11+ Women’s Animal Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Tori Jones
Women's Animal Tattoo Ideas

Are you a zoophilist woman who wants to express your love through animal tattoos? Then check out these adorable women’s animal tattoo designs that will win you over.

Women's Animal Tattoo
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Animal tattoos are the cutest examples of body art.

These tattoos are in vogue all across the world, despite the differences in culture, preferences, or traditions. Humans just love decorating their bodies with little images of their favorite animals.

Images of animals are almost always linked to spirituality. Animalism or the worship of animals as spiritual beings is an important part of human history. Humans have associated these creatures with the signs of luck, health, natural phenomena, and supernatural happenings. Many cultures celebrate and worship animals to this date. It is not unusual since many animals, especially wild animals, were alien creatures to humans back when it was impossible to understand their nature and behaviors. But it was not rare to see ancient people taming some animals and making them do chores. Getting tattoos of animals was more like protection against something unnatural or illogical than just for the sake of love. But then history was changing and evolving, and with it, humans started acquiring the skill to better understand animals and love them more dearly. Now animal tattoos are more like pieces of body art to express our admiration of these creatures than just some religious or superstitious markings. Many women just prefer getting animal tattoos just to carry the presence of their beloved pets on their skin. These precious and dreamy tattoos of different animals with different meanings are listed below to grab your attention.

Koi Fish Tattoo On Chest

Koi Fish Tattoo On Chest
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The first tattoo is of a koi fish. Brilliantly colored with mainly blue and red ink, bordered with black tattoo ink, this tattoo easily catches the attention of the onlooker. This bold and colorful koi fish tattoo on the chest is like an invitation to pure art.

Koi fish tattoos are one of the most common animal tattoos with meaning. Women mostly like to get this tattoo for its specific symbolism. Koi fishes stand for perseverance, strong character, and also the will to surpass hurdles in life. The two Koi fishes creating the Yin and Yang are also popular as tattoo ideas with meaning. It is a dominant theme symbolizing happy and stable marriage in Feng Shui as one fish is male and the other is female It will be a perfect tattoo design for couples too. Other fish tattoos will also be desirable for girls who have a keen interest in that otherworldly cute creature.

Women’s Unique Lion Tattoo

Women's Unique Lion Tattoo
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Those who love the King of the Beasts would just stop here. This next tattoo features the lion, the hairy mighty King who is decorated with vibrant colors. The expertise of the tattoo artist has made the face of the lion angry and serious. It is a unique tattoo that is also very attractive.

Lion tattoos are fashionable. They are favored by those who believe in the supremacy of the kingly might. Lion tattoos symbolize power, determination, courage, and justice. Those who look for the stability and calmness of a lion’s mind before it jumps to catch its prey may get this tattoo. For women, lion tattoos will be a token of supremacy over male dominance. This will be one of the best animal tattoo ideas for women’s legs.

Mesmerizing Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Mesmerizing Butterfly Tattoo On Neck
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When it comes to butterfly tattoos, women are more prone to getting these done than men. Here in this tattoo on the neck of the woman, the little colorful butterfly seems to be done with care and skill. The blue and purple ink used to create the butterfly gives it a mesmerizing effect.

Butterflies are such a popular choice as animal tattoos for women. These beautiful tattoos symbolize personal growth as butterflies represent transformation. The metamorphoses of a butterfly from a caterpillar symbolize transformation from one state to another which is a big inspiration for humans. In Greek mythology, the butterfly is known as the “psyche”, meaning soul. Thus in butterfly tattoos, butterflies take the form of a free spirit for the tattoo bearer.

Aesthetic Elephant Tattoo On Hand

Aesthetic Elephant Tattoo On Hand
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Delve deeper into the realm of animal tattoos with this artistic elephant tattoo on the hand. The elephant is decorated with jewels and a crown on his head. His trunk is spread out on the middle finger of the woman. The tattoo is drawn with black and grey tattoo ink.

Elephant tattoos are very desirable among Native Americans as they place the elephant on a pedestal. Elephants are a sign of luck to them. They represent wisdom, strength, and power. But once they are crossed, they can become violent creatures, bringing destruction to their target. Their beauty and majesty are precious. If you are a woman who prefers wisdom over cuteness, you may want to explore more elephant tattoos.

Neotraditional Fox Sleeve Tattoo

Neotraditional Fox Sleeve Tattoo
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If you admire colorful tattoos, this next tattoo of a fox and flowers will make you get one. The disparate colors of this fox tattoo make the onlooker look twice at it. The tattoo is attentively drawn on the upper arm with perfection.

Fox tattoos are a symbolic representation of intuition, cleverness, and self-control. Such tattoo designs will look charming on any part of the body. Also, Asian, especially Chinese mythology depicts the fox as a spirit or god, with nine tails. They have magical powers too. So if you are a believer in such mythological ideas, this tattoo will be apt for you.

Women Panda Tattoo Design

Women Panda Tattoo Design
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This next tattoo illustrates a cute running panda holding flowers in its hands. This tattoo on the woman’s chest is pretty and adorable. The tiny panda is drawn with black and white tattoo ink.

Nobody could ever detest panda tattoos. These tattoo designs are not only cute but also pleasant to the eyes. Who does not love pandas? They are balls of cuteness. But panda tattoos symbolize gentle strength and calculated energy. Pandas are used as deep meaningful tattoo symbols. In China, these animals are considered to bring luck and wealth to humans. If you etch panda tattoos on your skin, you might get lucky eventually. Just be patient and mild with them.

Scenic Bird Tattoo On Arm

Scenic Bird Tattoo On Arm
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This tattoo features a pair of crows sitting on leafy branches in black and grey. The spectacular tattoo design on the arm of the woman looks like a painting. The way the crows, the branches, and the mushrooms are drawn shows the proficiency of the tattoo artist.

Crow tattoos are not as much wanted as the other tattoos. But crows are a sign of poor fortune or death. On the other hand, they might serve as a sign of rebirth. As a bird lover, you could visit your nearest parlor and get this tattoo done on your skin.

Cute and Small Cat Tattoo

Cute and Small Cat Tattoo
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This next animal tattoo design may be the cutest of all. The sleeping angel cat body art on the back of a woman is simple and minimalistic. It is done in black ink with just a few strokes.

Cat lovers just cannot get enough of cat tattoos. One of the most demanded animal tattoos is cat tattoos. The cat is a small but majestic creature who loves to live proudly and freely. The meanings associated with cats vary from culture to culture. In Ancient Egypt, they were worshipped as divine beings and were also buried with their owners. Even though black cats were considered bad luck, people now love them. If you are an ailurophile and you have recently lost your cute pet, you might get this memorial tattoo. A cat with a halo is visually appealing. If you ink this down on your skin, you will be able to live with your cat forever.

Slithering Snake Tattoo On Collar Bone

Slithering Snake Tattoo On Collar Bone
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This bold and eye-catching tattoo of a snake on the collarbone surely manages to capture the beauty of the crawling creature. How the collarbone of the woman is shaped as a branch and the snake coiling around it lets off a realistic appeal to the tattoo. The artist has done a great job managing the scales perfectly throughout the body of this animal.

The snake tattoos symbolize danger, change, carnal stamina, and charm. Snakes shed skin so they are also an important symbol of transformation and growth. Snakes are the most desired animal tattoo design. This particular tattoo design is unique and original. If you want to get cool tattoos like this, do not hesitate to go for snake tattoos.

Women’s Animal Sleeve Tattoo Of Deer

Women's Animal Sleeve Tattoo Of Deer
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This last animal tattoo on the backside of the arm is a wonder as it depicts an image of a der inspired by the tattoo found on the skin of the 2500 years old Siberian Princess’ Mummy. It is a blackwork tattoo done with proper dexterity. The dotwork on the tattoo gives the deer a more realistic look.

Deer tattoos are prevalent in the native American culture as many believe in the powerful spiritual meanings behind such tattoo ideas. Deers represent intuition, calmness, and sensitivity. The need to have compassion and gentleness in a woman’s mind will lead her toward healing. The calm mind of a deer linked with that of a woman will give her peace and satisfaction. As deer are also considered the token of fertility, pregnant women may get deer tattoos for moral support.

On this list of the best animal tattoos for women, most tattoos bear the same meaning. Although there is at least one animal symbolism behind every tattoo, people may not be aware of them when they get animal tattoos. You may also get other animal tattoos, for example, a wolf tattoo would be appropriate for someone who appreciates the animal despite its spiritual meanings.

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