Fix Your Bent Eyelashes Instantly With 3 Simple Hacks!

by Tori Jones
Fix Your Crooked

Today, we’re addressing an issue as tiny as an eyelash yet as impactful as a full moon on a night. You guessed it; we’re talking about those rebellious, unruly, and oh-so-crooked lashes that love to play hard-to-get when all you want is that perfect, fluttery finish.

Crooked Eyelashes
Photo by Nitin Mendekar on Unsplash

In this enlightening post, we’re diving deep into the world of lashes – unearthing secrets, debunking myths, and presenting simple solutions to fix your stubbornly crooked lashes within seconds. By the end of this blog, you’ll be a self-proclaimed ‘Lash Queen’ equipped with an arsenal of tips, tricks, and trade secrets that can whip any set of lashes into shape faster than you can blink!

It’s time to bid farewell to lousy lash days and embark on this transformative journey where the world sees not just your eyes but the magic they hold. So, strap in, and prepare for a fabulous flight toward lash perfection. Let’s beat those bent lashes into submission and make every wink worth remembering! Ready? Let’s get lashing, beautiful!

When Mascara Makes a Mess of Your Eyelashes – We’ve All Been There

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

We’ve all had those mornings, haven’t we, beauties? You’re getting ready, your makeup is flawless, and just as you’re about to apply the finishing touch – the mascara – disaster strikes. Suddenly, your lashes look like they’ve argued with each other. Some are going left, some are right, and none seem to want to get along. Take heart, my fabulous friends, because you are not alone. Today, we’re decoding the mystery of misbehaving lashes and, more importantly, showing you how to fix those crooked warriors.

Life and Times of a Lash – Understanding Their Fragility

Let’s start with a little lash anatomy lesson, shall we? Did you know our eyelashes are some of the most delicate hairs on our body? They’re like the sensitive soul of a poet – always in the thick of the action, bearing the brunt of everything from dust and dirt to air pollution.

Believe it or not, a lash lives a lightning-fast life of just six weeks, compared to the scalp hairs of our slow and steady marathon runners, lasting up to seven years. That’s why our eyelashes seem so much more fragile; their brief, beautiful lives are subjected to daily activities like blinking or rubbing our eyes. Imagine having to do squats every time someone blinked – you’d be worn out too!

Unraveling the Mystery of Crooked Eyelashes

So, what twists our lashes out of shape? It’s called “trichiasis,” and I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds. Trichiasis can be caused by environmental, lifestyle, genetic, and sometimes, a mix of all these.

You might be surprised, but even daily habits like rubbing our eyes, using lash extensions too frequently, not maintaining eye hygiene, or using makeup removers that could double as paint thinners, can cause our lashes to become wayward wanderers.

Then there’s the genetic angle. Some of us have a condition called Distichia, where instead of one, we have two rows of lashes growing out from the same spot. It’s like a traffic jam on our eyelids! This usually occurs in both eyes and can cause lashes to curl and bend.

In rare cases, the cause can be internal, like tiny tumors on the eyelid or chronic illnesses like asthma, allergies, diabetes, and thyroid disease. These conditions can create a hormonal rollercoaster ride, affecting the hair follicles and changing the growth pattern of our eyelashes.

Another lash offender can be Blepharitis, which causes inflammation along the eyelid edge, disrupting its normal functioning. This lack of proper lubrication during blinking stresses our lashes, eventually leading them to lose their original shape. So yes, sometimes, your crooked lashes might be trying to tell you something about your health.

Stay tuned for my next post, my lovelies, where we’ll delve into how to fix these wayward lashes and make them behave how we want them to! Let’s wave goodbye to lousy lash days together!

Sleeping Beauty’s Guide to Perfect Lashes

Oh, the things we do in our sleep without even realizing it! Fluffing pillows, kicking blankets, and potentially crushing our delicate lashes. If you’ve woken up to bent and twisted lashes more often than you’d like, let’s talk about protecting these precious beauties as we sleep.

One golden rule that you’ve probably heard from me a million times: Never, ever sleep with makeup on, lovelies! If you love synthetic individual eyelashes, give your natural lashes a break from them now and then. Make sure to clean your eyelids thoroughly before hitting the pillow.

I swear by my sleep mask, not just to block out the world but also to shield my lashes from my pillow. A pillowcase made of silk or cotton is your lash’s best friend – far gentler than synthetic materials like polyester and nylon.

Before I bid the world goodnight, my little secret is to dab a bit of Vaseline or coconut oil around my eyes. It’s like a spa treatment for the lashes, reducing friction against the skin and nourishing them overnight.

Curling Your Lashes Without the Crimps

Curling Your Lashes
Photo by Shiny Diamond via Pexels

The eyelash curler is like the magic wand of our makeup bag. It can take your lashes from ‘meh’ to ‘marvelous’ with just a squeeze. But misuse it, and you could end up with bent, crimped lashes.

Cleanliness first, my friends! Inspect your eyelash curler before every use. If it’s bent, rusty, or has any debris, bid it a fond farewell. When you press it against your lash roots, think of it like a gentle hug rather than a tight squeeze. Hold for no more than 5 seconds – we’re not roasting marshmallows here!

Avoid the tips of your lashes when using the curler. Trust me, clumped mascara is not a look you want to rock. Pro tip: Clean your curler with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol after each use. We don’t want any nasty makeup residue or bacteria squatting there.

Remember, the eyelash curler should be your closing act in the beauty routine. Let the mascara set on your lashes before you curl them. This gives your lashes a protective layer against any potential curler-caused damage.

Last but not least, handle your lashes with care. Do not yank or pull hard on them when curling. We want fabulous lashes, not an out-of-shape mess.

To Heat or Not to Heat – Which Curler is Best?

To heat or not to heat, that’s the question on many a lash-lover’s mind. The truth is both heated and mechanical curlers can give you stunning results. It all boils down to your preference and the look you want.

The mechanical curler is your best bet if you prefer an easy, gentle curling method that is less likely to damage your natural lashes. However, the heated curler wins the round with its heat-set technology for a more dramatic curl that holds its shape longer. So, choose your weapon wisely, lovelies!

Lashing Out: Extensions Without the Bend

Ladies know nothing says “drama” like a set of beautifully full, feathery lash extensions. But how do we prevent them from going rogue and bending every which way? Well, darlings, I’ve got some tips for you!

First, always opt for synthetic lashes over natural ones. I know, natural sounds fancier, but the synthetic ones are less likely to go all wonky on you post-application.

Next, make sure your lash tech knows their stuff. Ask if they’re certified and experienced – trust me, you want someone who can handle your lashes like a pro!

Don’t be afraid to be a ‘lash monitor.’ Check them out periodically during the day, and if you spot any that are starting to lose their way, a quick tweak can set them straight again.

If the maintenance is too much, consider a keratin lash lift. I’m telling you, it’s a game-changer! It realigns your natural lashes, prevents excessive bending, and keeps your extensions in their perfect curled place for weeks!

Straightening the Stray: A Guide to Fixing Crooked Lashes

“Oh no, my eyelashes are crooked!” – I never want to hear from any lovely readers. But don’t panic; there’s always a fix!

First up, lash primer. Think of it as a bit of spa treatment for your lashes. It lubricates them and makes them easier to guide back to their straight glory.

Next, grab an eyelash brush or mascara wand gently comb through your lashes, guiding them downward. A clean mascara wand or spoolie brush might feel gentler if you have sensitive eyes like me.

If your lashes are still playing hardball after all that gentle brushing, consider eyelash extensions or false lashes. These can give your lashes the support they need to stay in place all day.

Want to try reshaping your lashes at home before hitting the salon? There are tools specifically designed for this! Remember, though, perfection is not the goal here. Your lashes should naturally curve and volumize. Overdoing it will only give you an unnatural look.

Lastly, a dab of eye makeup remover can help you finesse the ends of your lashes. Just don’t let it wipe off any product you’ve already applied!

Cotton Swabs: The Unsung Heroes of Lash Fixes

Cotton Swabs
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

You might associate cotton swabs more with ear cleaning than lash fixing, but let me tell you, they’re a game changer! Here’s a quick trick for spotting a lash or two sticking out like a sore thumb.

Ensure your cotton swab is clean and dry before you start. Then, gently press down on the misaligned lashes to guide them back into the lineup. This might take a few tries, but patience is key here!

For my long-lashed ladies with a natural curl, try adding a dab of mascara to your cotton swab before pressing down. It helps keep your lashes sticking together, giving you that flawless lash line we crave!

Lash Rescue: Straightening Out Your Lashes with a Damp Cloth

Hey there, beauty gurus! Have you ever had one of those mornings when you wake up, and your lashes do some wild gymnastics? Fear not, I’ve got a simple solution that you’ll find in any home – a damp cloth!

First, grab a clean cloth and wet it with warm water. Ring out any excess moisture so it’s just damp, not soaking. Remember when we put warm compresses on our eyes during a relaxing home spa day? It’s the same thing!

Place your damp cloth over your eyelid and hold it there for a few seconds. This warm, moist environment will help soften your lashes and make them more flexible and easy to reshape.

Next, break out your trusty eyebrow comb or clean mascara wand to gently brush your lashes back into their beautiful alignment. A gentle press down with your fingertip will help them stay in place.

After your quick lash rescue mission, remember to show your lashes some love! Avoid rubbing or pulling at them when removing your makeup, and nourish them regularly with moisturizers and natural oils like coconut oil. Trust me; your lashes will thank you!

Tweezer Tactics: Your Precision Tool for Crooked Lashes

Tweezer Tactics
Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

You might think tweezers are only good for plucking pesky stray eyebrow hairs, but they can also be a real lifesaver for dealing with crooked lashes. It’s all about precision!

First, ensure your lashes are clean and free of makeup. The last thing we want is clumpy mascara getting in the way of our lash rescue mission!

Then, position the tweezers at the base of the crooked lash. Just a gentle squeeze is all it takes to straighten that baby out! But remember to be gentle; we don’t want to damage our precious lashes.

When you’re done, a quick comb-through with a mascara wand or spoolie brush will ensure all your lashes play nicely together. Don’t forget to dispose of any fallen lash soldiers safely – we don’t want them to get back into our eyes!

Beauty Sleep: Avoiding Bent Lashes in Dreamland

Your sleeping position might be to blame if your morning routine consistently involves wrangling bent lashes. It seems unfair. Even in our sleep, we can’t escape beauty woes!

Lying on your stomach or side can press your lashes down, bending them against the curve of your eye socket. That’s why beauty sleep is best on your back! Plus, it also helps reduce those pesky under-eye wrinkles.

To tackle bent lashes post-sleep, a spoolie brush or old clean mascara wand can be your best friend. Gently lift and guide each lash back to its proper position. And don’t be afraid to break out the tweezers for stubborn lashes!

When you’re happy with their alignment, a little pressure at the base of each lash with a cotton swab or finger will help them stay in place throughout your day (and night!). Now, go forth and bat those beautifully straight lashes!

A Summary Of Tried-and-true Solutions To Fix Bent lashes

  1. Proper Makeup Removal: This may sound basic, but it’s essential. Ensuring your lashes are completely free of mascara before bedtime will prevent them from getting stiff and twisted. Gentle removal is vital to avoid tugging or pulling at your lashes.
  2. Lash Primer: Lash primer is an excellent tool to help straighten your lashes. It coats and separates your lashes, allowing you to shape them as desired.
  3. Eyelash Brush/Comb: Invest in a good eyelash brush or comb. After applying a primer, gently brush your lashes in a natural curl. A regular brush-through will keep them looking straight and perky.
  4. Damp Cloth Method: Using a damp cloth with warm water can help relax your lashes. Hold the damp cloth over your closed eyelid for a few seconds, then comb through your lashes while they’re still warm.
  5. Tweezers: Tweezers are great for exact adjustments to individual lashes. Always make sure to do this gently to avoid pulling out any lashes.
  6. Eyelash Curler: Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. It’s best to start at the base of the lashes, curling upward for a natural look.
  7. Lash Extensions or False Lashes: If your natural lashes aren’t cooperating, you can opt for extensions or falsies to achieve your desired look.
  8. Quality Mascara: A good mascara can help shape and hold your lashes in place. Opt for a formula that’s manageable to avoid weighing your lashes down.
  9. Good Sleep Habits: Believe it or not, how you sleep can affect the shape of your lashes. Try to sleep on your back to prevent your lashes from pressing against the pillow.
  10. Regular Trims: Consider a tiny trim if you have a few stubborn lashes that always seem out of place. But be extremely careful not to cut too close to the root, and only trim the tips.


Well, beauties, we’ve journeyed through the wild world of lash taming together, and I hope you’re leaving with a whole new arsenal of tips to keep your lashes looking lush and aligned. Remember, a damp cloth can work wonders to straighten out those wayward lashes, and tweezers are a fabulous tool for precise adjustments – just be sure always to be gentle and kind to your lashes to avoid any damage. And who knew that even our sleeping position could impact our lashes’ alignment? Let’s all strive for that beauty sleep on our backs to keep our lashes and skin looking fabulous!

But above all, remember that our lashes, like ours, are unique and beautiful, even with their little quirks. Don’t stress too much about achieving perfectly straight lashes; the real beauty is in the charm of their natural state. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty and feeling your best. So go on, beauties! Take these tips and tricks and give your lashes the love they deserve. Here’s to gorgeous, flutter-worthy lashes that reflect the unique, beautiful person you are inside and out. Flutter on, friends!

Feature image by Shiny Diamond via Pexels

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