Holiday Nail Ideas to Inspire You in 2024 🎉

by Zoe Scott
Holiday Nail Ideas

Hey nail art enthusiasts, ready for a splash of holiday cheer right at your fingertips? As the festive season draws near, we’re here to add that perfect sparkle to your celebrations. Dive into our one-stop guide packed with 54 fabulous nail art ideas, from glittery delights to chic matte finishes, curated to suit every style out there. Whether you’re a pro artist or a festive merrymaker eager to sport some holiday spirit, this blog post is your gateway to being the ultimate trendsetter. So, gear up and let your nails narrate enchanting tales of holiday glamour and artistry. Let’s paint the town festive, one nail at a time!

Glitter Edges

Glitter Edges
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Remember when I was utterly fascinated by the sparkle of fresh snow under the moonlight? Well, it inspired me to try the glitter edges on my nails! This style embraces the dazzle of the holiday season, with the sparkle lending a frosty, enchanting edge to your nails. Just imagine the twinkling lights reflected on your fingertips – magical, right?


@baseandboon via Instagram

Stepping into the world of holographic nails feels like entering a futuristic fairy tale. This look, reminiscent of a glistening snow-covered landscape, can add a dash of magic to any outfit. Picture this – nails that shift and swirl with an array of colors as you move; it’s truly an art form at your fingertips!

Snowflake French

Snowflake French
@nylove_nail via Instagram

Transporting the serene beauty of snowflakes onto your nails, this design is a chic twist on the classic French manicure. I remember the first time I sported this look; it was like having little pieces of winter wonderland at my fingertips, attracting admiration from fellow nail art lovers wherever I went.


Cream nails
@nailslpc.xo via Instagram

For those who appreciate subtlety and elegance, the cream nail design is your go-to. It reminds me of the tranquil moments sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, wrapped in the warm glow of holiday lights. This soft, neutral shade offers a perfect canvas for minimalistic designs or as a classy, understated choice.

Red French

Red French nails ideas
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Embrace the festivities with a splash of vibrant red, adding a modern spin to the classic French design. It’s a bold choice that always uplifts my spirits, making me feel like I’m wrapped in a cozy holiday ribbon. This year, why not twist it with some delicate gold accents?

Metallic Skittles

Metallic Skittles
@1stladyofcolors via Instagram

I am often mesmerized by the metallic hues that grace the holiday ornaments. The metallic Skittles design captures this fascination perfectly, allowing you to adorn your nails with shimmering shades that are both vibrant and festive.

Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights nails via Instagram

No holiday season is complete without the twinkling lights adorning streets and homes. Bringing this spectacle to your nails can be a fun and colorful affair, mirroring the joy and brightness of the season.

Star Confetti

Star Confetti nails
@orly via Instagram

Let your nails shine as bright as the night sky with the star confetti design. Infused with tiny stars, this style often takes me on a nostalgic trip to those childhood days of stargazing on cold winter nights. It’s a dreamy, celestial experience right at your fingertips!

Green Checkerboard

Green Checkerboard
@cirquecolors via Instagram

Inject a dose of fun into your holiday nail art repertoire with the green checkerboard design. It’s playful, vibrant, and totally in sync with the holiday theme, offering a geometric delight that is bound to be a hit at any holiday gathering.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree nails
@saviland_service via Instagram

The Christmas tree design is the epitome of the holiday season, bringing the festivities right to your nails. Adorned with tiny ornaments and perhaps a star on top, it’s a miniature celebration that carries the joyous spirit wherever you go.

Green Skittles

Green Skittles nails
@ptp.nails via Instagram

The green skittles design comes to the rescue for a refreshing and lively touch. It’s a fun way to incorporate different shades of green, creating a vibrant and harmonious display reminiscent of a fresh pine tree.

Red Swirls

Red Swirls nails
@rosebud.nailstudio via Instagram

Round off your holiday nail art journey with the mesmerizing red swirls design. It’s like a festive dance on your nails, evoking the swirling patterns of holiday ribbons and the joyous spirit of the season.

Gemstone French

Gemstone French
@nailsbyelisee via Instagram

Imagine merging the classic French manicure with the dazzling allure of gemstones! I once paired this nail art with a simple, yet elegant evening gown and let me tell you, the compliments just kept coming. It offers a sublime balance of sophistication and festive sparkle that’s simply irresistible.

Green and Gold

Green and Gold nails
@nailglossmi via Instagram

The blend of green and gold is like capturing the essence of a luxurious Christmas tree on your nails. I fondly remember crafting a matching headband that paired wonderfully with this nail design. It’s a style that screams luxury and holiday festivity without saying a word!

Holiday Wrapping Paper

Holiday Wrapping Paper
@nailsby.hails via Instagram

Oh, the joy of unwrapping gifts! This design is your opportunity to turn your nails into miniature pieces of art, reminiscent of your favorite holiday wrapping paper. During one holiday season, my friends and I had a little competition to see who could mimic their favorite wrapping paper on their nails. It was a blast!

Gems and Stars

Gems and Stars nails
@peachinails via Instagram

This choice is for those who love to sparkle and shine during the holidays. It’s like having a night sky adorned with twinkling stars at your fingertips. It’s a festive style that pairs well with almost any outfit, adding a touch of celestial glamour to your look.

Red Plaid

Red Plaid nails
@snsnailsofficial via Instagram

The red plaid design has a warm, comforting appeal, much like the feeling of wrapping oneself in a cozy plaid blanket by the fireplace. It’s a classic choice that exudes a homely yet stylish vibe, making you the epitome of holiday comfort and joy.

Golden Swirls

Golden Swirls
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

This design feels like swirling through a golden fairy tale. It reminds me of the golden swirls on the intricate ornaments that grace our Christmas tree every year. It’s an elegant choice that brings a touch of sophistication to your holiday ensemble.

Red Glitter

Red Glitter nails
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Nothing screams holidays like a splash of red glitter on your nails. It’s a look that instantly brightens up any outfit, adding a sparkle that’s reminiscent of a lively holiday party. Don’t shy away from pairing this with bold red lipstick for that ultimate festive appearance.

Blue French with Snowflakes

Blue French With Snowflakes
@heluviee via Instagram

This design brings the serene beauty of a snowy winter night to your fingertips. I once wore this to a winter wonderland-themed party, and it was an instant hit! The soft blue hue combined with delicate snowflakes creates a picturesque canvas that’s simply mesmerizing.

Gold Glitter

Gold Glitter
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Embrace the golden hues of the holiday season with this glittering design. It adds a luxurious touch to your nails, making them shine with a festive glow that’s hard to miss. It’s a timeless choice for those who love to add a golden touch to their holiday spirit.


Mistletoe nails
@embrace.nails via Instagram

Let’s remember the romantic aspect of the holidays. This mistletoe design is a delightful nod to the cherished tradition, bringing love and romance to your nail art repertoire. It’s like carrying a bit of holiday romance at your fingertips!

Wrapped Gifts

Wrapped Gifts nails
@organic_nail_bar_va via Instagram

Imagine having tiny, beautifully wrapped gifts right at your fingertips! This design is a fun and festive way to bring the joy of gift-giving to your nail art, making every gesture a celebration.

Holiday Skittles

Holiday Skittles
@bycheznails via Instagram

Unleash your creative side with the holiday Skittles design. It’s a vibrant and colorful way to incorporate various holiday symbols and colors into a fun and cohesive look. It’s like having a vibrant holiday party happening right on your nails!

Black Glitter French

Black Glitter French
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Try the black glitter French design for a more edgy yet festive look. It’s a bold choice that combines the classic elegance of a French manicure with a modern twist. With this striking design, I remember turning heads at a New Year’s Eve party!

Metallic Red

Metallic Red
@nailsxjazmarie via Instagram

This design brings a vibrant and shimmering twist to the holiday season. It’s a bold choice that echoes the vibrant festivities, adding a splash of metallic glamour to your look.

Candy Cane French

Candy Cane French nails
@beyondpolish via Instagram

Ending our festive nail art journey with a sweet note, the candy cane French design is like having little pieces of holiday sweets adorning your nails. It’s a fun, playful, and delightful choice for those looking to add a dash of sweetness to their holiday season.


Rudolph nails ideas
@nailswithami via Instagram

Kickstarting this segment with a cute homage to everyone’s favorite reindeer, Rudolph! I remember spending one Christmas Eve sketching little Rudolphs on my nails while humming holiday tunes. This design will surely bring a smile to anyone who spots the iconic red-nosed reindeer twinkling on your nails.


Tartan nails
@nailsterior via Instagram

Oh, the charm of tartan patterns during the holidays! I adore incorporating this classic pattern into my wardrobe and nails alike. It brings a sophisticated yet festive vibe, making your nails look wrapped in cozy holiday scarves.

Light Blue

Light Blue nails
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Transitioning into a calmer palette, light blue nails are like a breath of fresh winter air. This color reminds me of serene snowy mornings and makes for a perfect base to experiment with glitter, snowflakes, or even tiny snowmen for a playful touch.


Sweater Nails ideas
@dndgel via Instagram

Taking inspiration from those cozy holiday sweaters, why not translate that comfort onto your nails? This nail art technique, which gives a textured, sweater-like effect, always has me reminiscing about the warm and cozy gatherings with family and friends.

Holiday Dots

Holiday Dots nails
@nailartbyqueenie via Instagram

Let’s have some fun with polka dots, shall we? I often play around with various color combinations, creating a vibrant and cheerful pattern that brings festive joy to my fingertips. It’s a simple yet striking choice that brings joy to the holiday season.

Navy With Snowflakes

Navy With Snowflakes
@damarisnailsorizaba via Instagram

Delve into the beauty of the night sky with this exquisite combination. I find the contrast of delicate white snowflakes on a deep navy base enchanting. It feels like capturing tiny snowflakes from a magical winter night right on your nails.


Ornaments nails
@yasemin_bayyar via Instagram

Here, we bring the Christmas tree decorations straight to your nail tips! I love using tiny brushes to paint intricate ornaments, sometimes adding tiny gems for that extra sparkle. It’s like having a mini celebration at your fingertips!

Blue Skittles

Blue Skittles nails
@aimeiligelpolish via Instagram

Add a splash of varying shades of blue to create a mesmerizing effect that’s both playful and festive. Each nail adorned with a different shade reminds me of the different hues of the winter sky, creating a harmonious and captivating display.

Green Glitter

Green Glitter nails
@allpowderedup via Instagram

Infuse your nails with the sparkle of green glitter, a vibrant option that brings fresh holly and mistletoe to mind. It’s a vivacious choice that adds a sparkle to any festive outfit, making you the shining star of the gathering.

Rhinestone Kwanzaa

Rhinestone Kwanzaa nails
@bornprettyofficial via Instagram

Celebrate Kwanzaa with nail art that’s as vibrant as the festival itself. Adorning your nails with rhinestones in traditional Kwanzaa colors is a beautiful way to honor the cultural festival while adding sparkle to your look.


Confetti nails ideas
@jeealee via Instagram

Bring the party to your nails with a confetti-inspired design! I love adding tiny, colorful specks on a neutral base for a joyful and sophisticated effect. It’s a mini celebration on your nails, spreading joy with every gesture.

Abstract Red

Abstract Red nails
@nailzkatkat via Instagram

Embrace the art lover in you with an abstract red design. I enjoy getting creative with various shades of red and unique patterns, creating a canvas as unique and vibrant as the holiday season.

Glitter French

Glitter French
@nailzkatkat via Instagram

Rounding up our list is the ever-glamorous glitter French design. It’s a festive take on the classic French manicure, adding a sprinkle of glitter for a dazzling effect. Every year, this design becomes my go-to choice for New Year’s Eve, reflecting the sparkle and joy of the celebrations.

Mistletoe and Holly

Mistletoe and Holly
@tessa.lyn.nails via Instagram

There’s nothing like starting our list with a design inspired by the classic holiday elements: mistletoe and holly. I once paired this with a mistletoe headband for a themed party, and it was a massive hit! Picture vibrant green leaves and bright red berries, a genuinely festive canvas to adorn your nails with.


Snowman nails
@skys.nails via Instagram

Next is a design that brings out the child in all of us – a charming snowman art piece. I love spending a cozy afternoon creating little snowman faces on my nails, and sipping hot cocoa. This design is perfect for infusing fun and nostalgia into the holiday season.


Maroon nails
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

For those who appreciate a more subdued yet elegant palette, the maroon shade comes to the rescue. This rich, deep hue is perfect for crafting sophisticated nail art designs and pairs perfectly with gold accessories. It’s a color that exudes a warm and cozy feeling, like a comforting holiday hug.

Santa Hats

Santa Hats nails
@nailsbyalsn via Instagram

Oh, the festive joy that Santa hats bring! Transforming your nails into tiny Santa hats is both playful and thematic. I fondly remember flaunting these nails while distributing gifts, adding a sprinkle of joy to the occasion. It’s a design that truly embodies the holiday spirit!

NYE Skittles

NYE Skittles nails
@1stladyofcolors via Instagram

We must bring out vibrant and celebratory colors as we approach the New Year. I enjoy experimenting with different sparkling hues to create a fireworks display on my nails. This design is like a party at your fingertips, ushering in the New Year with style and vivacity.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane nails
@pearnova via Instagram

The candy cane design is a sweet, delightful choice that never goes out of style. I love pairing this design with a candy cane in hand, creating a harmonious and festive holiday picture. It’s a sweet reminder of the joyous season at your fingertips.

Blue Micro French

Blue Micro French
@avrnailswatches via Instagram

Dive into the world of finesse with the blue micro French design. This elegant choice combines the classic French manicure with a hint of modernity through a delicate blue line. It’s a subtle yet captivating choice that adds a splash of calm to the vibrant holiday season.

Mistletoe French

Mistletoe French
@embrace.nails via Instagram

Once, during a holiday soiree, I sported the mistletoe French nail design and became the talk of the evening. Combining the classic French manicure with tiny mistletoe accents is a lovely nod to the holiday season, merging elegance with festive flair in a seamless manner.

Upside Down French with Gems

Upside Down French nails
@nailitmedia via Instagram

Stepping into a more glamorous zone, this design incorporates gems to add a sparkle to your regular French manicure. I remember feeling like a star with these nails, the gems catching the light and adding a glittering highlight to my ensemble.

Black Iridescent

Black Iridescent nails
@nailstory_ca via Instagram

Ending our journey with a bold choice, the black iridescent design is for those who love to make a statement. This design has a magical allure, with shifting colors and a shimmering effect that’s simply mesmerizing. I have a soft spot for this design for evening events, where it stands out as a mysterious and alluring choice.

Sparkling Snowflakes

Sparkling Snowflakes
@vivianmariewong via Instagram

Imagine capturing the ethereal beauty of snowflakes on your nails! Using a white or silver glitter polish on a light blue base, you can create intricate snowflake patterns, representing a snowy night’s serene and peaceful ambiance. This design is particularly close to my heart as it reminds me of the season’s first snowfall, a sight to behold.

Festive Fair Isle

Festive Fair Isle nails
@heygreatnails via Instagram

Inspired by the traditional Fair Isle knitting patterns often seen on cozy winter sweaters, these designs make for adorable festive nails. Think patterns with small geometric shapes, lines, and hearts in seasonal colors. I usually go for a combination of red, green, and white, giving a cozy, knitted sweater feel to the nails, which is comforting and festive.

Glittering Starry Night

Glittering Starry Night nails
@sistaco via Instagram

This nail art design embodies the magic of holiday nights. Using a deep blue or black base coat, you can adorn your nails with glittering stars, perhaps even adding a touch of sparkle with tiny rhinestones. It feels like having a small piece of the night sky at your fingertips. It’s an excellent choice for those who plan to spend the holidays under the starlit sky, sharing stories and making memories.

Golden Bells

Golden nails via Instagram

Golden bells ringing are a sure sign that the holiday season is here. Why not bring this joyous sound to your nails? You can create bell shapes on a red or green background using a golden polish, adding a little bow for an extra festive touch. I once paired this design with a bell-themed bracelet, creating a cohesive and joyous holiday look.

15 Amazing Extra Holiday Season Nail Art Ideas To Try

The holiday season is a perfect time to get creative with nail art, drawing inspiration from festivities, traditions, and the winter landscape. Here are some more nail art designs tailored for the holiday spirit:

  1. Poinsettia Passion: The bright red poinsettia symbolizes the holiday season. Create a delicate poinsettia pattern on a neutral base for an elegant festive touch.
  2. Gingerbread Delight: Illustrate cute gingerbread men, houses, or even simple sugar icing patterns reminiscent of gingerbread cookies.
  3. Midnight Champagne: Celebrate the New Year with a shimmering champagne-inspired design, perhaps with some gold glitter to mimic bubbles.
  4. Winter Berries: Use a combination of deep reds and greens to depict holly berries and leaves, representing the spirit of winter.
  5. Snowy Landscape: A gradient of light blues to depict the sky, with white snowy hills at the tip and maybe a tiny snowman or tree silhouette.
  6. Hanukkah Lights: Feature menorahs, dreidels, or Star of David patterns in blues, whites, and gold to celebrate Hanukkah.
  7. Winter Sweater Patterns: Mimic the cozy patterns of your favorite winter sweater using intricate lines, dots, and shapes in traditional holiday colors.
  8. Frozen Icicles: Paint icicles dripping from the nail tip with a touch of glitter to capture the icy sparkle.
  9. Frosty Windows: Create intricate frost patterns using white or silver polish over a transparent or icy blue base.
  10. Silver Bells: Use metallic silver polish to paint bell silhouettes, ringing in the festivities.
  11. Gift Boxes: Mimic the appearance of gift boxes with various colors, topped with ribbons and bows.
  12. Reindeer Antlers: Sketch out delicate antler designs over a neutral base, maybe even adding Rudolph’s famous red nose.
  13. Candlelight: Illustrate the soft glow of candles, symbolizing warmth and hope during the cold winter nights.
  14. Starry Skies: Combine dark blues and sparkling glitters to mimic a starry winter night, perhaps even adding a crescent moon.
  15. Crackling Fireplace: Warm orange, red, and yellow hues can depict the warmth of a fireplace, maybe with tiny stockings or festive decorations nearby.

Remember, the holiday season is all about joy, warmth, and creativity. So, let your nails be a canvas that captures the spirit, memories, and emotions of this wonderful time of the year.


And there we have it, dear fashion adventurers, a panorama of vibrant, elegant, and downright fun nail art ideas to dazzle during the holiday season. Remember to treat your nails kindly as you embark on your nail art expedition. Use quality products to prevent any damage, and pamper your hands with a nourishing cream afterward. Be bold in seeking professional help if some designs seem too intricate. After all, everyone starts somewhere, and each attempt is a step closer to mastery. Please encourage your friends to join the fun, turning it into a festive group activity sharing laughter and creativity. As we wrap up this joyous journey, remember that the ultimate goal is to celebrate the season’s spirit with joy, color, and sparkle. Happy painting, everyone!

Feature image @vivianmariewong via Instagram

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