11+ Rihanna Drake Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Tori Jones
Rihanna Drake Tattoo

Have you always been awestruck by Rihanna Drake Tattoos? The following Rihanna Drake tattoo ideas will surely blow your mind!

Rihanna Drake Tattoo
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Who isn’t aware of the fame of the popular duo Rihanna Fenty and Aubrey Drake Graham?

Rihanna Fenty, besides being a Barbadian singer from New York City, is also an actress as well as an entrepreneur who has many a song, organizations, and TV shows to her credit. Drake Graham is a Canadian Rapper with an influential music career.

The duo started dating in 2009 and continued till 2016, after which they fell out. Rihanna’s present boyfriend is Chris Brown. They never hesitated to share publicly their affection for one another. They are known for their obsession with tattoos, and both of them even got a matching tattoo inked as a mark of their togetherness. The Drake Rihanna shark tattoo, which Rihanna got for herself in September 2016, was a match to Drake’s stuffed animal shark tattoo, which according to her, had a “special significance.” Still, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Drake’s shark tattoo remained while Rihanna covered the shark ink she got after their breakup.

So your quest for Drake and Rihanna tattoo ideas ends here. Check out the brilliant body art designs and choose the one that best complements your style!

Rihanna and Drake Quote Tattoo

Rihanna and Drake Quote Tattoo
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This is a very cute tattoo idea, in connotation with Drake and Rihanna. It is a couples tattoo. A quote is shared between the partners of a relationship in the sense that each one of them wears a part of the quote.

The quote in its entirety says, “I’ve loved, and I’ve lost”. If one never loved, one could never become aware of the loss. This ink in black has been aptly tattooed on the wrist. Get your dear friend to wear this tattoo along with you and flaunt your style with this unique idea of couple tattoos. Keep people guessing about the special significance of the ink idea.

Aesthetic Portrait Tattoo On Black

Aesthetic Portrait Tattoo On Black
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This tattoo is quite a bold measure on the part of the famous singer. This tattoo on Rihanna’s back is a testimony of both her affection and enduring power. She was brave enough to flaunt the portrait of her then-boyfriend, Drake publicly. Not only Drake’s side profile but also his famous folded hands emoji tattoo ink has found a place on her back. This tattoo is one of the iconic Drake Rihanna tattoos.

The brilliant tattoo depicts Drake’s profile majorly drawn as an outline, only his hair, eyebrows, eyeballs, and beard inked in bold shades of black. A stream of black stars seems to flow down all the way from her neck till below her right shoulder. Get ready for date night and surprise your bae with their portrait inked just like Rihanna covered her back.

Winged Tattoo Below Chest

Winged Tattoo Below Chest
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Getting a tattoo carved out right below the chest where the ribs end, requires a lot of endurance and patience. This falls under the category of angel tattoo with wings, probably an artistic representation of Lucifer seated on a knee. Light and dark shades of black have been used craftily to create this one-of-a-kind tattoo that symbolizes fearlessness, boldness, and courage.

This ink, entirely in black, reflects Rihanna’s obsession with black. It is also the epitome of her bold spirit. You can also get this tattoo inked if you have a fascination for angel tattoos, especially those ones which cover up the entire wide area below your ribs. This is one of the best Rihanna tattoos you will come across.

Rihanna’s Portrait Tattoo On Forearm

Rihanna's Portrait Tattoo On Forearm
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Are you a crazy Rihanna admirer? Then this tattoo is all that is going to satiate your craze.

This piece of body ink shows a fan bearing a very detailed portrait of Rihanna on the forearm that looks no less than a photo. The New York City-born pop star is seen here in a joyous mood, smiling with both hands on her cheeks. Even without colors, the tattoo artist has brilliantly used the shades with skill, depicting every minute detail with great care, such as the fringes of her hair, the tattoo on her hand, the folds of her attire, or even her ornaments. Her eyes cast a unique charm, and her smile has been very articulately inked. This ink design is absolutely picture-perfect, larger-than-life, and is surely going to have your heart!

Drake’s Mini Portrait Around Knee

Drake's Mini Portrait Around Knee
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Do you want to show off your craziness for Drake the famous rapper? Then this is probably what you have always been looking for. Here is a small black and grey portrait of Drake Graham in the most realistic frame. The light and dark dotted shading of his hair with the heart-like pattern in the front, the dark beard and eyebrows, the opening of the mouth, formation of the lips and the eyes are all a testimony of the artist’s obsession with perfection. With only the face, this is one of the best Drake portrait tattoo ideas.

The side of the knee is apparently the most appropriate space for this piece of art to be inked. Wear the tattoo with a pair of shorts, and your style shall stand out.

Drake Graham Emoji Tattoo

Drake Graham Emoji Tattoo
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When the news of Drake Graham getting an emoji tattoo inked on his arm went viral over social media, people’s reactions were that of confusion and surprise as to what could be the meaning behind such an art. But the art is not devoid of significance. Although the meaning of the number 6 still lies in ambiguity, a praying hand emoji signifies faith, belief, respect, and dedication and probably also a humbleness that one feels for all the admiration one gets. The rapper, too, tries to convey his gratefulness and gratitude for all the love fans showered on him.

If you also want to express your gratitude and humbleness, then you can get this praying hand emoji tattoo inked on any part of your body.

Rihanna’s Tribal Style Tattoo

Rihanna's Tribal Style Tattoo
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In an interview from New Zealand in the year 2008, Rihanna spoke about this iconic tattoo on her hand, starting from above the wrist, reaching all the way to the fingers. Rihanna said that it is a tribal tattoo design that she has opted for as a symbol of love and strength. Rihanna also admitted the pain while getting this tattoo inked, saying that it had “hurt like hell”. It is an elaborate pattern that also reminds one of the Indian art styles of mehndi designs.

This tattoo adorns the hand beautifully and almost permanently. If you have great enduring power and want an elaborate tribal or Indian style pattern to decorate your hand, then this can be your perfect choice paired with a pink slip dress.

Drake Plus Rihanna Cute Tattoo

Drake Plus Rihanna Cute Tattoo
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Apparently, the person who got this tattoo inked is a great fan of both Rihanna and Drake and is a great admirer of the romantic chemistry that existed between them. The fan seems to be heartbroken by their separation and really wants them to reunite and therefore, has got this tattoo inked as a show of pleading that says “Drake + Rihanna plz” with a small and cute heart on top. Besides, it is a show of affection for the couple who still claim to be sharing a good friendship. Sad Drake still wears a portrait of Rihanna covering his arm.

The tattoo has been inked on the left thigh, which looks adorable.

Gun Tattoo

Gun Tattoo
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This picture shows a black handgun tattoo inked on the right side of Rihanna’s ribcage. Rihanna has also elaborately spoken about this particular piece of body art. Initially, she had wanted to get a pair of handguns inked on both sides of her body, particularly her collarbones but later went for only one following a suggestion by her favorite tattoo artist Bang Bang while she was on a trip to Los Angeles with him. She said this tattoo is very special to her because that symbolizes strength, courage, bravery, and zeal, which are very characteristic of Rihanna, which means that she can shut down everything that goes against her.

If you are also keen on showcasing the potential of your brain, then this tattoo is definitely what you have been looking for.

A fascinating trend of dating is getting similar tattoos. Rihanna and Drake were no exceptions. In fact, their matching shark tattoo is one of the best-known couple tattoos. Being the ideal couple for many, their tattoos have been very inspirational for their fans.

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