20 Cheapest YSL Bags to Try in 2024

by Tori Jones
YSL Bags

We all know the YSL symbol — those iconic intertwining letters that exude French sophistication and timeless style. They’re a beacon of luxury, a testament to high-end design, and a mark of distinguished elegance. But does owning one mean you must part with an eye-watering sum of money? Not necessarily!

In this post, we’ll go on a delightful journey through the latest YSL collection. I’ll be your guide, sharing my insider knowledge and offering tips on which bags give you the most bang for your buck without skimping style or quality. Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or a YSL newcomer, I’ll help you navigate the alluring world of Saint Laurent bags.

Get ready to discover the unexpected, the overlooked, and the absolute steals waiting to join your wardrobe. These 15 YSL bags prove you can flaunt iconic luxury without breaking the bank. Prepare to indulge in affordable extravagance like never before. Stay tuned because, by the end of this post, you’ll be ready to carry off these beautiful pieces with grace, panache, and, most importantly, a wallet that’s still smiling. Welcome to the world of affordable luxury, my stylish friends!

A Sizzling Summer Favorite: YSL Round Crochet Raffia Crossbody Bag

Saint Laurent

The ultimate summer bag, the YSL Round Crochet Raffia Crossbody Bag, has arrived. It instantly transports me back to my sun-soaked vacation in the French Riviera. Combining half-woven raffia and half-smooth tan leather, this bag combines texture and color in a symphony of chic design. The YSL logo is embossed into the leather half, adding a signature touch. The adjustable strap makes it a cinch to sling its crossbody while exploring quaint seaside towns. Oh, and that zipper closure? Absolute lifesaver when you’re in a rush to find your lip balm on a sunny day!

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Minimalist Perfection: Uptown Medium Shiny Smooth Calfskin Pouch Clutch Bag

Saint Laurent Uptown Medium Shiny Smooth Calfskin Pouch Clutch Bag

Who doesn’t love an affordable, high-quality clutch? The Uptown Medium Shiny Smooth Calfskin Pouch Clutch Bag is your answer to minimalist, elegant fashion. I carried this to a friend’s wedding last spring, and it was a total hit! Crafted from glossy calfskin leather and adorned with a golden YSL logo, this bag is a showstopper. Take it from me; it’s versatile enough to make you the talk of any occasion for years to come!

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The Classic Essential: Letter Pouch in Patent Leather

Saint Laurent Letter Pouch

There’s always room for a classic in our wardrobes, right? The Saint Laurent Letter Pouch is that chic, go-anywhere bag that complements any look. Its patent leather shines beautifully under evening lights – I’ve had many “Where did you get that bag?” moments with this one! A small Saint Laurent logo adds an understated touch of elegance. Available in black and deep red, you can choose whichever suits your mood (or your outfit)!

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Compact Glamour: Saint Laurent Cassandre Phone Holder With Strap


My phone is practically attached to my hand as a blogger, so the Saint Laurent Cassandre Phone Holder With Strap is a favorite. Just the right size for a phone and your card case, this compact peach-toned calfskin mini bag is perfect for an evening out. The golden YSL logo and chain strap elevate its sophistication, and let’s not forget the leather shoulder pad that adds comfort to glamour. A girl needs her essentials on the go.

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Adorably Luxurious: Saint Laurent Gaby Micro in Quilted Lambskin


The Saint Laurent Gaby Micro is the bag world’s cutest sensation! Taking the beloved Gaby design and shrinking it to an adorable size is love at first sight. Made from supple, diamond-quilted lambskin and adorned with a bronze-toned YSL logo, it adds instant style to any outfit. I love to switch between wearing it on my shoulder or across my body and even as a clutch! Its compact interior with a handy card slot keeps things organized and chic.

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Plush Elegance: Sade YSL Quilted Lambskin Pouch Clutch Bag


The Saint Laurent Sade YSL Quilted Lambskin Pouch Clutch Bag embodies plush luxury. Crafted from buttery soft lambskin leather with a diamond quilted pattern, it feels as gorgeous as it looks. The top zipper opens to a roomy interior for those must-have essentials for a night out, while the slip pocket keeps your lipstick separate from your phone (we’ve all had that makeup-meets-technology disaster!). Available in taupe, black, and a lovely pale caramel shade, it’s a worthy end to our fabulous list of YSL bargains!

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Playfully Chic: Mini Pac Pac Genuine Shearling Shoulder Bag

SAINT LAURENT Mini Pac Pac Genuine Shearling Shoulder Bag

Was I ever wanted to carry a cloud with me? Say hello to the Mini Pac Pac Shearling Shoulder Bag. I adore this bag for its playful vibe and fluffy black shearling. Trimmed with soft leather and adorned with golden hardware, it’s the ideal mix of fun and elegance. The zip-top provides easy access to essentials, perfect for those “digging for keys” moments we all know too well.

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Retro Glam: Charniere Mini Bag in Lambskin

Saint Laurent Charniere Mini Bag

I love a vintage touch to my modern looks, don’t you? The Saint Laurent Charniere Mini Bag is your passport to retro chic. The bag’s black lambskin leather sports a silver foil brand name and a framed silver top with a clasp fastening. I remember my compliments when I paired it with my favorite flared jeans! Style this mini bag to your heart’s content with a detachable silver chain strap. Timelessness guaranteed!

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Boldly Stylish: Small Lou Leather Puffer Clutch

SAINT LAURENT Small Lou Leather Puffer Clutch

Next up, a bag that exudes bold style: the Small Lou Leather Puffer Clutch. It’s an investment you won’t regret, I promise. This quilted lambskin leather clutch has a sumptuous, puffy look that spells luxury. You’ll find ample space and a removable matching card case – a feature I’ve discovered handy during my shopping sprees. At just $995, it’s a steal for a luxury bag.

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Practical Chic: Lou Belt Bag in Quilted Leather

Small Lou Leather Puffer Clutch

The much-loved Lou bag has been reimagined as a practical belt bag. I wore this Lou Belt Bag in Quilted Leather to a music festival last year, and it was a game-changer! Crafted from black calfskin leather, the belt adjusts with a gold buckle. The pouch, also in calfskin leather, is removable and adorned with a gold YSL logo. I love the functionality of its two pockets and three card slots. Plus, the exterior zipper pocket is ideal for easy-access items.

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Summer Pop: Floral Print Leather Wallet on a Chain

SAINT LAURENT Floral Print Leather Wallet on a Chain

Want to add a dash of summer to your look? Your colorful companion is the Saint Laurent Floral Print Leather Wallet on a Chain. I paired this with a plain white dress last summer, which was the show’s star! Adorned with brightly colored blooms on white calfskin leather, it’s a statement piece. The wallet has a glittering gold chain strap and convenient card slots inside. Style, comfort, and organization – all in one!

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Versatile Velvet: Vinyle Baby Belt Bag in Chevron Quilted Velvet


Belt bags are back in fashion, and the Vinyle Baby Belt Bag from Saint Laurent is a versatile addition to your wardrobe needs. Crafted from plush black velvet, quilted in a classic YSL chevron pattern, it’s a little luxury you can wear around your waist, on your shoulder, or as a clutch. The gold YSL logo and leather tassel zipper pull make it irresistibly stylish.

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Cylindrical Class: Sade Quilted Leather Tube Bag

SAINT LAURENT Sade Quilted Leather Tube Bag

Dare to be different with the Sade Quilted Leather Tube Bag. With a unique cylindrical silhouette, it’s a handbag that will turn heads. I remember being the talk of the party when I first wore this. It’s a perfect blend of style and function and is made from luxurious diamond-patterned lambskin leather.

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Beach Beauty: YSL Basket Raffia Tote Bag

Saint Laurent YSL Basket Raffia Tote Bag

What’s summer without a beachy tote? The YSL Basket Raffia Tote Bag is the perfect accessory for beach trips or city strolls. I can’t count how many times this bag has rescued me during beach outings! It’s roomy and stylish and made from black raffia with long leather handles. Plus, the zipper pocket inside makes finding your essentials a breeze.

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Simply Stunning: Paris Mini Toy Shopping Tote Bag


Last but certainly not least is the Saint Laurent Paris Mini Toy Shopping Tote Bag. I love the simplicity of this tote – crafted from glossy black croc-embossed calfskin leather, it’s timeless and chic. You can style it in multiple ways with leather top handles and a longer shoulder strap. The magnetic snap closure creates a spacious interior, perfect for your day-to-day essentials. This is one bag you’ll cherish forever!

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5 Other Affordable YSL Bags Are Available?

  1. YSL Lou Camera Bag: This crossbody bag became incredibly popular due to its practicality and affordability. It features the iconic YSL logo and is usually crafted from supple calfskin leather.
  2. YSL Monogram Bill Pouch: An elegant choice for an evening out, this slim pouch can carry your essentials without breaking the bank.
  3. YSL Toy LouLou Bag: A miniature version of the brand’s popular LouLou style, this bag gives you the style of a larger bag without the larger price tag.
  4. YSL Wallet on Chain: This versatile piece functions as a wallet, but thanks to its chain, it can be used as a small handbag, making it an affordable entry into the world of YSL.
  5. YSL Monogram Card Case: Although not a bag, this card case is a more affordable way to own a piece of YSL. It’s perfect for days when you want to carry light.

Remember, while the prices for these bags may have been more affordable compared to other YSL bags, they are still luxury items and prices can vary greatly depending on factors such as material and embellishments.

History of YSL

Yves Saint Laurent, often referred to by his initials YSL, was a beacon of creativity and innovation in the fashion industry. Born in 1936 in Algeria, he moved to Paris at just 17 to pursue a career in fashion. By the age of 21, he was already helming the legendary fashion house, Christian Dior, following Dior’s sudden passing. In 1961, with his partner Pierre Bergé, he founded his own eponymous brand, revolutionizing 20th-century fashion with items like the modern tuxedo jacket for women. YSL’s designs stood for empowerment, breaking gender norms, and celebrating body positivity. When it comes to iconic bags, the brand has given us many gems over the years. From the Muse bag of the early 2000s to the Sac de Jour and the Envelope Chain Bag, each has carried a unique design philosophy and significance, representing the aesthetic of its time.

Materials and Craftsmanship

YSL is synonymous with luxury, and this is evident in their choice of materials. Premium quality leather, especially calfskin, lambskin, and crocodile, is a common choice for their bags. But beyond just the materials, it’s the meticulous craftsmanship that stands out. Each YSL bag is a testament to hours of precision work, from the detailed stitching to the placement of the iconic YSL logo. The brand’s commitment to using high-quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship ensures durability, a timeless look, and a soft, luxurious feel that makes owning a YSL bag a unique experience.

How to Authenticate a YSL Bag

With luxury comes the inevitable wave of counterfeits. When investing in a YSL bag, it’s crucial to ensure its authenticity. Here are some pointers:

  • Logo: Examine the YSL logo closely. Authentic logos have precise, even stitching or placement.
  • Serial Numbers: Genuine YSL bags have serial numbers inside, usually on a leather tag. The numbers indicate where and when the bag was made.
  • Hardware: Authentic bags will often have ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ engraved on the hardware, be it zippers, buckles, or clasps.
  • Stitching: Look for even and straight stitching. Uneven or slanted stitching can be a red flag.
  • Documentation: Genuine bags come with care booklets and sometimes a dust bag. However, be cautious, as counterfeiters sometimes replicate these too.
  • Purchase Source: Always buy from reputable retailers or well-known luxury consignment shops.

Care and Maintenance

Your YSL bag is an investment, and like all investments, it deserves care. For leather bags, it’s essential to keep them away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent color fading. Using a soft damp cloth can help in removing minor stains. For suede bags, consider using a suede brush to maintain its texture. Always store your YSL bag in its dust bag when not in use. This protects it from dust and accidental scratches. For structured bags, to maintain their shape, stuff them with soft tissue paper or bubble wrap. Avoid overloading your bag to ensure it retains its shape and structure. Lastly, for any significant issues, it’s always best to consult with professional bag spa services to give your precious bag the treatment it deserves.


Choosing the perfect bag in the whirlwind fashion world can sometimes feel like a Herculean task. But with some guidance, you’ll find the one that complements your style and caters to your practical needs. Whether it’s a playful piece like the Mini Pac Pac Shearling Shoulder Bag or a timeless classic like the Paris Mini Toy Shopping Tote Bag, remember that the best accessory makes you feel confident and fabulous. Keep in mind, however, that while investing in luxury pieces can add a dash of glamour to your wardrobe, it’s essential to make sure these splurges align with your budget. It’s all about balance!

Treating these bags with care will ensure their longevity when it comes to maintenance. Always store them properly and clean them regularly with the appropriate products. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to choose which Saint Laurent bag to add to your collection. Embrace the world of high fashion and let your style speak volumes about you. After all, in the wise words of Yves Saint Laurent himself, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Happy shopping, fashionistas!

Feature image by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

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