35 Reddish Brown Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2024

by Zoe Scott
Warm Copper Red Balayage

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Hey everyone! Today, we’re diving into one of my all-time favorite topics—reddish-brown hair color. This shade has been making waves for its ability to blend the warmth of red with the grounded feel of brown, making it a go-to hue for any season. Whether you’re a brunette looking to spice things up or a redhead wanting to tone it down, reddish-brown offers a perfect middle ground. In this post, we’ll cover everything from the best shades for your skin tone to maintenance tips that will keep your color vibrant. My personal recommendation? Don’t skimp on the color-protecting products; your new hue will thank you. Let’s get into it!

The Lushness of Deep Burgundy Wavy Locks

Deep Burgundy Wavy Locks
@levelupsalonandspa via Instagram

Alright, if you want to bring a touch of drama to your hair game, you can’t go wrong with deep burgundy. Picture this: wine-red highlights dancing through a dark base. Absolutely lush! I tried this on my super long curls last fall, and let me tell you, the compliments rolled in like you wouldn’t believe.

The Sensual Light Auburn Red

Light Auburn Red Hair
@nawarstylist via Instagram

Auburn shades are aplenty, but light auburn has a special place in my heart. This color commands attention, but in a subtle, “Oh, did you notice my effortlessly gorgeous hair?” kind of way. It’s one of the most natural-looking red shades and amps the femininity quotient.

A Warm Embrace with Warm Red-Brown

Warm Red Brown Hair
@hairby.ashleypac via Instagram

If you’ve got a deep or pale complexion, listen up! This warm reddish-brown hue could be your next love affair. I usually ask my stylist for wavy strands and feathered ends to add extra oomph. Seriously, your hair will look straight out of a shampoo commercial.

Dynamic Chocolate Curls with Red Highlights

Chocolate Curls with Red Highlights
@slickback_buttahtoast via Instagram

Calling all curly-haired queens! A dark brown base with dark red highlights brings life and dimension to your ringlets. I tried this combo last winter; my pale skin and blue eyes popped like never before.

Edgy Chic with a Medium-Length Dark Red Cut

Medium-Length Dark Red Haircut
@richytigerhair via Instagram

Medium-length and dark red is a match made in hair heaven. I did this with a choppy cut, face-framing bangs, and voila volume for days. This shade pairs well with lighter skin tones, but it’s a universal charmer.

Sophisticated Chocolate and Merlot Shades

Chocolate and Merlot Shades
@live_love_dohair via Instagram

Are you thinking of going to Balayage? Try a mix of chocolate and merlot shades. Just a quick tip—invest in a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. My locks stayed vibrant way longer when I started doing this.

The Pop of a Dimensional Red-Brown Lob

Dimensional Red Brown Lob
@diana.hair via Instagram

For my thin-haired ladies, this is your jam. Auburn and orange-red highlights on a messy long bob—just wow! The dark roots give it a gorgeous texture and dimension that’ll have people doing double takes.

Turn Heads with Hot Reddish-Brown

Hot Reddish Brown Shade
@paulmitchellpro via Instagram

If you have dark eyes and olive or brown skin, a darker brown with warm undertones is a surefire hit. Add a few soft waves, set it with some finishing spray, and you’re golden. I love finishing this look with a spritz of shine spray.

Playful Brown Hair with Red and Copper Highlights

Brown Hair with Red and Copper Highlights
@thestudiohairsalon via Instagram

Thick hair can be a blessing and a curse, but coppery red highlights will make it shine in all the right ways. It adds depth dimension and lightens the load, so to speak.

Trendy Brown Hair with Golden Red Highlights

Brown Hair with Golden Red Highlights
@_salman_malik_544 via Instagram

If you’re all about that Instagrammable hair, golden red streaks on brunette locks are where it’s at. This creates a magnificent contrast and is a huge trend right now. I’ve played around with different tones to achieve a stunning gradient—10/10 recommend it!

Office Chic with Rich Mahogany

Rich Mahogany
@studio9iligan via Instagram

Who says you can’t be stylish in a corporate setting? Rich mahogany is classy yet eye-catching, perfect for that 9-to-5 grind. It’s a subtle yet impactful change that won’t ruffle any HR feathers.

Easy Living with Low Maintenance Golden Brown Highlights

Low Maintenance Golden Brown Highlights
@mads_hair via Instagram

For those who don’t have the time (or, let’s face it, the patience) for high-maintenance hair, golden brown highlights are your go-to. They lighten up your wavy mane without making you a slave to touch-ups.

Timeless Dark Red-Brown

Dark Red Brown Hair Color
@colormeamberr_ via Instagram

You really can’t go wrong with darker red-brown shades. They exude elegance and pair beautifully with neat, loose curls. It’s universally flattering and changes its mood depending on your skin tone—like a chameleon, but make it fashionable.

The Sizzle of Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Brown

Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
@thehairlounge_sg via Instagram

Cherry red highlights on a brown base are a knockout combo. It’s vibrant and lively, and those darker roots accentuate the entire look. If you’re looking to bring some sizzle, this is it!

The Effortless Natural Red and Brown Blend

Natural Red and Brown Blend
@lockslovely_ via Instagram

If the “I woke up like this” look is more your style, a natural red and brown blend is your best bet. The right haircut and some simple layering can turn this into an everyday look that’s still gorgeous.

The Sun-Kissed Elegance: Copper Balayage for Wavy Hair

Copper Balayage for Wavy Hair
@beautifinder via Instagram

No need to overhaul your whole look to make a splash. Take it from me; a balayage is your best friend for subtlety. Ask your stylist to blend some copper streaks into your wavy mane. It’s like adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to your coffee—delightful but not overpowering. This technique gives your hair a naturally sun-kissed glow, perfect for every season.

Fall in Love: Auburn Highlights on Brown Hair

Auburn Highlights on Brown Hair
@balayage_beauty via Intagram

Auburn is like the Pumpkin Spice Latte of the hair world—it’s the quintessential fall shade. Adding red highlights can give your brown hair a richer, more dimensional look. I tried this last autumn, and my hair not only looked more voluminous, but the shine was unreal.

The Showstopper: Dark Red-Brown Hair Dye

Dark Red Brown Hair Dye
@do.my.hair.sg via Instagram

If you want to turn heads, a blend of dark red-brown highlights is your ticket. Adding some burgundy streaks can bring in a touch of purple, making your mane a piece of art. This soft balayage option is super eye-catching but classy at the same time.

Natural Magnetism: Dark Copper Brown Curls

Dark Copper Brown Curls
@davinescolor via Instagram

Dark copper and brown are like the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of hair colors—a power couple. On natural curls, this combo commands attention without screaming for it. If you lean towards subtler, warmer hues, this is your jam.

Play the Tone Game: Red-Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Red-Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights
@_danielledoeshair via Instagram

Want to keep it accurate with your natural hair color but with a twist? Mixing highlights and lowlights in auburn and golden brown shades can make your tresses sing. Style it with beach waves, and you’ve got an effortlessly chic look.

Make a Bold Move: Short Vibrant Ginger Haircut

Short Vibrant Ginger Haircut
@ambermcmahen via Instagram

If you’re the kind of person who loves making statements, a short haircut in a bold red or ginger shade is your go-to. It’s vibrant, it’s edgy, and it’s impossible to ignore. I did a similar style two summers ago, and let’s say I was the life of every party.

The Low-Key Beauty: Gorgeous Chestnut Hair Color

Gorgeous Chestnut Hair Color
@studio11_vimannagar via Instagram

Chestnut is the epitome of sophistication and ease. The blend of brown shades is visually stunning and super low-maintenance. As someone constantly on the go, I love how this color grows gracefully into a beautiful reddish-brown ombre.

Autumn Vibes: Long Pumpkin Spice Waves

Long Pumpkin Spice Waves
@erin_mckay via Instagram

If you have natural copper or light brown strands and fair skin, a pumpkin-brown shade is your match made in heaven. Consider adding feathered ends for texture and volume to amp up the look. Trust me, you’ll look like an autumnal dream.

A Subtle Pop: Brown Wavy Locks with Copper Touches

Brown Wavy Locks with Copper Touches
@littlebeyondhair via Instagram

Want a fresh way to revamp your dark hair without a full-on dye job? Soft copper highlights can make your brown waves pop subtly yet impactfully. The best part? This look works great on both long and medium-length hair.

The Ultimate Showstopper: Copper Hair and Curtain Bangs

Copper Hair and Curtain Bangs
@hirohair via Instagram

Picture this: fiery copper hair paired with spellbinding green eyes. This combo is the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of the beauty world—an unbeatable pair. If you’ve got those enchanting green peepers, consider going copper and framing that gorgeous face with stylish curtain bangs. When I did it last year, it was Insta-worthy, to say the least!

Transition Like a Pro: Black to Red Ombre

Black to Red Ombre
@aaashleee via Instagram

You don’t have to go all in to make a statement. A black-to-red ombre offers that intriguing blend while keeping your natural base color intact. It’s that “business on top, party on the bottom” vibe that’s versatile for workdays and weekends. I’ve rocked this style more than once, and let me tell you, the compliments just keep coming.

A Sizzling Combo: Dark Base and Reddish-Brown Highlights

Dark Base and Reddish Brown Highlights
@live_love_dohair via Instagram

If you’re keen on a chic look and a pinch of adventure, go for a dark base with red highlights. This style illuminates wavy or curly strands like a charm, and you’ll be lighting up every room you enter. It’s perfect for the holiday season or, honestly, any season!

Curly Girls, Listen Up: Auburn Curls with Brunette Roots

Auburn Curls with Brunette Roots
@desireealyssahair via Instagram

Curls are eye-catchers by themselves, but auburn hues elevate the whole game. I remember rocking this at a beach party; the sunset wasn’t the only thing glowing! The brunette roots give it a touch of natural allure, while those red curls bring the glam.

Low-Maintenance Luxe: Delicate Red-Brown Balayage

Delicate Red Brown Balayage
@untamedinstinct via Instagram

If you love the snooze button like I do, a low-maintenance balayage is your best friend. A blend of reddish-brown with dark roots makes for a casual and red-carpet-ready look. Plus, you can go months without a touch-up. Talk about effortless chic!

For the Cool Kids: Cherry Reddish-Brown

Cherry reddish brown hair dye
@bariksluxesalon via Instagram

Cherry hues lean more toward the more astonishing spectrum and are divine on fair-skinned folks. But the best thing? This color is like the Swiss Army knife of hair shades—it’s super versatile. A personal fave, it’s one of those shades I believe everyone should try at least once!

Timeless Beauty: Natural Reddish-Brown

Natural reddish brown hair dye
@curtiscolorshair via Instagram

Natural red-brown is a classic Audrey Hepburn LBD—elegant, timeless, and suits everyone. The best part? No bleach is needed! So, if your hair’s already been through the chemical Olympics, this is a gentler way to go. And no matter your skin tone, there’s a version of red-brown that’ll make you look divine.

A Toast to Style: Wine Reddish-Brown

Wine Reddish-Brown
@flexstylistsalon via Instagram

Like a fine Cabernet, this sultry shade is rich, warm, and perfectly sophisticated. This hue covers you whether your hair is short and sassy or long and luxurious. Pair it with a smoky eye, and you’re golden, literally!

Pink and Red-Brown: A Playful Duo

Pink and Red-Brown
@bangzsalonnewhope via Instagram

If you’re all about capturing that youthful exuberance, this K-pop-inspired shade is all you need. A mix of pink and red-brown is as fun as it sounds. But a little tip: this works best for those with fair skin tones.

Bring on the Brilliance: Light Reddish-Brown

Light Reddish-Brown
@breeze.salons via Instagram

If you’re looking to add density and shine without going full-on Little Mermaid red, a light reddish-brown is your golden ticket. It’s a dazzling shade that doesn’t discriminate based on your skin tone or hairstyle.

Copper Chic: Warm Copper Red Balayage

Warm Copper Red Balayage
@miya.martinez via Instagram

Some hairstyles need no introduction, and a dimensional copper balayage falls in that category. I can vouch for this one—balayage is a game-changer for adding dept

My Personal Recommendations To Keep Your Reddish-Brown Hair Vibrant

Ok, you’ve got that killer reddish-brown shade, and now you’re wondering how to keep that fire alive? No worries, I got you! 🌟

  1. Protect That Color, Darling – First off, let’s talk about shampoo and conditioner. Opt for sulfate-free products specifically designed for color-treated hair. These are gentler and will help preserve that lust-worthy hue. Personal fave? The Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. It’s like a guardian angel for your locks!
  2. Cold Showers are Your New BFF – I know warm showers feel like a hug, but hot water is a color killer. Stick to lukewarm or cold water to keep your color vibrant. Think of it as a mini spa treatment for your hair. 🚿
  3. Seal the Deal with a Color-Safe Conditioner – Yep, it’s as crucial as it sounds. A color-safe conditioner will seal in moisture and make sure your color doesn’t run down the drain. I swear by Pureology Hydrate Conditioner. It’s a little pricey but worth every penny.
  4. Lay Off the Heat – Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can fade your color faster than you can say, “OMG!” Use them sparingly and always with a heat-protectant spray. No compromises here, lovelies!
  5. Sun and Swim Smart – Sun can bleach your hair, and chlorine can turn it into a swamp monster. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, and when you hit the pool, wet your hair with clean water and apply a leave-in conditioner. Your hair will soak that up instead of the chlorinated water.
  6. Monthly Gloss Treatment – A color gloss treatment at the salon can revive your color and make it pop again. It’s like getting a touch-up without the commitment, plus it’s super nourishing for your hair. I get one every six weeks, and it’s a total game-changer.

So, there you have it—my ultimate guide to keeping your reddish-brown hair looking like it belongs in a shampoo commercial. You got this! Keep shining, you beautiful gem!

6 Hairstyles I Recommend To Complement Your Reddish-Brown Hair?

  1. The Classic Loose Waves – You can always go right with some flowing, loose waves. These add movement and dimension, especially if your hair has highlights or lowlights. I love using a wide-barrel curling wand; it’s quick and gives that effortless, beachy look!
  2. Curtain Bangs – Okay, if you still need to jump on the curtain bangs trend, now’s your chance! These bangs work amazingly well to frame the face and can be especially striking with reddish-brown hues. It’s like having a frame for your masterpiece—aka your face!
  3. Half-Up, Half-Down Bun – This one is a lifesaver when you want to look cute but also mean business. The half-up bun showcases your hair color while keeping strands out of your face. Pro-tip: add a little texture spray for that extra oomph.
  4. High Ponytail with Face-Framing Pieces – Who says ponytails are just for the gym? Take it from Ariana Grande; a high ponytail can be a statement. Leave some face-framing strands loose for a softer look. Trust me, the reddish-brown hue will add the perfect touch of elegance to this style.
  5. Sleek Bob – A sleek bob can look chic with reddish-brown tones if short hair is your jam. It adds a modern edge to your look and works for any occasion. I recommend using a heat protectant spray and a flat iron to get that sleek finish.
  6. The Messy Bun – Last but not least, the messy bun is your best friend for those ‘I can’t even’ days. It’s a casual yet cute way to show off the different tones in your reddish-brown hair. Add a scarf or hairband to spice it up even more!

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


Alright, my fabulous friends, that’s the 411 on reddish-brown hair! This shade has something for everyone, from sultry wine tones to playful pink blends. My top tips? If you’ve green eyes, don’t sleep on copper shades—they’re your ticket to show-stopping glam. On the hunt for something low-key? A natural red-brown is like your fave pair of jeans—always in style and fits like a dream. Remember, life’s too short for dull hair, so why not take the plunge and spice things up a bit? Book that salon appointment, snap those selfies, and get ready to turn heads. ‘Til next time, keep shining, you gorgeous gems! 

Feature Image Photo By @miya.martinez via Instagram

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