12+ Crazy JOKER TATTOO Ideas To Inspire You In 2023!

by Tori Jones
Joker Tattoo

There’s a certain allure to the Joker, the mischievous maven of DC Comics lore. With an ever-changing face in pop culture — represented by a gallery of talented actors breathing life into this complex supervillain — the Joker has woven himself into our cultural fabric. A symbol of anarchy, he also embodies an odd form of resilience. This resilience, albeit directed toward darker pursuits, is what some find intriguing and, dare I say, relatable.

Adding a dash of romance to the mix, we’ve also seen customers pay homage to the Joker’s tumultuous love story with Harley Quinn. One such romantic, freshly inked at the renowned London Inkspot, shared: “Their love is mad, passionate, and incredibly messed up. But it’s real, intense. It reminds me of my wild younger years.”

In the world of body art, the Joker isn’t simply the villain of the story. He’s a canvas of complex emotions and narratives, allowing tattoo lovers to express their deepest struggles, romantic adventures, or the tantalizing tightrope walk between good and evil. So, let’s delve deeper into the myriad ways this compelling character can come alive on your skin, embodying the elements of his saga that strike a chord with you.

Joker Tattoo Designs

Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo

Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo
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The tumultuous relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn, etched in the panels of DC Comics, is as passionate as it is perilous. It’s a love story that resonates with many, each seeing in it different shades of their own experiences. An anecdote from one client at Inksmith Tattoo in Boston illustrates this: he chose to ink the duo on his arm as a testament to a love that survived against all odds, much like the mad love of Joker and Harley. Yet the same tattoo also serves as a reminder of love’s potential to spiral into obsession or toxicity. As a representation, you can opt for the classic cartoon portrayal or versions of the characters brought to life by Hollywood’s finest.

Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos

Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos
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The Suicide Squad version of Joker is a rendition that has sparked an ink revolution of its own. His edgy look and anarchistic demeanor, coupled with the recognizable Joker tattoos, have become a sought-after design. But remember, the Joker’s ink is more than just skin-deep — it’s a symbol of madness, perseverance, or darkness. “The Joker from Suicide Squad reminded me that there’s beauty in chaos, that order isn’t always the answer,” recounted a tattoo recipient from Inked Dreams Studio in Toronto.

Joker Smile Tattoo

Joker Smile Tattoo
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The Joker’s notorious smile, whether tattooed on his hand or echoed in his maniacal grin, speaks volumes. Some see it as a facade hiding the pain, while others link it to the inherent madness we all possess. For a patron at Ink Sanctuary in New York, his Joker smile tattoo served as a reminder of his own hidden strength, “showing the world a brave face, no matter what.”

Joker Card Tattoo

Joker Card Tattoo
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The Joker card in a deck — unpredictable and capable of changing the game at any moment — carries a significant symbolism when inked. The interpretation can vary from a beacon of fortune to a warning against deceit. Billy, a regular at The Ink Factory in Dublin, got his Joker card tattoo as a daily reminder of life’s unpredictable turns and the importance of playing one’s hand right.

Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo
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Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight was a performance that, for many, became the definitive face of the character. His eerie grin and that unforgettable maniacal laugh have been captured by artists on skin canvases around the globe. In the words of a tattoo enthusiast from Berlin’s Pain and Pleasure Tattoo, “Ledger’s Joker is an homage to the complexity of humanity.”

Joker Face Tattoo

Joker Face Tattoo
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From his unique makeup to his chilling scars, the Joker’s face is a canvas reflecting the underlying darkness and the constant struggle for equilibrium in life. Each Joker face tattoo carries a personal narrative, from representing an endurance saga to simply being a tribute to the iconic Batman-Joker storyline.

Joker Hahaha Tattoo

Joker Hahaha Tattoo
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That distinctive, unsettling laughter of Batman’s nemesis often finds its way onto skin in the form of a “Hahaha” tattoo. It serves as a token of his chaotic nature and remorseless deeds. Such a tattoo isn’t merely an ink choice; it’s an ice-breaker, a conversation starter.

Joker Smile Hand Tattoo

Joker Smile Hand Tattoo
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Emulating the Joker’s own hand tattoo can be seen as a stark symbol of duality in human nature, or simply a tribute to the supervillain. Do remember that hand tattoos are high on visibility and can be conversation starters, so be prepared for some curious glances and questions!

Simple Joker Tattoo

Simple Joker Tattoo
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Often, the most profound statements are made with simplicity. A minimalistic Joker tattoo focusing on essential elements can capture the essence of this enigmatic character beautifully, reminding us of the continuous struggle between good and evil.

Black Joker Tattoo

Black Joker Tattoo
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Though the Joker is a character known for his colorful appearance, a black tattoo can capture his dark, moody essence in a timeless way. More suitable across different skin tones, black ink is a practical and evocative choice.

Joker Tattoo – “Why So Serious?”

Joker Tattoo - "Why So Serious?"
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The Joker’s infamous catchphrase, “Why so serious?” is not just a reminder of his unique take on life but also a symbol of his attempts to mask his own pain. It’s a phrase that resonates with many, making this tattoo both simple and significant.

Jared Leto Joker Tattoos

Jared Leto Joker Tattoos
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The 2016 interpretation of the Joker by Jared Leto added a fresh visual vocabulary to the Joker’s body art, featuring tattoos like “damaged” across his forehead. This choice could be a tribute to your favorite Joker version or just an appreciation of Leto’s captivating portrayal.

Potential Drawbacks and Criticisms of Joker Tattoos

As compelling as the Joker’s narrative is, it’s important to remember that this character is inherently a symbol of chaos, anarchy, and destructive tendencies. While this can represent resilience and a willingness to challenge societal norms, it also carries negative connotations that might not align with everyone’s values or beliefs.

In some circles, tattoos of villains or characters known for their criminal behavior might be seen as glorifying these negative traits. For some, the Joker represents violence and instability rather than resilience or rebellion. Understanding these differing perspectives is key to making an informed decision about getting a Joker tattoo.

Furthermore, tattoos in general are not without their potential drawbacks. They are a lifelong commitment and removing them can be expensive and painful. It’s also crucial to remember that societal attitudes towards tattoos can vary greatly. In certain professions or cultures, visible tattoos might still be viewed negatively.

Therefore, it’s important to consider your personal circumstances, professional aspirations, and cultural context when deciding on any tattoo design. If you’re considering a Joker tattoo, it might be worthwhile to discuss these considerations with friends, family, or even a career advisor before committing. After all, a tattoo is not just a form of self-expression, but also a decision that may have long-term implications.

Finally, the choice of a tattoo artist and a tattoo studio is of paramount importance. Always choose a reputable artist and studio, as a poorly executed tattoo or one done under unhygienic conditions can lead to a range of health issues, from skin infections to severe allergic reactions.


In summary in the unpredictable, chaotic universe of ink, the Joker reigns as a captivating muse, serving as an emblem of rebellion, resilience, and the constant duel between light and darkness. Just like the character himself, the placement of your Joker tattoo could add an additional layer of meaning. While more visible areas like the forearm or neck make a bold statement, hidden spots carry an element of personal rebellion. Remember, larger and more detailed pieces require bigger canvases like the back or chest, and a seasoned portrait tattoo artist could be the key to bringing such intricate designs to life. As for cost, anticipate a broad range anywhere from $200 to $2000, depending largely on the complexity of your design and the reputation of your chosen tattoo artist.

Inking a piece of the Joker on your skin isn’t just about fandom; it’s about embodying a piece of his chaos, resilience, or complexity. It’s a symbol of accepting the unexpected twists and turns life offers us. As thrilling as the idea of getting a Joker tattoo might be, it’s essential to understand that every tattoo comes with risks, including infection, allergic reactions, or scarring. It’s crucial to follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare advice, and remember, quality should always triumph over cost when it comes to choosing a studio. In the end, your tattoo will be a permanent emblem of your narrative, a testament to the Joker in you, and a badge of your journey in this wild world. Now, isn’t that worth it, folks? Why so serious?

Rough Costs Of Getting A Joker Tattoo

Please note that these are just examples and the actual costs can vary significantly based on a number of factors, including the specific design, the rates of the tattoo artist, and the location of the studio.

Tattoo DesignEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated SizeCommon Placement
Joker and Harley Quinn$300 – $700Medium to LargeArm, Back
Suicide Squad Joker$200 – $600Small to MediumArm, Leg
Joker Smile$150 – $300SmallWrist, Arm
Joker Card$200 – $500Small to MediumArm, Chest
Heath Ledger Joker$400 – $800Medium to LargeBack, Chest
Joker Face$300 – $700Medium to LargeArm, Back
Joker “Hahaha” Tattoo$100 – $300Small to MediumWrist, Arm
Joker Smile Hand Tattoo$200 – $500Small to MediumHand
Simple Joker$100 – $400SmallWrist, Ankle
Black Joker$200 – $600Small to MediumArm, Leg
Joker “Why So Serious?” Tattoo$150 – $400Small to MediumArm, Rib
Jared Leto Joker$300 – $700Medium to LargeArm, Back

Please remember to consider potential health risks, societal attitudes towards tattoos, and potential long-term implications before getting any tattoo. And always choose a reputable tattoo artist and studio to ensure the best results and avoid health risks.

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