4 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2024

by Tori Jones
Wireless Tattoo Machine

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the realms of tattooing technology, specifically, the Best Wireless Tattoo Machines! But no worries, this ain’t a tech blog! Expect a fun and artistic journey intertwined with a sprinkle of science because, after all, what’s technology if not the magic of the modern era?

Wireless Tattoo Machine
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What to expect from this trip down the ink memory lane? You’ll be educated, intrigued, and probably left hankering for a wireless tattoo machine of your own. From the whispered legends of ancient tribal artistry to the cutting-edge tech of modern studios, we’ll traverse centuries and continents to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind the rise of wireless tattoo machines. You’ll learn the art and science of this groundbreaking technology, its history, symbolism, and how it’s changing the face of tattoo artistry.

Wireless Tattoo Machine
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And remember, whether you’re an established tattoo artist or an aspiring rookie, understanding your tools is the first step towards mastering your craft. So, shall we begin our expedition into the exhilarating world of wireless tattoo machines? The ink is fresh, and the canvas awaits!

A Peek into Wireless Tattoo Wonders

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen—Your Reliable Partner

Ah, the Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine—a game-changer I must say. It reminds me of the time I first used it, the excitement akin to finding that perfect rhythm with a new dance partner. It’s a powerhouse in versatility, letting you craft clean lines and delicate shading with the greatest of ease.

Now, let’s break down the technical jargon: It’s a sturdy stainless-steel rotary pen tattoo machine weighing a comfortable 186 grams. This beauty comes with a USB-C fast charge cord, two replaceable grips, and its own fancy gift box. Plus, it has a big battery life, allowing up to 8 hours of usage time, and it revs up to full charge in just two hours.

Key points:

  • Exceptional for both lining and shading.
  • A hard-working battery that keeps going.
  • Fancy LED display for voltage information.
  • Varied voltage range for versatility.

Little hiccup:

  • LED display could be a smidge more user-friendly.
Wireless Tattoo Machine
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Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine—The All-Rounder

Here comes the Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine—a complete package that’s perfect for budding artists. This machine was a revelation for one of my young apprentices. It’s compact, versatile, and kicks the need for multiple machines to the curb.

Getting technical, this is a Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine crafted from CNC cut aircraft aluminum alloy and weighs about 930 grams. This all-in-one package comes with 50pcs needle cartridges, ink colors, ink cups, practice skins, and gloves.

Key points:

  • A great starter kit for beginners.
  • Quiet with minimal vibration for smooth operation.
  • Handles long sessions well.
  • Perfect for both linework and shading.

Little hiccup:

  • Some users think the included inks and needles are better suited for practice.
Wireless Tattoo Machine
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Stigma Tattoo Kit Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen—A Featherweight Champion

Say hello to the Stigma Tattoo Kit. Its pen-style design felt like an extension of my hand, allowing a natural workflow. Ideal for the tattoo artists who love to work on the move, it’s a sleek, portable device that punches above its weight.

Tech talk: This Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine is made of space aluminum and weighs a super light 112 grams. It comes with two batteries, 20 pcs cartridges, two tattoo grips, cohesive bandage, and a case.

Key points:

  • Smooth, precise needle movement.
  • Quiet performance and minimal vibration.
  • Extremely light and comfortable to hold.
  • Compact and cordless.

Little hiccup:

  • A few users reported the batteries running into issues after some time.
Wireless Tattoo Machine
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Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine—Ultimate in Comfort

Finally, meet the Solong Tattoo Pen, a literal extension of your hand, designed to ease those long hours of work. But don’t mistake its comfort for lack of power. It’s got a robust motor that ensures a quiet, efficient operation that remains cool even after hours of tattooing.

The Solong Tattoo Pen is a Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine, constructed from CNC machined aircraft aluminum, and weighs about 300 grams. It’s shipped with 50pcs cartridge tattoo needles, a rechargeable tattoo battery, and a power supply. It’s a trusty companion for intricate designs and permanent makeup.

Key points:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic design.
  • Can operate wirelessly or with a power supply.
  • Keeps cool even during long sessions.
  • Can handle versatile tasks, including permanent makeup.

Little hiccup:

  • A tad heavier than other tattoo machines.
Wireless Tattoo Machine
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Buying Guide

Type of Tattoo Machine

The first item on our checklist is understanding the types of wireless tattoo machines available. Essentially, they come in two flavors: those powered by an internal battery and those controlled via a Bluetooth-connected foot pedal. I remember my first pedal-operated machine—it felt like learning to drive a manual car! Whichever you choose, ensure it aligns with your work style and comfort.

Battery Range

The heart of a wireless tattoo machine is the battery. Its lifespan can influence the quality of your work and productivity. Like any artist, you wouldn’t want to be interrupted by a dying battery in the middle of your masterpiece. I’ve learned this the hard way, trust me! Always keep a charged spare handy. An underpowered machine could potentially affect the tattoo outcome, and we definitely don’t want that!


Needle compatibility is also crucial. I’ve met several artists who’ve bought needles separately, unsure about what would fit their machine. Reach out to someone knowledgeable for advice if you’re in the same boat—it saved me from several needless (pun intended) headaches!

Wireless Tattoo Machine
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Sure, going cordless is liberating. But remember, the battery pack is now part of your machine. I’ve grappled with heavy machines before, and they can lead to unnecessary fatigue. Striking a balance between flexibility and weight is key. Opt for a lightweight machine whenever possible.


Beyond weight, comfort is paramount. Your machine is going to be in your hand for hours, so it should feel like a natural extension of it. An ergonomically designed wireless tattoo machine offers a comfortable grip, letting you churn out stunning tattoos without discomfort.

Wireless Kit

Many wireless tattoo machines come in comprehensive kits, containing everything you need to start your cord-free tattooing adventure—batteries, foot pedals, power supply, charging leads, compatible needles, adapters, and of course, the machine itself. However, you might prefer to curate your own toolkit. In such cases, skipping the pre-packaged kit and investing in a standalone machine could save you some bucks.

Power Supply

The tattoo world is ever-evolving, with wireless machines being no exception. Though they run on batteries, you’ll need a reliable power supply to keep them juiced up. I’ve found that adaptable, user-friendly power supplies that can charge your machine quickly are priceless. Additionally, look for machines that let you adjust the voltage easily, essential for different tattoo styles. Some even allow for pre-set voltages—simply swap the battery pack, and voila! The machine’s controller will keep you updated with real-time voltage output.


The price tag on wireless tattoo machines varies drastically. While it’s tempting to opt for the most affordable option, remember that this machine is a vital tool for your success as a tattoo artist. Instead, aim for the best quality within your budget. It’s like I always say—invest in your craft, and it will reward you in return!

There you have it—the ultimate guide to navigating the exciting world of wireless tattoo machines. Here’s to making an informed choice and creating beautiful, uncompromised art! Until next time, happy inking!


And that wraps up our deep dive into the realm of wireless tattoo machines! As an ink enthusiast, I understand that the journey doesn’t end with choosing the right machine. The placement of your tattoo is just as critical. It’s a personal decision, but consider areas that can comfortably accommodate your design and stand the test of time. The cost of a tattoo can vary greatly, anywhere from $50 for small, simple designs to several thousand for intricate, large pieces—always remember that quality work is worth the investment. However, tattoos aren’t without potential risks. It’s crucial to ensure the cleanliness and professionalism of your tattoo artist to prevent complications like skin infections or allergic reactions. But with the right precautions, the art of tattooing can be a delightful journey of self-expression and creativity. Until next time, here’s to making each mark count, fellow tattoo lovers!

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