11+ Viking Raven Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Tori Jones
Best Viking Raven Tattoo Ideas

Are you a fan of the Viking culture and looking to ink a tattoo that reflects your love for it? Look no further! The Viking raven tattoo is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the significance of the raven in Viking mythology. In ancient times, Vikings wore the raven symbol in their clothing, weapons, jewelry, and armor as a representation of their devotion to Viking gods like Odin. The raven is a powerful symbol that signified protection, wisdom, and inspiration to Viking warriors during war. It is also an integral part of Viking stories and runes. If you’re interested in the fierce and fascinating world of the Vikings, a Viking raven tattoo is the perfect way to showcase your passion for this legendary culture.

Viking Raven Tattoo
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Odin Morph Tattoo Design

Odin Morph Tattoo Design
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One of the most fascinating tattoos you can get is an Odin morph tattoo. Odin, the supreme god in Norse mythology, was highly revered by Viking warriors who always offered prayers to him before heading into battle. This design features a raven, an important symbol in both Greek history and Viking mythology, as Odin was often depicted with a raven perched on his head or shoulder. As the god of thunder, Odin relied on the raven’s great foresight to guide the Viking warriors towards victory. In addition to the raven, this tattoo also features wolves, which symbolize the powerful and fearless characteristics of Viking warriors. The intricate details of the design are done with black ink and the placement on the forearm makes it a bold statement piece. If you’re a fan of Viking mythology or simply want to showcase your inner warrior spirit, this Odin morph tattoo might just be the perfect design for you!

Dave’s Back Tattoo Design

Dave's Back Tattoo Designs
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This particular design depicts a Viking warrior dressed for battle with his sword at the ready. Vikings were known for their fierce fighting skills and desire for victory, which is represented by the troll cross symbol. This powerful symbol was believed to help them conquer the nine worlds.

The intricate design is perfect for anyone interested in showcasing their passion for Viking culture and history. The size of the tattoo is also noteworthy as it covers the entire back, making it a full back tattoo.

When it comes to Viking tattoos, the design process can be time-consuming due to the intricate details and precision required. However, the end result is well worth it! Whether you are looking to showcase your warrior spirit or simply appreciate the symbolism behind Viking culture, this tattoo is a great choice.

Ragnarok Circa Viking Raven Tattoo Idea

Ragnarok Circa Viking Raven Tattoo Idea
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The Raven has always been a symbol of great significance, representing both positive and negative aspects. In Viking culture, it was believed that the Raven was a messenger of the gods, bearing news of battles and other important events.

This stunning Viking tattoo design features not just one, but two wolves and two ravens, all perfectly symmetrical. The wolves are known to represent power and strength, while the ravens symbolize wisdom and curiosity. The tattoo’s design is intended to pay homage to the Viking Raven as a messenger bringing important news to the Viking warriors.

During times of war, Viking Ravens were relied upon to bring important messages from the battlefield to the warriors. This particular tattoo is done entirely in black ink, covering the upper portion of the back. As with all Viking tattoos, it’s a work of art that requires skill, precision, and attention to detail. If you’re looking for a tattoo that represents the power and symbolism of Viking Raven, this design is an excellent choice.

Raven Wings Tattoo Ideas

Raven Wings Tattoo Ideas
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In Norse mythology, ravens were the torchbearers of the right path and helpful messengers to Viking heroes who sought power over the nine worlds. Nowadays, raven tattoos represent traits and behaviors that highlight the heroism of the Viking Raven culture and warriors, making them a popular choice for body art enthusiasts looking for striking designs.

This shoulder tattoo idea is a prime example of a raven tattoo that focuses mainly on the biceps area. The jet black ink gives the tattoo a bold and intense look, making it a perfect choice for those looking to highlight their muscles.

Odin’s Ravens Huggin Tattoo Ideas

Odin's Ravens Huggin Tattoo Ideas
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If you’re looking for a tattoo design that symbolizes power, intelligence, and wisdom, look no further than Odin’s helmet with one of his ravens. As the god of thunder, Odin held a supreme position in Viking culture, and all Viking Raven tattoo designs emphasize the importance of the raven god and Odin’s ravens.

In Norse mythology, Odin was accompanied by two ravens named “Thought” and “Mind.” These ravens were his trusted allies and friends, and together they embodied wisdom and intelligence. As the wisest and wiliest Viking god, Odin was the most prominent figure in Viking history. The Viking runes and ravens are symbols of foresight, and these birds were believed to have a much wider view of the world than Viking heroes.

This tattoo design is perfect for anyone who wants to show their Viking superiority. It’s a great idea to get tattooed on the shoulder, emphasizing the biceps area, and is inked with jet black color, giving it a stunning and eye-catching appearance. If you’re looking for a striking tattoo design that symbolizes power and wisdom, consider the Odin’s helmet with one of his ravens tattoo.

Ragnar Lothbrok Tattoo Ideas

Ragnar Lothbrok Tattoo Ideas
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One of the most popular tattoos inspired by the famous TV show ‘The Vikings’ is the depiction of the name of the most celebrated Viking hero, Ragnar Lothbrok. The show highlights the remarkable lives of Viking heroes and their exceptional warrior skills. It also emphasizes the importance of Odin and the ravens on his shoulders, both of which are crucial symbols in Norse mythology.

Ragnar Lothbrok is regarded as the most powerful and eminent Viking hero, credited with discovering many sea routes and conquering various parts of the world. He was a Viking king who left a significant mark in the history of the Vikings. This tattoo idea is a fitting tribute to the formidable fighters of the Viking era, and those who appreciate their legacy.

Viking Fighter Back Tattoo Idea

Viking Fighter Back Tattoo Ideas
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This stunning tattoo design features Odin’s face wearing his helmet with his loyal ravens, Huginn and Muninn, perched on each side of his head. In Norse mythology, these ravens were more than just birds – they symbolized the power of thought and intuition. Odin’s wise reputation is credited in part to the guidance and insight he received from his avian companions.

This tattoo is a beautiful way to honor and celebrate the significant role that ravens played in Viking culture and history. The rich blend of black, green, yellow, red, and white colors used in this back tattoo idea make it a true masterpiece that is sure to turn heads.

Viking Compass Tattoo Ideas

Viking Compass Tattoo Ideas
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The Vegvísir, also known as the Norse compass, is a popular tattoo symbol in the Viking culture that originated from an ancient Icelandic manuscript. This compass was used as a guide to navigate through challenging weather conditions and rough terrain, which was a common occurrence for Viking warriors during long-distance travels.

The Vegvísir was referred to as “the signpost,” and it provided a reliable guide to ensure that the Viking fighters reached their intended destination without getting lost. The ravens, along with the Vegvísir, played a vital role in helping the Vikings navigate through treacherous terrains and discover new sea routes.

If you’re looking for a small and subtle tattoo, the Vegvísir would be a great choice for a hand tattoo or even on the arm. This tattoo not only looks beautiful with its intricate designs but also holds great significance and historical value in the Viking culture.

Fierce Viking Hero Tattoo Ideas

Fierce Viking Hero Tattoo Ideas
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Viking heroes were known for their fierce and determined look, reflecting their prowess in battle. One of the most legendary figures in Viking history was the king, Ragnar Lothbrok, who made an indelible impact on Viking culture and lore.

Viking tattoos are not only cool but also provide a meaningful way to showcase Norse culture. This particular tattoo idea uses only black ink and covers the arm, adding a beautiful texture to the biceps. Whether you are a Viking enthusiast or simply appreciate the aesthetics, this tattoo is sure to make a bold statement.

Viking Loki Snake Tattoo Ideas

Viking Loki Snake Tattoo Ideas
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This tattoo design is a depiction of Loki’s story and his companionship with these serpents. As the story goes, the snakes would whisper about the dangers that were to come on their journey, and Loki would act accordingly based on their warnings. This tattoo can be drawn on the shaven head or any other part of the body if you prefer. These Viking Raven tattoos are incredibly popular, and people get them for various reasons, whether it’s to symbolize their love for Norse mythology or to signify something personal. They are a great way to show off your appreciation for Viking history and culture.

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