20+ Cool Brands Like Everlane – Updated For 2023!

by Tori Jones
Brands Like Everlane For Polished

By the end of this blog post, you will be a veritable encyclopedia of eco-friendly fashion, well-versed with 25 unique brands, each weaving their tales of sustainability and style. I’ll introduce you to companies that value quality over quantity, embrace ethical sourcing, and champion environmentally friendly practices. We’ll traverse the globe, from the bustling fashion houses of Paris to the avant-garde studios of Tokyo, illuminating the unseen corners of fashion where true beauty is hand-stitched with responsibility.

Whether you’re here for style inspiration, a conscious consumer looking to diversify your wardrobe, or even a fashion enthusiast eager to keep a finger on the industry’s pulse, this post will surely excite, inform, and inspire. So grab a cup of your favorite brew, settle in, and join me on this incredible journey – because fashion is more than what meets the eye; it’s an expression of who we are and what we stand for. Welcome to the future of feel-good fashion!

Eileen Fisher: The Quiet Pioneer

Eileen Fisher
@eileenfisherny via Instagram

I fondly remember slipping into my first Eileen Fisher piece; it was a divine experience of comfort meeting style. This brand is known for its wardrobe staples that are timeless and crafted from premium fabrics. They’ve made their mark in the sustainable fashion industry with traceable policies and a robust circular approach to manufacturing.

Eileen Fisher offers various pieces, from your business casual to a day out in the city, such as cozy cashmere sweaters, classic denim, and versatile dresses. Just like that perfect black dress that’s my go-to for virtually any occasion!

Reformation: The Fresh Femme

@reformation via Instagram

If you love fresh and feminine styles, then Reformation will steal your heart, just like it did mine with its elegant silk dress. They offer everything from layer-friendly white button-downs to glamorous silks, all made sustainably.

Their neutral-toned silky camis and tanks have been my outfit saviors on multiple occasions, serving as the perfect base for layering or as standalone pieces for a chic look. Plus, you’ll appreciate their transparency, detailing their production process on each product page.

Pact: Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company

@pact via Instagram

Pact aligns perfectly with my sustainable fashion vision, with their garments made of organic cotton and fair trade certified factories. The extra dollars are worth it, knowing you’re supporting a company that shares your values.

Aday: Your Capsule Wardrobe Brand

@aday via Instagram

With Aday, you’ve got modern essentials that fit right into your busy lifestyle. Their Back To Front Shirt Dress has been my spring and summer favorite, taking me effortlessly from day to evening. Their garments are designed with sustainable and organic materials, promising you a companion for many seasons.

Alex Mill: Inspired by the Streets

Alex Mill
@alexmillny via Instagram

When you wear Alex Mill, you wear the essence of New York streets. Their classic button-down tops, dresses, and tees have been my go-to pieces for an effortlessly sophisticated look. They’re big on recycling, reworking, and upcycling unused fabrics into unique components – a practice I adore!

Toteme: Effortlessly Chic

@toteme via Instagram

Totem, a luxury Swedish brand, perfectly captures the essence of clean, minimalist designs with sustainability. For those who aspire to look effortlessly chic with minimal effort, Toteme is a must-try!

Quince: Affordable Luxury

@onequince via Instagram

Quince, a San Francisco-based brand, brings you beautiful and sustainable basics like Everlane. They are on a socially conscious mission, focusing on high-quality materials sourced responsibly. The best part? They make traditionally exclusive fabrics like cashmere and silk affordable!

Jenni Kayne: Beachy Vibes

Jenni Kayne
@jennikayne via Instagram

Whenever I miss the beach, I turn to my wardrobe, filled with Jenni Kayne’s collection. Inspired by the coastal lifestyle, this brand creates wardrobe essentials without sacrificing style or comfort.

Staud: For the Modern Woman

@staud.clothing via Instagram

STAUD, with its fashionably functional items, empowers the modern woman to express her unique style. From chic dresses to trendy jumpsuits, there’s something for every situation.

Summersalt: Confidence by the Beach

@summersalt via Instagram

Thanks to their flattering swimwear designed for every shape and size, Summersalt makes me feel confident and beautiful every time I hit the beach. Crafted using eco-friendly and recycled materials, Summersalt empowers women to feel confident, happy, and beautiful.

We’re just getting started, my lovelies, and there’s so much more to explore! Let’s continue our journey through this beautiful world of sustainable fashion. Stay tuned for more!

& Other Stories: Scandinavian Flair

@andotherstories via Instagram

Hello, fashionistas! Let’s talk about a brand that took the fashion world by storm when it was launched in 2013. We’re talking about none other than & Other Stories. This brand is like that friend who always looks effortlessly stylish and is always ahead of the curve regarding the hottest trends. Plus, they’re a subsidiary of the H&M group, so you can trust them to know their fashion.

Each of their collections is an array of chic pieces with that extra sprinkle of Scandinavian design flair. From longline blazers to oversized T-shirts adorned with bold prints, & Other Stories knows how to strike the perfect balance between modern and classic.

Agolde: Denim Dreams

@agolde via Instagram

Agolde is the brand I always gush about when people ask me for denim recommendations. Each pair of jeans and jackets they make exudes unparalleled quality, and they have a style for everybody. Remember that rugged denim jacket I was rocking in my last Instagram post? Yes, it was Agolde!

Agolde also takes sustainability seriously. They are keen on reducing their environmental impact, using recycled and regenerative cotton to produce their clothes. So you can rock your favorite denim guilt-free!

Amour Vert: Green Love

Amour Vert
@amourvert via Instagram

Amour Vert translates to “green love,” and this is a brand that takes that name to heart. With every tee you buy, they plant a tree, which is just one of the many ways they work towards replenishing the world’s water resources.

Besides their sustainability efforts, Amour Vert carries many classic pieces, like that little black dress and more trendy items that I always find myself adding to my shopping cart.

COS: Clean and Chic

@cosstores via Instagram

Think clean lines, simple silhouettes, and a neutral color palette — you’ve got COS. Under the H&M group, this brand takes minimalist fashion to a new level. Their eco-friendly supply chain also means each purchase is a step towards a more sustainable future.

Madewell: It’s All In The Name

@madewell via Instagram

Madewell is one brand that makes me believe that “less is more.” Their jeans are all the rave and for good reason. You can go from a casual day out to an evening dinner without changing your outfit!

Cuyana: Less, But Better

@cuyana via Instagram

If you’re searching for accessories that scream minimalism and high quality, Cuyana is your go-to. Although they’re a bit pricier than Everlane, their commitment to reducing overproduction and using sustainable materials justifies the cost.

Uniqlo: Everyday Fashion

@uniqlo via Instagram

Uniqlo is one of those brands that make me feel at home. They offer reasonably priced, high-quality, ready-to-wear clothing for everyday wear. The brand’s practicality and neutral color palette remind me of Everlane. However, do some research regarding their sustainability practices before shopping!

Abercrombie & Fitch: Affordable and Chic

@abercrombie via Instagram

I like to think of Abercrombie & Fitch as that cool older sister who can dress up for any occasion without breaking the bank. While they may not be sustainable, their chic, trendy, and affordable clothes make them worth checking out.

Bleusalt: Luxurious Basics

@bleusalt via Instagram

Bleusalt is the brand you go to when you want to feel like you’re on a beach vacation while being in the city. Their “seasonless line of luxurious elevated basics” embodies the spirit of sustainability and quality that lasts all year round.

Girlfriend Collective: Sustainable Athleisure

@girlfriend via Instagram

Let’s get moving with Girlfriend Collective! This athleisure brand has it all – style, comfort, and ethical manufacturing. Their clothes range from sizes XXS-6XL, a testament to their commitment to inclusivity. So, whether you’re going for a run or a brunch date, Girlfriend Collective has got you covered!

Modern Citizen: Simplifying Style

@moderncitizen via Instagram

Hey, my style-conscious friends! Have you ever heard of Modern Citizen? This brand is like a breath of fresh air in our fast-paced fashion world. They are all about crafting stylish, casual clothing that is a joy to wear because who said style has to be uncomfortable?

Their designs embody simplicity and pay meticulous attention to details. If you are a fan of neutral color palettes and clean cuts, Modern Citizen should be your go-to brand for building your dream capsule wardrobe. Remember that effortless look I pulled off at last week’s brunch? Yup, that was all thanks to Modern Citizen!

Weekday: The Charm of Swedish Street Fashion

@weekdayofficial via Instagram

Let’s take a fashion trip to Sweden, shall we? The brand in the spotlight is Weekday. They started their journey in 2000 and are a part of the H&M group, known for their trendy streetwear.

Weekday offers stylish, casual basics combining clean lines with an urban aesthetic. The brand embraces originality and sophistication, with a touch of vivid colors to spice up your everyday outfits. The chic cropped sweater I was flaunting in my last vlog? That’s Weekday’s creation!

ARKET: The Scandi Sustainability Haven

@arketofficial via Instagram

Enter the sustainable fashion sphere with ARKET, a Scandi-inspired brand that offers modern, lasting wardrobe staples. Launched by H&M in 2016, ARKET provides essentials that will stay in style, season after season.

Not only does ARKET cater to your fashion needs, but they also provide home decor items to elevate your living space. From their bold striped knitwear to soft jersey basics, they cater to every wardrobe need with quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably produced fabrics.

J.Crew: Classic American Vibe

@jcrew via Instagram

J.Crew, a brand with over 20 years of experience, is a delight for anyone who enjoys a classic, American-made aesthetic. Known for their timeless cashmere and outerwear, they’ve expanded to tailored suits, chic sweaters, and women’s denim.

This brand’s offerings are like a trusted friend who never lets you down. From their flannel button-ups to structured jackets, J.Crew helps me pull off that “effortlessly stylish” look every time.

The Frankie Shop: Minimalism with a Twist

@thefrankieshop via Instagram

The Frankie Shop, a luxe lifestyle brand, is for all of you who appreciate high-quality fashion that doesn’t compromise function and style. With a minimalist approach, their designs add a statement touch that sets them apart.

Their collection comprises preppy shirts, oversized blazers, and timeless dresses that will remain relevant across multiple fashion seasons. Remember that relaxed oversized blazer I wore in my recent “Date Night Outfit Ideas” video? That was a gem from The Frankie Shop’s collection!


Wow, that was quite a stylish journey. We’ve explored everything from the comfort of Modern Citizen to the bold sustainability of ARKET, the classic charm of J.Crew, and the unique minimalism of The Frankie Shop. Your wardrobe has the potential to be as diverse and as expressive as you are.

Remember, it’s all about finding your unique style and building a wardrobe that complements it. This might involve trying new brands or experimenting with different fashion aesthetics. And let’s remember the importance of sustainability, a theme many of these brands share. Our fashion choices reflect our style and our commitment to the planet.

But, as in all things beauty and fashion, risks are involved. Investing in quality pieces that will last rather than impulse buys that may not stand the test of time is crucial. Also, be sure to research the sustainability practices of brands to ensure they’re genuinely eco-conscious and not just greenwashing.

Your fashion journey should be a celebration of your individuality. Each clothing item you wear is a statement about who you are and what you stand for. So, go ahead and explore these brands. Try new styles, and embrace different colors, patterns, and fabrics. Most importantly, have fun with it! Fashion is an art of self-expression, so let your wardrobe be your canvas.

Feature image by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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