by Tori Jones
Semi-Colon Tattoo

In this vibrant blog post, I’ll weave together tales from across the globe, exploring how mathematics—the language of the universe—and grammar—the foundation of communication—find their place in the timeless art of tattooing. We’ll unlock the profound symbolism behind each glyph, symbol, and formula, shedding light on why an individual may choose to wear a semicolon or a π on their sleeve—both metaphorically and literally.

Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or a newbie just dipping your toes into the ink-filled waters, prepare to be surprised by the depth and diversity of these math and grammar tattoo meanings. By the end of our journey, you’ll have a new-found respect for these unsung ink heroes and maybe even consider getting one yourself. Now, who’s ready to crunch some numbers and dissect some sentences? Let’s dive in!

Dash Tattoo Design

Dash Tattoo
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Picture a dash, just a tiny stroke, acting like a bridge between your thoughts. For many, a dash tattoo is a leap from one part of their life to the next, or a subtle nod to their constant stream of consciousness. I remember an old friend who got a dash tattoo on her wrist. To her, it signified the beautiful flow of her thoughts, ever-evolving and connecting.

Ellipsis Tattoo Design

Ellipsis Tattoo
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An ellipsis, those three little dots, often suggests an ongoing journey or an unfinished story. On the skin, they speak volumes about the person’s unwavering spirit and infinite potential. Once, I inked a man with an ellipsis. He was a writer and saw his life as a story that will always continue, never truly reaching ‘The End.’

Equal Sign Tattoo Design

Equal Sign Tattoo
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The equal sign, in addition to its math application, has gained new life as a potent symbol for gay rights, especially advocating for equal marriage rights. This tiny design can serve as a beacon of acceptance and equality.

Exclamation Point Tattoo Design

Exclamation Point Tattoo
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Exclamation points, those quirky lines of enthusiasm! As a tattoo, they mirror a zest for life and the wearer’s vivacious personality. I once had a client who wanted a small exclamation point behind her ear—she was the life of every gathering, her spirit as infectious as her laughter.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design

Infinity Symbol Tattoo
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The infinity symbol, an eternal loop or a sideways ‘8’, it embodies the concept of eternity, infinity, and the endlessness in the realm of tattoos. Whether it signifies an endless love or an unbroken spirit, this design always exudes a profound message.

Plus Sign Tattoo Design

Plus Sign Tattoo
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The plus sign, a deceptively simple math symbol, has a charming interpretation in tattoo culture—it’s an elegant reminder to stay positive, no matter the odds.

Question Mark Tattoo Design

Question Mark Tattoo
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If you ever see a question mark inked on someone, you’re probably in the company of a deep thinker. It’s a favorite among the philosophically inclined, representing a critical approach to life and an unending curiosity.

Quotation Mark Tattoo Design

Quotation Mark Tattoo
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Empty quotation marks may seem enigmatic, but they carry a powerful message—that life is unscripted, spontaneous, a story being written with each passing moment.

Semi-Colon Tattoo Design

Semi-Colon Tattoo
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The semi-colon has gained significant recognition in recent years as a symbol of hope for those who grapple with depression or suicidal thoughts. The metaphor is profound; just like choosing not to end a sentence, the wearer chooses to continue their life journey, no matter the hardships.

Punctuation and math symbols have crossed over from being mere communication tools to evocative tattoo designs. Their inherent meaning coupled with personal interpretations makes them compelling designs that speak volumes without uttering a word. So next time you’re planning for a new tattoo, remember, a simple symbol can tell a complex story.

Still Looking For Inspiration

there are a wealth of math and grammar tattoos that you can consider. Each carries unique symbolism and meaning, which is part of the beauty and intrigue of such designs. Here are a few additional examples:

  1. Pi Tattoo Design: This Greek letter represents the mathematical constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is a popular choice among mathematicians, engineers, and those who appreciate the constant aspects of life.
  2. Parenthesis Tattoo Design: Parentheses are often used to add additional information or to set apart a thought within a sentence. As a tattoo design, they can symbolize the importance of deeper understanding or insight.
  3. Ampersand Tattoo Design: This symbol represents the word “and”. It can be a beautiful symbol of connection, unity, or togetherness.
  4. Percent Symbol Tattoo Design: The percent symbol might signify an appreciation for balance or represent a symbol of ‘part of a whole’. It could also be a quirky representation of a love for numbers or statistics.
  5. Asterisk Tattoo Design: The asterisk is commonly used to denote a footnote or annotation. As a tattoo, it might symbolize the idea of ‘more beneath the surface’ or the hidden details in one’s life.
  6. Fraction Tattoo Design: Fraction tattoos can signify the division of different aspects of life, or the understanding that we are all part of a larger whole.
  7. Brackets Tattoo Design: In math and programming, brackets often denote order of operations or hold elements in an array. They can symbolize structure, order, or a container for multiple elements in a tattoo design.

Remember, the design you choose should resonate with you personally. It’s always a good idea to discuss your ideas with a professional tattoo artist to create a design that holds deep personal meaning and suits your style perfectly.

What Are The Risks?

While getting a tattoo, including math or grammar symbols, can be an exciting way to express yourself, there are certainly risks and considerations you should keep in mind.

  1. Design Accuracy: Math symbols and grammar marks have precise shapes and forms. Any deviation can change their meaning. Make sure you and your artist have a clear understanding of the design, its correct form, and orientation. For example, the difference between a comma and a semicolon may seem small, but their meanings are very different.
  2. Location and Size: Certain symbols might not translate well into small tattoos due to their complexity. Similarly, over time, small details can blur together, so think carefully about size and placement.
  3. Meaning: Ensure you understand what the symbol represents. You don’t want to permanently ink something onto your body only to find out it doesn’t mean what you thought it did.
  4. Health Risks: As with any tattoo, there are potential health risks, including allergic reactions to ink, skin infections, or transmission of diseases if the equipment isn’t sterilized properly. Always go to a licensed professional and ensure they follow all necessary health and safety protocols.
  5. Future Regret: Styles and preferences can change over time. What might seem like a great idea now could be a source of regret in the future. Take time to consider if you’ll be happy with your decision years down the line.
  6. Permanence: Remember, removing a tattoo is usually more expensive and more painful than getting one. It’s not always completely successful and might leave scars or discoloration.

By taking the time to choose a design that has personal significance, selecting a professional and reputable tattoo artist, and ensuring you’re prepared for the commitment of a permanent tattoo, you can mitigate many of these risks. Remember, it’s your body and your art – make sure you’re fully comfortable with your decisions.


As we close this chapter on our fascinating journey through the world of math and grammar tattoos, let’s remember the fundamental advice — choose a design that resonates with you. After all, a tattoo is an extension of your personality, a silent dialogue between you and the world around you. These symbols might be small, but they carry significant weight, embodying universal concepts and personal narratives.

Now, don’t forget, getting a tattoo is not an impulsive decision. It requires careful thought and consideration. Make sure to find a reputable, professional tattoo artist who maintains the highest standards of hygiene. It’s important to protect yourself against any potential risks such as infections, allergic reactions, or skin complications.

And remember, the healing process is just as crucial as the inking process. Follow your artist’s aftercare instructions to the letter for a safe and smooth recovery.

Whether it’s a tiny ellipsis or a prominent infinity symbol, these designs can carry a world of meaning. They might spark curiosity, inspire conversations, or act as personal reminders of the truths you hold dear. So, dive into the thrilling realm of symbolic tattoos, and let your skin tell a story that’s uniquely yours. Embrace the adventure, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of it!

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