading some of the case studies I had a lump in my throat as thought “that could’ve been my story”. I suffered through it feeling like the worst mum already and people just telling me ‘she’ll grow out of it’ all babies scream, it’s just colic. After almost 2 weeks of screaming which seemed to have come out of no where I came to realise I was the problem and my pumping had caused an issue with my breast feeding and I was causing her pain and discomfort and very quickly sorted it all out. But I still have guilt over this period and truly believe that if i had more confidence in my own instinct from the get go then I would’ve realised that it wasn’t colic and would have identified my actions much quicker.

So for me this is definitely worth the read and would really recommend this as a baby shower gift for any new mums to be out there. They might not appreciate the book over the cute outfits to start off with but trust me, a few weeks in and when they pick this book up they will be thanking you non stop!

More about the author;

Sarah Norris one of the most accomplished and experienced maternity nurses in the UK. She is an expert in her field, and has cared for over 250 babies during her 23-year career. She has worked for celebrity couples including Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, Jessica and James Purefoy, and a number of the Guinness family. Getting her message out to as many families as possible is Sarah’s passion and life’s work.


Just you wait baby number 2, mama’s got this….!

Published by Orion Spring in hardback on 7 September 2017, priced at £14.99 eBook £7.99

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