What To Wear With A Leather Jacket

by Kathleen Loxton
what to wear with a leather jacket

A leather jacket is considered as a staple in every girl`s wardrobe. We really don’t understand how some girls can live without at least one leather jacket in their wardrobe as it is the greatest item that never goes out of style. Outfits with leather jackets like here always look trendy and fabulous. By the way, the leather jacket is a classic piece of clothing– it can be paired almost with everything in your huge wardrobe and you can wear it in any season of the year.  And if you still think that the leather jacket doesn’t fit you we’re here to show you that it’s not like that.

How to Wear Leather Jacket

It may happen that you’ve bought a pretty leather jacket of your favourite colour, but when you come home and look in the mirror you’ve got to conclude that it doesn’t fit you at all or you don`t know how to pair your purchase with other clothes. At times like this, you`re feeling awful. Well, shall we do something about that?! First of all, you have to know what key details you should consider when you’re going to buy a leather jacket! And the main thing you should pay attention to is the compatibility of a particular type and shape of a leather jacket with your body shape. Here you’ll find our good advice what style to choose for your body shape:

Choose Leather Jacket According to Your Body Shape

  • Rectangle shape – opt for the designs that include as much detail as possible to create the illusion of mass and make the figure curvier wearing a leather jacket. You should buy a leather jacket with zippers, straps, belts and buckles – with anything that can draw attention.
  • Hourglass shape – wear the designs that contain vertical details such as the zippers along the sides as they always stress the smallness of the waist. Besides, give priority to the monochromatic leather jackets because they streamline hourglass figure. So black, brown or beige jackets with a bottom of the same color are a perfect choice.
  • Apple shape – if you`ve got an apple figure type your aim is to create definition at the waist dressing a leather jacket. So leather jackets with a medium or thick belt to part and lessen the upper and lower halves of the body are great choices. Try to avoid leather jackets with a lot of details. By the way, leather jackets of thigh-length and lower help you to conceal the lower half of the figure.
  • Pear shape – a cropped leather jacket fits ideally as here you shouldn’t accentuate your hips, thighs and, of course, rear if you have a pear figure type. Cropped leather jackets rest on the smallest part of the body and emphasise the bust. Such a very important detail helps you attract attention to upward and vice versa distracts from the fuller bottom part. 

Pick The Right Colour Of The Leather Jacket

Don’t forget that the right shade of the leather jacket is as important as its type because dressing and matching the leather jacket with other clothes you have to highlight your skin tone maximum perfectly.

Here your choice depends on the season of the year. If it`s summer, you should pay attention to the cool colours like blue, green or purple. In autumn you may wear all colours that can characterize the autumn leaves – brown, yellow, dark green and red tones. Winter requires for cool darker options but also allows to experiment with red and pink tones. For spring light and bright tones fit well, but grey and brown leather jackets also don`t spoil your look. Try something new…

How to Match The Leather Jackets with Other Clothing

Now you’ve realised how important to choose the right type and colour of the leather jacket. Our next step is to learn how to style the leather jacket and how to match your pretty leather jacket with the rest of the garments you’ve already had in your wardrobe (of course, maybe some piece of clothes will appear in it after reading this part of the article).

Pairing Leather Jacket with Dress

If you`re going to not so formal hangouts without a strict dress code, it’s time to complete your look with a fashion-forward leather jacket. Wearing a leather jacket over a short party dress or midi/maxi dress going even for more formal occasions you get a cool elegant look. By the way, you can ignore adding more details like prints or ruffles and so on.

street style imagery of how to wear a leather jacket with a dress

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Pairing Leather Jacket with Wedding Outfit

At first glance, it may seem rather unusual combining but proving once again that any outfits with leather jackets look gorgeous and chic. Even on your wedding day, you can let yourself dress your cool leather jacket and it just makes your look prettier.

how to wear a leather jacket with a wedding dress

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Pairing Leather Jacket with Pants or Jeans

There is nothing more comfortable in everyday life than jeans or pants, especially, if you match them with the leather jacket. Great pairing! The only thing you should do is to pick up any chic top (better T-type and a bit elongated) from the wardrobe and your stunning street style look is ready. Such look fits well for shopping, visiting the cinema or walking with friends.

street style how to wear leather jacket with pants or jeans

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Pairing Leather Jacket with Shorts or Mini Skirt

To have the ultra-innovative and trendy look you can pair your leather jacket with shorts or a cute mini skirt. In such a way you can create an astounding street look even in the colder seasons if you wear a warm scarf, opaque tights and a sweater. Just remember, you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket! Such a super-cool piece of clothing, pulling over a mini flirty skirt or shorts will emphasise your beautiful figure and at the same time, you’ll feel cute and confident.

how to wear a leather jacket with shorts or mini skirt

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Pairing Leather Jacket with Midi and Maxi Skirts

Such universal piece of clothing as the leather jacket can be matched with any type of skirt – pleated, pencil or even active skirts. Dressing the leather jacket you add some defiance to femininity and toughen up the look.

how to wear a leather jacket with a midi and maxi skirt

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Final Note about Leather Jacket

  • The leather jacket is the most essential that every woman has to include to her wardrobe.
  • Leather jacket fits every woman, but it`s important to choose the leather jacket according to the body shape as it has to highlight figure and hide flaws.
  • If you want to dress the leather jacket of non-universal colours your choice should depend on the season of the year.
  • The leather jacket can be paired almost with every piece of clothing from your wardrobe. By the way, you can be different in such kind of jacket every day and every minute as you can take it off whenever you want.
  • The leather jacket looks good with anything and everything.

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Last reviewed and updated on February 25, 2023

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