Audrey Hepburn: Get the Look

by Kathleen Loxton
Audrey Hepburn wearing long red dress in funny face scene

Audrey Hepburn – born Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston – was many things during her lifetime: World War Two survivor; trained ballerina; critically acclaimed actor; mother; UNICEF ambassador; and style icon for the ages, to mention but a few. Of course, we may not have Hubert de Givenchy as a close personal friend, but we can still take a cue from her style and recreate her timeless look today. After all, everyone needs a little Audrey in their step…

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Why We Love Audrey Hepburn’s Style

Audrey style has been an influence and inspiration for hallowed designers and fashion lovers alike since she first graced us with her presence on the silver screen in Roman Holiday. But what is it about the style of Audrey Hepburn that captures imagination like no other? Is it that mix of classic Audrey Hepburn charm and grace, or her ability to be both relatable and awe-inspiring? Considering she has played everything from a princess and call girl to a nun onscreen, and many varied roles in her private life, it’s no wonder there is such diversity and withstanding iconic looks of hers to choose from. Whatever the season or occasion there is always an Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit waiting for its moment in the spotlight.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we still emulate her style on a daily basis, or that she didn’t conform to the bombshell beauty standards of her day, but her mark on the world has never left. So, we have carefully selected some of our favourite Audrey Hepburn looks (an almost impossible task – but remember, like our idol says, “The word itself says I’m possible”) to help you pick some Hepburn clothes of your own. Starting with the twelve pieces you need to perfect any Audrey Hepburn wardrobe…

12 Pieces For a Hepburn-Inspired Wardrobe

12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - ASOS Split Cap Sleeve Mini Dress with Modern Ring Belt
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12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - Mango Ruffled midi dress $99.99
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12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe Mango Striped ruffle dress - $39.99
Mango Striped Ruffle Dress - $39.99
12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - Mango TALL Stripe Off Shoulder Shirt - $55.00
Mango TALL Stripe Off Shoulder Shirt - $55.00
12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - Mango Bow ruffle t-shirt - $39.99
Mango Bow Ruffle T-Shirt - $39.99
12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe Mango Turtleneck sweater - $45.99
Mango Turtleneck Sweater - $45.99
12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - Mango Double breasted trench - $149.99
Mango Double Breasted Trench - $149.99
12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - Boden FREYA PENCIL SKIRT - $120.00
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12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - TopShop High Waisted Cigarette Trousers - $38.00
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12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe - TopShop Olivia Kitten Frame Sunglasses by Skinnydip - $60.00
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12 Pieces for a Hepburn-inspired Wardrobe Mango Pointed toe flat shoes - $39.99
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Audrey Hepburn Style File

Spring/ Summer

Audrey Hepburn spring/ summer style black and white polka dot bikini and sunglasses - shop the lookAudrey Hepburn spring/ summer style white shirt-dress with bangles - shop the look
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Audrey Hepburn spring/ style cropped trousers/ capri pants, white shirt and flats at home - shop the look

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Audrey Hepburn outfits for spring and summer will always remain effortlessly glamourous; perfect for lazy days in the sun! In terms of vacation style think of Audrey Hepburn fashion 1960s: the tailoring remains classic and there is a flattering cut for each body shape. It’s all about getting the balance between polish and achievable everyday style. So create your own fashion scene and take your mark! Getting Audrey Hepburn casual fashion spot on is easy with these three looks.

Shirt-dresses and relaxed white shirts are so simple but effective when styling swimwear or a great pair of trousers. Choosing a pair of Audrey Hepburn pants should focus on where they finish and where any patterns are placed; cropped trousers are comfortable and a great compromise for warmer days. Finally, accessories and Audrey Hepburn shoes are integral to these look – especially sunglasses, which were always a staple part of her wardrobe. Audrey Hepburn style clothing will complement your wardrobe whatever the season, and looking like you’ve stepped out in an Audrey Hepburn clothing line on your Instagram feed is just a bonus.


Audrey Hepburn winter / autumn style, striped sweater with black pants at home - shop the lookAudrey Hepburn winter/ autumn street style black military trench coat with black loafers - shop the look
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Audrey Hepburn winter autumn style brown bomber jacket with black polar neck - shop the look

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Audrey Hepburn street style for autumn and winter is always cool. Whether it’s a trench coat moment like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or imitating her immaculate style during Roman adventures, it’s easy to make Audrey Hepburn casual your own during the colder months. Not to mention dressing like Audrey Hepburn makes fall and winter outfits even more fun! So grab your Audrey Hepburn outfits and you’ll be ready to embrace the elements in style.

An Audrey Hepburn outfit for the fall consists of amazing coats, sweaters and polo necks. An Audrey Hepburn coat is one that is timeless in style, for example a military style coat or bomber jacket – and you can’t go wrong with blacks and browns with detailing that makes it look more expensive. In terms of base layers, one of Audrey’s iconic choices is a black polo neck, and sweaters are one of the most Audrey garments around (extra Hepburn style points if it has stripes).To go with these outfits, a pair of flats or loafers are typically Audrey, and a beautiful pair of gloves will complete the look. Audrey Hepburn style clothes will do you well throughout these months so consider investing in the classics.

At the Office   

Audrey Hepburn work / office style little black dress - shop the lookAudrey Hepburn work / for the office style grey pencil skirt and black cardigan - shop thee look
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Audrey Hepburn work/ for the office style white blouse with frills - shop the look

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Do you feel like your work wardrobe could do with a bit of a star treatment? You can’t go wrong by embracing some Audrey Hepburn style icon looks! Audrey had a wonderful reputation as a professional amongst her colleagues, but wasn’t afraid to go with her gut instincts and take a break when she needed it. One notable instance was when a producer stated disrespectfully they would get rid of the song Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to which Audrey responded (in very un-Audrey like fashion) “Over my dead body!” – the song later went on to win a string of awards. So, when you style Audrey Hepburn clothing for a day at the office recall this tale. Getting this gumption is easy; we’ll show you how to dress like Audrey Hepburn while at work…

Audrey Hepburn clothes style works well for an office environment because it is both fun and polished at the same time. To perfect that Audrey Hepburn dress style an LBD is an indispensable addition, which will also be appropriate for whatever your agenda holds. Furthermore, an Audrey Hepburn skirt and cardigan will complete a capsule collection. With Audrey Hepburn fashions, you won’t have to worry about your professional wardrobe looking out of date!


Audrey Hepburn semi formal style black and white polka dot dress outside cafe in Paris - shop the lookAudrey Hepburn semi formal style yellow sundress with flowers and wide rimmed hat - shop the look
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Audrey Hepburn semi formal style pink dress with white gloves, earrings and bracelet in front of pink flowers - shop the look

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Semi-formal and formal occasions are the best events to call on that Audrey Hepburn fashion style, and there is plenty of inspiration to choose from. There is also never a better excuse to dress like Audrey Hepburn! Our favourite looks from these Audrey Hepburn fashion photos are just a few examples, but searching for ‘Audrey Hepburn dresses images’ will provide you with even more wonderful fashion moments you can recreate yourself. So, get ready to rock that Audrey Hepburn dress at your next soiree like the one and only.

These Audrey Hepburn outfits work so well for special events because each has an impact by the way it plays whimsically with the prim-and-proper setting while still being styled to  perfection – in particular the ensembles reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn 1960s. Embracing colour and print is the first step, then set the scene with some knockout accessories to boot. You can still keep the dresses modern and Audrey-looking without hats and gloves if you wish, just add some pizazz with Audrey-esque pearls or earrings. Her dresses often came in at the waist, either though the cut or drawn in with a belt. Luckily this is a flattering style for every shape and is also a very comfortable option; and it’s an easy style trick that makes an outfit look more expensive than it is.


Audrey Hepburn formal awards style white dress with beading - shop the look iAudrey Hepburn formal / special occasion style black gown with tulle skirt - shop the look
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Audrey Hepburn formal / special occasion style pink sari at Oscars - shop the look

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Audrey Hepburn style dresses are what so many of the best stylists and designers use as their inspiration – and it’s not hard to see why. An Audrey Hepburn gown is one that’s guaranteed to be a fashion masterpiece, and ones that’ll be remembered for years to come. So, why wouldn’t you want some Audrey Hepburn clothing tips to help you get red carpet ready?

When shopping for your own Audrey Hepburn dress it’s important to pay attention to the detailing of the garment. Audrey was a fan of a touch of understated glamour, so some bejewelled embroidery or princess-like tulle always pays homage to that Audrey Hepburn style. Studying the Audrey Hepburn fashion photography above, you can tell how at home she felt in these frocks – she once told her friend and renowned designer Hubert de Givenchy that putting on his clothes felt like wearing armour and she had this protection. Perhaps that is the real secret behind Audrey Hepburn fashion; that she knew what made her feel like a star and learnt to embrace anything she was self-conscious about. What’s more is that the careful draping of fabric and empire waist styles will flatter any figure, meaning anyone can feel confident like Audrey.

Final Note: How To Get The Audrey Hepburn Look

  • Audrey Hepburn clothing has eternal appeal, much like the screen legend herself, and can be worn for any occasion by all body shapes.
  • Audrey Hepburn fashion is synonymous with sunglasses, cigarette pants, pretty blouses, sundresses, trench coats, black polar necks and little black dresses.
  • During Spring/ Summer, Audrey Hepburn casual style calls for a classic bikini, white shirt-dress and capri pants – see 1960s fashion Audrey Hepburn.
  • In the Autumn/ Winter, the best Audrey-inspired outfits are made up of a great sweater (preferably with stripes) and, of course, a military style coat or bomber jacket.
  • Embrace your inner Audrey, even at the office. A LBD, checked skirt, detailed blouse and white shirt will become your other best friends.
  • For semi-formal occasions, embrace Audrey Hepburn dresses – particularly those indicative of Audrey Hepburn 60s style – and have fun with print and colour; go for classic polka dot, romantic hues or florals and draw them in at the waist.
  • For formal events, use our Audrey Hepburn fashion images as a guide. If in doubt go for draping, empire waistlines, delicate beading or princess-like tulle.
  • Can’t get enough of Audrey? Here are some beauty tips from her to you…

With these tips and ideas you can take a little bit of Hepburn with you wherever you go. So, go on… step out in in true Audrey Hepburn fashion.

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