11+ Geometric Flower Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Tori Jones
Geometric Flower Tattoo

Have you ever inked a geometric flower tattoo? Explore 10 interesting geometric flower tattoo ideas and some phenomenal Instagram links along to get inspired.

Geometric Flower Tattoo
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Flower tattoos have always been on-trend, but geometric flower tattoos add another layer of meaning to your tattoo with tiny or big circles, intricate and abstract designs and sometimes minimalistic representations.

Depending on your choice of flower, the meanings can change. Flower tattoos are incredibly versatile and perfectly blend with every geometric design.

To get a glimpse of various geometric flower tattoo ideas (with visual experience from Instagram links), dive right in!

Geometric Orchid Flower Tattoo

Geometric Orchid Flower Tattoo
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Orchids are undeniably the most desired ornamental plants of all. These species are exquisite, sensational, and elegant, that no one can deny the magic of their beauty. Orchids, coupled with their dazzling appearance, hold many symbolic meanings throughout ancient traditions and lifestyles. It is a symbol of love, comfort, vision, and resilience.

This illustration holding the orchid flower at the centre of the design makes it ideal for displaying a visual hierarchy. It is the dominant element having extensive visual weight, and it attracts the eyes first. It is enclosed by a bold inverted triangle bringing a splash of red to the orchids.

The triangle can be a symbol of the Illuminati. However, It can indicate growth, guiding to a virtuous way of living. It is also attached with a symbolic and spiritual meaning of life. Spiritually, it depicts a direction of illumination towards an omnipresent being. The orchid is surrounded by a dotted circle and is shaded with black ink to focus on the dominant element. The sides are covered with few geometric shapes and flower petals to complete the look. Outside the pyramid, only the orchid buds are inked red, showing that the bearer is looking forward to a new beginning in life.

You can personalize this motif by choosing a colour representing your emotions and journeys, like having pink colour orchids as a token of love for your 14th or 25th wedding anniversary.

Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo
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The lotus flower is the most elegant and symbolically one of the rich flowers in the world. It holds numerous symbolic meanings among various cultures. It symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, detachment from materialism, purity, resurrection, and tranquillity. While its symbolism is embedded in various faiths and religions, everyone has gradually accepted and believed irrespective of their preaching.

This motif is a fun, creative, and contemporary lotus piece. Every element seems to stick out independently but blends well with each other. So few elements need to dominate others to bring out visual contrast. This sleeve tattoo brings all the elements and the attached meanings subtly to life.

The triangle enclosing the focal element shows the union of two different lotus flowers. Symbolically, it is a union of enlightenment and wisdom. After this point, you enter a path of self-awakening depicted by a purple lotus, bounded by a dotted circle in the tattoo. The outer parts are completed with the rest of the lotus and a few arches with black ink.

If you want a geometric flower tattoo depicting the meaning of life on your body, you can count on this design.

Geometric Poppy Flower Tattoo

Geometric Poppy Flower Tattoo
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Poppy flowers are deeply rooted in cultural significance. They are usually linked with reminiscence and peaceful rest. But the symbolic meaning is greater than expected. It is also regarded as a symbol of imagination, victory, prosperity, and nirvana in death. They are generally tied to last offices and souvenirs in the East.

This creation is a personal piece and serves as a memorial tattoo. The geometric design doesn’t use colours; instead is a black and grey motif bringing out the charm and heavenly beauty of this flower.

A triangle bounds the central part of the flower. This shape from a long time is being used to convey secret messages. It represents the creative turn powered by the harmony of negatives. Depending on the messages you require to journey across your life lessons, you can have a different meaning of this shape. This brings a personal touch to your geometric design.

This tiny minimalist design uses whip shading and dots shading techniques on the inside of the pyramid to bring out the beauty of this flower. The flower petals positioned outside the pyramid are filled with black ink to focus on the inner portion.

If you want to pay tribute to your dear ones, this choice can never go wrong.

Geometric Sunflower Tattoo

Geometric Sunflower Tattoo
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Sunflower, admired and idolized by everyone, is famous for its unique propensity to go along with the sun daylong. Due to its colour and shape, this happy flower bears a resemblance to the sun since ancient times. Thus it is related to warmth, positivity, aspiration, and joy. With time, the symbolic meaning has extended in length from gratitude to fidelity, persistence, and intelligence.

This geometric tattoo is a unique design portraying the bearer’s thoughts and perception about life. Furthermore, with their distinctive semblance and deep meanings attached with this flower, it renders massive inspiration to the tattoo artist to play with the theme and motif.

It represents love and affection between two loved ones. The pair of sunflowers enclosed in a bold inverted triangle brings all the limelight to the flowers getting together. It is a symbol of remembrance, celebration, and growth. It is a linework tattoo with black ink using thick and thick lines to make it artistic.

This geometric tattoo is a mark of eternal devotion and happier life. If you want a simple design in your beloved’s honour, this will be a perfect choice.

Geometric Peony Flower Tattoo

Geometric Peony Flower Tattoo
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Peonies are exorbitantly mesmerizing that blooms in spring. They are the king of flowers and are the most famous garden plants in Asia and America. These fragrant beauties, with their magical spell, are everyone’s favourite. Their vast, glamourous blooms are an eye-catcher.

This geometric tattoo beautifully captures the essence of peonies. The centre part of the motif brings the peony flower and lion moiety into a single element. Usually, the peony flowers symbolize success, good fortune, affection, and prestige. The lion motif grabs the hot spot to make this geometric tattoo bold and subtle at the same time. The mighty beasts signify bravery, nobility, peace, and zest.

It is a linework tattoo giving a realistic impression inked on the back. The placement of this black tattoo is perfect so that the motif doesn’t look cram-full. The sides of the geometric tattoo are covered with different shapes to show that some flashes of bright light are coming out.

It’s a beautiful union of good fortune and courage in a tattoo design. This geometric tattoo will inspire you every moment to walk on your life principles. Success comes to those who work hard for it, who dare to face their challenges upfront.

If you’re searching for a flower tattoo that stands out, this design is a perfect option.

Geometric Blue Bonnet Flower Tattoo

Geometric Blue Bonnet Flower Tattoo
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Bluebonnets, Texas-pride are pretty, lofty, slender, indigo-coloured blooms that have an unusual beauty. The bluebonnet’s enthralling tale with a long history is world-famous folklore. Therefore, the bluebonnet symbolizes heroism and self-sacrifice, in line with its glorious Texas pride.

This flower geometric tattoo is a perfect sleeve tattoo for the love of bluebonnets. The motif is inked with vibrant primary colours to bring out the delicate and fine details of the flower. It gives a realistic impression with different colour shading techniques.

The backdrop of the bluebonnet flower is covered with triangles. The pyramid at the centre is drawn with a bold, thin line. And a reflection is made with a dotted line above this shape. The use of black ink is purposefully done in the parts where geometrical shapes are drawn to make it pop out.

So if you’re looking for a simple tattoo with significant meaning, you can count on this tattoo.

Geometric Panther Head Flower Tattoo

Geometric Panther Head Flower Tattoo
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If you want to stick out from the crowd, this geometric tattoo will never fail you. It is a fusion of black panther tattoo with a dagger and flower. It is one of the most symbolic animals and an essential flower tattoo union. This panther head animal tattoo is a famous design with its roots in history that manifests fierceness and strength.

This motif shows a panther’s head in a daring and fearless tattoo symbol of vigour. The growl, eager to quench its thirst, striking eyes filled with anger, make them a mighty beast. The traditional panther tattoo with a dagger symbolizes a stumbling block in life that has been successfully defeated. This signifies that the bearer has passed through a rough phase in life. But the zeal and determination to overcome such difficulties have always overridden the situations.

The flower in the panther’s mouth signifies purification, solicitude, calm, and pride in oneself. This is considered to be the reward for the bearer. This geometric flower tattoo through the design shows the bearer’s journey – one which may have dangers but has a flowery end.

Geometric Rose Flower Tattoo

Geometric Rose Flower Tattoo
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Roses have captivated every culture and art for ages. Apart from the most common signs of love and romance, there is appreciably more to its essence. Its significance resonates with every feeling and situation, whether you want to express glee, amity, or gloom. A perfect flower for every occasion! Hence, the reason behind this amazing piece of art.

This iconic design portraying prowess and boldness is an absolute charmer. You don’t need to worry about the thorns; these have a symbolic meaning attached to the flower tattoo design. It signifies the bearer’s beliefs. If there is an unknown accident, there will always be a speed-breaker in the road to indicate danger. But only those who face their problems without fear will be able to solve them.

The rose geometric tattoo is a timeless piece of blackwork. It is a minimalist and simple design inked on the leg or arms. The intricate details of the flower are made with line work. Three diamond-shaped designs bound the flower. These are of different sizes enclosed in each other to bring the focus element into the limelight.

This tattoo is a trend that will never die; you will never regret this choice.

Traditional Geometric Flower Tattoo

Traditional Geometric Flower Tattoo
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Traditional geometric flower tattoo is a union of American traditional tattoo style and geometric designs. It is an amazing, dazzling, and bold illustration that catches the eye in seconds. The American traditional tattoos are the most famous and distinguishable tattoos of all the styles and have been imitated numerous times.

More famous than ever, traditional tattoo artists these days use reliable and proven techniques to design tattoos that are implied to last (which you can also mark from a mile away!). Traditional tattoo designs represent simple imagery with crisp, vivid line work and use a little colour pattern.

To get a traditional tattoo inked is of great importance in paying respect to the ancient art form keeping the custom alive. The meanings may differ from design to design, but these have stood the test of time.

Mandala Geometric Flower Tattoo Mandala Geometric Flower Tattoo

Mandala Geometric Flower Tattoo Mandala Geometric Flower Tattoo
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A mandala is a sacred art that holds a great deal of symbolism throughout ancient times. The meaning varies from culture to culture but the geometric designs and patterns have unique characteristics. Typically, mandalas are made of circles bounded within squares and divided into segments arranged around a focal point.

This geometric flower tattoo is unique in its way. It is a mural tattoo on the back of the bearer. Many individuals want different geometric tattoos or a blend of styles inked on their bodies. But there is also another category of individuals who wish many tattoos together in a specific body part, most commonly sleeves and back. Don’t worry it’s not completed in a single sitting, but the patience and wait are worth it!

The best thing about this tattoo style is the amount of originality in these designs. The different tattoo designs cannot be randomly placed alongside each other to complete the mural. There must be a flow of pattern, meaning, symmetry among designs, balance in the colour palette, and an experienced tattoo artist.

This geometric flower tattoo is a mandala-based tattoo flash shaded in the centre part with black ink to grab the attention there first. The design then spreads out towards the outer sides in symmetry.

If you want a mural, then this tattoo idea can never disappoint you.

These are the 10 best geometric flower tattoo ideas that you will always be proud to wear on your skin.

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