10 Stores Like Zara You’ve Never Heard Of

by Lauren Walton
Zara lookbook

When we come across a store that we completely fall in love with, it’s hard to stay away. Zara is no exception. But if you are keen to try something a little different, here is a list of ten great stores, sites and brands similar to Zara.

Why We Love Zara

Whether you shop at Zara online or in one of the many Zara stores, you are ensured style and quality. Founded over 40 years ago, the Spanish clothing brand consciously keeps its customers at the heart of the business. Rarely breaking the £100 mark, Zara targets women who are keen to stay up-to-date with trends but still remain value conscious: Zara dresses online, for example, retail from around £20 but are well-made and fashion forward. The brand is not defined by targeting a certain age, allowing the pieces to be transitional across generations and styles.

Our Top 5 Zara Online Must Haves for Winter

Whether you’re shopping for a new coat, new boots, or you’re looking for Zara maternity clothes online (congratulations!), the Spanish store has it all.

zara 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Zara. Left to right: Leather boots (£89.99), faux fur stole (£25.99), green velvet dress (£29.99), grey frill jumper (£29.99) and yellow coat (£59.99) (All Zara, UK).

10 Other Stores like Zara

Whilst we love just about everything at the Zara online store, here are some brands similar to Zara that are worth having on your radar:

1. Pixie Market

pixie-market 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Pixie Market. Left to right: Silver earrings ($16.00), pinstripe skirt ($98.00), bell sleeve top ($70.00), leopard print coat ($249.00) and brown shearling coat ($349.00) (All Pixie Market, International).

Pixie Market started as a boutique in downtown NYC in 2006, but now operates solely online to offer cute girly pieces that pack a punch. Updated weekly, the online store is definitely one to keep your eye on.

2. Oasis

oasis 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Oasis. Left to right: Jacquard dress (£58.00), floral dress (£48.00), studded jumper (£42.00), yellow jumper (£36.00) and sequin tee (£45.00) (All Oasis).

Since opening their first store back in 1991, Oasis has kept very loyal to their brand identity. The clothes exude femininity and style through their confidence use of colour and pattern (and they’re not opposed to the use of the odd sequin and bit of sparkle, either). Taking inspiration from everything and anything – nature to archives – their work results in unique collections and collaborations again and again.

3. Finery London

finery london 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Finery London. Left to right: White wrap dress (£52.00), wine bomber jacket (£99.00), black pleated dress (£99.00), snake print boots (£145.00) and velvet wide trousers (£99.00) (All Finery London, UK).

Based in London, the founders wanted to ensure that the fun was kept in the shopping experience. Their pieces are modern but timeless. This, paired with great quality and a price tag to pleasantly surprise, means that you are sure to be pleased with every purchase you make.

4. Oak and Fort

oak-and-fort 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Oak and Fort. Left to right: Navy pinstripe trousers ($78.00), pink jacket ($98.00), navy jacket ($108.00), grey dress ($108.00), blue dress ($158.00) (All Oak and Fort, International).

Taking inspiration from art and culture, this brand has been around for about six years now. They push their brand to create the wardrobe classics of tomorrow: simple with maximum impact. As they expand across the globe, they try to embrace the ambience of every city, using everything from architecture to people as muses.


loeil 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: LOÉIL. Left to right: Grey belted trousers (£108.04), faux fur bucket bag (£77.85), high neck jumper (£77.85), pink shearling jacket (£229.58), cowl neck scarf (£100.09) (All LOÉIL, International).

Coming to you from LA since 2015, this brand offers ethically manufactured pieces that stand out from the crowd. Unique yet minimalistic, you’re bound to stand out with little effort if you own something from this store. Oh, and did we mention? The colour palettes are to die for.

6. A Common Space

ACS 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: A Common Space. Left to right: Brown leather culottes (£13.00), wine pleated skirt (£19.50), cutout jumpsuit (£31.20), grey sweater duster (£31.20), white backpack (£89.70) (All A Common Space, International).

Based out of California, A Common Space aim to inspire through their combination of timeless wardrobe essentials and on-trend affordable clothing. Alongside their shop, they also feature style edit pieces that help you to work up-and-coming looks into your personal style without having to break the bank.

7. Olive Clothing

olive 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Olive Clothing. Left to right: Corduroy dungarees (£69.00), brown check dress (£69.00), mustard dress (£89.00), brown beanie hat (£28.00) and beige striped tee (£35.00) (All Olive Clothing, UK).

Using their creative voice, Olive Clothing offers collections that enhance the concepts of heritage, simplicity and street style time after time. Based in Cheltenham, they maintain a deep awareness of the production process to ensure that each piece is of the highest quality for the benefit of the manufacturer and the customer.

8. Never Fully Dressed

never fully dressed 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Never Fully Dressed. Left to right: Blue spot shirt (£49.00), khaki jumpsuit (£59.00), navy pleated dress (£49.00), wine duster (£59.00) and black twin set (£99.99) (All Never Fully Dressed, UK).

Never Fully Dressed is a brand that goes further than fashion as each piece acts as a canvas, influenced by the founder’s personal life and experiences. Never Fully Dressed is interested in working with charities and organisations to maintain beneficial relationships that go further than just selling people clothes.

9. Mango

mango 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Mango. Left to right: Beaded bucket bag (£49.99), striped ribbed sweater (£35.99), velvet jumpsuit (£49.99), polka dot trousers (£35.99) and polka dot dress (£59.99) (All Mango, UK).

Being a clothing brand that aims to be able to dress you day-to-day, Mango does not disappoint. Wonderfully wearable pieces that suit the modern urban woman, they carry original designs that offer great quality at a reasonable price that transition seamlessly across the globe.

10. Aritzia

aritzia 5 must haves

PHOTO CREDIT: Aritzia. Left to right: Khaki canopy jacket ($85), white bow tie blouse ($110), navy parka ($325), charcoal trousers ($145) and black pleated skirt ($195) (All Aritzia, International).

After growing from a family department store in Vancouver to a standalone boutique in 1984, Aritzia have maintained an emphasis on offering wonderful clothes in aspirational spaces through exceptional service. Acting as an independent label, each piece from their collection is carefully designed to look and feel great while being smoothly integrated with brands that are keen to offer the same.

Sites Like Zara To Check Out

Well, there you have it: ten great stores that can compete with the Zara we know and love. As a handy guide, here is a quick summary of the brands like Zara and what they’re all about:

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