7 Best Purses for Travel in Europe In 2023

by Tori Jones
Purses for Travel

Today, we’re going on a journey to explore the ‘7 Best Purses for Travel in Europe.’ A well-curated list that combines fashion and function to make your travel experience memorable and chic. From the French Riviera to the Italian vineyards, each purse in our collection has been handpicked to align with the aesthetics of various European landscapes while considering the need for safety, space, and comfort.

Whether you’re a minimalist who fancies a neat little crossbody or a maximalist who wouldn’t step out without your world in your bag, there’s something here for everyone. By the end of this post, you’ll not only be an expert in picking the perfect purse for your travel needs but also be on your way to making a style statement in the world’s fashion capital. Let’s pack our bags, or rather, let’s choose the right bag to fill, and embark on this style-savvy voyage!

The Pearl Crossbody Bag: Lo & Sons

Lo & Sons The Pearl Crossbody Bag

A personal favorite, ‘The Pearl Crossbody Bag’ from Lo & Sons, sets the pace for our stylish voyage. It’s made from Saffiano leather, a detail that any fashion connoisseur would appreciate for its robust, textured, and weather-resistant qualities. Imagine navigating the charming streets of Rome, worry-free about unexpected showers, thanks to this durable ally.

Packed with travel-friendly features like varied interior pockets and a convertible strap, ‘The Pearl’ has your back (or side!). The versatility of this bag makes it easy to style, whether you’re strolling through Barcelona or dining in Paris. Now, at $298, it may seem like a luxury, but given the years of service it promises, I consider it an intelligent investment.

The Laurel Way Rima Crossbody: Kate Spade

Kate Spade Laurel Way Rima Crossbody

Let me introduce you to the stylish travel companion – ‘Laurel Way Rima Crossbody’ by Kate Spade. This purse is as slim as it is trendy, keeping all your essentials within arm’s reach without the bulk. I remember my trip to Florence, where it was a lifesaver as I navigated through the bustling markets.

While black is a timeless classic, the Lilac Moonlight shade left me in awe. It brings a pop of color and fun to any outfit. Crafted from high-quality Saffiano leather, it’s a luxe accessory you’ll adore instantly.

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Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody Bag: Arden Cove

Arden Cove Full Anti-Theft Waterproof Cross-Body Bag

Next on the list is the epitome of practicality and style – the ‘Arden Cove Full Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody Bag.’ This bag caught my eye during my usual online window shopping sessions. What piqued my interest were the RFID-blocking pockets and their waterproof attribute – a boon for those surprise showers when you’re busy clicking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower!

With its high-quality construction of waterproof nylon and vegan leather, the bag also boasts a slash-proof lining. At $174, considering the features and timeless design, this bag offers value for money, adding that touch of security and style to your travel wardrobe.

The Bond Crossbody Belt: Lo & Sons

Lo & Sons The Bond Crossbody Belt

Ending this list with yet another gem from Lo & Sons, ‘The Bond Crossbody Belt.’ This minimalist yet practical bag can also double up as a fanny pack. I recall it being my trusty companion during my last adventure through the narrow alleyways of Lisbon.

The bag features many pockets, perfect for keeping your I.D.s, credit cards, and travel documents organized. A bonus is the anti-microbial lining, which ensures your items stay clean during your journey. You can choose from the $98 version of 600D Recycled Poly, or the $328 sheepskin leather style if you’re feeling indulgent.

F.A.R. Messenger 16L: Away

Away F.A.R. Messenger 16L

Away has become a popular destination for chic travel accessories, and it’s no surprise their F.A.R. Messenger 16L is on this list. Remember the time I shared about my trip to the bustling streets of Amsterdam? This compact yet spacious travel purse was my go-to companion.

It’s a well-rounded package with an adjustable shoulder strap for those extra-long sightseeing days and a plethora of zippered pockets to store everything from your passport to your favorite lipstick. Crafted from water-resistant nylon, it braves the elements while looking utterly stylish. And the cherry on top? This feature-packed bag comes at a pleasing $80 – quite a catch if you ask me!

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Circa Bag: Senreve

Senreve Circa Bag

The Circa Bag by Senreve is next on our list. Admitting my bias, it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing purses. The Circa Bag embodies versatility, skillfully transitioning from a backpack to a crossbody, shoulder, or top-handle bag.

Crafted from 100% Italian leather, it not only exudes a luxurious vibe but also promises durability with scratch, weather, and stain-resistant attributes. I recall its grandeur turning heads when I strolled through the posh avenues of Milan. With a price tag of $500+, it’s an indulgence that pays off in quality, longevity, and head-turning style.

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Micah Crossbody: Dagne Dover


Lastly, let’s talk about Dagne Dover’s Micah Crossbody. It’s one of those accessories that effortlessly add a chic touch to any outfit. Perfect for dressing up for a night in Madrid or dressing down for a casual day exploring the quaint villages of Provence.

In addition to its style, the Micah Crossbody has handy features like a key leash and a card slot. The purse, crafted from 100% vegan neoprene, scores big on being eco-friendly and water-resistant. At a comfortable $110, it’s lightweight on your shoulder and wallet!

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What Are The Features Of each purse on the list?

  1. Lo & Sons The Pearl Crossbody Bag: This purse is made from durable and weather-resistant Saffiano leather. It includes several travel-friendly features like interior pockets and a convertible strap, making it functional yet luxurious.
  2. Kate Spade Laurel Way Rima Crossbody: This stylish, slim crossbody is perfect for keeping essentials within reach. It’s crafted from high-quality Saffiano leather and available in several color choices, including the beautiful Lilac Moonlight shade.
  3. Arden Cove Full Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody Bag: As the name suggests, this bag is fashionable and anti-theft with its waterproof and RFID-blocking features. It’s made from waterproof nylon and vegan leather and includes a full slash-proof lining.
  4. Lo & Sons The Bond Crossbody Belt: This minimalist yet practical bag doubles as a fanny pack. It’s designed with plenty of pockets for your cards, IDs, and travel documents, and it includes an anti-microbial lining. It’s available in both 600D Recycled Poly and sheepskin leather.
  5. Away F.A.R. Messenger 16L: This compact, spacious travel purse features an adjustable shoulder strap and multiple zippered pockets. It’s made from water-resistant nylon, making it perfect for travel.
  6. Senreve Circa Bag: This multi-purpose bag can be worn as a backpack, crossbody, shoulder, or top-handle bag. It’s crafted from 100% Italian leather, making it luxurious and durable, and it’s scratch, weather, and stain-resistant.
  7. Dagne Dover Micah Crossbody: This fashionable crossbody bag includes travel-friendly features like a key leash and card slot. It’s made from 100% vegan neoprene, making it water-resistant and lightweight.

5 Other Recommended Purses for Travel in Europe?

With its blend of cultural richness and modern metropolises, Europe calls for both style and practicality. Here are a few other purse options that can effortlessly carry your essentials while complementing your style:

  1. Everlane The Day Market Tote: Everlane’s minimalist design aesthetic makes this tote a versatile choice, and the spacious interior is perfect for days when you’re out exploring from dawn till dusk.
  2. Fjällräven Kånken Sling Bag: This bag adds a sporty edge to your look. Its durable and water-resistant material makes it a sturdy companion for your European adventure.
  3. Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 Anti-Theft Handbag: This handbag is designed with security in mind. It offers RFID-blocking pockets, lockdown straps, and other security features while maintaining a chic silhouette.
  4. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote Bag: Longchamp’s Le Pliage is an iconic, collapsible tote that’s perfect for travel. It’s roomy, lightweight, and available in a variety of colors.
  5. Cuyana Small Structured Leather Tote: For those who favor luxury, this tote is for you. It’s crafted from Italian leather, offering a stylish and roomy option that can easily transition from day to night.

Remember, the ideal travel purse is the one that meets your needs—be it space, style, or security—and reflects your personality. Make sure you choose something that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on whatever your European adventure brings!

Where Can I Purchase These Purses?

Each of the purses mentioned can usually be found on the respective brand’s website or at various online retailers. Here’s a quick guide on where to start your search:

  1. Lo & Sons The Pearl Crossbody Bag and The Bond Crossbody Belt: These can be purchased directly from Lo & Sons’ website.
  2. Kate Spade Laurel Way Rima Crossbody: Available on the official Kate Spade website and at other retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom.
  3. Arden Cove Full Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody Bag: This can be purchased on the Arden Cove website.
  4. Away F.A.R. Messenger 16L: This is available on the Away website.
  5. Senreve Circa Bag: You can buy this directly from the Senreve website.
  6. Dagne Dover Micah Crossbody: This can be found on the Dagne Dover website.

For the additional recommendations:

  1. Everlane The Day Market Tote: Available on the Everlane website.
  2. Fjällräven Kånken Sling Bag: You can purchase this on the Fjällräven website or at outdoor goods retailers like REI.
  3. Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 Anti-Theft Handbag: This can be found on the Pacsafe website or at travel goods retailers.
  4. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote Bag: Available at the Longchamp website or high-end department stores like Nordstrom.
  5. Cuyana Small Structured Leather Tote: Available on the Cuyana website.


Hello, fashion enthusiasts! In our quest for the ideal travel purse for Europe, we’ve journeyed through seven fantastic options, each with a unique blend of style, functionality, and quality. In making your choice, remember to consider factors like durability, versatility, storage capacity, and how well the bag complements your fashion sense.

While the initial investment might seem steep for some options, consider it a long-term investment in your style and convenience. However, always be mindful of your budget and personal needs before deciding.

Embrace this chance to elevate your travel experience and let your chosen purse become an integral part of your journey, adding functionality and flair to your European adventure. After all, each trip we take is another page in our style story. Stay fashionable, stay curious, and above all, keep exploring!

Feature image by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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