How to Create a Healthy Home

by Tori Jones

Unbeknown to you, your home could be creating all manner of health problems for you and your family. Dust could be causing you to suffer from allergies, secondhand smoke could be impacting your lungs, and bottled water could be forcing you to come into contact with a host of harmful chemicals.

If you want to create a healthy home, you need to fight these plights as best you can. Take the advice laid out below, and you’ll be sure to do just that,

Get your dust under control

Dust aggravates allergies that have the potential to land you and your loved ones in hospital if left untreated, so it is recommended that you get your home’s dust problem under control as soon as possible. Throw in the fact that it can also carry a host of hazardous chemicals, such as lead and pesticides, and the task of getting the dust in your home under control becomes not only recommended but imperative.

There are a host of routes that you can potentially go down when it comes to getting your dust under control, each of which varies in time, effort, and cost. If you’re willing to go above and beyond in this instance, then you should pay to have your wall-to-wall carpeting replaced with either wood, tile, or cork flooring. If this isn’t a realistic course of action for you to take, then some good old fashion elbow grease will do. Get the vacuum out, and dive into the task of giving your home a real Spring clean (regardless of the time of year). Whatever you do, just be sure to clean the vacuum bag every time you use it suck up dust. Allowing it to fester will just see the dust spew back into the air the next time you use your vacuum, and then you’ll be back to square one.

You should know that your air vents and ducts are probably where most of your home’s dust resides. Getting into these tight areas can be troublesome, especially if you can’t reach them in the first place, which is why you should search online for a “handyman near me”. Cleaning out vents is a job that handymen can legally perform, so be sure to turn to this type of tradesperson when you decide to give your vents a good de-dusting.

Ban smoking in and near your home

As you are probably already aware, smoking is incredibly bad for your health. What you might not be aware of, however, is the fact that being around cigarette smoke is also just as bad. If you allow people to smoke in or near your home, you and your family will breathe in what is known as secondhand smoke, and that can have just as devastating an effect on your lungs as actually smoking can.

To ensure that you and your kids aren’t made to suffer because of another person’s decision to smoke, you should ban smoking in and near your home. This means that visitors to your home shouldn’t just stand by the backdoor whenever they light up their cigarette — they should go and stand right at the other end of your garden. Doing so will ensure that no harmful fumes or toxins are granted entry into your premises.

Ditch plastic bottles

You need to drink water throughout the duration of each day, but you just can’t bring yourself to drink tap water. This leads you to filling your home with plastic bottles but doing that could very well be having an adverse effect on your health. Most plastic bottles are polycarbonate, which means they have traces of bisphenol A found in them somewhere. This harmful chemical can have an impact on brain health, the prostate gland, and can even lead to heart problems.

If you want your home to be truly healthy, you need to seriously consider banning plastic water bottles within it. To make up for this loss, why not invest in a tap water filtration system? This will remove all harmful toxins from the water that your taps produce, meaning it’ll be just as healthy for you as bottled water; only you won’t have to come into contact with polycarbonate plastic in order to drink it.

You want your home to a safe space for your kids to grow up in. It is never going to be as safe as you want and need it to be, however, if you don’t resolve to put the above advice into practice. Get your dust under control, ban smoking on your premises, and ditch the use of plastic bottles — when you do, you’ll be sure to create a home that is truly healthy.

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