12+ Odins Ravens Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You!

by Tori Jones
Best Odins Ravens Tattoo Designs

If you find yourself drawn to the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, our compilation of Odin’s ravens tattoo designs might just pique your interest for your next piece of body art.

Odins Ravens Tattoo
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Ravens, long regarded as divine creatures encapsulating a certain allure and wisdom reminiscent of the Viking deities, carry potent symbolism in many cultures, ancient and contemporary alike. These brainy birds signify self-reliance, ingenuity, and adaptability, standing as one of the most intelligent species in the avian world.

Raven tattoos wield a powerful essence, signifying themes of renewal, survival, and even mortality. In the grand Norse lore, the god Odin, often referred to as the Raven God, was accompanied by two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. These birds, according to the sagas, would take flight across the world every morning, acquiring vast wisdom and knowledge. Upon returning, they perched on Odin’s shoulders, whispering the day’s gleanings into his ears, thus enhancing his omnipotence.

Respected and revered by the Viking warriors, ravens adorned their attire, jewelry, weapons, armor, and banners – a tribute not to the birds themselves, but to Odin, the chief among gods. Embracing this revered legacy, raven tattoos have etched themselves into our cultural heritage for centuries.

Join us as we embark on a journey through some of the most striking Odin and raven tattoos, poised to inspire your next ink adventure!

Odins Knot With Ravens Tattoo

Odins Knot With Ravens Tattoo
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For those seeking a potent emblem of strength and bravery, the Odin’s knot, or Valknut as it’s traditionally known, presents a striking tattoo selection. It’s a symbol that carries profound layers of significance, often viewed as a passage between life and death. Many also perceive it as a reflection of the supreme deity’s ability to govern the ties that bind us.

Comprising three interlocked triangles, this intricate design embodies the courage, might, and fearlessness synonymous with the warrior’s spirit – a fitting homage to its Viking roots. The tattoo elegantly incorporates the Vegvisir or Viking compass, a powerful symbol of guidance and protection, ensuring one never loses their way in stormy weather.

Adding an extra layer of Norse lore, Odin’s ravens are depicted perched on a tree, standing as constant sentinels with the Valknut nestled between them. The tattoo’s design is artfully rendered in delicate strokes of black ink, giving it a crisp and timeless look.

For those drawn to the myths and legends of the Viking era, an Odin’s knot tattoo is more than a mere body art – it’s a bold, powerful statement. It represents a connection to an ancient culture and a deep respect for its values and beliefs. And as you consider this for your next tattoo, remember, this design is not just a choice, but a profound declaration of strength and spiritual resilience.

Raven On Odins Head Tattoo

Raven On Odins Head Tattoo
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In the realm of Norse mythology, no tale resonates more than the close bond Odin shared with his ravens, Huginn and Muninn. Often portrayed nestled on his shoulders, these insightful birds were instrumental to Odin’s expansive wisdom. They would embark on daily flights across Midgard, gathering information from every corner of the world, and on their return, they would whisper their findings into Odin’s ear. Such was his intimate association with these avian companions that he earned the moniker ‘Hrafnagud’ or ‘Raven God’. As these birds took flight, Odin’s paternal concern would grow, anxious until their safe return each day.

This deep-seated mythology lends itself to an impactful tattoo design. It features a stern-looking Odin, the intensity of his gaze sharply contrasted by the raven perched calmly atop his head. The tattoo artist has masterfully used shades of black, grey, and white to bring this design to life, rendering it with a near-photorealistic quality that is simply captivating.

The strokes are intricate, each one carefully etched to add depth and detail to the design, creating a striking 3-dimensional effect. For those of you with a love for body art and an affinity for Norse mythology, this design of Odin and his raven isn’t just a tattoo—it’s a beautiful testament to a story steeped in rich cultural history.

Viking Tattoo

Viking Tattoo
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The Vikings, those towering figures of antiquity, have long symbolized unrivaled strength and power. Embodied in their tattoos, you’ll find deep-seated reverence for the gods, an unyielding display of resilience, and an emblem of familial devotion. Iconic for their striking helmets crowned with horns, Viking warriors frequently adorned themselves with tattoos showcasing the Vegvisir, a Norse compass known to guide those who bore it. Tattoos of Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s loyal ravens, were also common, paying homage to the ‘All-Father’, the leading deity of Norse mythology. These winged messengers held particular resonance for the Vikings, serving as comforting symbols for warriors who fell in battle.

Let’s turn our attention to this remarkable design — a visually stunning rendition of a raven tattoo. Crafted with bold black lines, the tattoo artist has meticulously brought this creation to life, enhancing its allure. Using a blend of black and grey ink, the intricacies of the design come to the fore. Its proportions lend it perfectly to placement on the upper arm, although equally, it would sit well on the thighs, back, or chest. This work of art is more than just a tattoo — it’s a celebration of Viking culture and mythology.

Odins Ravens Tattoo

Odins Ravens Tattoos
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In Norse mythology, the two ravens of Odin hold significant symbolism and power. These divine birds, believed to possess the ability to speak, were granted this gift by Odin himself. Throughout history and legendary tales, the presence of Odin is often accompanied by the presence of these revered ravens, perched upon his shoulders.

A stunning representation of Odin and his ravens comes to life in this remarkable tattoo design. The depiction showcases the formidable deity, exuding a sense of fierce strength, while the conversing ravens stand prominently before him. The skilled tattoo artist has meticulously utilized a combination of black, grey, and white ink, crafting intricate details and adding depth to the design. A touch of blue ink brings one of Odin’s eyes to life, further enhancing the overall visual impact.

This captivating tattoo design is of considerable size and is ideally suited for placement on the upper arm. Alternatively, it can be positioned on the wearer’s back or chest, allowing for an impressive display of this Norse mythological scene. If you find yourself captivated by the rich lore of Norse mythology, this tattoo serves as a striking homage to Odin and his enduring connection with his loyal ravens.

Raven And The Knot

Raven And The Knot
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In this captivating tattoo design, the Celtic knot intertwines with the Odin’s knot, accompanied by the presence of one of Odin’s ravens. Rooted in Celtic culture, the Celtic knot symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and spirituality, embodying unity and the unbroken flow of existence. Similarly, the Odin’s knot represents the transition between life and death, serving as a powerful symbol associated with the deity Odin. The ravens, significant to Odin, further enhance the symbolic depth of this tattoo, serving as his trusted avian companions.

Executed with meticulous fine line work and adorned with rich black ink, this tattoo showcases intricate designs that add a layer of visual complexity to the overall composition. The substantial size of this tattoo makes it ideally suited for placement on the wearer’s back, where it can command attention and serve as a powerful symbol of the cyclical nature of life and death. Additionally, it can also find a prominent position on the wearer’s chest, serving as a constant reminder of the timeless presence of Odin and the interconnectedness of existence. Embrace the profound symbolism of this tattoo and honor the enduring legacy of Celtic and Norse mythology.

Raven And Runes

Raven And Runes
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In this modest yet meaningful tattoo design, a raven takes center stage as a tribute to the revered God Odin. Positioned on the back of the hand, the raven exudes an air of mystique and power. Adding to the allure, intricate runes grace the fingers, showcasing the ancient Viking alphabets used by German-speaking people.

Crafted with skill and precision, this tattoo is rendered in striking black ink, lending it a timeless and traditional aesthetic. Its design evokes a sense of reverence for Norse mythology, making it a captivating choice for those who appreciate the rich tapestry of ancient traditions. Whether you seek to honor Odin’s connection to the raven or wish to embrace the heritage of Viking culture, this exquisite tattoo design encapsulates both the beauty and mysticism of Norse mythology.

Nordic Raven Tattoo

Nordic Raven Tattoo
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In this striking and unconventional tattoo design, the majestic ravens of Norse mythology take center stage once again. What sets this design apart is its unique placement on the scalp of the wearer. Positioned on the shaved right side, this bold decision showcases the wearer’s dedication to their chosen art form. It’s worth noting that getting a tattoo on the scalp can be more intense in terms of sensation.

Referred to as a Muninn tattoo, this design showcases the raven in a captivating pose, as if it were whispering secrets into the wearer’s ear. The contrasting combination of white and black ink adds depth and intricacy to the design, ensuring its visual impact is truly captivating.

While the scalp may not be a common choice for tattoos, the daring placement of this design makes a bold statement and allows the wearer to showcase their unique sense of style. If you’re seeking a truly distinctive tattoo that pays homage to Norse mythology, this intriguing design may be the perfect choice for you. However, it’s important to note that scalp tattoos can be more sensitive due to the nature of the skin in that area. As always, consulting with a professional tattoo artist will help ensure the best possible outcome for your chosen design.

Odin And The Raven Tattoo

Odin And The Raven Tattoo
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Immerse yourself in the ancient Viking culture with this captivating tattoo that pays homage to their beliefs and symbols. At the heart of this design is the legendary Viking God, Odin, adorned with his iconic helmet. His fierce countenance, highlighted by one damaged eye, exudes strength and power. Perched upon his shoulder, one of his loyal ravens stands as a symbol of his connection to the wisdom of the skies.

A striking feature of this tattoo is the inclusion of the Viking compass, also known as the Vegvisir, which represents guidance and protection. Its intricate details add depth and complexity to the overall design. The skilled tattoo artist has utilized the techniques of dot work and line work to create a mesmerizing visual effect. Shades of grey and black ink form the foundation of this piece, while strategic touches of white ink bring certain elements to life, particularly Odin’s haunting eye.

By showcasing the precision and artistry of this tattoo, the artist has captured the essence of Viking mythology and its profound significance. If you are drawn to the rich tapestry of Viking culture, this tattoo offers a captivating way to express your connection to their ancient traditions. As always, consulting with a professional tattoo artist will ensure that your desired design is brought to life with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Neo-Traditional Raven Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Raven Tattoo
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Embrace the contemporary twist on traditional tattoo art with this stunning neo-traditional design that captures the essence of Norse mythology. This particular tattoo showcases the striking contrast between bold lines and vibrant colors, a hallmark of neo-traditional style.

In this design, the majestic raven takes center stage, its original black plumage lending an air of mystery and elegance. The skilled artist has meticulously crafted intricate details, bringing the bird to life with a realistic touch that is sure to captivate the observer. While the raven itself remains true to its natural color, the artist has masterfully incorporated pops of brightness in the form of a vibrant yellow Vegvisir, a symbol of guidance and protection in Viking culture.

The interplay of dark black ink creates a sense of depth and dimension, particularly evident in the meticulously rendered branches of the tree. Each element of this tattoo has been thoughtfully composed to ensure a visually striking composition that pays homage to the rich tapestry of Norse mythology.

For those drawn to the allure of ancient legends and the mystique of Norse mythology, this beautiful tattoo design serves as a powerful representation of your interests and passions. As always, consulting with a professional tattoo artist will ensure that your desired design is executed with the utmost skill and precision, resulting in a truly exceptional work of art that you can proudly wear.

Unique Raven Tattoo

Unique Raven Tattoo
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Step into the realm of individuality with this strikingly unique raven tattoo design. Departing from the traditional depiction of two ravens perched on the shoulders, this captivating design showcases a single raven, exuding an air of intrigue and mystique. The talented tattoo artist has skillfully employed a combination of line work and dot work techniques to bring this avian masterpiece to life.

Placed on the upper arm, just beside the shoulder, this tattoo becomes a statement piece that effortlessly blends with your personal style. Its simplicity is a testament to the power of minimalist artistry, as it evokes strong and profound meanings without overwhelming the senses.

The lone raven serves as a symbol of intelligence, mystery, and transformation, while its sleek silhouette against the skin creates a mesmerizing visual effect. The intricate details of the tattoo are meticulously executed, ensuring that every line and dot contributes to the overall harmony of the design.

Whether you are a connoisseur of avian symbolism or simply appreciate the allure of minimalist tattoo art, this captivating raven design offers a unique and thought-provoking addition to your body art collection. It is a testament to the power of simplicity, allowing the viewer to interpret and engage with the tattoo on a personal level.


In conclusion, the world of raven tattoos offers a diverse range of designs, each imbued with its own symbolic meaning and artistic flair. From the traditional Odin-inspired depictions to neo-traditional and minimalist renditions, these tattoos capture the mystique and allure of these intelligent creatures. When considering placement, the upper arm and shoulder area provide an ideal canvas to showcase the intricate details and symbolism of these designs. As for cost, it varies depending on the size, intricacy, and expertise of the tattoo artist, but you can expect a range of prices to accommodate different budgets. It is always important to consult with a reputable and experienced tattoo artist to ensure a safe and satisfying tattoo experience. While the risks associated with tattoos are generally minimal, it is crucial to follow proper aftercare instructions to prevent infection and ensure optimal healing. Remember, a raven tattoo is not just a piece of art, but a reflection of your individuality and connection to the mystic world. Choose wisely and let your tattoo tell its own unique story.

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