29 Latest Summer Pedicure Color Designs To Try In 2023!

by Zoe Scott
Beachy Vibes with Vivid Oranges

Hey there, color enthusiasts! Are you ready to usher in the sun-soaked vibes of summer right down to your toes? There’s no better time than now to play around with the lively and radiant hues that this season brings. In our upcoming blog post, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of summer pedicures, showcasing a palette that promises to add a vibrant splash to your beauty routine. Whether you’re a fan of calming pastels or you’re eager to make a bold statement with neon shades, we’ve got your back. I’m here to guide you through a fun-filled exploration of the season’s trendiest shades, each telling a story as vibrant and lively as summer itself. So, come along and discover how to turn your pedicure into a canvas of self-expression, celebrating the rejuvenation and flair that summer embodies. It’s all about stepping into a season that’s not just witnessed in nature, but reflected right at your feet! Let’s dive in and add that splash of summer magic to your toes together!

Fiery Reds to Ignite Your Summer

Fiery Reds to Ignite Your Summer
@_water.maiden_ via Instagram

Step into the season with an audacious kick of spicy reds about making a bold statement. Picture this: A lazy day at the beach with the sun kissing your red-hot toes – sounds like a summer dream. Trust me, nothing says summertime boldness quite like a vibrant shade of red, giving you that extra oomph to your step!

Dive into the Blues

Dive into the Blues
@nailsby_viana via Instagram

During my winter getaways, I always found solace in the calming shades of navy or midnight blue. But summer calls for something more exciting. Transport yourself to the serene beaches with aquatic blues that perfectly harmonize the summer sky and the sea. It’s like having a little piece of the ocean with you wherever you go.

Neon Burst: A Summer Extravaganza

A Summer Extravaganza
@colorsbysassy via Instagram

Summer is synonymous with carefree fun and electrifying adventures. During a recent getaway with friends, I dared to go bold with neon greens and yellows, and let me tell you, my toes were practically glowing with happiness! These neon hues are your best bet if you want to add some zest to your summer.

Pretty in Pink: A Sugary Affair

A Sugary Affair
@dashingdiva_usa via Instagram

When I think of summer, I envision vibrant blossoms and succulent fruits, and the array of pinks this season offers is just that – a delightful, sugary treat for your toes! From watermelon to magenta, the shades are many, promising a flirty and sassy touch to your summer ensemble.

The Eternal Charm of White

The Eternal Charm of White
@nailaddikt_zm via Instagram

There’s a certain charm in white polish’s crisp, fresh appeal that cannot be overlooked. On a personal note, nothing beats the pristine beauty of white – it’s like having tiny clouds gracing your toes, promising a summer of purity and elegance.

Purple Passion: A Retro Revival

A Retro Revival
@colorsbysassy via Instagram

The ’80s have called, bringing the sheer joy of bold purple hues. I recently ventured into this vibrant territory and found that a purple pedicure paired with my favorite sandals was a fashion statement. It’s a look that’s been turning heads, trust me!

Embrace the Warmth with Neutrals

Embrace the Warmth with Neutrals
@lindaznachko via Instagram

Only some people are fans of bold strokes, and that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes, a warm, neutral tone can complement your summer outfit like no other, letting your stylish footwear take center stage. It’s a subtle nod to the sandy beaches we all adore during this season.

Sunset Hues: The Orange Spectrum

 The Orange Spectrum
@pedis_by_b via Instagram

Ah, the simmering orange reminds me of the breathtaking summer sunsets I never tire of witnessing. This season, why not bring those mesmerizing hues to your toes? Whether it’s a bold tangerine or a soft peachy glow, these colors practically scream summer fun.

A Barbie Pink Extravaganza

A Barbie Pink Extravaganza
@vicschendel via Instagram

With the buzz surrounding this summer’s Barbie movie, the vibrant spectrum of pink is making waves in the beauty scene. From bubblegum hues to neon tones, celebrity nail artist Mo Qin shares that there’s a lot of room to play and experiment in this spectrum. So, why give it a try?

Mermaid Dreams: Unleashing the Sea Goddess

Unleashing the Sea Goddess
@feetdreams726 via Instagram

If you’ve been scrolling through social media, you’ve probably noticed the rising tide (yes, I went there!) of the mermaid-core trend. Influenced by Disney’s The Little Mermaid, this trend invites you to embrace the allure of deep-sea colors, bringing a fantastical touch to your summer pedicure.

Beachy Vibes with Vivid Oranges

Beachy Vibes with Vivid Oranges
@ms.orange_blossom via Instagram

Imagine stepping onto the sandy shores with toes flaunting vivid orange hues that bring out the warm tones in your skin. According to Thomson, orange is the go-to color this season, with shades like OPI’s Silicon Valley Girl becoming a hot favorite among celebrities.

A Modern Take on French Pedicures

A Modern Take on French Pedicures
@decodemode via Instagram

The classic French pedicure is getting a modern twist this season, blending subtleness with milky shades that bring a fresh perspective to this timeless style. Imagine merging the minimalist appeal of a French pedicure with cloud-colored hues, creating a modern and chic look perfect for the summer.

A Red Affair: Timeless and Elegant

Timeless and Elegant
@holyasianfoot via Instagram

As someone who swears by the power of a classic red pedicure, I cannot emphasize enough the eternal appeal of this hue. According to Qin, red will continue to be a strong contender this season, offering perfect harmony when paired with matching lipstick shades.

Coral Bliss: A Summer Staple

A Summer Staple
@aandreatb20 via Instagram

Coral – a color that embodies the spirit of summer with its warm and vibrant tones. Whether you’re a pale coral or bold neon fan, these hues add a refreshing pop of color, making your toes ready to embrace the summer in style.

Aqua Adventures: A Splash of Freshness

A Splash of Freshness
@stilettos_and_lace_2 via Instagram

If you’re looking to bring a splash of freshness to your summer, aqua blue with hints of turquoise and green is the way to go. Trust me, this shade will transport you to the serene beaches, promising a season of joy and vibrancy.

Refreshing Mint Green

Refreshing Mint Green
@malishka702_nails via Instagram

Remember those tranquil mornings when the dew-kissed leaves glisten in the early sun? That’s the vibe mint green nails bring to your summer ensemble. This refreshing hue pairs beautifully with almost any outfit, making it a sublime choice for those who adore a touch of subtlety.

Vibrant Bright Orange

Vibrant Bright Orange
@salonoubel via Instagram

Oh, I love sipping on a chilled orange smoothie during the summer! This season, we’re taking that vibrant energy right to our toenails. Picture this: a stunning sun-kissed tan complemented by a vivid orange polish that screams summer fun. Trust me, it’s a show-stopper!

Sunny Lemon Yellow

Sunny Lemon Yellow
@simply_chic_nails_by_bekki via Instagram

Dive into the summer spirit headfirst with lemon yellow, a hue that radiates positivity and joy. Think of it as having a tiny sunflower on each toenail, brightening up your days with every step you take. It’s playful, cheerful, and just the sunshine your summer needs.

Flirty Fuchsia Pink

Flirty Fuchsia Pink
@nailbeauty_leman via Instagram

Now, let’s talk about a color that embodies the lively spirit of summer soirées – fuchsia pink! This vibrant shade adds a fun and flirty flair to your pedicure, making each outing more fabulous. I love pairing this with a white sundress; it’s just the perfect splash of color!

Elegant Lavender

Elegant Lavender
@prettypurplepedis via Instagram

Lavender fields are one of summer’s exquisite sights, and we are bringing that elegance to our pedicures this season. This delicate hue adds a touch of grace to your summer look, making each step feel like a walk through a serene lavender field.

Timeless Baby Pink

Timeless Baby Pink
@gemini_nailszm via Instagram

Oh, baby pink, a hue that resonates with the soft whispers of summer breezes. This classic shade is perfect for those who gravitate towards a more understated yet chic style. It’s like the comforting embrace of an old friend, always welcoming and ever so stylish.

Classy Nude

Classy Nude
@vaia.official via Instagram

For those who love keeping it low-key yet sophisticated, nude shades remain timeless. It’s the epitome of elegance and blends seamlessly with any outfit, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

Sparkling Glitter

Sparkling Glitter
@nailmeup.budapest via Instagram

Feeling a little adventurous? It’s time to bring out the glitter! Adding a sprinkle of glitter to your nails brings a festive touch and guarantees you’ll be the star of any summer gathering. It’s your time to shine, literally!

Stunning Bright White

Stunning Bright White
@higharchlexi via Instagram

It’s time to address the viral sensation – the bright white pedicure. Ignore the TikTok jests because a crisp white pedicure is the epitome of summer freshness, perfect for an at-home French manicure or a bold, full-coverage look.

Cool Periwinkle

Cool Periwinkle
@indianmasha via Instagram

Periwinkle is your go-to when you can’t decide between blue and violet. It combines cool tones, bringing a fresh and exciting vibe to your summer pedicure palette.

Captivating Sunset Shades

Captivating Sunset Shades
@blinkandtwinkle via Instagram

Who said summer was all about soft and subtle tones? Dare to be different with a vibrant sunset ombre, or alternate between red, pink, and orange for that perfect summer vacation vibe.

Soothing Matcha Green

Soothing Matcha Green
@chaseafootfantasy via Instagram

Let matcha green be your gentle introduction if you’ve hesitated about green. Its soft hue, paired with a slightly brighter mint counterpart, promises a stylish and comforting presence.

Sleek Clean Chrome

Sleek Clean Chrome
@jensinek via Instagram

Silver or gold, the chrome trend, is taking over the season, endorsed by celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Dua Lipa. Why not match your gleaming chrome nails with an equally dazzling pedicure?

Glamorous Twinkle Toes

Glamorous Twinkle Toes
@diamondnail.salon via Instagram

Glitter is not just for the fingernails, my friends. Add a sparkle to your step with glittery polishes that elevate your pedicure to a whole new level of glam.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to try these vibrant, fun, and stylish summer nail trends. Remember, the best accessory is a fresh and happy pedicure to match the sunny season. Happy painting!

14 Shades Perfect For A Summer Pedicure? 

Skating into the vibrant realm of summer pedicures is akin to embracing the delightful hues that define the season. As an expert in the beauty domain, I’d love to share some trending shades you might want to consider for a spirited pedicure session. Here are some specific shades that are turning heads this season:

  1. Mint Green: Lean towards “Spearmint Fresh” or “Mint Candy Apple” for a refreshing and calming effect.
  2. Bright Orange: “Tangerine Dream” and “Neon Carrot” are hot picks that bring energy to your toes.
  3. Lemon Yellow: Shades like “Sunshine Yellow” or “Banana Peel” are splendid choices that light up your day with bright and cheerful tones.
  4. Fuchsia Pink: Opt for vibrant shades like “Hot Fuchsia” or “Electric Pink” to add a lively and flirty touch to your summer pedicure.
  5. Lavender: Soothing options like “Lavender Lace” and “Lilac Dreams” offer a soft, elegant touch, perfect for embodying the grace of summer.
  6. Baby Pink: To achieve a subtle yet chic look, you might want to consider “Ballet Slipper” or “Soft Petal,” which bring a natural grace to your feet.
  7. Nude: “Bare It All” and “Nude Whisper” are classy shades with a clean and sophisticated finish, ideal for pairing with any summer outfit.
  8. Glitter: “Starry Night” and “Glitter Bomb” are sensational choices for adding a dazzling touch to your pedicure, perfect for those summer nights out.
  9. Bright White: Dive into the purity of summer with shades like “Snow White” or “Blanc” to get that crisp, fresh look.
  10. Periwinkle: A harmonious blend of blue and violet, options like “Soft Wisteria” or “Bluebell Bloom” are stellar.
  11. Sunset Shades: Embrace the warmth with “Crimson Sunset” or “Peachy Keen” to mimic those beautiful summer sunsets.
  12. Matcha Green: Delve into the soothing shades of “Matcha Madness” or “Mint Cream” for a fresh and trendy look.
  13. Clean Chrome: Go metallic with shades like “Silver Lining” or “Golden Hour” to add a modern and edgy twist to your pedicure.
  14. Twinkle Toes: Opt for glittery polishes like “Twinkle Silver” or “Golden Glitz” to sparkle your summer style.

Remember, the summer is your canvas, and these shades are your palette. Mix and match to find the best combination that represents your summer spirit.

7 Pro Tips For Achieving The Perfect Summer Pedicure? 

Achieving that perfect summer pedicure is not only about choosing vibrant colors but also about the application techniques and aftercare. Let’s dive into some expert tips that can assist you in getting a flawless summer pedicure:

Preparation is Key

  1. Exfoliate Your Feet: Before you begin with your pedicure, make sure to exfoliate your feet well to remove dead skin cells. You can use a pumice stone or a foot scrub for this.
  2. Moisturize: Remember to moisturize your feet to keep them soft and supple after exfoliating.

Selection of Products

  1. Quality Nail Polish: Invest in a good quality nail polish that doesn’t chip easily and offers a vibrant hue.
  2. Base Coat: Don’t skip applying a base coat, as it helps protect your nails and ensures a smoother polish application.
  3. Top Coat: A top coat seals in color and provides a glossy finish, making your pedicure last longer.

Application Techniques

  1. Thin Layers: Apply thin layers of polish and let each layer dry before applying the next. This will prevent the polish from peeling off.
  2. Steady Hand: Try to have a steady hand while applying the polish to prevent it from getting onto your skin. You can use a clean-up brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any mistakes.
  3. Creative Art: If you feel creative, add some nail art or decals to make your pedicure more interesting.


  1. Regular Moisturizing: Maintain the beauty of your feet by moisturizing them regularly. This will prevent your skin from drying out and cracking.
  2. Wear Open-Toed Shoes: To avoid your freshly painted nails from smudging, wear open-toed shoes until the polish is completely dry.
  3. Sunscreen: If you go out, apply sunscreen on your feet to protect them from harmful UV rays.

Bonus Tips

  1. Experiment with Colors: Summer is the perfect time to experiment with vibrant colors and bold patterns. Don’t be afraid to try something new!
  2. Self-Care Ritual: Treat your pedicure session as a self-care ritual. Play relaxing music, light a scented candle, and make it a pampering experience.

Remember, the goal is to have fun while pampering yourself and step into summer with the brightest, happiest feet!

8 Brands That I Think Are Perfect For A Summer Pedicure

Nail Polishes and Coats

  1. OPI: A globally recognized brand offering a wide range of vibrant and long-lasting shades. Their summer collections are always highly anticipated.
  2. Essie: Known for its wide variety of shades and durable formulas, Essie is a popular choice for many nail enthusiasts.
  3. Zoya: A brand prides itself on being vegan-friendly and free from harmful chemicals, offering a rainbow of colors.
  4. Seche Vite: Their fast-drying top coat is a fan favorite, known for giving a high gloss finish and prolonging the life of your pedicure.

Foot Care and Prep Products

  1. Lush Volcano Foot Mask: An incredible product to start your pedicure with, it helps soften and refresh your feet.
  2. The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak is perfect for relaxing and prepping your feet before the pedicure, offering a soothing and refreshing experience.
  3. Amope Pedi Perfect: An electronic foot file that assists in getting rid of rough and dry skin effortlessly.

Nail Care Tools

  1. Tweezerman: Offers a range of high-quality tools like nail clippers, files, and cuticle nippers that can help you achieve a salon-like pedicure at home.
  2. Orly Bonder: A famous rubberized base coat that helps prevent nail polish from chipping, promoting a longer-lasting pedicure.

Additional Tip

  1. Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab Oil: To give your pedicure a finishing touch, apply this oil to nourish and rejuvenate your cuticles.

Remember, while these brands are well-loved, it’s always beneficial to find products that resonate with you personally. Finding the perfect concoction of products for your summer pedicure might take a few trials and errors, but once you do, it’s nothing short of a magical ritual!


Hello, beauty enthusiasts! Remember to choose colors and styles that resonate with your unique personality and comfort level as we bid farewell to this vibrant journey through summer’s most promising nail trends. While exploring these vivid shades and sparkling accents, don’t forget to give your nails some tender, loving care to avoid any potential damage or discoloration. Incorporating a nourishing pin and cuticle oil into your routine can be a game-changer, trust me! Moreover, feel free to get creative and mix and match different shades to create your personalized summer palette. As you enter this season of brightness and warmth, let your pedicure be a canvas reflecting your joy and vibrancy. Embrace the splash of colors, and don’t shy away from shining bright like the summer sun. Let’s welcome the season with open arms and fabulous nails. Happy experimenting!

Feature Photo By @pedis_by_b via Instagram

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