What Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans

by Amy Bebbington
grid of shoes and skinny jeans

After the exhausting search for a pair of skinny jeans that fit perfectly, your attention undoubtedly turns to your footwear. Yes, you may now be the proud owner of jeans that don’t go baggy at the knees or produce an unwanted muffin top, but finding a pair of heels, flats or boots to wear with skinny jeans is another hurdle to overcome.

The slick, tight fit of skinny jeans can sometimes leave you feeling like your feet are huge. When glancing at your tootsies you become more aware of your size 6’s than ever before and start trawling through your shoe collection for the answer. Some styles expose the skin leaving goose pimples in their wake – and with winter on the horizon an alternative solution is definitely needed.

Do you find yourself pondering what shoes to wear with black skinny jeans? Or whether ankle boots with skinny jeans is still a trend for the thirty-something? No sweat. Our guide to what shoes to wear with skinny jeans will leave you pounding the streets with confidence. Trust us!

How to Style Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a wardrobe essential that can be dressed up or down effortlessly. Whether shopping with friends, taking a trip to the cinema, or being treated to a romantic date night, skinny jeans will never fail you as a trusty companion; a denim staple that can seamlessly work from day to night without a second thought. Team with an oversized knit and chunky scarf for a casual yet stylish look, or a glamorous faux fur jacket to bring out the temptress in you.

Daytime Look


PHOTO CREDIT: Hat: ASOS, Scarf: Zara, Skinny Jeans: Topshop, Loafers: Office

Evening Look


PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest. Shirt: ASOS, Jacket: House of Fraser, Jeans: ASOS, Heels: Zara

Trainers with Skinny Jeans

For those days when you are endlessly dashing around (we’ve all been there) a pair of trainers, skinnies, a striped tee and chunky knit is the go-to look. If comfort is key to accommodate your daily lifestyle it is time to invest in pair of sneakers. To remain stylish (and avoid looking like you’ve forgotten your shoes after a workout) rock an understated, chic option.



Daps: For a simple, understated look opt for a pair of lace up daps. Converse and Vans are easily sourced and provide a mix of comfort and style (not to mention are shoes that go with everything). Choose a brightly coloured pair to add a bold touch to your skinny black jeans, or opt for classic white version with your favourite indigo blue denim.

High Tops: If you prefer a fuller shoe, high tops provide a slightly edgier look with your skinnies. A pair of jeans ripped at the knees or ankles add a relaxed yet stylised vibe when teamed with your black high tops.

Sneakers: You can’t beat a pair of sneakers with jeans. This variety provides more support to the foot and adds a sporty edge to your outfit. Pair with a simple tee, bomber jacket and beanie to complement your sneakers superbly.


PHOTO CREDIT: Office. From left to right: Silver Converse, Black Converse High Tops, Adidas Trainers

Heels with Skinny Jeans

For women who prefer a feminine, sexier look, skinny jeans and heels are an option that will take you effortlessly from day to night. Here’s how to style dress shoes with jeans for dancing until dawn.



Stiletto: Tight jeans, high heels: a must have! A killer stiletto with a slick pair of black, blue or white denim is an incredibly sexy look. Jeans and heels outfits elongate the legs, adding considerable height. A stiletto with a pair of black jeans, silk vest and statement necklace is extremely sophisticated.

Wedge: If tottering on skinny heels is not for you, a wedge is a great alternative. Wedge shoes with skinny jeans feel a lot more stable than stilettos yet still maintain femininity and elegance. Ensure the jeans fit well to your leg and add a blazer for a formal touch or keep it casual with a printed tee layered with a shirt.

Platform: A chunkier, more relaxed option is the platform shoe. A thick heel adds a contemporary edge yet provides the height required. Platforms are the perfect match for skinny jeans as you will feel confident strutting your stuff, even after a few glasses of fizz! Available in a variety of colours and styles, your white skinny jeans outfit will feel complete. Just add a blazer and fedora as the finishing touch.


PHOTO CREDIT: Office. From left to right: Grey Wedge, Black Stiletto, Black Platform

Boots with Skinny Jeans

Boots work extremely well with skinny jeans due to the slim fit at the calf and ankle. As the winter approaches, skinny jeans with booties will surely be a go-to option for most. With a variety of styles to choose from it is easy to find a design that is stylish, comfortable and suits all occasions. Skinny jeans and boots are certainly a winning formula.



Calf Length: A popular choice is calf length as the skinny jean can slide comfortably inside, showcasing the design. Depending on style preference, you could opt for a slouch version for a relaxed look, or a tighter, more formal option for a sophisticated style. Just remember, the slim fit boot does demand a super skinny jean to avoid bunching around the knee.

Thigh High: For the bold, a thigh high boot over skinny jeans is a knockout. But a word to the wise: an extremely tight pair of denims is required to allow the boot to gracefully slide over with no lumps and bumps. To pull off this look with confidence a smooth, sharp appearance is needed. Also, ensure that your denim contrasts with the boot to break up the block of colour. For example, team a black pair of thigh highs with blue denim. Add a black shirt with matching bag and finish with a grey wool coat for an effortless yet stylish look.

Ankle: With so many variations of the ankle boot, when you’re wondering what shoes to wear with jeans, it sure is a winner. Finishing just shy of the jean, it is the perfect piece of footwear to slip on without thinking too hard. Whether you’re Chelsea boot fan (who isn’t), a front zip fanatic, or a statement buckle kind of girl, the options are endless. Opt for an unusual fabric or print for a bold touch, or find a black leather classic to complete your look.


PHOTO CREDIT: Office. From left to right: Velvet Boots, Chelsea Boots, Lace Up Boots

Lace Up: For a chunkier, heavy look the lace up boot is ideal. With a robust sole and a statement fastening that encompasses the skinny jean, a grungier, bold style is achieved. Either wrap the laces around the ankle a few times for a stylistic touch or leave loose for a relaxed look. Team with a chunky blanket scarf to balance out the proportions.

Platform: To elongate your legs and show off your pins, a heeled boot is the perfect option. Many boots are available with a platform heel for those who wish to add height to their look. Also, heeled boots are a great alternative to a pair of stilettos for a night out with the girls. A pair of velvet platforms with black skinny jeans may be the answer for your Saturday night.

Flats with Skinny Jeans

If you don’t fancy tottering around all day on five inch heels, flats are the best shoes to wear with skinny jeans. The variations of flats ensure that you can remain smart, stylish and comfortable. Take a look at the kind of flat shoes that go with jeans – but be warned: you will start online shopping before you’ve finished reading.



Loafers: Loafers with jeans are a fantastic solution when you want to be comfortable but smart. There are so many styles and colours that you’re sure to find something to suit, from pointed toe to round to tasselled. What’s more, loafers can easily be paired with socks due to the high rise.

Brogues: This androgynous footwear is one of the best shoes for skinny jeans. Team the lace up shoe with your black jeans outfit and a pair of socks for a quirky, cool style. Roll the jean slightly where the sock meets to show off your Oxfords stylishly.

Ballet Pumps: When debating what shoes to wear with skinny jeans, ballet flats are a popular choice. However, as the winter sets in you may want to leave the pumps at home as a red raw foot is a fashion faux pas. Keep this style ready for the spring when the temperature rises considerably. With so many designs to choose from, ballet pumps may be a wise choice for the evening if heels are out of the question.


PHOTO CREDIT: Office. From left to right: Silver Loafers, Brogues, Black Loafers

What Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans: Summary

  • Ensure that your skinny jeans fit well and you feel comfortable.
  • Decide on the occasion and the look you wish to achieve.
  • Choose heels to elongate the leg.
  • Opt for trainers for stylish comfort.
  • Select flats for a smart yet relaxed look.
  • Embrace boots for winter.
  • Experiment with different styles to find out what works for you.


No longer should you find yourself asking what to wear with black jeans, ripped denim or your favourite indigo blue skinnies after reading our definitive guide on the shoes to wear with jeans. We’ve covered the types of boots to wear with skinny jeans as well as flats, heels and trainers. The decision ultimately depends on your style preference as well as the occasion you are dressing for. The options are endless so don’t forget to step out of your comfort zone and experiment whilst remaining stylish and comfortable.

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