40 Purple Highlight Hair Ideas to Try in 2024

by Zoe Scott
Cool-Blonde and Lavender

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Today, we’re diving into one of the hottest hair trends sweeping through salons—purple highlights on light brown hair. Yep, you heard that right! This color combo isn’t just edgy; it’s incredibly versatile, and there’s a shade of purple for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a subtle lavender or a bold violet, I will break down the whole process, from choosing the right hue to maintaining that vibrant color. Trust me, I’ve tried this look myself, and not only does it turn heads, but it also elevates your entire appearance without requiring a complete hair overhaul. Stick around to find out how to achieve this dreamy look and keep it fabulous. Ready to make some hair magic happen? Let’s go!

Rock the Midnight Purple on Jet Black

Midnight Purple
@planetbeautyofficial via Instagram

Who said black hair couldn’t get a pop of color? I adore this midnight purple look, especially when you pair it with a metallic purple lip. Hello, showstopper! The color is so dark it almost dances in the light, unveiling shades of deep blues and purples. Since it’s a deposit-only color, stick with natural levels of dark brown to make it last.

Mulberry Highlights: Beachy Waves Upgraded

Mulberry Highlights
@_aubirlypainted via Instagram

You know those beach waves you love? Imagine them sprinkled with mulberry highlights. Divine, right? Invest in an excellent post-color regimen to keep your hair as soft as it looks. Weekly hydrating masks are a must—my go-to is the Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask.

Ultraviolet Waves For The Creatives

Ultraviolet Waves for the Creatives
@janetmallon via Instagram

Feeling adventurous? How about a gradient ombré from violet to gray? I’ve tried this on my medium-length hair, and it was a hit! Aja, a master colorist, recommends a root melt technique to ensure it grows gracefully. Short to medium hair works best for this sassy look.

The Right Blonde for Peek-a-Boo Lavender

Peek-a-Boo Lavender
@chris0712 via Instagram

Are you already rocking blonde locks? Make sure you have the right shade before going lavender. Cooler blonde tones mesh better with lavender highlights. Consider toning them to make this color work if you’ve got warmer tones.

The Marvel of Petrol Purple

Petrol Purple
@offyatree_official via Instagram

Green + purple = a match made in hair heaven. These colors play well with a light to dark brown base. My stylist alternates these colors after a classic full-head highlight session. The final result is nothing short of magical.

Going Dipped Eggplant

Going Dipped Eggplant
@ashley.crowley via Instagram

Fancy a more daring, dip-dyed look? Eggplant ends are for you, especially with medium to long dark hair. I like to curl my ends to give that glossy finish. It’s like having jewelry but for your hair!

The Sophistication of Vibrant Violet

The Sophistication of Vibrant Violet
@hntrsshair via Instagram

Vibrant violet is your best friend if you have a darker base with neutral or cool undertones. The technique here involves pre-lightening with foliage, followed by a deposit-only deep violet hue. I tried this once, and let me tell you, the heads turned!

Ombré, but Make it Sleek.

Purple Ombre
@jenthehairmagician via Instagram

An ombré purple look on straight hair? Yes, please! This is an excellent time if you’re thinking about chopping your hair. The sleek, straight look puts your dyed ends front and center.

Effortlessly Chic Deep-Wine Waves

Effortlessly Chic Deep-Wine Waves
@_lather._ via Instagram

This deep-wine balayage is a masterpiece that only looks effortless. Your colorist will lift your natural color before toning it with violet hues. Then, voila—touchable beach waves. The time invested is so worth it!

Deep Violet Drama

Deep Violet Drama
@olaplex via Instagram

Peekaboo violet highlights look incredible in an updo. I’ve sported this look at several events, which always makes a statement. Leaving the ends out adds a bit of drama and flair.

Berry Beautiful: Multi-toned Magic

Multi-toned Magic
@colorbriehappy via Instagram

Why choose one purple when you can have a whole range? I’ve seen this done with shades of red, mahogany, and different purples for a multidimensional, berrylicious look. It’s like having a fruit salad but on your head!

Braided In Purple

Braided In Purple
@wabahair via Instagram

Add a colorful twist to your regular box braids by incorporating lavender, white, and pastel purple shades. The roots or tips, left natural, add a whole new dimension. If you have darker hair undertones, this is a must-try!

Deep Magenta: A Color in its Own League

Deep Magenta
@modernsalon via Instagram

Can’t decide between pink or purple? Go for a mesmerizing deep magenta. It works on both warm and cool dark bases. Pair it with an emerald smoky eye, and you’re ready for the red carpet.

Temporary Vibes with Spray-In Streaks

Temporary Vibes with Spray-In Streaks
@vanessa_doeshair via Instagram

If you’re not ready for a total commitment, spray-in streaks are your savior. Lime Crime, Makeup’s color spray in ‘Lollipop,’ is my go-to for this. It’s super dramatic on straight to slightly wavy hair and washed out when you’re done.

Saturated Ends: For the Experimenters

Saturated Ends
@beautybyshae via Instagram

Remember when you wanted to try something new but wanted to go only some out? I’ve been there, trust me. How about just dyeing the ends? Mauve tips on an otherwise natural mane can be an absolute showstopper. I did this with my clip-in extensions once, and it was a fun way to flirt with color without the total commitment.

Velvet Purple: Unleash the Shine

Velvet Purple
@arielledoesmyhair via Instagram

Velvet purple is so pigmented and rich that your hair needs to be healthy to pull it off. When you combine this with black hair and throw it up in a high ponytail, you’ll shine brighter than a diamond. It’s a Justine Skye vibe, and I’m here for it.

Grape-Soda Chic: Low Maintenance, High Impact

Grape-Soda Chic
@funhaircolour via Instagram

If you’re not up for frequent salon visits, color-melting with a grape soda hue is your friend. It grows out beautifully, so you can be lazy with the touch-ups. I tried this, and the grow-out was so seamless that even my stylist was impressed!

Soft, Silky, And Subtle: The Blonde’s Best Friend

Soft, Silky, and Subtle
@angieshairsalon_nc via Instagram

Soft pastel purple lowlights look divine on cool blondes. It’s like your hair but with a whimsical twist. Grab your favorite curling iron and a smoothing serum (I swear by Moroccan Oil), and you’re golden—or should I say, purple?

Subtle And Muted: Less is More

Subtle and Muted
@colorbyjp via Instagram

Who said purple has to be loud? Soft wine shades on a dark brunette base can be strikingly understated. You’d balayage the hair first and then layer on a reddish-purple. This one’s for those who already have balayage and want to spice it up.

Beachy Streaks: Sun, Sand, and Purple?

Beachy Streaks
@hannahdisconnected via Instagram

Picture this: your regular beachy waves, but with flashes of light purple that catch the sun just right. I did this last summer, and let me tell you, I was the main attraction on the beach.

Tousled And Subtle: Textured Hair Heaven

Tousled and Subtle
@vsmonsoonhairsalon via Instagram

For my curly and wavy-haired beauties, a deep-sea purple blended with your natural color can make those curls pop. I recommend a texturizing spray for this one; it’s a game-changer.

Pops of Purple: The Dimensional Bob

Pops of Purple
@sorellahairsalonnyc via Instagram

Dark-haired folks, this one’s for you. Imagine your bob but with these beautiful plum undertones. It adds dimension and is just so darn pretty. Plus, it works wonderfully on curly hair!

Piecey and Plum-Hued: Layers of Fun

Piecey and Plum-Hued
@makeupbyhlutea via Instagram

A deep plum can make your hair look even more textured and voluminous if your hair has many layers. This color has been a personal favorite of mine since it pairs so well with my brown hair.

Just the Tips: The Understated Drama

Just the Tips
@hairdesignbylexy via Instagram

Why not dip-dye the tips or go for lowlights? Especially on brown hair, it’s a subtle change that makes a difference. Sometimes, less is more, my friends.

Tonal Tresses: Patience Pays Off

Tonal Tresses
@foxdensalon via Instagram

Sometimes, depending on your base color, you may need a few sessions to get that cohesive purple look. But oh, is it worth the wait.

Neon Bright: For the Brave at Heart

Neon Bright
@theneonblonde via Instagram

If you’re up for a significant change, bright, saturated purple is the way to go. Just invest in some quality color-protecting shampoo and conditioner; I love the Olaplex range for this.

Lilac Babylights: The Commitment-Phobes’ Dream

Lilac Babylights
@doordyehairstudio via Instagram

If you’re not ready for a full purple plunge, these light lilac baby lights can be a softer intro. Just make sure you’re at least a light, incredible blonde.

Multidimensional Multidimensional Braid

Multidimensional Braid
@lacesalon via Instagram

Who says you have to pick between blonde and purple? A mix of both makes for a rich, textured look, especially if you have a sleek braid.

Magenta Magic: The Adventurous Streak

Magenta Magic
@h2d4easton via Instagram

For bold and daring people, why not go all out with magenta? Add it in streaks to keep things spicy.

Lavender Layers: The Classy Game-Changer

Lavender Layers
@harrycharlessalon via Instagram

You know that dirty blonde hair that needs a little pick-me-up? How about adding lavender and platinum highlights to breathe some life into it? These long layers styled in beach waves create an effortlessly chic look I live for. This is a perfect blend for my wavy-haired queens that’ll get you compliments for days.

Personal Recommendation: Remember to finish your style with a spritz of sea salt spray for that just-out-of-the-ocean texture!

Tousled Long Bob: Style Meets Color

Touchable Long Bob
@beautifinder via Instagram

Long bobs—or ‘lobs’ for those in the know—are a style staple for a reason. This is your chance to amp up your lob game with rich purple shades and a warm, dirty blonde. Think of the purple as the cherry—or, in this case, boysenberry—on top of your fashion sundae.

Quick Tip: Run a tiny amount of smoothing serum through your hair to give it that salon-fresh look.

Straight Outta Drama: Streaks and Bangs

Straight Streaks
@ashley.hairvibe via Instagram

Already flaunting some fab bangs? Add some more drama with purple balayage streaks. This look is not for the faint of heart; it’s for those ready to steal the show. Plus, if you’re feeling it’s too much, the natural roots offer a safety net—it’ll grow out gracefully.

Shades of Purple: Rocker Chic Vibes

Shades of Purple
@curtiscolorshair via Instagram

Looking for something edgy and artsy? You must check out this clear, gray, and violet-purple mix. This one’s complex; your hair must first be lightened to a near-white level. Once that’s done, the colors blend seamlessly for an edgy, rocker-chic look.

The Smoky Lavender Dream

Smoky Lavender
@kayla_boyer via Instagram

Picture this: smoky eye makeup, but make it hair. I couldn’t get enough of this combination of purple-leaning grays and blondes. It’s sultry, it’s mysterious, and it’s perfect for a night out—or any time, really.

Purple Highlights on Brown Hair: The Versatile Star

Purple Highlights on Brown Hair
@gogirlhairartistry via Instagram

Purple on brown hair, you ask? Oh yes, it’s not just for the blondies out there. You can go bold with chunky highlights or keep it mellow with subtle lowlights. Play around with the placement of the highlights to catch the light just right.

Midnight Purple: Unveil the Mystery

Midnight Purple Hair
@mgray153 via Instagram

This deep, midnight purple is like your hair’s little secret. You might not notice it immediately, but once the light hits, it’s a stunning show of blues and purples. It’s like wearing a hidden gem on your head.

Petrol Hair: For the Adventurous Soul

Petrol Hair
@wellahairusa via Instagram

Have you ever thought of combining green and purple? This petrol hair look has a slick, multidimensional effect, especially fetching on a brown base. Trust me; it’s an unexpected combo that’ll have people doing double-takes.

Purple Box Braids: Drama in Every Twist

Purple Boxed Braids
@sacbasaofficial via Instagram

Who says box braids can’t get in on the fun? Mix in various shades of purple for that dramatic, eye-catching flair. Leaving the roots or tips undyed only adds to the wow factor.

Magenta Mania: Make a Bold Statement

Magenta Highlights
@ariannascolor via Instagram

Last but definitely not least, we have magenta. This vibrant mix of pink, red, and purple is a head-turner, perfect for the bold and the beautiful. Magenta doesn’t discriminate; it looks striking on all complexions!

The Lavender-Vanilla Latte Look for Blondes

Cool-Blonde and Lavender
@the_hairapothecary via Instagram

Let’s kick things off with this killer combo—lavender on blonde hair. It’s like having a vanilla latte but with a lavender twist—trust me, I’ve tried it! Your stylist will add slices of lavender dye for that ethereal look. To keep that color on point, go for highly pigmented formulas. I swear by Aloxxi Hair’s ultra-saturated dyes; they’re fade-resistant, like you wouldn’t believe!

8 Simple Post-Color Regimens To Maintain The Color That I Use

  1. Keep That Purple Poppin’: Your Post-Color Hair Care Guide – Hey, gorgeous people! So you’ve taken the plunge and added some fabulous purple hues to your hair—congrats on being so daring! Now, let’s talk about how to keep that color vibrant and long-lasting. Because, let’s face it, color-treated hair needs a little extra TLC.
  2. Specialized Shampoo & Conditioner – First, switch to a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for color-treated hair. They’re designed to lock in moisture and color. My personal fave? Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics—it’s a game changer, trust me.
  3. Wash Less Often – This one can be tough, mainly if you’re used to washing your hair daily. But the less you wash, the longer your color will last. Dry shampoo will be your best friend on no-wash days. Batiste makes a divine one that’s budget-friendly.
  4. Cold Water Rinse – Hot water is a color killer. It opens up the hair cuticles and lets the color seep out. As much as it might hurt, rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning to seal those cuticles back up.
  5. Color-Safe Products Only – Read labels carefully and stick to sulfate-free products made for color-treated hair. Some products contain ingredients that can strip away your gorgeous color. Everyone has time for that!
  6. Avoid Chlorine – Summer’s great for poolside lounging, but chlorine is a big no-no for colored hair. Wear a swim cap or prep your hair with a protective spray if you can’t resist a dip.
  7. UV Protection – Just like your skin, your hair can also suffer from UV damage. Spritz on some UV protection before stepping out in the sun. Brands like Sun Bum make fantastic UV hair sprays that smell like a tropical vacation.
  8. Regular Touch-Ups and Gloss Treatments – Finally, to maintain that eye-popping vibrancy, you’ll need regular touch-ups. A color-boosting gloss treatment between dye jobs can extend your color’s life. It’s like a mini-spa day for your locks!

So there you have it—everything you need to keep that purple as fabulous as the day you walked out of the salon. Your hair is your crown; wear it well, and don’t be afraid to show off those royal purple hues!

3 Brands That I love Right Now

  1. Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics is my go-to for a specialized shampoo and conditioner. It helps maintain the color and leaves your hair feeling super soft.
  2. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a life-saver for those no-wash days when you want to keep your color vibrant. It’s not only practical but also easy on the wallet.
  3. Lastly, when it comes to UV protection for your lovely locks, Sun Bum makes excellent UV hair sprays. They offer good protection, and the tropical scent is just a bonus!

I’ve used and stand by these products, but of course, everyone’s hair is different. So, finding what works best for you may take some experimentation. Happy coloring! 

A Quick Guide To How Long Each Style Will Last Before Requiring A Touch-Up

  1. Vivid and Saturated Shades – If you’re going for those bold, vivid purples, expect to book a salon appointment every 4 to 6 weeks for touch-ups. These shades fade relatively quickly, especially with frequent washing or exposure to the sun.
  2. Pastel and Lighter Hues – Pastel shades like lilac or lavender tend to fade even more quickly, sometimes showing significant fade within 2 to 4 weeks. They’re gorgeous but high-maintenance!
  3. Deep and Dark Purples – Conversely, if you opt for deep, rich purples like plum or midnight purple, you might get 6 to 8 weeks before a touch-up. These shades fade more gracefully, often into lovely lighter shades.
  4. Subtle Streaks and Highlights – If you’re going for more natural, subtle purple highlights mixed into your existing color, you could go a bit longer without a touch-up, possibly around 8 to 10 weeks.
  5. Special Cases – Now, if you’ve got something specialized like purple boxed braids or a mix of purple, green, and blue (petrol hair, anyone?), your touch-up schedule will vary based on the complexity and the wear-and-tear your hair goes through.
  6. Maintenance Tips – Remember, the better you care for your colored hair, the longer the color will last. So, use color-safe products and wash your hair less frequently to maintain that vibrant color.

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


Alright, my lovelies, that’s a wrap on our purple hair parade! If there’s one thing to take away, it’s that purple is for everyone, no matter your base color or hair texture. The purple spectrum has something for every vibe, from deep, mysterious shades to soft, whimsical lilacs. My golden tip? Always consult your stylist to find a shade and technique that works best for you and your hair type. And don’t skimp on the aftercare—invest in some color-protecting products to keep that purple looking fresh and fabulous. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make some hair magic happen. Until next time, keep rocking your unique style and turning heads wherever you go!

Feature Image Photo By @the_hairapothecary via Instagram

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