24 Latest Pride Nail Designs To Try Anytime

by Zoe Scott
Pride Month

Pride Month is the perfect time to let your colors shine, and what better way to do it than with some vibrant nail art? Whether you’re hitting up a parade, joining a workplace event, or just showcasing your spirit daily, these nails will make a statement. In this article, 24 DIY nail designs go beyond the usual rainbow themes but still encapsulate Pride’s essence. From easy to advanced, there’s something for everyone. Take it from me: a little nail art can spark conversations and inspire those around you to join the celebration. So read on, get inspired, and make this Pride Month memorable!

Classic French Manicure Celebrating Pride

Bright French Mani
@orly via Instagram

Celebrating Pride, this vibrant spin on the traditional French manicure showcases bold, colorful tips. A nod to individuality and expression, it blends classic elegance and modern flair.

Pastel Swirl Delight Symbolizing Pride Spectrum

Pastel Glitter pride nails
@peachinails via Instagram

These nails effortlessly combine pastel shades’ softness with rainbow hues’ dynamic swirls. The design is playful and elegant, making it perfect for those who want a touch of whimsy in their manicure.

Heart Rainbow Nails

Heart pride nails
@lauren_marshmallow via Instagram

Heart rainbow nails are a charming way to wear your Pride on your fingertips, merging the universal symbol of love with the vibrant colors of the rainbow. This design serves as a sweet reminder of the love and inclusivity that Pride Month stands for, making your nails a mini canvas for a big message.

Embracing Abstract Designs with Random Beauty

Abstract pride nails
@tessa.lyn.nails via Instagram

These nails capture the unpredictable essence of Pride, using abstract designs to celebrate freedom and individuality. Random yet intentional, they vividly celebrate life’s varied tapestry.

Curved Rainbow Tips for a Subtle Yet Powerful Statement

Tiny Rainbows pride nails
@polished_yogi via Instagram

Subtle yet speaking volumes, these nail tips flaunt delicate rainbow curves. Celebrating Pride in a minimalist style, they’re a nod to the understated elegance of quiet strength.

Glitter Glam For The Perfect Pride Nails

Glitter Gradients pride nails
@polishedinportland via Instagram

Drenched in shimmer, these nails blend glitter gradients to symbolize the multifaceted beauty of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s art that represents the sparkling diversity of Pride.

Melding Soft Hues with Abstract Elegance in Nail Art

Abstract Flag
@peachinails via Instagram

These nails showcase a beautiful blend of pastel shades in a contemporary, abstract design. The soft curves and playful dots create a serene and stylish look for any occasion.

Neon Accents Meeting Neutral Palettes for a Modern Pride

Skinny French Tips
@peachinails via Instagram

Marrying subtle nudes with electric neon tones, these nails stand out in their unique design. The crescent-shaped accents add a contemporary flair, making every gesture a display of artistry.

Whimsical Waves Paired with Delicate Daisies

70s Rainbows
@josie.nailz210 via Instagram

These nails beautifully showcase vibrant swirls reminiscent of rainbow waves, complemented by dainty daisies. The playful patterns combined with the brilliance of the colors make for an enchanting visual treat.

Spectacular Spectrum Merging Gradient Pastels

Accent Rainbow pride nails
@julieknailsnyc via Instagram

The nails are adorned with a harmonious blend of soft pastels and striking bold colors, each telling its own story. The transitional gradient captures the essence of modern artistry, creating a vivid masterpiece right at one’s fingertips.

Striking Neon Tips Harmonizing with Nude Bases

Rainbow Slant Tips
@bycheznails via Instagram

These nails combine transparent bases’ understated elegance with neon tips’ electrifying energy. The delightful contrast speaks volumes, exuding subtlety and vibrancy in a single-hand gesture.

Translucent Shades and Neon Rainbow Hues

Skittles pride nails
@color_camp via Instagram

The nails artistically juxtapose muted bases with bright, attention-grabbing tips. Paired with a whimsical ring, this style embodies the essence of contemporary chic.

Dripping Rainbows on a Canvas of Nails

Rainbow Drips pride nails
@unic.conailart via Instagram

These nails showcase a vibrant, dripping rainbow design, breathing life into a neutral base. The playful cascades of color create a dynamic, eye-catching effect, perfect for those who wish to make a statement.

Kaleidoscopic Love: Vibrant Hues and Heart Patterns on Nails

Simple Hearts pride nails
@denasnails via Instagram

These nails artfully combine psychedelic swirls with endearing heart shapes, creating a harmonious fusion of color and emotion. The brilliance of the patterns stands out, making a bold statement for any occasion.

Rainbow Holo Glitter Manicure

Holo Glitter pride nails
@lesnazzy_nails via Instagram

The magical allure of holographic glitter paired with rainbow hues gives nails a mesmerizing shimmer. This design is an ode to the enchantment and wonder of the Pride spirit.

Night Meets Day In These Amazing Rainbow Swirl Nails

Rainbow pride nails
@attempt_to_nailart via Instagram

Showcasing intricate swirl techniques, this design represents the continuous flow and blend of identities within the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a visual journey across the spectrum of Pride.

Galactic Glam: Perfect For Pride

Purple Nails
@monstermanicures via Instagram

Drawing inspiration from the vastness of the cosmos, this design combines swirling colors to create a nebula effect. It’s a cosmic representation of the universe’s infinite forms of love and identity.

Rainbow Neon Swirls Meet Leopard Spots

Spell It Out
@nailbyvan82 via Instagram

Merging the untamed beauty of leopard spots with vibrant neon swirls, this design embodies Pride’s wild and free spirit. It’s a bold statement of individuality and strength.

Pastel Power: Electric Bolts on Delicate Hues

Cosmic pride nails
@cosmic.nails.official via Instagram

These nails juxtapose soft pastel backgrounds with striking lightning bolts, capturing the essence of a gentle storm. The design offers a harmonious blend of serenity and energy, making a quiet yet powerful statement.

Rainbow Swirls with Fresh Daisies

Velvet Matte pride nails
@nails_by_miaaa via Instagram

Combining the organic beauty of daisies with swirling rainbows, this design reflects nature’s celebration of diversity and growth. It’s a gentle reminder of the beauty that flourishes in unity.

Stilleto Rainbows With Sparkling Tips

Geometric pride nails
@thehautespot via Instagram

These nails brilliantly meld together radiant rainbow swirls with a touch of glittery allure. The design exudes joy and celebration, making every gesture a burst of color and light.

Psychedelic Elegance in Every Stroke

Doodles pride nails
@canailsspallc via Instagram

With a vibrant play of colors, these nails capture the essence of whimsical love. The heart-centric designs, surrounded by mesmerizing patterns, evoke a sense of playful charm and modern sophistication.

A Rainbow Of Pastel Dreams To Show Your Pride Colors

Pastel pride nails
@nail_art_by_tal via Instagram

This nail art transports you to a serene world where soft pastel shades blend effortlessly, capturing Pride’s spirit’s subtle nuances. It’s a gentle reminder that beauty often resides in simplicity and softness.

Pastel Rainbow French Nails Infusion

Beads and Stones
@julieknailsnyc via Instagram

Marrying the timeless French manicure with the vibrant shades of the Pride rainbow, this design stands at the intersection of tradition and modernity. It’s a nod to the history of LGBTQ+ struggles while also celebrating the current joys and triumphs.

Rainbow Typography

Love pride nails
@da_nail_lady via Instagram

This striking manicure captures the essence of playful vivacity with neon lettering and dynamic patterns. The radiant gradient on the pinky, paired with the typographic design, celebrates individuality and bold expression.

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


So there you have it, folks—a treasure trove of nail art ideas that go beyond the traditional rainbow motifs but still pack all the meaning and spirit of Pride Month. If there’s one takeaway, it’s this: don’t be afraid to experiment! Whether you’re a nail art novice or a seasoned pro, there’s a design out there that can make your Pride celebrations uniquely yours. Remember that while creativity is encouraged, patience and perhaps a steady hand are often needed for more intricate designs. And remember, it’s all in the details; from the choice of color to the type of topcoat, every decision can amplify your message. As you gear up for Pride, I hope you feel inspired to take your nail game to the next level and make a beautiful statement about who you are. Happy nailing and Happy Pride!

Feature image @denasnails via Instagram

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