11+ Butterfly Tattoo Sketch Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Tori Jones
Best Butterfly Tattoo Sketch

This list will give you a detailed idea of the best 10 butterfly tattoo sketch ideas that will surely be eye-catching. Get one of these now!

Butterfly Tattoo ideas
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If you want a tattoo idea that looks like sketch art on your body, this list is just for you.

A sketch art enhanced with the elegance and purity of the butterfly will be eye-pleasing. These 10 tattoo designs will make you popular among people for sure.

A butterfly signifies beauty, tenderness, and kindness. In many cultures, a butterfly symbolizes triumph and victory. Also, in many cultures, a butterfly is seen as a sign of hope or rebirth. Rightly so, the above beliefs are not to be turned down as a butterfly is one of the prettiest living things to exist on the face of this planet. A butterfly is a gentle creature, often harmless, which is why it is associated with kindness and gentleness.

Long back, during the aftermath of a war, the victorious side often celebrated by releasing butterflies. Thus, it rightly justifies its association with triumph and peace. And for all the above reasons, butterfly tattoos are very popular among people of various ages. Some may think that butterfly tattoos are associated with feminity, but that is absolutely not true, and the admiration for butterflies is equal between men and women. This might be a myth buster, and men look good in a few specific butterfly tattoo designs.

Flower And Butterfly Tattoo Sketch

Flower And Butterfly Tattoo Sketch
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This tattoo sketch looks awesome and is done in black and white. The tattoo represents a butterfly spreading its wings. The right wing looks pretty with adorable designs, whereas the wing on the left seems like the butterfly is spreading flowers instead of its wings. This is not absurd as butterflies and flowers have one thing in common: their serenity, their purity.

This tattoo design symbolizes the purity in a human’s soul that often goes unseen by many. It also represents the desire for the calmness one wishes for and desires in life away from all the chaos. This is a tattoo on the list for people with great taste in art and a great philosophical viewpoint of life. The tattoo suffices all needs all at once. The tattoo requires little amount of body space and thus will fit anywhere in your body. As the artwork is absolutely classy, it is advised to get the tattoo done in specific parts of the body that is visible to the world, for example, your hand, your neck, or even if you are both bald and bold enough, then on your skull. The flowery essence does not mean that this tattoo is gender specific; both boys and girls could opt for this option.

Minimalist Butterfly Sketch Tattoo

Minimalist Butterfly Sketch Tattoo
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This tattoo is for people who like small and minimalistic tattoos. This tattoo is a sketch design done with black ink. There is a unique feature in this tattoo in spite of being a small tattoo. The body of the butterfly looks like a semi-colon mark and looks pretty cool.

It is of the brilliance of the tattoo artist that a number if inked in a skillful and thoughtful manner, can be turned into a brilliant piece of art. The wings of the butterfly also look like the number three has been depicted over and over again. This tattoo design is a rare one and definitely out of the box.

Floral Butterfly Tattoo

Floral Butterfly Tattoos
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A majestic tattoo adds and enhances your beauty and flaunts your artistic taste. The tattoo is inked in shades of grey, and it does not make it look not very interesting. The black and white look oozes out the classiness of this tattoo. This tattoo is really aesthetic as it symbolizes love and peace. The details in this tattoo are really noteworthy.

The flowers represent love, and the butterfly represents a sense of peace and elegance. The butterfly is like the delighted soul that is enhanced by bonding with the serenity of love in the form of flowers. The relationship between the butterfly and the flowers depicted on each of its wings is more than just an artwork, but it also adds to the significance of the symbolizations and meaning of the tattoo.

Animal And Butterfly Sketch Tattoo

Animal And Butterfly Sketch Tattoo
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This is not a monochromatic option, but this tattoo is most sketched in black with a tinge of blue which adds to the beauty of the tattoo. Butterflies are known for their symbol of peace, representing the calm side of your personality. But this tattoo design does not just portray your calm side; the fierce side is also represented.

Every human has two opposite sides, and it is up to us which side we want to show to people, which also depends on the situation. If someone tries to take advantage of you because of your tenderness and delicateness, then they’ll be mistaken, and you should also not hesitate to show them your fierce and scary side. The pair of wings in this tattoo design symbolizes the exact same thing. One wing is that of a pretty butterfly, but the other wing is of a ferocious and scary beast. The detailed art sketch on both wings looks magnificent. This tattoo requires medium body space and is best suited for your forearms and calves.

Abstract Butterfly Sketch Tattoo

Abstract Butterfly Sketch Tattoo
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In popular culture, the form of art which is rapidly growing in significance is abstract art. At first, abstract art might seem like just random sketched ink, but that is actually not true. Abstract art is full of mysteries, and one needs to pay full attention to understand abstract art’s deep, delved meaning and significance. This form of art often delivers a strong message and people who love subtle portrayals of signs might add this tattoo design to their bucket list.

The tattoo represents the sketch of a butterfly with one of its wings done in complete black in abstract patterns symbolizing the darkness within us and the other of its wings is inked in shades of black that represent the brighter side of us. The beautiful depiction of the enigmatic creature like a butterfly portrays the contrasting sides of human life.

Red Butterfly Sketch Tattoo

Red Butterfly Sketch Tattoo
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This option will satisfy people who like a colored sketch on their body as their tattoo. This is a simple representation of a little mystical butterfly that is inked wholly in the vibrant color of red. The scaly designs on the wings look soothing and are quite enough to be an eye-catcher. This tattoo should be done in a body region that is easily visible, and the recommended areas are your wrists, necks, or even shoulders. If you wear crop tops a lot, then this tattoo can also be inked on the hips, especially for women.

Butterfly Sketch Tattoo On Spine

Butterfly Sketch Tattoo On Spine
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The next tattoo on this list covers or requires a lot of body space. If you are a fan of big tattoo sketches, this design is perfect for you. This tattoo is perfectly suited to be done on your spine.

The tattoo design is a representation of lines of flowers, and a butterfly is aligned roughly to the middle of the lines of flowers. The tattoo is sketched in a black shaded texture and looks good with the aesthetic designs added to it. This tattoo will look stunning if you are wearing a backless dress. This tattoo is for women.

Fire Butterfly Sketch Design

Fire Butterfly Sketch Design
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This black sketched tattoo on the hip looks gorgeous and sexy. This is a small representation of a butterfly inked in such a way that it looks as if the butterfly is emitting burning flames. This represents your confidence, which is as eternal as a burning fire. Though the butterfly is considered a timid creature, it is a creature that is hard to catch, like a fire. This tattoo will bolster your personality.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Tattoos ideas
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This is a colored option on the list as well. This tattoo sketch design would have been simple and basic, but adding blue splashes to the sketch makes it look attractive and lucrative. This tattoo will look out of the box if inked on your ankle. This is an option for the boys. This tattoo design is for people who want to express their personality using beautiful body art. This tattoo will tell a thousand words about your personality through the personification of such great art. If you are a fan of the colored tattoo, then you should get this done, as it is a fact that people will appreciate such a ravishing illustration.

Concept Butterfly Sketch Tattoo

Concept Butterfly Sketch Tattoo
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This is an option for people who love concept art. This tattoo is more than just a butterfly but uniquely has the butterfly as the theme or center of attraction. This tattoo represents a butterfly at the center with a sketch of a woman with one of the wings of the butterfly spreading flowers. The tattoo is also surrounded by a background consisting of many things. The tattoo will look good on the back, with or without the background. The illustration of this tattoo can be interpreted differently by different people.

A butterfly tattoo is considered to be the artistic elegance of the tattoo guy. Butterfly tattoos are increasingly growing popular nowadays, and getting one of the tattoos from the list will surely prove to be a great option. These delicate creatures are identified all over the world for their unmatchable beauty and vibrant colors.

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