10 Very Funny Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You in 2024

by Tori Jones
Funny Tattoo

Hey there, ink enthusiasts and needle novices alike! Welcome back to another ink-filled adventure with yours truly, Tori. Don’t worry, I’ve swapped my tattoo machine for a keyboard to give you a break from the buzzing – for now.

Today’s blog post is one you’ve been eagerly anticipating, one that’s going to bring some color to your day, or rather, some color to your skin. We’re going to delve into the delightful, sometimes downright hilarious world of funny tattoos. Yes, you read that right!

Funny Tattoo
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Tattoos are often thought of as this solemn rite of passage, a serious declaration of something meaningful. But who says they can’t also make you chuckle or light up your face with a smile every time you catch a glimpse in the mirror?

By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll be brimming with ideas about how to incorporate humor into your ink, be it through witty wordplay, comical characters, or puns that’ll make even the toughest tattooed bloke crack a grin. We’ll walk through some of my favorite examples, discuss the thought process behind designing a funny tattoo, and explore why these lighter, laughter-inducing designs are garnering such popularity in the tattoo community.

So, put on your favorite comfy pants and grab a cup of whatever keeps you sharp. Let’s inject some fun into the usually intense world of tattoo artistry and design. This one’s going to be a fun ride, promise. And remember, laughter lines are a lot easier to get than a tattoo, but they’re both markers of a life well-lived!

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I have to admit, I’ve had my fair share of laughs in my own studio. Once, a client requested a classic “mom” heart, but instead of “mom,” he wanted “pizza.” It’s these cheeky, playful tattoos that bring an entirely different energy to the studio. Trust me, the willingness to have a laugh while getting inked does wonders for the nerves.

But as we all know, humor is subjective. What has one person doubling over in laughter might just leave another scratching their head. It’s this range in reactions that makes funny tattoos a phenomenon, one that is rapidly growing. So, let’s dive into a few categories of humorous tattoos that I’ve seen and enjoyed, and hopefully, it’ll give you a chuckle or two.

1. Funny Alien Tattoo Ideas

Funny Alien Tattoo Ideas
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For Everyone

1.) A personal favorite of mine is this small, humorously human-like alien with a smartphone and “blonde” tee. The white ink details really bring out the image, proving that humor can coexist with high-quality artistry.

2.) Let’s talk about the crude but amusing tattoo of a cow being lifted by an alien spacecraft. It could use a touch-up, sure, but the concept? Gold. The tattoo beside it, however, is a different story. It’s a bit on the eerie side and could definitely benefit from a makeover.

3.) There’s a fantastic pair of religious aliens that embodies a playful side of 3D new wave tattooing. It’s the kind of image that has atheists laughing while the more faithful folks raise their eyebrows.

4.) A simple yet impactful inner bicep tattoo captures the irony of an alien lounging in a very human-like manner. It’s just a little reminder that we’re not so different after all, right?

Funny Alien Tattoo
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2. Funny Animal Tattoo Ideas

Funny Animal Tattoo
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For Everyone

1.) Ah, the juxtaposition of a ferocious great white shark and a harmless party hat. It’s this tactical trickery that makes for a great laugh, and the quality of the tattoo work truly adds to its charm.

2.) Up next are a pair of burlesque birds with human legs. I think we can all agree that it’s hard to unsee those, right? The humorous hybrid design is an absolute winner in my book.

3.) And then, there’s the fish with knee-high bobby socks and an anchor tattoo. It’s the small details that take this from odd to hilariously absurd.

4.) Finally, who could forget the banana flipper? The concept alone is wildly innovative. A dolphin inside a banana? Genius.

The world of funny tattoos is vast and full of quirks. I mean, I’ve seen a great white shark with floaties, a surfing pug, and a monkey mooning anyone who looks his way. Not all are masterpieces, of course, and could use a bit of a touch-up here and there, but they certainly add a delightful flavor to the tattoo scene.

3. Fun With Black and Gray Tattoos

Fun With Black and Gray Tattoo
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For Women:

1.) I’m often amazed by how powerful a combination of negative space and geometric shapes can be. One time, I crafted this ladder tattoo using precise black lines, which gave it a fresh, intriguing appeal. And trust me, getting those angles right is a testament to technical skill.

2.) Juxtaposing bright colors with minimalist black designs can create some hilarious outcomes. An example? A pair of red lips in a sea of black ink – simple, smart, and absolutely hilarious.

3.) On a personal note, I couldn’t stop giggling when I inked a humorous depiction of the monthly menstrual cycle. It was a straight-to-the-point design that resonated with every woman’s experience.

4.) There was also this metaphorical tattoo that perfectly balanced humor and quality craftsmanship. It showcased a pair of scissors with different uses – one for heavy-duty fabric cutting and the other, a more utilitarian pair. The detail and shading were so spot-on, it brought the metaphor to life!

For Men:

Fun With Black and Gray Tattoo
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1.) I remember inking a small, poignant tattoo with a hilarious, if slightly morbid, message. The tennis racket drawn with clean black lines brought home the punchline.

2.) Have you ever seen a tattoo describe brain function in a cerebral way? I inked this weird yet amazing pair of thigh tattoos that were a lesson in irony, juxtaposing a rough brain diagram with classic black and gray knee roses.

3.) This one time, I inked a plastic chair tattoo, straight from the pages of a budget department store catalog. The black line design was killer, and to be honest, I’ve considered getting one for myself!

4.) There’s also the old school, American Traditional dove tattoo. It uses gradient shading instead of the typical green, red, and yellow, giving it a unique, humorous twist.

For Everyone:

Fun With Black and Gray Tattoo
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1.) Sometimes, you come across a tattoo so poignant, it leaves an indelible mark. That’s the beauty of this art form – it’s not just about the laughs!

4. Purrfectly Hilarious: Funny Cat Tattoos

Whether you’re a cat lover or not, you’ll find these cat tattoos as entertaining as I did when I inked them.

Funny Cat Tattoo
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For Women:

1.) Let’s kick off with the Hello Kitty sushi cat. The varying shades of pink, complemented by the clever dotwork in the sushi roll, brought a surreal, comedic aspect to the tattoo.

2.) Then, there was this cat tattoo positioned in an awkward spot that had everyone in the studio laughing. The eyes popping out of the flailing feline were a riot, though I warned the client about potential touch-ups in the future due to ink fading.

3.) Ever thought of a cat doing art? I inked one! I found the artist cat, complete with a cheeky red engraving, a whimsical piece of work. The funky lines were perfect for portraying fur, adding an extra layer of humor.

4.) I also worked on a twist to the iconic Sistine Chapel fresco, featuring a cat instead. It was a fun piece, although the positioning led to a pinched circle. My advice? Always consider the tattoo’s placement and how it might distort the design.

For Men:

Funny Cat Tattoo
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1.) Here’s an unconventional design for you – a hairless, green cat with a finely detailed collar. It was more eerie than funny, but the technical details in the shading were astounding.

1.) Remember the “I’m fine/this is fine” meme? I transformed it into a tattoo, taking an iconic knight from Monty Python’s era and combining it with a nonchalant cartoon cat.

For Everyone:

Funny Cat Tattoo
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1.) Brace yourselves for the reaction you’ll get when you flaunt a cat with testicles inked on your skin! The shock and humor it incites is an experience in itself.

5. Life in Technicolor: Hilarious Colored Tattoos

Hilarious Colored Tattoo
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With a palette of vibrant colors, I’ve crafted some uproarious tattoos. Here’s a peek into a few of them.

For Women:

1.) How about a watercolor tattoo that looks like a beautiful mess? The play of blue and purple hues against black lines brought a whimsical character to life.

2.) Last but not least, let me mention an audacious vibrator foot tattoo. The American Traditional style script coupled with the vividly inked device was an unforgettable blend of bold and funny!

Risks When Getting A Comedic Tattoo

Getting a funny tattoo can certainly have its potential downsides. Let me share some insights from my experience in the tattoo industry.

  1. Humor Can Change: Just like fashion, what’s funny today may not necessarily be humorous in the future. Humor evolves with time and culture, and what seems hilarious at the moment might not bring the same chuckle a few years down the line.
  2. Personal Growth: As we grow and mature, our tastes and perspectives can change significantly. The funny tattoo that seemed like a great idea in your twenties might not align with your sense of humor or personality in your thirties or forties.
  3. Professionally Acceptable: Depending on your career, visible funny tattoos could potentially impact your professional image. While workplaces are generally becoming more accepting of tattoos, some industries and roles still maintain conservative views.
  4. First Impressions: People often make snap judgments based on appearance. A funny tattoo, especially if it’s in a visible location, may lead to misconceptions about your character or seriousness.
  5. Explanation Needed: Some funny tattoos might require an explanation to understand the joke or the context. This could potentially become tiresome if people are constantly asking you to explain the humor.
  6. Regret Factor: One of the most significant risks of any tattoo, funny or not, is the possibility of regret. Tattoos are a lifetime commitment and removing them can be expensive, painful, and may not entirely erase the design.

Despite these potential downsides, a well-thought-out, funny tattoo can bring joy and serve as a unique form of self-expression. Just make sure it’s something that you are comfortable with and that it’s a decision you’ve considered carefully from all angles. As the saying goes, ‘Think before you ink’.


In wrapping up this colorful journey into the realm of humorous tattoos, it’s evident that laughter, indeed, is a universal language, transcending even into the realm of body art. As a seasoned tattooist, I’d advise that the choice of placement for a tattoo is as important as the design itself. Distortion can occur depending on the body part chosen, potentially detracting from the desired effect. Therefore, consider your body as a canvas and discuss the optimal location with your artist. Prices, of course, vary widely based on size, complexity, and color usage. It’s always wise to remember that quality work is worth the investment – a cheap tattoo might not end up being such a bargain in the long run.

With regards to potential negative effects, a good tattoo should be a source of joy, not pain. That said, some common risks include allergic reactions, skin infections, or diseases if the tools are not properly sterilized. Your artist should prioritize safety as much as creativity, so ensure you choose a professional who maintains high hygiene standards. Aftercare is also crucial to prevent complications and ensure the longevity of your tattoo. The world of ink is diverse and vibrant, with the potential for a lot of fun, but as with anything, it’s best to approach it informed and prepared. Above all, let your tattoo be a testament to your individuality, a burst of laughter etched in ink, something that brings a smile to your face every time you look at it. After all, isn’t that what life’s all about?

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