54 Latest Lavender Nail Designs To Try In 2023

by Zoe Scott
Lavender Nails

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Today, we will explore a curated selection of 54 breathtaking lavender nail designs, from the quietly elegant to the boldly intricate. This guide not only promises to introduce you to the variety and versatility of lavender hues – ranging from subtle pastels to lively purples – but also aims to offer tips on flawlessly integrating these nail designs into your spring ensemble, creating a harmonious blend of style and grace. So, let’s usher in the season of renewal with a fresh splash of lavender elegance on our fingertips, sculpting a spring filled with beauty, sophistication, and vibrant creativity. Stay tuned, as we pave the way to achieving the perfect springtime manicure, a representation of finesse and glamour at your fingertips!

Springtime Splendor: Lavender Nail Trends to Adore

Light Lavender with Dainty Nail Art
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Hey there, vibrant pioneers! As the whispers of spring beckon us to refresh our fashion palette, it’s time to indulge in some nail art wonderment. In my adventures as a fashion blogger, I’ve had the delight of experimenting with numerous nail trends, and let me tell you, the enchanting lavender is a perennial favorite. Allow me to guide you through mesmerizing styles perfect to welcome the vibrant season. Let’s dive in!

A Blossom of Delicacy: Light Lavender with Floral Artistry

Glitter-Tipped Almond Nails
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

During my weekend brunch with friends, I couldn’t help but flaunt my fresh manicure— a serene canvas of light lavender adorned with detailed floral and swirl patterns. A hint of personal advice: alternating these detailed nails with plain light lavender ones creates a beautiful and unique rhythmic way that will have everyone asking where you got them done!

Party Ready: Glitter-Tipped Almond Nails

Glitter-Tipped Almond Nails ideas
@masha_alborini via Instagram

For those who desire a dash of glam, the glitter-tipped almond nails are a surefire hit. Picture this: a casual stroll morphing into an impromptu evening soirée; these nails are your versatile companions, bringing a sprinkle of sparkle wherever you go!

Everyday Elegance: Long Light Lavender with Purple Flourishes

Long Light Lavender with Purple Manicure
@nailartbyqueenie via Instagram

If subtlety is your preference, I’d highly recommend this design. On my laid-back coffee dates, I often sport this style, where the ethereal light lavender sets a perfect stage for abstract swirls gracing the accent nails—a sure-shot way to marry elegance with daily wear.

Creative Blend: Swirly Pink and Lavender Fusion

Swirly Pink and Lavender Details
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Afraid of going full lavender? Fret not! One of my favorite playful experiments involved blending gentle purple polish with flirtatious pink swirls and golden glitter, creating a piece of art that danced gleefully on my nails.

Milky Way Marvel: Milky Crystal Lavender Nails

Milky Crystal Lavender Nails
@thenailbarofficial via Instagram

Let me share a secret, this style made me feel like I was cradling a galaxy in my hands! The fluid synergy of whites and purples, with a sprinkle of glitter, presented an illusion of a celestial drink swirling on my fingertips.

Edgy Sophistication: Cool Lavender Marble Nails with Gold Flakes

Cool Lavender Marble Nails with Gold Flakes
@nailsbytony_tran via Instagram

For a splendid afternoon at the art gallery, I chose this design. The marbled lavender exuded sophistication, while the golden flakes added an unexpected but welcome edge to the look.

Artistic Flair: Diagonal Tips and Lavender Yin-Yang

Four-Toned Diagonal Tips
@tipsnailbar via Instagram

I’ve found that lavender harmonizes beautifully with cool pastel tones, making the diagonal tips with varying hues a striking choice. And if you’re up for some spiritual vibe, why not try the yin-yang art with a lavender twist? Adding glittery lines only amplifies the glam factor!

A Touch of Elegance: Glamorous Lavender Nails

Glamorous Lavender Nails
@nailsideasmagazine via Instagram

Want to be the center of attention without going overboard? This section is a dedication to elegance with a touch of sparkle. Whether adding delicate pearls and glitter or floral designs with white accents, these styles promise a fancy flair to your appearance.

Classic and Chic: Simple Lavender Styles

Glam Lavender Nails with Glitter and Pearls
@jesslizs via Instagram

I always say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Embrace the classics with sweet and straightforward lavender nails, or choose almond nails with an essential lavender shade that pairs effortlessly with your daily ensembles.

DIY Inspiration: Lavender and Lilac Abstract Art

Sweet and Simple Lavender Nails
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Last but not least, for my DIY aficionados, here’s a style that beckons creativity. Playing with full lavender and lilac nails offers a subtle yet captivating contrast, offering a canvas to let your abstract artistry flourish.

Whispering Lavender Tales: Textured Tips

Elegant Lavender Nails with White Flowers
@nailzkatkat via Instagram

Imagine walking into your Monday morning meeting, your hands carrying documents and tales of subtle artistry. The textured lavender tips on a pinkish-nude base are your perfect ally – a style that whispers elegance and fosters admiration upon a closer look. I tried this look for a series of webinars last week, and the compliments haven’t stopped flowing!

A Symphony in Two Tones: Stylish Lavender Nails

Simple Lavender Almond Nails
@tracynailssss via I*nstagram

Why limit yourself to one shade when you can enjoy the symphony of two delightful lavender hues dancing gracefully on your nails? Adorn them with glittery silver waves, adding that perfect sprinkle of fancy to your two-toned manicure. It’s a favorite for those weekend brunches where fashion conversations are a staple.

Classic Charm: Neat Bluish Lavender Mani

Lavender and Lilac Abstract Nail Art
@vivianmariewon via Instagram

For a look that radiates timeless grace, opt for a bluish-lavender gel polish that brings an understated gloss to your appearance. Trust me, it’s a choice that resonates with class and an evergreen style.

A Floral Romance: Lavender on Lilac

Textured Lavender Tips
@heluviee via Instagram

Drawing from my experiments, pairing lilac and lavender paints a picture of a serene floral garden on your nails. Recreate the magic at home with a stamping polish kit, and witness how these similar hues craft a narrative that’s anything but plain or boring.

Home Artistry: Easy Lavender Nail Designs

Stylish Two-Toned Lavender Nails
@polished_yogi via Instagram

Pressed for time but craving some nail art magic? Fret not! I’ve been in your shoes and discovered that creating a masterpiece is only a few brush strokes away. A canvas of lavender adorned with pastel blue and pink dots brushed toward the tip has been my go-to for a quick nail glam-up!

Marble Mystique: Lavender Marble Tips

Neat Bluish Lavender Mani
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Ready to take your nail art game up a notch? Embark on a creative journey with marble nail art. Using a swirl of pastel tones at the tips, you can craft an alluring marble effect that speaks volumes about your style and creativity.

A Radiant Blossom: Chic Lavender and Pink Matte Nails

Chic Lavender and Pink Matte Nails

Picture this – a delicate radial gradient effect with lavender playing the serene backdrop and pink blooming at the center. A matte finish brings it all together, crafting a look that’s nothing short of a radiant blossom on your nails.

Spring Palette: Yellow and Lavender Combos

Charming Yellow and Lavender Nail Art
@heygreatnails via Instagram

Since I spotted the pastel yellow trend, I couldn’t resist pairing it with our lavender star player. A fusion that promises to conquer the season with its cheerful vibes and spring essence.

Minimalist Elegance: White and Lavender Accents

White Square Nails with Lavender Accent Nail
@via Instagram

A note for those who adore minimalism – the white square nails with lavender accents promise a refreshing touch without being too flashy. I’ve often sported them during tea sessions, where elegance meets understated style.

Playful Spirits: Eccentric Short Lavender Nails

Eccentric Short Lavender Nails
@polished_yogi via Instagram

Welcome spring with nails that sing a playful tune! The abstract details, blue swirls, and yellow-green tips create a canvas of joy and springtime freshness, inviting smiles wherever you go.

Charming Narratives: Sweet Squoval Lavender Nail Art

Sweet Short Squoval Lavender Nail Art
@betina_goldstein via Instagram

Oh, the charm of heart details and uniquely painted tips! Suitable for all age groups, these nails carry a sweet narrative, turning the magic up a notch in any gathering.

Statement Glam: Glamorous Jeweled Nails

Glamorous Jeweled Nails
@merlin_nails via Instagram

Ready to be the talk of the town? These glamorous jeweled nails are your ticket to turning heads without overpowering your style. The crystals and angled lines craft a bold and beautiful narrative.

A Whiff of Elegance: Delicate Lavender Nails

Delicate Lavender Nails
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Imagine a delicate pairing of lavender and white gracing your nails, telling a story of grace and sophistication. Accentuate this dainty duo with lavender flower designs to bring a delightful touch of nature right at your fingertips.

Subtle Sparkle: Shimmery Lavender Nail Polish

Shimmery Lavender Nail Polish
@gloss_nh via Instagram

Who says glitter needs to scream for attention? I recently embraced a muted sparkle with a lavender base, and trust me, it adds a tender glow to your persona, giving a softer yet radiant finish.

A Celestial Pair: Extra-Long Lavender Acrylic Nail Designs

Dazzling Shades of Pink and Lavender
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

For the aficionados of shine and elegance, here’s a celestial pair of glossy lavender and glittery pink that promises to be a heavenly match for your nails. It’s like wearing a little piece of the starry sky right on your fingertips!

Luxurious Depth: Glossy Bluish Lavender Coffin Nails

Glossy Bluish Lavender Coffin Nails
@elegancenailsupply via Instagram

Dive deep into the luxurious realm with these coffin nails, where the blend of marble art and dark purple glitter polish lends an exquisite luxe touch to your long nails.

Edgy Glamour: Lavender Nails for Glam Rock

Lavender Nails for Glam Rock
@polished_yogi via Instagram

Step into the spotlight with an acrylic nail set that’s a harmonious symphony of glitter, ombré, and French tips. The black butterfly art and jewel accents add an edgy contrast, making you the rock star of nail fashion.

Floral Fiesta: Extravagant Lilac and Lavender Acrylic Nails

Extravagant Lilac and Lavender Acrylic Nails
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

If turning heads is your game, these jeweled acrylic nails are your ally. Embrace the vibrant beauty of spring with 3D flowers that are nothing short of a blooming fiesta on your nails.

Stiletto Sparkle: Breathtaking Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

Breathtaking Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones
@nailstory_ca via Instagram

For those who love a dramatic flair, these super-long nails adorned with gleaming gems and stiletto-shaped pinkies are the epitome of glamour and elegance, ready to elevate your style narrative.

Cool Blossoms: Blue Lavender Spring Nails

Blue Lavender Spring Nails
@heluviee via Instagram

Experience a cool spring breeze with a playful combination of rhinestones and flower charms set against a blue and lavender polish canvas. It’s like having a piece of the serene sky right at your fingertips.

Trendsetter Alert: Long Multi-Colored Marble Tips

Long Multi-Colored Marble Tips
@thehautespot via Instagram

Be the trendsetter with these super-long coffin nails featuring a vibrant marble polish, a combination that promises to grab attention and accolades wherever you go.

Party Ready: Long, Gleaming Almond Nails

Long, Gleaming Almond Nails
@jesslizs via Instagram

Here’s a shoutout to all the party enthusiasts! Adorn your nails with shiny blue flakes on a base of soft lavender, crafting a look that always keeps you celebration-ready.

Butterfly Dreams: Dreamy Butterfly Lavender Nails

Dreamy Butterfly Lavender Nails
@nailartbyjen via Instagram

Butterfly lovers, this one’s specially crafted for you! Indulge in a dreamy narrative with gold jewels accentuating the butterfly art on long lavender acrylics, a look that promises to be the star of any event.

Blossoming Beauty: Youthful Pastel Nails

Youthful Pastel Nails
@polished_yogi via Instagram

Here’s to capturing the youthful joy of spring with light pastel colors, crafting a delightful design that resonates with teens and tweens alike.

Sparkling Spring: Bedazzled Short Lavender Nails

Bedazzled Short Lavender Nails
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Who says short nails can’t make a statement? Adorn them with gold moons and sparkling crystals to capture the magic and beauty of spring in a striking yet elegant manner.

Floral Whispers: Oval Floral Nails

Oval Floral Nails
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

If you’re flirting with the idea of floral nails but seek a subtle charm, here’s a look that brings the serene beauty of spring to your nails without going overboard. A personal tip – ask your nail designer to draw flowers on a few nails for a more straightforward yet enchanting look.

A French Twist: Blooming Lavender Tipped Nails

Blooming Lavender Tipped Nails
@nailartbyqueenie via Instagram

Picture this: a modern take on the classic French tip that echoes the vibrant bloom of spring. The soft lavender tips adorned with delightful flower details promise to add a sprinkle of spring magic to your hands. I remember trying this with a group of friends last year, and let’s say we couldn’t stop flaunting our nails!

Fresh Blossoms: Refreshing Lavender Nails with Gray Floral Nail Art

Refreshing Lavender Nails with Gray Floral Nail Art
@pueencosmetics via Instagram

Imagine stepping into a lush garden every time you glance at your nails. This light and airy design, complete with spirals and dots, offers a refreshing and modern twist to the floral theme. It’s like having a piece of a tranquil garden right on your nails, it is so soothing and refreshing!

A Floral Showcase: Lovely Lavender Flowers with Lavender Nails

Lovely Lavender Flowers with Lavender Nails
@nailzkatkat via Instagram

White has this magical property of making everything pop. Just like a blank canvas waiting to be graced by an artist, the white polish base here allows the lavender flowers to shine, bringing a delicate yet striking visual delight to your fingertips.

Fiery Fusion: Bright Orange and Lavender Nails

Bright Orange and Lavender Nails
@disseynails via Instagram

For those who prefer a splash of boldness, here’s a vibrant concoction of fiery orange and gentle lavender, creating a striking balance that’s bound to add a zesty touch to any outfit. I tried this combination during a beach vacation, and it was an absolute hit!

Floral Elegance: Pretty Lavender Nails with Pink Accent

Pretty Lavender Nails with Pink Accent
@gloss_nh via Instagram

Here’s a personal favorite: the gentle harmony of lavender and pink adorned with intricately designed flowers and green leaves. It’s a floral symphony on your nails, creating an art piece you’d be proud to showcase at any springtime gathering.

DIY Friendly: Effortless Blue and Lavender Nail Design

Effortless Blue and Lavender Nail Design
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Embrace the calming hues of blue and lavender with this easy-to-wear, even easier-to-create nail design. It’s perfect for those sporting short nails and looking to add color and joy to their everyday look.

Subtle Glam: Pretty Simple Lavender Nails

Pretty Simple Lavender Nails
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

For the lovers of simplicity with a hint of glam. A subtle lavender gel manicure with a touch of glitter and metallic art on one nail offers a chic yet low-maintenance style perfect for busy bees.

Lavender Palette: All-in-One Lavender Nails

All-in-One Lavender Nails
@nailartbyqueenie via Instagram

Why settle for one when you can have them all? This vibrant design invites you to play with different tones of lavender, creating a versatile and visually appealing palette on your nails. It’s like wearing the entire blooming lavender field on your fingertips!

A Floral Canvas: Light and Deep Lavender Nail Art

Light and Deep Lavender Nail Art
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Indulge in the beauty of this multi-faceted design that showcases a beautiful contrast of light and deep lavender tones. It’s a piece of art that promises to be the perfect accessory for any occasion, bringing a touch of floral elegance to your ensemble.

Simplicity Meets Sparkle: Plain and Glittery Lavender Gel Nails

Plain and Glittery Lavender Gel Nail
@mandisnailss via Instagram

This design is your go-to for those who adore a touch of sparkle without overwhelming the senses. The juxtaposition of plain lavender nails with a single glittery accent nail brings a touch of glamour to a simplistic design, a nod to understated elegance.

Lavender Lace Delight

Lavender Lace Delight
@nailartbyqueenie via Instagram

Picture a light lavender base adorned with delicate lace patterns, creating a sophisticated and feminine look. It could remind you of a Sunday brunch outfit, and it pairs beautifully with a white lace dress, giving a touch of elegance and grace to your overall ensemble.

Geometric Lavender Brilliance

Geometric Lavender Brilliance
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Geometric patterns are all the rage nowadays. Imagine pairing different shades of lavender with geometric patterns, using clean lines and shapes to create a modern and chic nail art design. This style gives you many opportunities to play around and create unique, striking patterns.

Lavender and Gold Flecked Marvel

Lavender and Gold Flecked Marvel
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

For a look that screams luxury and elegance, why not pair lavender nails with gold flecks or accents? This combination works wonders, providing a rich contrast and adding a luxurious touch to your manicure. It’s like having tiny pieces of jewelry on your nails, ready to sparkle with every gesture.

Pastel Lavender Ombre Wonder

Pastel Lavender Ombre Wonder
@polished_yogi via Instagram

If you’re in love with gradients, a lavender ombre could be your next favorite design. Transitioning from a soft pastel lavender to a deep, vibrant hue towards the tips creates a mesmerizing effect that’s pleasing to the eye and adds a depth of character to your nails. It’s a gentle reminder of spring sunsets, where the sky transitions from a lovely hue of lavender to a deep, soothing night sky.

5 Amazing Nail Trends For Spring Besides Lavender?

Pastel Parade

This spring, it’s all about soft, soothing tones that remind you of blooming flowers and clear skies. Think pastel yellows, mint greens, and baby blues. These shades resonate well with the season and add a touch of freshness to your style. I love coordinating these colors with my spring outfits – it’s like carrying some beautiful spring blooms wherever I go!

Floral Fantasies

Floral designs always seem to stay in style, especially during the spring season. You can experiment with various floral nail arts from delicate daisies to vibrant roses. Adding a floral accent nail to a solid manicure can be a subtle yet stylish nod to the blooming season. Try matching the floral designs with your favorite spring scarf or headband for that extra flair!

Minimalist Chic

The minimalist trend is for you if you lean towards a more understated style. Think clean lines, negative space, and simple geometric shapes. A little birdie told me that the combination of a nude base with white lines is a hot favorite this season. This trend pairs wonderfully with almost any outfit, giving a neat and polished vibe.

Metallic Shimmers

Add a sparkle to your spring with metallic nail polishes. Silver, gold, or bronze, these shimmery polishes can be used as an accent or for the entire manicure. Incorporating metallic elements into your nail design can bring a touch of glamour to your everyday look. A touch of metallic sparkle can really lift my mood, making me feel a tad more glamorous even on a casual day out.

Textured Nails

Adding textures to your nails can create a unique and intriguing look. Using nail polishes with different finishes or adding elements like rhinestones and beads can make tactile and visual diversity on your nails. Remember the time when I experimented with textured nail art using tiny beads? It became a conversation starter at many gatherings!

Remember, the best trends are the ones that make you feel fabulous, so don’t be afraid to tweak these trends to match your style. Happy experimenting, my savvy style pioneers!

5 Brands / Shades of Lavender Nail Polish I Love


This well-renowned brand offers a fabulous range of lavender shades that cater to every style preference. One of my go-to favorites is “Do You Lilac It?” – it’s a vibrant lavender shade that adds a pop of brightness to any nail art design.


Essie is another brand that always delivers. Their “Play Date” is a lively lavender hue that can instantly uplift your mood. I remember the first time I tried it, and it was indeed love at first sight (or should I say, first swipe?).


Zoya offers a more subdued and elegant take on lavender with their shade called “Abby”. It’s a softer hue, which lends a touch of sophistication to your nails. This could be your best bet if you’re into a more muted palette. Trust me, it’s a must-try for those who appreciate understated elegance.


ILNP’s “Lilac Bridges” could be your perfect match if you’re leaning towards a sparkly manicure. It combines the softness of lavender with a holographic sparkle, creating a magical effect on your nails. It’s a bit like having a springtime fairy tale right at your fingertips!

Remember, when selecting a shade, consider your skin tone and the designs you plan to create. Sometimes, mixing and matching shades to create a more vibrant and dynamic look is also great. I hope these suggestions guide you in finding your perfect lavender shade, happy polishing to all the style aficionados out there!

Seasonal Pairings with Lavender Nails

As we blissfully step into the blooming embrace of spring, it becomes almost instinctual to mirror the tender hues of the season in our style choices. Lavender, being a hue that wonderfully echoes the gentle blooming flowers of spring, offers a rich canvas to paint our fashion narratives.


When it comes to outfits, lavender nails have a harmonious relationship with pastel-themed wardrobes. Picture a leisurely brunch in a soft lavender maxi dress, complemented impeccably by your nuanced lavender nails. For a chic contrast, team up your lavender nails with outfits in mint or soft yellow tones, bringing a fresh and vibrant perspective to spring fashion.


On the accessories front, delicate silver jewelry can be your go-to companion. Picture a silver bracelet laying gracefully on your wrist, making a subtle yet potent style statement along with your lavender nails. For an edgier look, don’t shy away from pairing with bold geometric accessories, creating a stunning fusion of gentleness and boldness.


When it comes to makeup, let’s allow a canvas of soft neutral tones to play the ground for highlighting lavender hues. A hint of lavender eye shadow paired with a nude lip can create a magical spring look. And, don’t forget a soft sweep of lavender-hued highlighter on the high points of your face to bring a gentle glow that matches your nails.

A Guide to DIY Lavender Nail Art

In the spirit of embracing the blossoming creativity that spring brings, why not take a plunge into crafting your own lavender nail art at home? Here, I bring to you a simple yet engaging guide to adorning your nails with the touch of lavender grace.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before we begin, make sure to gather all necessary supplies which would include a base coat, lavender nail polish in shades ranging from light to dark, a top coat, and a set of dotting tools or toothpicks for the intricate patterns.

Step 2: Prep Your Nails

Start by giving your nails a good shape according to your preference, followed by a layer of base coat to protect your nails and create a smooth canvas.

Step 3: Lay the Ground

Next, apply a coat of your chosen lavender nail polish. You might choose a soft pastel lavender for a more subdued look or a vibrant shade for a lively canvas.

Step 4: Getting Artistic

Now comes the fun part! Using your dotting tools or toothpicks, begin to create floral patterns, swirls, or abstract designs using different shades of lavender. Don’t fret about perfection; sometimes, the beauty lies in the imperfections!

Step 5: The Finishing Touch

Once your art is dry, seal it with a top coat to ensure longevity and a glossy finish.


In wrapping up, we’ve embarked on a beautiful journey through today’s versatile world of lavender nail designs. As you try these inspiring designs, always remember to prioritize the health of your nails. Opt for quality polishes and treatments to keep your nails strong and vibrant. If you’re stepping into the DIY territory, don’t stop experimenting, but be prepared for a few trials before perfecting your art. Moreover, when opting for long or acrylic nails, be cautious, as they can sometimes be demanding on your natural nails. But don’t let that deter you! Embrace the season with a vibrant splash of lavender on your nails, whether in a salon or the comfort of your home. Here’s to blossoming into this beautiful season with grace and style, one pin at a time. Let’s make this spring a canvas of creativity and self-expression, showcasing the beauty that blossoms when fashion meets art.

Feature image @nailsbyalsn via Instagram

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