30 Latest Witchy Nail Designs To Try In 2023!

by Zoe Scott
Witchy Nail Art Ideas

Hey there! As someone who’s absolutely smitten with all things nails, I’ve got a treat for you. We’re stepping into the mesmerizing world of witchy nail art, perfect for this spooky season. But hey, it’s not just for Halloween lovers! If you’ve got a thing for mystical vibes, stick around. I’ve handpicked 30 stunning designs that mix the old-school magic of moons and alchemy with snazzy trends like ombre and chrome. And trust me, by the end of this, you’ll be itching to try them out. Ready to jazz up those nails and turn them into conversation starters? Let’s dive in!

Stiletto Nails: Witches’ Bewitching Talons

The Witchy Manicure Dream
@obsidiannailstudio via Instagram

These vibrant stiletto nails beautifully combine Halloween’s eerie charm with modern artistry. The contrasting shades of haunting green and deep red, adorned with intricate spiderweb designs and playful facial expressions, make for a striking and festive nail art masterpiece. Perfect for those looking to make a bold statement this spooky season!

Fall’s Enchanted Canvas

Evergreen Halloween
@k.k.nails via Instagram

These almond-shaped nails celebrate the essence of fall with a burst of orange and contrasting abstract black patterns. The lively combination of pumpkin tones, whimsical swirls, and modern design evokes the warmth and festive spirit of the autumn season, making them a captivating choice for fall enthusiasts.

Starry Night: Witches’ Nail Art

Starry Night witchy nails
@nailpromagazine via Instagram

Something is mesmerizing about a starry night. It takes me back to my childhood days of counting stars and dreaming of witches flying on their brooms. Translating this into nail art is pure genius! If you’re in the mood for a minimalist yet impactful design, go for a black and white starry witch nail art. It’s a subtle nod to the eerie and enchanting Halloween nights we all love.

Elegant Celestial Nail Design

Stiletto Shapes with Neutral Halloween Vibes
@clawsxcollxtion via Instagram

This minimalist design exudes sophistication with a touch of the cosmos. The pale pink base beautifully complements the black crescent moons, stars, and delicate linear patterns, resulting in a chic and dreamy aesthetic perfect for those who adore the night sky.

Vibrant Green Witch Themes Nails

Vibrant Pink and Green Witch Themes
@nailsinurcoffin via Instagram

As displayed in the image, the dark green shimmering base adorned with radiant stars and details is a stunner. Perfect for those who love a pop of color and aren’t afraid to stand out. I’ve always believed that nails are a canvas for creativity, and this design proves it!

Classic Halloween: Gold and Black Witchcraft Nails

Classic Halloween: Orange and Black
@artistrybykristin via Instagram

There’s nothing more synonymous with Halloween than the classic black. The design, contrasted by black witchy patterns, is an absolute treat. I once wore a similar design to a Halloween party, and trust me, it was an instant conversation starter!

Mystical Monochrome Nail Designs

Mystical Monochrome Magic
@nailexecutive via Instagram

These nails artfully blend contemporary design with classic witchy motifs, creating a captivating monochrome palette. The meticulous details, from the delicate flames to the evocative hand symbols, make for a statement look that seamlessly marries the mystical with the modern.

Beautiful Starry Covens Nails

Mystical Celestial Whispers
@mayleidoesnails via Instagram

This nail design showcases a soft blush base with intricate black symbols, including crescent moons, stars, and abstract markings. The juxtaposition of deep black accent nails brings a striking contrast, encapsulating the dance between light and shadow often found in mystical realms.

Witchcraft’s Timeless Grace

Enchanted Occult Elegance
@polishbox via Instagram

These nails channel a bewitching aura with a sparkling base, featuring symbols like the watchful eye, mystical serpent, and sacred pentagram. The shimmering background complements the dark, detailed symbols, creating a dazzling and intrigue design. 

Galactic Brilliance: Shimmering Starry Night Nails

Midnight Cauldron Brew
@sickgirlnails_ via Instagram

Dive into the depths of the universe with this dazzling nail art that captures the essence of a starlit sky. The shimmering hues of purple, green, and blue blend seamlessly, punctuated by gleaming stars and constellations, evoking the magic and mystery of the cosmos on one’s fingertips.

Mystical Midnight Hues: Witches’ Twilight Nails

Mystical Midnight Hues
@naillacquertherapy via Instagram

The nails exude an otherworldly charm with deep blue shades that transition into iridescent glimmers. Evoking the beauty of a clear starry night, the polish captures and reflects light, creating a mesmerizing depth reminiscent of the vast cosmos.

Haunting Spiderweb Nail Designs

Spiderweb Elegance
@daily_charme via Instagram

Step into the realm of dark allure with these intricately designed nails, which effortlessly intertwine silvery polish’s beauty with spiderweb motifs’ eeriness. Each nail tells a tale of gothic charm, with spiders lurking amidst their crafted webs, making a bold statement for those who dare to embrace the mysterious side of beauty.

Gothic Roses: Thorns and Petals in Witch’s Spellbound Nails

Gothic Roses witchy nails
@shinailsprofessional via Instagram

Roses, with their bewitching beauty and thorny defenses, become the symbol of Gothic witches, capturing hearts with their dark and romantic allure.

Witches’ Cosmic Dance in Luminous Hues

Neon Galactic Splendor
@maria.bello.13 via Instagram

A vibrant explosion of neon green melds seamlessly with deep black accents, embodying a cosmic dance of stars and space. The playful purple star sequins add a whimsical touch, creating an edgy and otherworldly look.

Mystical Witchcraft Elegance

Mystical Witchcraft Elegance
@iamdeliasnails via Instagram

Intricately designed, these nails showcase enchanting witch portraits set against a speckled magical backdrop. The bewitching artistry is heightened by the silhouette of a mysterious black cat and the bold declaration, “Smash Switch Witch.”

Celestial Purple Dreams: Witches’ Midnight Nails

witchy nails2
@audreyfaithartistry via Instagram

These nails dazzle with a deep purple glitter base adorned with delicate crescent moons and shimmering stars. The flawless gradient, transitioning from clear to intense purple, evokes a sense of the night sky’s enchantment.

Witches’ Glimmering Gala in the Cosmos

witchy nails3
@nailpolishsociety via Instagram

These nails artfully combine stars and crescent moons on a backdrop of playful orange and serene purple hues. The ghostly silhouette on a translucent base adds a touch of festive spookiness, perfect for a fun Halloween look. 

Mystical Ombre Fusion: Witchy Transitions from Dusk to Dawn

Mystical Ombre Fusion
@nailedbyyans via Instagram

The gradual fusion of colors in an ombre design tells the tale of witches’ rituals, transitioning seamlessly from the dusk’s mystery to dawn’s hope.

Beautiful Pastel Nails

Pastel Witches' Brew
@lunaeia.nails via Instagram

A delightful mix of pastel pink and monochrome elements creates a magical and playful aesthetic. The design captures the essence of modern witchy vibes with symbols like moons, flames, and serpents.

Chromatic Iridescent Nails: Witches’ Glistening Charms

Chromatic Iridescent Nails
@minea.nails via Instagram

Experience the magic of the color spectrum with iridescent nails, reflecting the multifaceted nature of witchcraft’s enchanting charms.

High Gloss Black Witches Nails

Textured Black Nails
@minea.nails via Instagram

Incorporating a unique textured finish, these nails evoke an avant-garde aesthetic. These nails show depth and intrigue, separating them from standard matte or glossy black nails.

Witches’ Sleek Matte Black Nails

Sleek Matte Black Nails
@beserk via Instagram

These nails are coated in deep matte black and offer a minimalist and chic appearance. The absence of shine provides a contemporary twist on the classic black nail, making it a perfect choice for those seeking understated elegance.

10 Techniques To Create Witchy Nail Art? 

  1. Stamping involves using a metal plate engraved with designs, a rubber stamper, and special polish. The design is transferred from the plate to the stamper and then onto the nail, allowing for intricate patterns and symbols often associated with the witchy aesthetic, like moons, stars, or runes.
  2. Gel Art: Gel nail polish is renowned for its longevity and high-gloss finish. Using UV or LED light to cure the polish, artists can layer colors, incorporate glitters, or even create raised 3D designs for a more mystical appearance.
  3. Marbling: You can create a marble effect by dropping nail polish into water and using a tool to swirl the colors together. This technique can emulate potion-like swirls or smoky effects perfect for a witchy vibe.
  4. Matte Finish: While shiny nails are timeless, a matte top coat can give nails a more subdued, mysterious appearance, which pairs well with the witchy aesthetic.
  5. Chrome and Holographic Powders: These can be rubbed onto a tacky layer of gel polish to give a mirror-like finish or an iridescent shine. They can mimic the look of magical potions or ethereal dimensions.
  6. Sculpting: Using acrylic or polygel, nail technicians can sculpt nails into desired shapes, like the popular “coffin” or “stiletto” shapes, which are often associated with a witchy look.
  7. Decals and Stickers: Modern nail art has seen a rise in decals and stickers, many of which come in witchy themes, such as black cats, broomsticks, or crystal balls. They offer a quick and easy way to add detailed designs.
  8. Embedded Designs: This involves placing tiny elements like dried flowers, crystals, or foil within layers of acrylic or gel. It creates depth and can evoke the sense of nature, mysticism, or magic on the nails.
  9. Airbrushing: A tool that sprays paint or polish, allowing for gradient effects, intricate designs, or stenciled patterns. It can be used to create misty backgrounds or detailed symbols.
  10. Dotting: Using dotting tools, artists can create detailed patterns, constellations, or other symbolic designs often seen in witchy aesthetics.

10 Brands That I Love When Creating Witchy Nail Art

OPIKnown for its longevity and vast range of colors, OPI offers shades perfect for a dark and mystical aesthetic.
EssieBeloved for its consistent quality and offers many deep, rich shades suitable for a witchy look.
China GlazeWith a vast array of unique colors, finishes, and glitters, China Glaze is a go-to for enchanting designs.
ZoyaGreat for eco-friendly options; their polishes are vegan and free from harmful chemicals.
ILNP (I Love Nail Polish)Renowned for its holographic and multichrome polishes, which can add a magical touch to any design.
Cirque ColorsOffers a mesmerizing collection of thermal, holographic, and unique color-shifting polishes.
Maniology (previously Bundle Monster)Known for stamping plates, crucial for intricate witchy designs, not just for polishes.
OrlyWith a blend of vibrant colors and neutrals, Orly polishes can serve as a base for various designs or stand alone for a subtle witchy vibe.
A-EnglandCollections inspired by legends, myths, and fairy tales, making it a fitting choice for a mystical nail look.
Deborah LippmannKnown for luxury and quality; darker and glittery shades are perfect for a spellbinding design.
No matter the brand, always use a good base coat to protect your nails and a top coat to seal in your design for longevity.

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


Nailing the witchy aesthetic is both an art and an expression of individuality. With countless designs, from iridescent hues to textured finishes, there’s truly something to suit everyone’s taste. Remember, while it’s fun to experiment with bold and unique styles, it’s essential to prioritize nail health. Ensure that any materials or adhesives used are safe and of good quality. Regularly moisturize your cuticles and give your nails a breather between applications. Nail art is a beautiful way to showcase your personality, so stay informed, be creative, and, most importantly, have fun with it! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes (or fingers!) into the world of nail art, every design is a step towards mastering this fashionable craft. Stay inspired and keep shining!

Feature image @minea.nails via Instagram

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