12+ Best IGY6 Tattoo Ideas – [2024 Inspiration Guide]

by Tori Jones
IGY6 Tattoo

First things first, if you’re thinking, “IG-what-now?” let me break it down for ya. IGY6 stands for “I Got Your Six.” In military lingo, “got your six” means “I’ve got your back.” It’s a symbol of loyalty, brotherhood, and solidarity, particularly among veterans and law enforcement. An IGY6 tattoo is more than just ink; it’s a promise, a pledge, an unspoken understanding. It’s deep, folks, deeper than the needle in your skin.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. What kind of IGY6 tattoos can you get? I’ve seen more ideas than you can shake an inked needle at, but here are my top picks. Remember, they’re just guidelines. Like every good tattoo artist will tell you, the best tattoos are those that mean something to you. So, personalize, customize, and make it your own!

IGY6 Tattoo
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This unique design finds its roots in military parlance, its cryptic code translating to the reassuring phrase, “I Got Your Six.” In layman’s terms, it means, “I’ve got your back.” For those shouldering the burdens of depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), these aren’t just words. They’re a lifeline, an emblem of hope.

IGY6 Tattoo
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IGY6 tattoos serve as a silent yet strong beacon to others treading the same rough waters. It’s a potent symbol that says, “You’re not alone in this storm, my friend. I’m right here with you.”

IGY6 Tattoo
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In the upcoming sections, we’ve gathered an array of 85 IGY6 tattoo designs for you to explore and possibly draw inspiration from. We’ve also included an FAQ section towards the end for those of you who are curious to delve deeper into the history, symbolism, and significance of the IGY6 design. After all, understanding the story behind the ink makes it all the more meaningful, don’t you think?

IGY6 Tattoo Ideas

Traditional IGY6 Tattoo:

Traditional IGY6 Tattoo:
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Can’t go wrong with the classics! Traditional IGY6 tattoos typically consist of the IGY6 emblem, usually in bold black, with the ‘6’ often colored in, symbolizing mental health awareness. It’s basic, it’s bold, and it gets the message across.

Dog Tag IGY6 Tattoo

Dog Tag IGY6 Tattoo
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As a tribute to the military origin of the phrase, incorporating a pair of dog tags with the IGY6 emblem can be an incredible way to show your support. You can add your personal touch with details, like a loved one’s name or service number.

American Flag IGY6 Tattoo

American Flag IGY6 Tattoo
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To add a little patriotic flair, some folks opt for an American flag design incorporated into the IGY6 tattoo. Picture it: Stars, stripes, and solidarity. Doesn’t get much more American than that, does it?

IGY6 Tattoo with a Semi-Colon

IGY6 Tattoo with a Semi-Colon
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This is a powerful combination of symbols. The semi-colon, a symbol of suicide prevention and mental health awareness, coupled with the IGY6 emblem, creates a potent image of support, survival, and strength.

Heart IGY6 Tattoo

Heart IGY6 Tattoo

Taking it to a whole new level, some folks opt for a heart, tattooed with the IGY6 emblem. This design screams (or rather, beats?) “I got your back, right down to my very core.”

IGY6 Tattoo with a Quote

IGY6 Tattoo with a Quote

What’s more powerful than a symbol? A symbol with words. Consider adding a quote that resonates with you, something like “Never alone,” “Solidarity in silence,” or “Invisible wounds are the hardest to heal.”

Wildlife IGY6 Tattoo:

Wildlife IGY6 Tattoo
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Wolves, lions, dogs, or birds… pick an animal that resonates with strength, loyalty or resilience. Have it etched in dynamic detail with the IGY6 symbol. It’s not just a tattoo, it’s a frickin’ spirit animal on your skin!

Tattoos are personal, they’re stories told through symbols and ink. An IGY6 tattoo isn’t just a symbol, it’s a statement. It’s a silent yet powerful way of saying, “I’m here, I understand, and you’re not alone.”

IGY6 Tattoo
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Remember, the process of getting a tattoo is just as significant as the tattoo itself. Pick your artist wisely, ensure they respect the importance of the IGY6 emblem, and don’t rush the process.

And remember, whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth, the sensation of the needle on skin is just love letters from

The History Behind The IGY6 Design?

As mentioned above the IGY6 emblem stands for “I Got Your back.” The design, typically consists of the text “IGY6” with a semicolon replacing the Y. Each element of the design holds its significance. The semicolon is a symbol adopted by the mental health and suicide prevention communities. In literature, a semicolon is used by an author who could have ended a sentence but chose not to. Similarly, it symbolizes an individual’s choice to continue their story, their life, despite the struggles they may be facing.

The color of the ‘6’ in the IGY6 design often holds a specific meaning too. It is commonly inked in teal, black, or red, with each color signifying a different mental health issue. For example, black represents PTSD, teal is for anxiety and PTSD, and red denotes substance abuse disorder. Essentially, the IGY6 emblem serves as a powerful symbol of solidarity and support, particularly among those who’ve experienced combat, trauma, or mental health struggles.

What To Consider When Getting An IGY6 Tattoo?

Just like with any tattoo, there are several considerations one should make before deciding to get an IGY6 tattoo. Here are a few critical points to keep in mind:

1. Understanding and Respect: The IGY6 symbol is laden with deep and personal significance, especially for individuals who’ve served in the military or have struggled with mental health issues. Before you decide to get this tattoo, ensure you understand and respect its profound meaning.

2. Personal Connection: Tattoos are often seen as a form of self-expression, and many people choose designs that have personal relevance to them. Do you have a personal connection to the IGY6 emblem? Does it resonate with your life or experiences? Consider this before you make your decision.

3. Placement: Where do you want your IGY6 tattoo? It’s a symbol of support and solidarity, so you might want it somewhere visible. However, it’s entirely up to you and your comfort level.

4. Design: There’s room for creativity with the IGY6 design. While the emblem itself is straightforward, you can customize the design by adding additional elements or symbols that hold significance for you.

5. Tattoo Artist: Choose a tattoo artist who not only has solid technical skills but also understands and respects the meaning behind the IGY6 emblem. You want someone who can do justice to such a powerful symbol.

6. Health Risks: Tattoos come with potential health risks such as infection, allergic reactions, and skin irritations. Make sure you’re aware of these and know how to minimize them before you go ahead.

7. Longevity: Tattoos are a lifelong commitment. Sure, there are removal procedures, but they’re often costly, time-consuming, and potentially painful. So, before you get inked, ensure you’re ready to carry the IGY6 emblem with you permanently.

Remember, a tattoo, especially one as significant as the IGY6, is not just a design on your skin. It’s a story, a declaration, and in many ways, a part of your identity. So, take your time, do your research, and make an informed decision.


As we conclude this in-depth exploration into the world of IGY6 tattoos, remember, folks, tattoo placement is a deeply personal choice. However, commonly preferred areas for the IGY6 tattoo are ones that are easily visible – wrists, forearms, or even the back of the neck. It serves as a constant reminder to the wearer of their strength and the community they have behind them.

The cost of an IGY6 tattoo can vary significantly based on the size, design complexity, and the reputation of the tattoo artist or studio. You could be looking at anywhere between $50 for a simple, small design to $300+ for a larger, more intricate piece. As with any tattoo, ensure you’ve budgeted not only for the tattoo itself, but for the necessary aftercare products too.

Now, on to the risks. Like any other tattoo, there’s the usual crew of possible complications: infection, allergic reactions, or scarring. Ensure you’re getting your ink at a reputable parlor that follows strict hygiene guidelines. Listen to your artist’s instructions for aftercare – they’re not just suggestions, they’re necessities to ensure your skin heals well.

Remember, an IGY6 tattoo is more than just an aesthetic choice. It’s a powerful statement of solidarity and support, a constant reminder that no matter the battles you’re fighting, you’re not alone. Just like the military comradeship it symbolizes, an IGY6 tattoo is a lifetime commitment. So, whether you’re honoring your personal journey or expressing solidarity with those struggling with mental health issues, this tattoo serves as a profound, indelible emblem of unwavering support.

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