12+ Awesome Skyrim Tattoos To Inspire You in 2024

by Tori Jones
Skyrim Tattoo

Alright, gather ’round you ink-slinging, dragon-slaying rebels. I’m your resident tattoo maven, dishing out wisdom like sweet rolls and bringing to you the arcane knowledge of the world of tattoos, straight from the buzzing heart of Tamriel itself. Now, y’all know I’m a sassy master of ink, a lady who can take a dragon shout and turn it into a sleeve faster than you can say “Fus Ro Dah”.

Skyrim Tattoo
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Today, we’re diving into the mystical, raw, and absolutely kickass realm of Skyrim tattoos. You ever wanted a dragon, a Nordic symbol, or the Thieves Guild shadowmark forever etched onto your skin to remind you of your exploits? Or maybe you’re feeling a little spicy and contemplating the Daedric alphabet tramp stamp you’ve been giggling about with your guild mates? Well, buckle up my fine Dovahkiin, because I’m about to take you on an epic journey. Don’t worry, I promise it’ll hurt less than taking an arrow in the knee.

Skyrim Tattoo
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Just like you might carefully decide whether to join the Stormcloaks or Imperials in-game, choosing your Skyrim tattoo involves a journey of its own. You could be looking at the game’s unique symbology, a sly nod to its rich lore, or simply a badass depiction of a dragon to proclaim your inner Dragonborn.

1. Quirky Skyrim tattoos

Quirky Skyrim tattoos
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The humor behind Skyrim tattoos cannot be understated. Remember the infamous “arrow to the knee” line that has transcended the game and made its way into popular culture? You’d be surprised at how many people have committed to that ink- a badge of honor and hilarity simultaneously.

2. Traditional black and gray Skyrim ink

Traditional black and gray Skyrim ink
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On a more somber note, traditional black and gray Skyrim tattoos, intricately etched, create a distinct, rugged look. Think Dovahkiin in his classic armor, standing strong against Alduin. They’re versatile, allowing you to showcase an element of the game’s aesthetic that’s still appreciated by those unfamiliar with the lore.

3. Skyrim runes

Skyrim runes
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The dragon language runes? Now, those are a favorite amongst my clients. Each rune echoes a story, a challenge overcome, or even a cheeky secret message.

4. Innovative warrior ink

Innovative warrior ink
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Dive into the world of Skyrim, and you’ll find yourself amidst warriors of all kinds, each with their own unique tale. As a tattoo artist, I see a blank canvas in the brave souls ready to embody these warriors in ink. I remember once tattooing a sleeve of a Dovahkiin, charging headfirst into battle. The bold blacks, the traditional shading brought the character to life on a canvas of skin.

We started with a sketch, a mere outline, which slowly but surely took the form of the fabled Dragonborn. It’s always been fascinating to watch a simple concept transform into a full-fledged work of art. And I believe that’s the magic of Skyrim tattoos; they aren’t just depictions, they’re narratives.

Innovative warrior ink
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Whether it’s a Stormcloak Rebel or a member of the Companions, each warrior tattoo reflects the unique journey of the wearer. And that’s what makes every piece unique – the bold blacks, the contemplative shading, and the meticulous placement all come together to create a personalized portrayal of the Skyrim universe.

5. Skyrim blades

Skyrim blades
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However, if you’re someone who prefers their blades to their battles, the world of Skyrim tattoos has something for you too. I’ve lost count of the number of beautifully crafted Skyrim blade tattoos I’ve etched over the years. From the delicate Elven daggers to the imposing ebony swords, each one has a story to tell.

I fondly recall a client who wanted a dragonscale blade etched on her forearm. She was an avid Skyrim player, and the dragonscale blade was the first weapon she crafted in the game. So, we worked together to design a tattoo that recreated the intricate detailing of the dragonscale blade.

Skyrim blades
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When it comes to designing tattoos based on Skyrim blades, it’s not just about replicating the blade itself. It’s also about capturing the essence of the crafting process, the effort, the dedication, the sheer skill that goes into each weapon. In each line, each stroke of ink, we’re telling a story of craftsmanship, of valor, and of an indomitable spirit.

As I always say, every Skyrim tattoo is an adventure in itself, a journey into a world of dragons and warriors, of epic quests and legendary blades. It’s a way to wear your love for this incredible world on your sleeve, quite literally!

6. Dark Brotherhood tattoos

Dark Brotherhood tattoo

Then there’s the homage to the various guilds and factions in Skyrim. I once tattooed the Dark Brotherhood’s emblem on a woman’s wrist, and boy, did it resonate with her sly, rebellious side. As for the blades and weapons, they’re a hit with those who appreciate the fine art of blacksmithing in the game. A beautifully rendered glass sword or an ebony dagger can tell a tale of battles fought and victories earned.

7. Skyrim logo ink

Skyrim logo
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However, it’s the Skyrim logo itself, the Seal of Akatosh, that holds a special place in my heart. Its versatility is stunning, and with each rendition, whether it’s etched with bold black lines or soft gray shading, the dragon sigil never loses its powerful allure.

8. Skyrim dragon tattoos

Skyrim dragon tattoos
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Ultimately, what makes Skyrim tattoos so remarkable is the bond they forge between the game, the artist, and the tattoo bearer. It’s about capturing the spirit of the vast, diverse world of Skyrim on a canvas of skin. It’s not just about body art; it’s about wearing your adventures, your victories, and your love for an extraordinary world, right on your sleeve – quite literally!

Need More Inspiration

The world of Skyrim offers a vast array of symbols, characters, and themes that can be translated into unique tattoos. Besides warriors, blades, runes, and dragons, here are a few more types of Skyrim tattoos:

1. Guild Emblems:

Skyrim hosts several guilds such as the Thieves Guild, Mages Guild, and The Companions. Each has its unique emblem, making for an interesting tattoo design.

2. Daedric Artifacts:

Items like the Wabbajack, Mehrunes’ Razor, or the Oghma Infinium are not only iconic within the game but also lend themselves to intricate and fascinating tattoo designs.

3. The Elder Scrolls:

The namesake of the series, The Elder Scrolls themselves, could make for a remarkable tattoo, embodying mystery and prophecy.

4. Shout Symbols:

The dragon shouts, or Thu’um, used by the Dragonborn are represented by unique symbols, making for a meaningful and distinctly Skyrim tattoo.

5. Landscape Imagery:

Skyrim’s landscapes, from the towering High Hrothgar to the stunning vista of the Aurora Borealis over the tundra, make for some beautiful and atmospheric tattoos.

6. Daedric Princes:

Depictions or symbols of the Daedric Princes, like the eerie mask of Vaermina or the ominous beacon of Meridia, can make for intriguing and individualistic tattoos.

7. Character Portraits:

Portraits or silhouettes of iconic characters like Ulfric Stormcloak, Lydia, or even a Khajiit or Argonian could make for a highly personal tattoo choice.

8. Quest Items:

Items related to memorable quests, like the Gauldur Amulet or Auriel’s Bow, could form the basis for a unique tattoo.

Remember, a Skyrim tattoo should represent something that resonates with your experience of the game, be it a character, a symbol, a memorable quest, or a breathtaking piece of the landscape. Collaborate closely with your tattoo artist to create a design that truly captures the spirit of your Skyrim adventure.

How To Get The Tattoo You Want

Creating a Skyrim-inspired tattoo design certainly comes with its unique set of challenges, much like designing any piece of body art that’s based on intricate and specific visual references. Here are a few potential hurdles:

1. Detail and Size: Skyrim’s universe is rich with intricate symbols, highly-detailed characters, and vast landscapes. Capturing these details in a tattoo can be challenging and may require a larger canvas, i.e., a bigger part of your body, to truly do justice to these elements.

2. Colour versus Black-and-Gray: Some elements from Skyrim, like the stunning Northern Lights or a fire-breathing dragon, might be best rendered in color. However, color tattoos can fade more quickly than black-and-gray ones, and might require more maintenance over time.

3. Visual Clarity: Translating complex designs or 3D objects into a 2D art form like tattooing while maintaining recognizability can be challenging. For example, crafting an Elder Scroll or Daedric artifact with the right shading and detail for it to be recognizable might take a seasoned artist.

4. Unique Personalization: The goal is often to create a tattoo design that not only represents Skyrim, but also aligns with the wearer’s personal experiences in the game. This personalization can take time and requires a good collaboration between the client and the artist.

5. Aging of the Tattoo: All tattoos evolve over time. Lines might blur, colors might fade, and skin texture changes. This can affect the appearance of your tattoo. Especially for designs with fine details or small lettering (like Thu’um script), it’s important to consider how the tattoo will age.

6. Understanding the Symbolism: Some symbols or scenes from the game have deep, complex meanings. To truly capture the essence of these elements, the artist needs to understand the symbolism behind them. This might require some research if the artist isn’t familiar with the game.

All of these challenges can be successfully managed with an experienced tattoo artist who’s skilled in translating detailed and meaningful concepts into beautiful pieces of body art. If you’re considering a Skyrim tattoo, take the time to choose an artist who not only understands the game and its symbolism, but also aligns with your personal style and comfort.


So, brave adventurers, that’s our journey through the mesmerizing world of Skyrim tattoos. As we’ve seen, there are so many epic routes to take, whether it’s embodying the spirit of a Skyrim warrior or immortalizing a meticulously crafted blade on your skin.

As your resident tattoo sage, I do have a few pointers for those of you gearing up to embark on your ink journey. Tattoo placement is key, so give it some thought. For intricate pieces like the warrior tattoos or the dragons, consider larger spaces like your back, chest, or upper arm. If you’re thinking of a smaller piece like a rune or a blade, wrists, ankles, or behind the ear work well.

As for the cost, that’s going to depend on the size, complexity, and the artist’s experience. An intricate, large Skyrim piece could range anywhere from $200 to $1000. Remember, good art is worth the price, and your skin deserves the best.

However, every tattoo comes with its risks and potential side effects. You might experience some discomfort or pain during the process, and there’s always a risk of infection if aftercare instructions aren’t properly followed. Allergic reactions to the tattoo ink are rare but possible.

Most importantly, make sure your tattoo journey is a tale of adventure, just like your experiences in Skyrim. Be sure to choose an artist who understands your vision, and who respects the world you’re bringing to life on your skin. Now, go forth, brave Dragonborns, and may your ink be as legendary as your adventures in the land of Skyrim!

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