by Tori Jones
strength tattoo

This blog post is here to help you navigate the vast sea of strength-centered tattoo designs. You’ll come across symbols sacred and divine, ferocious fauna, blossoming lotuses, uplifting words of wisdom, and the enigmatic circles, each carrying its unique narrative of power. Whether you’re on the verge of your first tattoo or an old hand with an appetite for more, this blog post is your treasure trove.

In the enchanting labyrinth of inks and needles, I’ll be your experienced guide, unveiling the nuanced meanings behind these designs and how they’ve come to signify resilience and power. Remember, a tattoo is more than just an adornment—it’s a proclamation, a personal manifesto, and sometimes, a much-needed armor.

So, ready to channel your inner strength onto your skin? Let’s dive right in and explore the vibrant realm of tattoos that articulate our resilience in the face of adversity and celebrate the indomitable spirit of being human. By the time we’re done, you’ll have the confidence and the knowledge to choose a tattoo that is as powerful as your spirit and as personal as your story.

What Are The General Symbols of Strength?

When it comes to symbols of power and fortitude, some icons have stood the test of time. These are a few crowd favorites that I’ve had the pleasure of inking onto clients over the years:

Eagle Tattoo
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A potent symbol dating back to the ancients, the eagle stands for power, leadership, and courage. The lore of the Greeks tells us that Zeus, the king of gods, would transform into an eagle when he descended to earth. Today, the eagle also symbolizes the might of the American spirit.

Dragon Tattoo
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Dragon Tattoos

An age-old emblem of strength and perseverance, the dragon carries different meanings across cultures. Feared in Europe, they were associated with the devil and evil. But turn to Asia, and you’ll find dragons revered as symbols of power, capable of vanquishing any foe.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo
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Lightning Bolt Tattoos

Hailing from Greek and Norse mythology, the lightning bolt signified divine retribution. Today, it’s a symbol of supernatural strength, loved by both men and women. Every time I ink this design, I’m reminded of the incredible resilience of my clients.

Circle Tattoo
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The Circle: Simplicity at its finest, the circle has been a symbol of intellect, unity, wholeness, and, most notably, female strength for thousands of years. Who says power has to be complicated, right?

What Are The Most Powerful Symbols of Strength?

And then we have the designs that, to me, are the heavyweights of symbolic strength. These are the designs that tell powerful stories:

Hamsa Tattoo
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Hamsa Tattoos

Also known as the Hand of Fatima, this symbol of an open palm with extended fingers has been a symbol of strength, luck, and health for thousands of years. I love how it can be seamlessly integrated into modern tattoo designs.

Cross Tattoo
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Cross Tattoos

This emblem of faith is also a testament to physical and personal strength, reminding us of Jesus’s endurance during the crucifixion. The cross tattoos I’ve inked have often been tokens of the wearer’s strength to overcome life’s hurdles.

Lotus Tattoo
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Lotus Tattoos

The lotus, emerging pure and unspoiled from murky waters, is a beautiful representation of resilience and personal growth. Each time I tattoo a lotus, I’m inspired by its simple yet profound symbolism.

Horus Tattoo
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The Eye of Horus: The ancient Egyptians revered Horus, their highest deity, and his eye as powerful protectors. Today, this symbol serves as a beacon of strength and protection in many tattoo designs.

Religious Tattoos

Religious tattoos have a timeless appeal. They speak volumes about the faith nestled deep within your heart, a beacon of hope that guides you through life’s tumultuous journey. Whether it’s a depiction of Jesus or a simple cross, these tattoos hold profound personal meaning. I’ve worked on religious designs ranging from the minimalist to the grandiose – it’s always about what resonates with you.

One quick note – size, complexity, and color usage can significantly affect the tattoo’s final cost. So, always ensure your chosen design fits comfortably within your budget. Remember, even the simplest tattoos can create a strong impact!

Tattoo Talk: A religious tattoo’s cost can range from $500 to $4,000, based on its size, complexity, color combination, and your artist’s skill.

Floral Tattoos

Lotus Tattoo
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In the world of strength-inspired tattoos, the lotus flower is an undisputed champion. With its roots deep in the mud, it rises above to bloom in all its glory, a perfect symbol for overcoming adversity. A lotus tattoo appeals to everyone, and the design can be customized to reflect your personality. Opt for vibrant colors, or keep it understated and elegant – the choice is yours.

Tattoo Talk: Depending on the size and intricacy, a lotus tattoo can cost you up to $800 for simpler designs and $2,500 for larger, more complex ones.

Perfect Placement: Forearm, wrist, ankle, foot, chest, neck, lower back, shoulder – the possibilities are endless!

Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoo Design
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Nothing screams strength louder than an eagle, lion, or wolf tattoo. These designs symbolize power, dominance, leadership, and are often bold and large, reflecting the very essence of the animal kingdom. But remember, they also highlight the animal’s intelligence and ability to endure hardships – it’s not all about physical strength!

Tattoo Talk: Due to their size, detailing, and color scheme, animal tattoos can cost you between $1,500 and $2,500. Perfect

Placement: Forearm, chest, upper back, shoulder, full sleeve, calf, upper thigh – choose a spot that showcases your tattoo’s ferocity!

Motivational Phrase Tattoos

Phrases Tattoo
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Sometimes, a string of powerful words can encapsulate strength more than any image. If you’re looking for a tattoo that serves as a daily reminder of your resilience and courage, consider a motivational phrase. They’re simple, impactful, and perfect for those who prefer a less pain-intensive tattoo session.

Tattoo Talk: Depending on the phrase’s size and detailing, a motivational phrase tattoo can cost you between $250 and $500.

Perfect Placement: Forearm, hand, wrist, neck, chest, foot, ribs, or the abdomen’s side – wherever the words can resonate with you the most.

Circle Tattoos

Circle Tattoo
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A symbol of female strength and unity, circle tattoos are a versatile choice loved by both men and women. These designs are often simple but can be enhanced with intricate patterns or objects for an added flair.

Tattoo Talk: The cost of a circle tattoo varies between $100 and $500, depending on the design’s size and detailing. Perfect

Placement: Forearm, wrist, hand, chest, upper back, ankle, rib, or side of the abdomen – the sky’s the limit!

In the end, remember that your tattoo is a symbol of your unique journey, your strength, and your resilience. Choose designs that resonate with you, reflect your story, and above all, make you feel empowered. Always remember, tattoos aren’t just about looking cool – they’re an external reflection of the stories etched on your soul. Keep inking and keep shining!

Popular Strength Tattoos For Men & Women

While any tattoo design can be chosen by anyone, regardless of gender, there are certain designs that have gained popularity among men and women respectively.

For men, the designs often gravitate towards symbolism of power, courage, and resilience. Animal tattoos, like those featuring a lion, eagle, or wolf, are frequently seen, representing strength and leadership. Nautical themes, such as anchors or ships, symbolize stability and adventure respectively, are also quite popular. Tribal and geometric designs, particularly those inspired by Polynesian and Maori cultures, are favored for their strong lines and bold patterns.

For women, floral designs such as roses, lotuses, or cherry blossoms are often chosen for their balance between beauty and symbolic significance. Birds, particularly swallows, phoenixes, or hummingbirds, symbolizing freedom, rebirth, and joy, are quite prevalent too. Script or quote tattoos are popular among women as they allow for a personal touch and significant meaning. More recently, minimalist designs such as simple line or dot work art, tiny symbols, or single-word tattoos have seen a rise in popularity among women.

But, remember, gender does not and should not limit your choice of tattoo design. The key is to choose a design that resonates with you personally and represents your own unique journey and personality. After all, your tattoo is a form of self-expression, and what matters most is its significance to you.


In conclusion, navigating the world of strength-inspired tattoos can be an exciting journey of personal expression and empowerment. However, there are practical considerations to remember as well. The tattoo’s placement can significantly influence its visibility and your comfort during the inking process, so it’s essential to discuss these aspects with your tattoo artist. Costs, too, can vary, ranging from a modest $100 for simpler designs to upwards of $4,000 for larger, more intricate pieces. Despite the thrilling allure of getting inked, potential risks shouldn’t be ignored. These can include allergic reactions, skin infections, or complications with MRI imaging. In the hands of an experienced professional and with proper aftercare, these risks can be significantly minimized. As we always say in the tattoo community – ‘Think before you ink!’ Always remember, a tattoo is not just an aesthetic choice but a lifelong commitment that intertwines your personal narrative with your body’s canvas. So, do your research, trust your gut, and happy tattooing!

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